What would Denny Heck do on health reform?

Well, it’s kind of hard to say. Eli Sanders of The Stranger, Heck’s biggest fan north of Lacey, doesn’t know.

And check this out. From The Columbian via the (Longview, Wash.) Daily News:

Heck declined to say specifically what he thinks should be included in a health reform bill.
“I specifically favor those measures that will provide more people with affordable health care,” he said. “I will freely admit I have not read the 2,000-page bill.”

So he specifically didn’t say anything at all. Which isn’t unusual in politics, but it does contrast rather neatly with Craig Pridemore’s clear stance in support of the public option and clearing procedural hurdles placed in the way, including using reconciliation to do so.

Maybe those establishment folks in the Puget Sound region who felt they had to support Heck would like to ask themselves a few simple questions like: why am I supporting a guy who can’t even take a stand on the single biggest issue of the day? What if the voters who actually live in SW Washington’s 3rd Congressional District figure that out?


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    King Crimson and the Vintage Epiphones spews:

    All Obama has to do is issue a statement that he is changing a rule and lowering the age of eligibility for medicare.

    That would be just one page. Even Republicans (many) could read and understand it.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey, if you live in the 3rd and wanna trust this guy to represent you in Congress, maybe you should hand him a couple of blank checks for your bank account, too. I’m just sayin’ …

  3. 3


    Eli Sanders is going to regret his serious man-crush on Denny Heck before this campaign is over.

    It’s like SLOG’s political coverage just about single-handedly jumped the shark with Eli’s endorsement.

    I don’t issue endorsements in Seattle races, why does Eli think he can issue endorsements for the 3rd Congressional?

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    Let’s elect a Democrat who “specifically” stands for affordable health care without any specifics about how to do this. That way our representative can never be accused of flip flopping on the issue when he/she sells us down the river (see Obama et al).