Will Dems ditch Rep. Simpson over domestic violence charge?

As a legislator, State Rep. Geoff Simpson is absolutely one of my favorite Dems in Olympia. He’s not just reliably progressive, he’s outspokenly so, and in a swing district no less. Where many other Dems — even some pretty good Dems — tend to couch their votes and their public statements with an eye toward their next reelection campaign, Rep. Simpson doesn’t seem to even give shit. Then he fights like hell during the campaign, and somehow manages to win.

You could say he’s one of the few Dems in Olympia with balls.

So it really pains me to read the news that Simpson has been charged with a gross misdemeanor assault stemming from an incident at Seattle Children’s Hospital where his ex-wife attempted to keep him out of a room where their 12-year-old daughter was recovering from surgery.

According to the police report a social worker with Children’s Hospital witnessed the scene and her description of the incident matched what the ex-wife told the officer.

The social worker told the officer she saw Simpson “barrel” into the room, push his wife out and shut the door. According to the social worker’s statement in the police report Simpson closed the blinds and “barricaded himself inside using his body.” The social worker’s statement noted he was yelling inside the room and would not open the door.

I have to admit that if Simpson were a Republican I’d be more than rubbing his nose in this — it’s kinda my job — but I wouldn’t be having much fun. I have empathy for all the parties involved in this incident, Simpson, his ex-wife and their daughter, and I take no joy from reporting (or even exploiting) such personal family tragedies. Corruption and hypocrisy, that’s different, but this kinda stuff is always painful to write about.

And it leaves a lot of Democrats with a terrible dilemma. Rep. Simpson is a great legislator… an effective, outspoken progressive leader who always seems to have the interests of working families at heart. He’s not just another vote in the caucus, and would be hugely missed in Olympia.

And yet, domestic violence, whatever the circumstances (and for a moment, put yourself in Simpson’s shoes and imagine how you might react should your ex-wife block you from entering your daughter’s hospital room) is not something that can be dismissed lightly. I don’t know much more about this incident than what I’ve read online, but I have to trust Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes that his office wouldn’t be prosecuting if they didn’t feel it worthy of prosecution.

So is this enough to ditch Simpson, not only handing over his swing district to the Republicans, but costing us one of our most passionate and effective voices in the state House?

I dunno. I guess I’ll have to wait to learn all the details, and see what Simpson ultimately says for himself. In the wake of an incident two years ago in which charges were dropped after he spent a night in jail, Simpson made a point of reiterating his support for domestic violence laws that left police with little discretion but to detain and charge him in response to a complaint from his ex-wife:

“I’ve thought a lot about this the past several weeks. I don’t like what happened to me and I didn’t like going to jail with all the unpleasantness associated with that. But I think that’s better than the alternative.”

The alternative being that domestic violence reports not be taken seriously enough by the police and the courts.

It’s a complicated issue. Almost as complicated as the dilemma this incident creates for Simpson’s many friends in the Democratic Party.

Much is being made in the comment thread about this being Simpson’s second  domestic violence charge, but I think it’s important to note that the previous charges were dropped. According to the dismissal motion:

“… based on the alleged victim’s stated intentions for calling 911 at the time of the incident, there is no evidence that the alleged victim was calling 911 to specifically report a domestic violence incident or that the defendant would have reason to believe that she was calling to report domestic violence.”

As I explained at the time, police have little discretion when responding to what they believe to be a domestic violence complaint but to detain and charge the defendant, and for good reason. So while Simpson and his ex clearly have their problems, I’m not sure these two incidents are comparable.


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    K Moore spews:

    He may be passionate but he is one of the least effective legislators under the dome. He gets virtually nothing done because he gets along with no one.

  2. 3

    Mary P spews:

    Second arrest, first charge. The first time officers arrived on the scene, took Simpson into custody, interviewed the ex-wife and released him when ex-wife and child said he had not strck either of them.

  3. 4


    Tlazolteotl @2,

    I’m saying it’s complicated.

    And FYI, he has not actually been arrested. He’s been issued a summons on a gross misdemeanor assault charge.

  4. 5

    cracked spews:

    The standard for charging DV assault in the Seattle City Attorney’s office is “Do we have even a slight a chance of winning conviction or at least scaring the person into agreeing to a set of onerous conditions?”

    “Worthiness” is not part of the calculus.

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    Michael spews:

    Yeah, this is DV call # two for Simpson and it’s time for him to get kicked out of the house.


    I’m saying it’s complicated.

    Actually, it’s pretty easy to live your life without the police ever getting involved in it. It’s time for Simpson to go.

  6. 7

    Michael spews:

    Dems — even some pretty good Dems — tend to couch their votes and their public statements with any eye toward their next reelection campaign

    This is the way is, in part, because we spend way too much time and energy returning fair-to-middling legislators to Olympia. Cut Simpson loose, hell cut the 10 worst Dems loose, and the Dem’s will still return to Olympia with majorities in both houses. They may be smaller majorities, but they will probably be stronger and more progressive.

  7. 8

    IAFF Fireman spews:

    Geoff is a wife beating POS. He has REPEATED run in with Law Enforcement over his hot temper and beating his wife.

    Mary P… His wife has made NUMEROUS charges of threats and physical violence over the years, only to recant at a later date or to refuse to testify. That is CLASSIC battered wife behavior. The police and social workers have been involved with his family for events of domestic violence as well as general welfare of the kids.

  8. 9

    Moxykid spews:

    @ michael: “its easy living your life without the police ever getting involved.”

    Not really. All it takes is someone mad, mean and/or unethical enough to make a call and twist the truth. The truth can easily get twisted when high emotions are present. In this situation, how could emotions not be wound tight? When that happens, espeically in a family situation, its off to jail for the man…every time.

  9. 10

    Michael spews:


    It’s pretty easy to live your life without the police ever getting involved in it.

    Other than a stop I rolled through in Olympia about a decade ago I’ve managed to do it for 41 years.

    I know people that have gone through divorces, bankruptcies, treatment, sick kids, all sorts of crap… and have managed to do it all without the police showing up on a domestic violence call.

    We don’t have a whole lot of information on this, maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  10. 11

    Michael spews:

    @10 continued…

    I should note that, I did have the one set of friends where the FBI showed up and the wife ended up spending some time at camp cupcake for committing around 120K worth of fraud. But, even then there was no DV call!

  11. 12

    GBS spews:

    This cannot be tolerated by our elected officials no matter which party they belong to.

    This isn’t really all that complicated when you think about it. Geoff’s wife preventing him from seeing his daughter is understandably distressing, BUT, charging the door like a bull, tossing his ex-wife / daughter’s mother out of the room and then using his body to barricade the door is not the sign of a level headed adult and, most importantly, it’s not something his daughter should ever witness.

    This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and most likely, it’s not the second time either.

    He may be a good progressive, but that’s not good enough. Time to sideline Simpson

  12. 13

    Mr. Sinical (...proud 'neath heated brow.) spews:

    The ex-wife still wants control over the ex husbands actions — but not to the extent that he loses his ability to pay alimony/child support.

    These laws do not so much protect families from angry dads as they do to provide ‘law enforcement’ with the biggest crime-fightenist
    statistics ever!!

    It’s much like drunk driving. You can be arrested for having whispered the word ‘Vermouth’ within the past six hours.

  13. 14

    GBS spews:


    “And yet, domestic violence, whatever the circumstances (and for a moment, put yourself in Simpson’s shoes and imagine how you might react should your ex-wife block you from entering your daughter’s hospital room) is not something that can be dismissed lightly.”


    You can’t think of a better way to conduct yourself in public, while your daughter is recovering from surgery, with witnesses????

    C’mon! That kind of commentary is excuse making for someone who clearly fucked up, who clearly has anger issues, and who clearly has crossed paths with the law before on issues of DV.

    I’ve met Geoff Simpson, he’s a big mother fucker, no way for a “man” of his size to conduct himself with females.

    A fucking piss poor example of how a “husband and a father” should conduct himself for his daughter to witness.

    Geoff’s got problems and he needs to MAN UP because his transgressions is exactly what passes DV on from one generation to the next. Either how to treat women or how women should expect to be treated by a man.

    Simply put, Geoff Simpson is a PUSSY and as IAFF said a Piece Of Shit.

    I don’t want him in my party or representing Democrats in this state.

  14. 15

    Michael spews:


    He may be a good progressive, but that’s not good enough. Time to sideline Simpson

    I’d say someone that behaves that way isn’t a “good progressive” regardless of how they vote.

  15. 16

    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Goldy, what is complicated about the fact that the guy obviously has very poor judgment and a lack of self-control?

    Really, even as many shit-head politicians as there are, can we not do any better?

    Also, I did write “second DV arrest.” Nothing about charges. I actually have very good reading comprehension.

  16. 17

    rhp6033 spews:

    Michael @ 6 & 10: “Actually, it’s pretty easy to live your life without the police ever getting involved in it.”

    While there is conduct which can increase your chances of interacting with police, it’s no guarantee. Your chances of police interaction go up remarkably depending upon your skin color and heritage, even with all other things being equal.

    But sometimes it’s just out of your control. Your spouse can go off the deep end accuse you of all sorts of things. You might call the police on your spouse, and find yourself in handcuffs instead. The police can make a mistake on an address for a drug raid, and look for some other excuse to arrest you rather than admit their mistake (assault on an officer and resisting arrest are pretty hard to defend against when there is only you and five or six officers in the room at the time). You might call the cops to break up a fight by some neighbors next door, and suddenly find them united with each other to make some off-the-wall allegations against you (yea, it happens). Or you might simply decide to physically stand in the way to block the door to keep your 16-year old daughter from going out to see her good-for-nothing boyfriend, and at his urging she calls the police on you and alleges unlawful imprisonment and other general allegations of abuse over the years.

    Heck, one time when I was seventeen I had to go demand that my sister’s employer pay her wages for her last paycheck. The guy refused at first, but I insisted and he eventually threw the money at me from the cash register. Shortly after I got home the cops arrived. It seems he decided to get even by reporting that I had robbed the place. Fortunately for me, the investigating officer had graduated from the same high school I was attending, and we knew each other from Boy Scouts (he was involved in the Law Enforcement Explorer Post, while I was involved with another Post). He also knew the reputation of the manager of the restaurant. So we laughed it off, and nothing ever came of it. But if not for these factors, I could have very well have found myself in bracelets on my way to jail.

  17. 18


    GBS @14,

    Don’t confuse expressing empathy with making excuses.

    I can imagine how emotionally distraught I would be if my daughter had just had surgery, and I can imagine those emotions being exacerbated by my ex-wife blocking me from entering her hospital room. I can also imagine all this taking place within the context of an incredibly bitter divorce.

    Can’t you?

  18. 19

    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Goldy, I can also imagine calling hospital security in that circumstance instead of physically assaulting my ex.

  19. 20

    Stating the Obvious, I guess spews:

    @12 I don’t know of this Simpson guy. He sounds like a hot head, but that’s not against the law yet.

    Did he slug her? Did he shoot her? Did he cause bodily harm? No. He shoved her. It’s poor judgment. I don’t care what party they are, not even Dick Cheney should not be run out of office for something so trivial as that. Wait, Dick Cheney shot his friend and stayed in office, but he was a republican so it’s ok. By your logic, any parent who spanks their child or has a screaming match with their spouse is unfit for public office.
    You get him on tape or testimony that he hit his wife or kid and I’d like him out. Shoving and being a hot head doesn’t rise to that level.


    In Washington, Assault is defined as an intentional touching of another person that is harmful or offensive regardless of whether any physical injury is caused. A touching is considered offensive if it would offend an ordinary person who is not unduly sensitive.

    An assault can also be an act done with unlawful force and the intent to create an apprehension and fear of bodily injury which does in fact create in another a reasonable apprehension and imminent fear of bodily injury (even if there was no intent to actually inflict bodily injury).

    4th Degree Assault – RCW 9A.36.041. Assault in the 4th Degree is a gross misdemeanor and is defined as an assault under circumstances not amounting to assault in the first, second, or third degree, or custodial assault.

    Assault in the 4th Degree is sometimes referred to as “simple assault,” although Washington DV law does not use this description. A person can (and often is) charged with assault 4th degree even if the alleged “assault” is very minor and there are no marks or injuries.

  20. 21

    rhp6033 spews:

    The domestic violence statutes laws are, of necesity, interpreted rather broadly when it comes to arrest and even when placing charges. Add to that that there are some people who are very good at pushing each other’s buttons.

    So what if a husband and wife get into an argument at a park, and he gets mad so he gets into the car and drives for an hour to cool off, and when he arrives back to pick up his wife he’s met by the police? What about another guy who, when he gets mad, punches the wall of his house and then storms out so he could cool off? In both cases those guys thought they were doing the right thing by removing themselves before things escalated out of control. But instead, the courts found both of them guilty of domestic violence – in the first case by ‘abandoning’ his wife in a dangerous location (the park, in daytime?), and in the second case by “intimidating his wife by demonstrating his capacity for violence”.

    I now a guy who’s wife of sixty years filed for divorce and a restraining order against him alleging all sorts of deeds, including sneeking into her house at night and stealing documents and small items, threatening her with violence, etc. But the poor lady is suffering from dementia, and it’s all happening in her mind. That didn’t stop him from getting arrested, however, for violating the restraining order when she called him and begged him to come over because she thought someone was breaking into her house. He called 911 and headed right over, but when the police arrived she had forgotten all about her previous phone call.

    Anyway, lots of sad stories. It’s rather depressing to start to think of them all.

  21. 22

    Michael spews:


    Sure those things happen and the ex-wife does sound like a real piece of work. But, none of those things seem to have happened in this case.

    I’d forgotten about this before:

    When I was in my early 20’s me and a friend called in a DV complaint on his upstairs neighbors in his apartment complex. The police got the addresses switched and came to my friends apartment instead. We hadn’t thought about the baggie of weed sitting out in plain view on his coffee table. The police saw the weed as my friend was telling them that the fighting was upstairs. The police officers advised us that it would be a good thing if we weren’t home when they got done up stairs and that we shouldn’t leave “things” sitting out in plain sight. End of story.

    Most police are regular Joe’s that just want to work a cake shift and go home.

  22. 23

    Tlazolteotl spews:


    Yeah, lots of sad stories of women being maimed and killed by their partners. But let’s think about the poor men!

  23. 24

    calvin klein spews:

    Swing district? More like a left hook. *rim shot*

    This guy represents all progessives; mysogynist douche bags who hate authority unless they are wielding it. Oh yeah, they’re all secretly gay too. Just look at Rhp6033, proof positive.

  24. 25

    Stating the Obvious, I guess spews:

    Given the Dick Cheney example of him shooting his lawyer, if you weren’t clamoring to have Cheney removed for that, I don’t think you should be clamoring to have Simpson removed this.

    Or is urge for partisan politics too strong to see the hypocrisy of your actions?

  25. 26

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy approves of Domestic Violence and assaulting ex-wives!
    Is your ex- paying attention Goldy?


  26. 28

    Michael spews:


    Exactly! I can think of all sorts of sensible things to do.

    (See #11)

    I figure if someone can answer a knock on the door @8 AM on A Saturday, have it be the FBI informing him that his wife has stolen 120K from her work place and can sort that mess out (they’re divorced now) without the police ever being called about a disturbance or DV you can sort just about anything out.

  27. 29

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Goldy spews @18:

    “Don’t confuse expressing empathy with making excuses.”

    I didn’t see much empathy from you for David Irons, Jr. in 2005.

  28. 30

    KentResident98030 spews:

    Geoff Simpson doesn’t represent me at all! I remember he took a “cheap shot” at us Sonics fans by saying that Clay Bennett would still move the team even with a new arena built in his email to me! Hello Geoff have you heard of Steve Ballmer? If you would of done your job (and so as everyone else in Olympia) to get the funding to get a new arena built the NBA would of tell Bennett to sell the team to Ballmer, the team would of stayed, and will give Bennett an expansion team in Oklahoma City! I didn’t vote for him in 2008 and won’t vote for him in 2010! What comes around goes around Geoff, you liar!

  29. 31


    30 – Uhhhhh. I’m sorry. The time had long since passed for taxpayer financed sports venues, where the team owners reap the profits and the people are left paying off the mortgage.

    If Paul Allen couldn’t pony up the whole bill for a glitzy venue, neither could Ballmer’s group.

    Besides anyone still follow the NBA?

  30. 33

    Mr. Sinical (...proud 'neath heated brow.) spews:

    re 29: There’s a difference between pushing your ex aside so you can see your daughter in the hospital and cold-cocking your elderly mother because she pisses you off.

    File that away somewhere in your honeycombed-head of equivalencies.

  31. 34

    Mr. Sinical (...proud 'neath heated brow.) spews:

    re 30: Why don’t you get off your fat ass and go play some basketball.

  32. 36

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Goldy spews @29:

    Just because you didn’t see the empathy, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

    Given the volume of posts regarding the alleged domestic violence incident involving David Irons, Jr. and his mother, along with the vitriol contained in them, any claim of empathy by you is completely hollow. You are being a complete hypocrite, and I suspect you know it.

  33. 37

    rhp6033 spews:

    23: These examples just happen to be men. Some women have also been charged on “bordline” cases, but not as often as men. I’ve also seen women who have been physically abused, I was once on a board of a battered women’s shelter.

    I was just pointing out that the subject isn’t as simple as it might seem.

  34. 38

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    Damn #29

    You stole Puddy’s response. Great minds think alike! If fact here’s the PuddySearch string in Google…

    David Irons site:horsesass.org

    Y’all can tweak it as needed. Initial hits were around 260.

  35. 39

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    Besides anyone still follow the NBA?

    More do than those who follow your sorry arschloch ASS on HA Libtardos.

  36. 40

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    The telling comment is

    I have to admit that if Simpson were a Republican I’d be more than rubbing his nose in this — it’s kinda my job — but I wouldn’t be having much fun.

    And Conservative First nailed the issue with a SLEDGE HAMMER.

    Someone else can search the links or even the arschloch… Did Goldy ever use the word empathy in the same sentence with a David Irons attack? If not then #36 is ABSOLUTELY correct. So arschloch you can be useful for the first time in a long time and search your home version of the HA blog game and save Goldy’s empathy rep. Go for it arschloch, make Goldy proud you are his pet dumb brick!

    Now onto the second part. After having a conversation with Goldy at a recent DL, it’s clear to Puddy Goldy will never change. He’s a DUMMOCRAPT party hack and would peek through the slits of his almost closed hand and pull the lever for Simpson in 2010!

  37. 41

    Contemplate this, on the Tree of Woe spews:

    Goldy is A-OK with wife beaters – as long as they are “good progressives”

    good job goldy, way to let your partisanship override your morality and ethics. But hey, I’m not surprised.

  38. 42

    manoftruth spews:

    well goldstein, thats a stupid question. you know you get off scot free if your black, jewish, gay or democratic. next subject

  39. 43

    manoftruth spews:

    hey goldberg, as i’m typing this i’m watching miracle on ice. who were you rooting for back then, the us or the soviets?

  40. 44

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This isn’t domestic violence, it’s two adults in a shoving match. Yeah, yeah, I know what the statute says — I’m a lawyer and know how to read statutes — but the intent of the law is to proscribe domestic partners from smacking each other around, or if you want to get specific, to go after wife-beaters. This isn’t a wife beating, nor is it an ex-wife beating. It isn’t a beating, period! It’s one stubborn person pushing another stubborn person out of the way. That should be, like, a 55th-degree assault, not a DV charge. If I were the charge I’d fine him $5 and suspend it on condition he not do it again within the next 5 days.

  41. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @45 Bullshit! I am, and always have been, a rabbit! There’s no pig in my family lineage whatsoever.

  42. 47

    Broadway Joe spews:


    I’ll wager that you’re right Pudz, but would anyone in here not be either sickened by, or just sick and tired of hearing about LeBron James’ every last move the last few days? Actually makes me glad that we don’t have to put up with that crap any more. We have enough sucky teams to go around, ya think?

  43. 48

    Michael spews:


    It’s still poor enough judgement and taste that he should be gone. This was at a hospital, visiting a sick kid, not drunks in a bar or frat boys on a side street sticking cameras in peoples faces and it’s not like its the first time…

  44. 49

    sarah68 spews:

    There are laws governing who gets to see who in a hospital, especially when children are the patients. If he was upset about his wife supposedly banning him from the room, he could as a parent have protested that to the floor nurses or the hospital administration. Pushing his way into the room, shoving the mother out, and then yelling in the room of his daughter is nothing but angry violence. I don’t care how difficult the divorce was, he’s an asshole.

  45. 50

    Michael spews:


    This isn’t domestic violence, it’s two adults in a shoving match.

    Which may not be DV, but could still be considered a crime, mutual combat or some shit like that. Again, this was in a hospital, not a bar.

    Back in the day, the Student Body President of EWU, who also happened to be the president of his frat was charged with mutual combat after agreeing to fight the president of some frat in the middle of the street, in the middle of Cheney. The guy’s name was Justin Franke, I’m pretty sure he was/is a Republican.


    The moral of this story (the one with the drunken, Republican frat boy in it) is three fold.
    1. Never, ever, buy a house that you plan on living in anywhere near a frat house.
    2. After buying a house next to a frat house never, ever, expect the college that the frat boys attend to help out with any problems that may occur.
    3. Put your house up for sale in the summer when school is out.

  46. 51

    TwoCents spews:

    Simpson will keep his job because liberals just don’t care if their representatives are decent people or not. It’s just not an issue. Absolutely anything goes as long as there is a “D” after your name. That’s what liberal means. Beat up your wife? No problem, we’ll re-elect you. Kill a woman with your car? No problem, we’ll re-elect you. Lynch a black man? No problem, we’ll re-elect you. Molest a child. No problem, we’ll re-elect you. Thanks to the author of this article for confirming what I have always known.

  47. 52

    manoftruth spews:

    This isn’t domestic violence, it’s two adults in a shoving match

    only a fucking jew lawyer could take an arrestable offense in this country, domestic partners putting their hands on each other in anger, where people get arrested for it everyday, and say its ok because the guy is a democrat. typical jew shyster lawyer.

  48. 53

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    Broadway Joe,

    Yes you are right. The ESPN hype over James going to another city ranked up there with the continual PMSNBC coverage of Lindsey Lohan and her self-inflicted problems.

    What was interesting was the players who didn’t get involved from the sidelines in that media circus. Next year will be interesting to watch.

  49. 54

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    You’d think ylb arschloch@27, Goldy’s pet dumb brick, with his great HA personal copy database “coding” skillz would be there front and center helping with Goldy’s rep. Instead you have a freaky feckless frothing factless fool who won’t perform a useful task.

    BTW did you notice Pavlov called it when the arschloch changed his name again?

  50. 55

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @52 I may be a shyster lawyer, and a Democrat, but I’m every inch as Christian as you are. Shit, maybe that’s my problem — if I have a problem.

  51. 56

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The only reason folks become Christians is that they KNOW they are sinners…and Christ reconciles them with God. That’s the fundamental basis of Chritianity…God’s Grace.

    The Atheist Progressives worship themselves and their knowledge….unable & unwilling to comprehend that they awesomeness of God is beyond their comrehension on this Earth.

    Hey Rog…explain this to me–
    Where does your conscience come from?

  52. 57


    39, 40, 54

    LMAO!! Wow junk shot! So angry! So silly. So moronic! I laugh at you.

    Gotta code fool. I don’t pay attention to your silly agenda.

  53. 58

    TJ spews:

    Ah, it’s “complicated” Goldstein? Not really. You almost sound like you’re standing up for the reprehensible actions of this douche-bag just because he’s a fellow Libtard. If he had an (R) behind his name, you’d be soiling your panties over this news. Could it be that you still have some left-over discontent and anger over your own failed marriage? I for one don’t blame your ex-wife for leaving you a bit, and feel sorry for her marrying such a loser to begin with. You poor little thing.

  54. 59

    TJ spews:

    Forgive me for asking, but as a non-frequent reader of this site, I was curious how poster “YLB” has so much time to post here incessantly. Dosen’t this fellow work? Just askin’.

  55. 60

    Contemplate this, on the Tree of Woe spews:


    Survey Says: No, he does not….but he is the creator of the HA Database(laughs)….

  56. 61

    Tlazolteotl spews:


    You want to compare needless arrests of men against the corpses of needlessly dead women?

    Sure folks, let’s all keep making excuses for people who haven’t developed emotionally beyond the ‘terrible twos’! That’s a winning attitude!

    Nobody, male or female, should have to put up with crap like that from their partners. That’s why we have domestic violence statutes, duh. And yeah, sometimes people get arrested when maybe they shouldn’t. But if it keeps one person from being beaten, I’ll take it. If you follow the news at all you might find yourself wondering if DV statutes are strong enough, considering all of the women (overwhelmingly) who are stalked and murdered by exes, even if she has a restraining order.

  57. 62

    ArtFart spews:

    @6 “Actually, it’s pretty easy to live your life without the police ever getting involved in it. It’s time for Simpson to go.”

    Well…yeah, kinda-sorta and for people of “means”.

    In some communities, if someone spots a scruffy-looking couple talking with their hands “Italian-style” in a beat-up car in a Safeway parking lot, thinks “Ugh, what are those people doing here?” and calls in a DV report, in a lot of places the officers who show up are all but obligated to make an arrest–with the assumption that the court will sort it all out later.

    @21 We went through that for several years with my Mom, after she started “sundowning”. She would suddenly think Dad would be a perfect stranger, and would want someone to take her “home” right away. She’d say “home” was “34 North Delphia”, the address of where she grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois. She’d often work herself into a screaming rage, and if she got to a phone she could sure as hell remember how to call 911 and say she was being threatened. Fortunately, the SPD tended to assign the same officers to patrol my folks’ neighborhood in Magnolia, and the emergency dispatch folks eventually made a note of their phone number. There were some pretty exciting nights, though…

    I’d like to know what shyster lawyer would have filed for a divorce in the case you refer to, and what idiot judge wouldn’t have tossed it out.

  58. 63

    J. Whorfin spews:

    Sorry, Goldy, but the comparisons to this case and your treatment of David Irons ring too true.

    What Simpson and Irons have in common is a pattern of anger management and temper issues, and that pattern of problems is what you said motivated you to run with the Irons story, and why you thought Irons was not qualified for running the county:

    Yes, Irons denies that he ever hit his mother (although he’s yet to join her in taking and passing a polygraph), but he’s never refuted the larger pattern of abusive behavior she alleges… a pattern that he apparently repeated during his years at Brigadoon and on the county council… a pattern he would surely repeat as King County executive. It is a lifelong pattern entirely consistent with the character testimony of Irons’ own parents, who consistently argue that their opposition to their son’s candidacy is not based on a single incident, but rather on their sincere conviction that he lacks the integrity, the experience, the intellect and the temperament to run a county government larger than that of thirteen states.

    Again, the issue is a pattern. This isn’t simply a one-time “flew off the handle” issue.

  59. 64

    Contemplate this, on the Tree of Woe spews:

    our little goldy, making Goebbels proud with his partisan propaganda.

    With priceless gems like this, do you wonder why you arent taken very seriously?

    Republican “smack-a-bitch”: bad, evil, kick him out office, tar and feather the bastard etc….

    Democrat “smack-a-bitch”: Well, he’s a good liberal and votes progressive and all, so lets not only look the other way, lets figure out how we can turn the story around and blame the woman so “our guy” doesnt look so bad and we can get him re-elected.

    PWN3D….and pimp slapped.

  60. 65


    how poster “YLB” has so much time

    Why not any curiousity about junk shot (Puddybud)?

    He’s #2.

    Oh he’s a right winger. It’s ok for them to be obsessive.


  61. 66

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    It’s ok for them to be obsessive.

    Wow ylb arschloch, while Puddy was producing facts (another jealous moment on the dumb brick calendar) taking on all leftist pinheads, you were collecting comments and still coming in 4th place. That’s obsessive ya moron! Yet you deflect when attacked for your freaky feckless frothing factless foolish nature. Everyone here knows you are the dumb brick arschloch (all dense ASShole). Puddy guesses GBS feels sorry for you since no one will check the veracity of the database. Puddy thinks it’s when you post an “attack” link Puddy and others are reminded of previous feckless commentary from leftist pinheads and they want to have that crap buried forever. Puddy will have to determine why GBS wastes pixels responding to your sorry ASS!

    Why not “code” for Goldy and produce a factoid instead of a fartmass? Help Goldy out from being attacked over his David Irons coverage.

    So angry! So silly!

    Nope you Dope. So truthful! So factful! Dealing with your arschloch ASS, so easy!

    Wow your dopey blog still has 0 comments. Talk about obsessive! You continue to update and no one cares.


  62. 67

    Contemplate this, on the Tree of Woe spews:

    YLB’s blog = if a tree falls in a forest, and nobody hears it………..

  63. 71

    KentResident98030 spews:

    #30 you’re a real jackass! They are people here who want sports like I do! You know no one says you have to go there! People like you are the reasons why we have no team here why don’t you just get the hell of town, it’s my city not yours! Go f yourself!

  64. 72

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    @70, the arschloch… C’ya?

    Nope you Dope. Arscholoch chickenshit won’t appear at a DL.

    Puddy did a quick calculation.

    Puddy has about 8,000 general populationfact posts and 3000+ ASS smacking comments fact posts against the dumb brick and the clueless dumb cinder block. Hear the bell tolling?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Even newbie KentResident disagrees with the arschloch… Measured and found wanting! PWN3D!



  65. 75

    Michael spews:


    Michael’s generalization, however, was pretty far off the mark.

    GIS crime data would disagree. The police deal with the same folks in the same locations over and over and over. Most folks have few, if any, interactions with the police.

  66. 76

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    74. Jason Osgood spews:

    Mr Cynical @ 56

    Where does your conscience come from?


    How does that answer the question?
    Give it an honest shot.
    I thought Progressives knew everything??

  67. 77


    Mr Cynical @ 76

    How does that answer the question?

    Haha. More irony. Even funnier thru repetition.

    Okay. I’ll try it:

    In your libertarian utopia, who pays for the administration of our elections and courts?

  68. 78

    Steve spews:

    A KLOWN so utterly lacking in a conscience of his own questioning progressives about where theirs comes from as though he knows and they don’t. That’s a shitload of the ironic for a Monday morning, folks.

  69. 80

    Southender spews:

    There were two reasons for arrest in 2008. The last comment in the original post addresses only 1 :interupting a call to 911 to report DV. The procecutor did not file charges for the reason stated AND below.

    The actual arresst for DV, based on eyewitness (father in law) and victim, substantiated by the marks on her wrists from being pulled to the door was dropped because a) wife wouldn’t testify and b) the event happened in Geoff Simpsons home, so he was possibly “protecting his own property”, (his phone wife was dialing 911 on) and wife (exwife) would not testify so prosecutor had less than a great case. Why? Because of a typical Domestic Violence scenario- wife dependent on income of husband, fearful, two screwed up people, police and courts play referee while we pay for it, then the players (hubby and wife) dysfunctionally say “leave us alone”. Until the next time, like say 2 years later at Children’s Hospital.

    He’s a bum. D’s, R’s and independents finally have something easy to agree on. This bum needs to go.

  70. 81

    Slippery Pete spews:

    Haha @71 is Geoff himself.

    Also, to answer the title question, I’m nearly certain Chopp/HDCC already told Geoff he was on his own this year. So, the real question isn’t whether the Dems will ditch Simpson but whether labor and the “play it safe” business crowd (e.g., REALTORS) will ditch Geoff. And that’s doubtful, because both of those groups are more concerned about appeasing Geoff’s vitriol than doing what is right.

  71. 82

    rhp6033 spews:

    Art @ 62: “I’d like to know what shyster lawyer would have filed for a divorce in the case you refer to, and what idiot judge wouldn’t have tossed it out.”

    I only learned about this well after the divorce, I wasn’t involved when the divorce occured. Since a person suffering from dementia can seem perfectly reasonable for hours at a time, her attorney might not have known about her condition. The husband apparantly didn’t defend, he was too depressed to fight it, and didn’t have much money anyway. With no response after ninety days, the judge would have signed the paperwork without seeing either party.

    What the husband COULD have done is report to the court that the wife was mentally unable to handle her own affairs, and ask that a guardian ad litum be appointed. But that wouldn’t have necessarily prevented the divorce. Even the mentally ill are entitled to get a divorce if they want one, and the guardian ad litum determines that it isn’t against their best interest for them to do so.

  72. 83


    71 – @30 a real jackass?

    I agree..

    Add the fool @72 while you’re at it.

    Sorry, neither the state nor the people of the state have anymore tolerance for financing glitzy sport venues for millionaires to make more money. At one time, yes. Now – NO.

    There’s more pressing needs like educating kids and public safety and maintaining infrastructure.

    Fewer tax dollars and greater needs. Let the millionaires finance THEIR OWN places to make themselves richer. The rest of can see college and high school sports – helluva lot cheaper and more interesting.