What the Heck?

Anyone else receive an email today from Gov. Gregoire, asking you to support Denny Heck for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District? Huh. Seems a little early for the governor to be taking sides, considering the quality of the Democrats in the race, but, whatever.


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    Perfect Voter spews:

    Yep, got one also. DANNY Heck.

    I hear the Gov’s communication shop has an opening for a proofreader.

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    Mark1 spews:


    Goldy thinks he’s way more important, relevant, and more popular than he really is. The tens of regulars here hardy amount to a small hill of beans. Then again, the chronically unemployed and senile OCD geriatrics wouldn’t have a thing to do all day without this site. And perhaps if Goldy really was famous he might be able to get laid without paying Trixie and Bubbles for their services. :) Good grief!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 Goldy is way more important, relevant, and more popular than you are. You not only don’t amount to a hill of beans, you don’t amount to a hole in the ground. A rabbit can’t live in you.

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    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    5. Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 Goldy is way more important, relevant, and more popular than you are.

    Wow, I’ve heard of internet fellatio, but I can’t say I’ve seen it mastered like Roger Roadkill has.

    …None of the asshat Dems are going to win anyway, so this post is irrelevent. But, the illegality of Gregoire’s actions are interesting. She’ll claim ignorance of course, which given her shoddy governance of this state could be substantiating evidence of that, but her years as AG will undermine that.

    She’s simply willfuly ignorant.

    As for Goldy’s self importance? No voluntarily unemployed person should have a very highunwarranted esteem for themselves. Least of all those who would willingly leach off the providers in society in order to sustain their lifestyle. Speaking of fucking self important assholes, I just watched the speech…more rhetoric, no results…hey, 3 more years of the same left to go.

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    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    7. Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 Judging from how much time you spend on this blog, you seem to be unemployed, too.

    haha…I spend about 1/1000th of the time your worthless ass spends in here…and post once for every 200-300 of yours. Wow, projection is a funny thing to witness on the net.

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    Mark1 spews:

    @5 Angry lil Rodent:

    Since you’ve never met me and have no idea whatsoever anything about me or who I am, I think it’s funny that you presume to. By contrast, one can figure out Goldy easily just by his own past admissions, including his many shortcomings. (no pun intended there, but why not)

    I never made fun of you for being President of the Retired Courthouse Janitor’s Guild did I? You did after all admit to being employed there in a massive career of like 30 years or something.

    Secondly, whether one agrees with your mouth diarrhea or not, it does not take a board certified shrink to diagnose you as O.C.D in regards this site, which I mentioned @4, and you are in fact a geriatric by your own admissions.

    As for the gaggle of chronically unemployed obsessive HA posters and their king YLB arschloch that I referred to above; well, that’s just plain true, and the progressive liberal way of sucking off the gov’t tits for the most part.

    Now, now feral bunny, calm down….I can almost hear that vile heart monitor machine of yours from 100 miles away…. and be sure and remind Mrs. Rodent not to drop her smoke by your oxygen tank….I truly do feel sorry for you, as I’m curious as to if when one starts getting advanced senility and losing their mental functions, do they realize they are?

    ‘Night all, and good luck!

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    countrygirl spews:

    @3 – that’s bullcrap! The WSDCC has not taken any action on the race in the 3rd and probably will not at their meeting this weekend.

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    Dave spews:

    @10, Sorry, you’re probably correct, I meant the power behind. That is Dwight and company.
    And, I’m sorry, but it is obvious that it is so.

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    Particle Man spews:

    The Governors support for Denny (“Danny”oops) has never been in doubt. He has long been a trusted and valuable adviser and friend. In politics at this level it is all about relationships, don’t you know.

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    trublu spews:

    Lewis county Dems sponsored a great forum Thursday night for all 5 candidates. I was interested in hearing from the only 2 capable candidates (Heck & Pridemore) but within 3 minutes of Craig’s weird channeling of Carl Rove antics against Heck, the decision was pretty easy. Was he bitter because of the guv’s nod toward Heck or that Heck has private & public sector success? Craig seemed thin skinned, aloof, angry, enamored with divisive politics. We don’t need a Linda Smith in a suit. Crash and burn politics is so 2004 – Craig seems to think that is what we need in 2010 to address the issues of 2010.

    This time around we need a fighter for jobs with dignity, and someone who has real world experience in doing so helps. Heck gets my vote. While I may agree with CP on many issues, we in the 3rd are really hurting, and rebuilding our middle class is the quickest path to rebuilding a progressive majority – it is a bottom up process, not a coronation or anointment of who has the slickest voting record or is the cause célèbre on progressive issues. Losing a Congressional seat this year, adding to the loss column in the mid-term will only set us back on many issues beyond economic related matters. If some 20+% in this district are un/underemployed, we do not need a liberal by convenience, a divisive politician representing us in DC. We can do better and on Thursday night,Pridemore illustrated more of the same old tired politics of personal destruction. I was surprised and disgusted (as were others) by his silliness Thursday night and lack of political acumen. It’s time to move on.

    The candidate who gets wtf is going on in this district will prevail, not one who thinks they are running in the 7th CD or believe a John Kerry-like candidate is just what this district needs. Those who think all progressives (like me) will just fall in line because Pridemore embraces the mantle of limousine liberalism actually damage the advancement of progressive ideals. And anyone who believes the populism out there is just right wing chatter or embraced by racists or idiots has their head in the sand or up their elitist arses.

    btw, Heck stayed above the pettiness and actually did his homework on issues important to the intended audience, not act like he was filming a commercial or needed to display some bizarre political machismo. Heck was clear and actually spoke to people living in a county where unemployment and other economic ills are far worse than the comparatively gilded shores of Elliot Bay or Lake WA. Kudos also to Cheryl Crist who answered questions clearly and did not follow Pridemore down the path of old world Rove/Boehner politics. It’s a new day in politics and 2010 will not follow 2008 or 2004 game plans of divisive campaigns. If Pridemore keeps up his telling style of campaigning, it’s best he steps aside for the greater good. We can do better and we expect it as well. Denny Heck is the best candidate for 2010, for SW WA.