Why is State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson Helping Dino Rossi?

Over on his campaign website, Dino Rossi posted a letter that Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels sent to Seattle state legislators complaining about the state’s lacking attention to sex offenders.

Rossi’s site proclaims: “Even Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is Worried about Homeless Sex Offenders,” before quoting Democrat Nickels’s complaints about the state: 

“More worrisome still is that 351 sex offenders in Seattle are registered homeless. Of those, 119 are the most serious level III sex offenders who have been released by the State directly to the streets of Seattle. These statistics highlight the need for the state and the region to step up to the problem…”

This is a gem for Rossi. An overture to Seattleites to vote for him. Heck, even big Democrat Nickels is frustrated with Gregoire. 

But here’s the interesting thing: If you look at the copy of the letter that Rossi posted, it came from Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson (D-36, Seattle). Rossi didn’t black out the name too well.

Why is Mary Lou Dickerson providing campaign fodder for Rossi? 

Dickerson’s office says Dickerson did not give the letter to Rossi’s campaign. Dickerson aide Melissa Bailey says Dickerson hasn’t even seen the letter yet herself.


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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy asks:
    “Why is Mary Lou Dickerson providing campaign fodder for Rossi?”

    Because she realizes Rossi is the best person for the job and that Gregoire has screwed things up beyond all recognition.

    Any other questions Goldy?
    In case you haven’t noticed, LOTS of Democrats are supporting Rossi.

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    Say what you will about Mary Lou’s cluelessness, but it certainly isn’t because of anything Frank Chopp says or does. She’s from the Helen Sommers side of the Democratic caucus.

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    My Left Foot spews:


    Define “lots” and name them with a link for proof that you are not just pulling names out of your ass….which is your usual M.0.

    We are all waiting……

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    SeattleJew spews:

    Elections aside, this is the tip of the ice berg. America’s street scene is barbaric. We have tried to use a combination of drugs and civil liberties to liberate patients form state institutions so they could be “free” and we could save bucks.

    Does ANYONE think First Avenue is a food replacement for people who are risks to themselves or to society?

    There has to be some middle ground between incarceration of every low IQ retarded kid and having the streets full of alcoholics, paranoids, and other folk who can not care for themselves.

    Before the usual PC cops here jump on me, I am NOT saying that most street people should be sent to camps. But I would rather see alcoholics and schizophrenics in any sort of reasonable facility then fending for themselves at the end of some over worked social worker’s leash.

    I hate to echo my nemesis Lee Thehim, but isn’t it nutty that we provide domicile for people caught smoking weed, a harmless drug, while we promote the streets as the home for folks addicted to booze and let hebephrenics squat on the corner begginf for food?

    So, I have an idea …

    Lets legalize and tax weed with the proceeds going to treatment programs for real drugs and serious mental prtoblems.

    “Smoke a Joint, get the A;lies Back to the Joint!”

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Looks like the mayor is aggressively panhandling for state money again. Big -city mayors are like large hungry dogs: No matter how much chicken you throw into its salivating open mouth, it still wants more.

  6. 9


    Like most politicians Dickerson is looking to cover her ass rather then being straight forwarded enough with voters to explain that monitoring sexual deviants is a very complicated dilemma for governments and law enforcement. When something goes wrong,which inevitably it will, Dickerson and Nickels will be able to say “I told you so”.

    It be like someone asking Nickels why there are thousands of outstanding Municipal Court arrest warrants that have not been served on people who are domestic violence or DUI offenders? For God sake one of these individuals could end up victimizing someone in the community as much as a sexual predator. It’s the nature of the crime that people find so repulsive due to the fear generated by watching Nancy Grace on cable every night.

    Having said that, if fair minded people really thinks that Christine Gregoire or anybody else wants these individuals running loose on the streets their wrong. It’s equivalent to trying to herd cats with offenders.

    Gregoire has shown leadership in trying to get a handle on the problem and directed a significant amount of the state’s resources and money towards monitoring predators.

    Rossi uses FEAR in the form of this hot button wedge issue against the Governor because Republicans know it’s a lose lose proposition for anyone in charge of monitoring these people. It’s the classic “Are you still beating your wife?”question.

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    uptown spews:

    Went over to the AG’s site to see what a Republican AG has to say:

    “The AGO’s Sexually Violent Predator Unit successfully civilly committed 22 sexually violent predators in Fiscal Year 2006.

    Their hard work has paid off for citizens of Washington, keeping the state’s worst sexually violent predators out of our communities and away from our families.”

    –Attorney General
    Rob McKenna

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Rossi’s got another campaign going where he complains about the problem, but avoids talking about the fact that his policies would make the problem even worse. It’s a pattern in his campaign, whether he’s talking about state spending, highway construction, Indian casinos, or sex offenders: complain about the problems facing government and promise to cut spending at the same time.

    In the old days, we used to laugh at politicians who would promise the world of new services and also promise to cut taxes at the same time. Obviously, they were liars. Dino’s in that group, he’s just a bit more convincing liar than most of them.

  9. 13

    ArtFart spews:

    11 It’s really interesting, isn’t it? The Rossi campaign is screaming about how Gregoire has turned hordes of sex offenders out on the streets, at the same time McKenna’s claiming he’s got ‘em all locked up.

    It’s not possible for them both to be telling the truth.

    It is, on the other hand, not only possible but likely that they’re both lying.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Rossi has 10’s of thousands of business owners supporting him. Many are Democrats.
    Virtually every trade association has done polling which shows 95%+ of their members support Rossi….with 2% for Gregoire.
    That is why this race is so close.
    It’s clearly tax-paying, job-creating small business owners for Rossi vs.
    State Employees for Gregoire.

    Who creates jobs mlf??
    You probably think it’s the government!

  11. 15

    My Left Foot spews:


    Let me ask again.

    What Democrats? You have made up a “fact” and you expect me to take your word for it. Mentioning a made up trade association “poll” is a fake, phony non-argument.

    Cite one poll, ABC, NBC, Rasmussen, hell, I will take a Fox News Poll. Cite one reputable example of a poll that says Dems are voting for Rossi. Cite one Dem politician who is supporting Rossi.

    Clownboy, you can’t do it. You make this stuff up as you go along. Just like you do with the McCain is going to win bullshit, your stock market killing and so on…… You are quite simply Republican liar in denial.

    The Blue Wave, or Tsunami, is going to bury your brand. Can’t wait for your whining to begin on November 5.

  12. 16

    Mr. Cynical spews:


    In a state dominated by Democrats….Senate, House, State Senate, State House….
    How come Rossi is tied with Gregoire if Dems aren’t supporting him??