Whoever is tapping my phones, could you please do it right?

Once again there is this irritating “off the hook” tone emanating from somewhere around my house. It’s not coming from inside my house, rather I think from the vicinity of the telephone pole right outside my back door.  I’ve noticed this tone periodically over the past couple months, and while perhaps it’s only a coincidence, it only seems to occur a couple minutes after I hang up my phone, usually after talking to one of my many terrorist comrades.  Weird.

Also, damn annoying.  So since I figure if somebody is tapping my phone they must also be reading my blog… could you please send a technician by to fix this damn thing?  It’s giving me a headache.

The tone has stopped.  Thanks for the prompt service.


  1. 1

    rhp6033 spews:

    I doubt it’s the federal government. The NSA gives digital recordings of your calls to Karl Rove operatives directly from the Qwest switchboard, they may or may not file a report on it later under FISA.

    It might, however, be a local wingnut who still does phone taps the old-fashioned way – by tapping into the line between the pole and your house.

  2. 2

    YLB spews:

    If you have broadband, switch to Vonage. I’ve got two lines and it costs me 31 bucks a month with the taxes and fees

    One line will cost around 20 dollars a month for 500 minutes of talk time.

    It took me a while to get the right quality of service settings for my router but it’s pretty doable.

    Of course the government and/or enterprising BIAW-hired private detective can still tap your line and intercept the communications.

  3. 7

    michael spews:

    You know it’s got to be Republicans, they have a track record of screwing that sort of thing up and getting caught.

  4. 11

    Trigg # 1 spews:

    called the Palin effect on pinko commie types

    next, the head actually explodes in the midst of defecating

  5. 13

    ArtFart spews:

    Some poor Qwest technician probably climbed the pole to test a line and left his handset hooked up.

  6. 14

    rhp6033 spews:

    Art @ 13: You may be on to something.

    A HVAC contractor came to our office, was up in the ceiling tiles working on the HVAC vents. Shortly after he left, we started hearing a strange telephone ringing. It took a while to find it. He had left his cell phone in our ceiling!

  7. 15

    Goldy Cardinal Goldstein spews:

    Same people who litter the grounds of stately Goldstein Manor with gooey condoms.