Who wants to meet Dino Rossi?

Dino Rossi is holding another one of his last minute, barely publicized, “underground” meet-ups this weekend, and if any of my HA regulars would like to politely attend, maybe make a small donation to Dr. Coday to assuage suspicions, and surreptitiously record the events, I’d love to have some audio or video.  Here’s the invite:

Dear PSCU Members,

If you were part of “Art’s Army” this past spring and supported Dr. Coday’s bid for the Senate, he could now use your support in his campaign for State Representative. Even if you don’t live in the 32nd District, helping to elect Dr. Coday will benefit all conservatives. (His Democrat opponent supports a state income tax!) Bringing a principled, common sense conservative to Olympia, with the bonus of someone who has first hand experience in Medicare and Medicaid, will be a welcome change.

The Kickoff Event for Art Coday’s State Representative campaign is on Sunday, August 1, at 5:30 pm at the Hess family’s home in Kenmore.

Senate candidate Dino Rossi will be there as will conservative talk show host Kirby Wilbur, both to talk about Art’s campaign and the need for conservatives to be elected this November so they can make positive changes both in Olympia and Washington DC.

This Kickoff Event will include a great BBQ meal for the family!

Donations to Dr. Coday’s campaign are encouraged, so please remember to bring your checkbook with you. If you want to meet Dino, meet Kirby, and support Art, please RSVP here:


or directly with Dr. Coday’s campaign by emailing: info@artcoday.com

They may ask folks to take the batteries out of their cameras and cell phones, so hide an extra recording device in your underpants or something. Be creative. And be sure to play the part of a teabagger and ask whether he supports some of their issues. I mean, the public deserves to know what he’s saying in private, right?

And again, be polite and well behaved, even if they’re not; we don’t want to disrupt their events any more than we want them to disrupt ours. And if your hosts are unfriendly, try to record that too.

Oh… and if you do go, on your way out, say hi to Kirby for me.


  1. 1

    Michael spews:

    I don’t listen to talk radio, but the few times I’ve encountered Kirby Wilbur he seemed like a reasonable enough guy. Any ideas on why he supports whack-a-mole righties, rather than promoting a version of sensible conservatives?

  2. 2

    Chuck spews:

    Because Kirby is right and left is wrong.You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink, you can give a deadbeat health coverage but you cannot make him work, you can give some Hispanics free medical, welfare, and education for his kids but you cannot make him go through the hoops to gain citizenship.

  3. 4

    manoftruth spews:

    unfreindly hosts? you mean like the way barney frank was rude and insulting to his coonstituents? that type of unfreindly?

  4. 5

    manoftruth spews:

    unfreindly hosts? you mean like the way barney frank was rude and insulting to his constituents? that type of unfreindly?

  5. 6

    manoftruth spews:

    by the way goldstein, there’s something wrong with your editor. if you edit and save it saves both posts

  6. 7

    Odie Cologne spews:

    re 2: Be careful about the flecks of spittle when you are actually talking to people like this.

  7. 8

    Odie Cologne spews:

    re 6: No it doesn’t, Ahs-wi-pe (that’s your Indian name). It was your own mistake and you have taken ‘personal responsibility’ for it just like every other wingnut does.

  8. 10

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “(His Democrat opponent supports a state income tax!) Bringing a principled, common sense conservative to Olympia…”

    How can anyone who supports the state tax status quo, under which poor people pay 5 1/2 times as much of their income as rich people, be considered “principled”? Even by a stretch of wild Republican imagination?

  9. 11

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 That would make a great stump speech if any of it were true. The problem with Republican talking points, of course, is they’re based on pure bullshit.

  10. 12

    Odie Cologne spews:

    re 11: The fact that they are BS is irrelevant to the modern day wingnut.

    All they are interested in is how well their BS is polling. Mr. Cyn has many times served us up a shit sandwich, not by proving his point, but demonstrating that a majority of people ‘believe’ his BS.

  11. 15

    uptown spews:


    I before E except after C, something, something…
    oh hell, just get a browser with spell check built in (Opera).