What Next For The 48th

Now that Rodney Tom isn’t running for office, Andrew at NPI has some speculation about the seat.

With Tom gone, the way is now clear for either Hunter or Habib to run. One of them likely will declare for state Senate, and Joan McBride will then be well positioned to run for whichever House seat then opens up. The Washington Senate Democratic Campaign (WSDC) would undoubtedly prefer to have a proven winner as its candidate, so it can direct money and resources into other districts.

I don’t know the district as well as he does, but I’d be wary of the party trying to push her out for one of the current representatives. She got in the race when it was going to be a tough election. The party recruited her, and she stuck her neck out for them. I’m not saying if one of the House Dems runs, she shouldn’t run for their seat, but I hope the party will stay out of it if there is a primary.

Also, I’m not sure that the Senate is better. There’s a good chance that it’ll still be controlled by Republicans, or whatever they call their caucus if there’s one Democrat in it. Especially for Hunter, who has quite a bit of seniority in the House, it seems like it would be a step down.


  1. 1

    Sarge spews:

    Both Hunter & Habib were recruited to take on Tom. Both declined. They should stay out. McBride should be rewarded for her courage.

  2. 2

    Perfect Voter spews:

    Amen on not throwing McBride under the bus. If she’s as sharp as she seems, she herself may see the wisdom of having one of the reps move up and she runs for their house seat.

    But let her decide without a gun to her head.

  3. 3

    Moderate Man spews:

    I can’t see Hunter running, either. Why be a (likely) minority member of the Senate instead of the chair of the House Appropriations Committee?

  4. 4

    Ryan spews:

    Cyrus would be an interesting choice. He can fundraise like few others, and if McBride was willing to settle for the House seat (the more liberal body) the 48th would be settled for a while coming and the WA Dems could focus on other LDs.

  5. 5

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Cyrus Habib is a comer in WA and national politics. The best move for him (politically) and the 48th is to support McBribe’s candidacy more strongly.

    As Goldy stated, Hunter has little to gain getting elected to a toss-up senate seat. Like Habib, his best move and for the 48th is to support McBribe’s candidacy more strongly.

    Joan McBribe is a strong candidate with a record of serving her constituency. She’ll be a good pick-up for the 48th and for the state.

    While speculating about political machinations is fun, this is a pretty easy call;
    Joan McBribe can and should own that seat for as long as she is willing to serve.

    Joan McBride for State Senate