by Carl, 01/18/2013, 7:32 PM

I’m a bit worried that Senator Ericksen thinks he invented the aspirational goal of cheap electricity. Not that he invented some way made electricity cheaper — that would be awesome — but just talking about cheaper energy. Like he thinks he invented talking. About cheaper energy. How else do you explain titling his press release “Ericksen pleased to hear Inslee echo his energy goals“?

Yes, the governor. Who wrote a book about energy. Is echoing some state senator. The governor. Whose signature issue has been energy for over a decade. Is echoling some state senator.

Obviously, what laws pass matters most. And if they see eye to eye, that’s probably a good thing.

One Response to “Who Cribbed Whom?”

1. Roger Rabbit spews:

Erickson is so closely identified with the Democratic agenda that he really should switch parties and become a Democrat.