What goes around, comes around

Democrats don’t endorse and campaign for Republicans. That means Brad Owen and Brian Sonntag are not Democrats. At least, not real ones.

Democratic constituency groups should keep that in mind come 2012.


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    SJ Troll Patrol spews:

    Welcome home Goldy.

    I have said this for years.

    The GOD (Grand Old Democratic) Party does a terrible job of grooming candidates or using office like this to grow candidates.!

    Howsa about this ….

    Why not a boomlet for Darcy as Lt Guv under Inslee?

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    Incorrect @1,

    If a real Democrat ran for Lt. Governor, Owen could be ousted in a top-two primary with a “Prefers Republican Party” candidate in there to draw away some of his base.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Democrats don’t endorse and campaign for Republicans.

    Two words for ya, Goldy: Joe Lieberman

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    Zotz spews:

    @2: I’m all for Inslee. But can Darcy be coaxed home? She’s doing great work in her new life.

    And Goldy, I’d definitely add Tim Sheldon to the list, re Bush and Rossi

    Hint: “Some Muckraker” (i.e., you) should “look into” Tim (and likely Brad, since they’re peas in a pod) and “propriety” associated with the previous lands commissioner (Sutherland) and Sheldon properties on Hood Canal.

    Tim’s up for re-election as Senator in ’10 and I’m told he’ll have credible opposition for a change.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    As I’ve said before, we have two functioning political parties in this state, Democrats and Republicans,* which are hard to tell apart because they all call themselves “Democrats.”

    * Not to be confused with a dysfunctional third party calling themselves “Republicans” or “GOP” or “GOP Party” or, sometimes, “nonpartisans,” which is not relevant to anything because they never win anything and have no influence in Washington politics.

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    SJ Troll Patrol spews:

    @3 Goldy

    Brad Own

    He has a base???

    By this logic, the Dems better not more than one candidate for guv in the primary either.

    If there is any meaning to the sxistnace of Parties, then their job ought to be to dominate the scene in the primary. Maybe two Dems win?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 Fortunately, the Lt. Gov. has no staff, no budget, no power, no influence, and no duties (beyond trade missions and glad-handing foreign dignataries). It could be worse.

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    SJ Troll Patrol spews:

    @5 .. Zotz ..

    I actually think Darcy would not be a good candidate for LG, esp the way she would come of in Eastern WA.

    The first sterp would be for the GOD” party to behave like a real political organization and choose someone.

    There then would be many ways of eliminating Owen. Ideally a deal could be struck where he steps down or perhaps up to some job that wouold keep him happy.

    *Good Old Dems

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    [Some other] Steve spews:

    Yes, The Lt. Governor does have power He
    oversee’s the Senate and puts major legislation
    into committee’s and Sits on the Rules committee…

    It’s a non partisan office. He has the right
    to endorse just like Republicans endorsing
    demo incumbents

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    SJ Troll Patrol spews:

    @8 RR

    This is where a REAL party SHOULD function.

    Imagine that Inslee is the designated Dem, He chooses Goldmark as a running mate.

    Goldmark and Inslee sit down and work a deal. In the Inslee admin, Goldmark will be responsible for state agricultural policy or higher ed or whatever the two principles agree.

    This would groom Goldmark as a future Gov or Rep or Senator and strengthen the DEM ticket.

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    Zotz spews:

    @9: Brad Owen is a cretin. Making him “happy” would make baby jesus cry and piss me off.

    I’d also note that he is not powerless: his call on budget issues in the last leg stymied stuff we care about.

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    Zotz spews:

    @11: I love Goldmark, but I wish he’d stay at Lands for a while. Sutherland really fucked it up.

    Why Goldmark?

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    The Lieutenant Governor has the “one heartbeat away” power.

    Remember the consternation when there were rumors that President Obama was going to Sebelius or Napolitano our Governor? It sure as hell wasn’t because we thought Chris Gregoire couldn’t do the job (whichever job it was); it was because we know with absolute certainty that Brad Owen can’t.

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    Side note to SJ…

    Owen does indeed have a base. It’s the “nonpartisan” zealots like Reed and Sonntag, plus the wingnut Republicans who know that they can’t get one of their own elected.

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    SJ Troll Patrol spews:

    #13 Zotz

    I am a fab as well.

    The problem I see with his current job is that it was one of those wierd WASTATE jobs that probably could and should be held by a professional manager.

    Goldmark seems to me to be overqualified. If the Party were really run well, he would be groomed for a higher position.

    Same is true for a bunch of other positions the GODs (sorry I like my new toy) see committed to wasting:

    McD .. this is a safe seat for a progressive.

    Sontag .. He is interesting, he has built a sinecure. As apet of a GOD effort he could be a good part of creating an image.

    Mallahan/McGinn … this seems to me like the canary in the coal mine. Nickles is a very impressive politician. Losing him is a big deal for the GODs .. or should be, and would not have happened IF the GOD were better organized. OTOH, whichever of these guys who wins, will ipso facto become a major player in the state. He opught to be seen as part of the GOD team. One reason I will vote for Mallahan is that I can see him hgaivng sate wide appeal.

    Murry/Cantwell. Patty is a very impressive politician, why can’t she provide more leadership locally? She should be out and about campaigning for Dow. Maria, at least to me, remains a mystery. I am nto convinced she is a politician. I wonder if the GODs would nto be smart to work with Obama to move her to some admin position (where she might be VERY effective) and make room for a stronger pol in the Senate?

    The underlying problem is that w/o a functional party organization, that is w/o leadership, the GODs are less effective that the God-led GOPers.

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    SJ on GOD Patrol (Good Ol' Dems) spews:

    @15 a Base for Owen

    I do not believe it. He gets elected because no one cares.

    Hows this for a scary scenario … Hutchinson runs for LG vs. Owen. She would WIN!!! She (and her supporters) are plenty smart enough to use the position to promote their issues.

    Imagine a GOP ticket with our AG and Suzy vs Inslee and Owen. Inslee, hopefully, could win. Suzy would then be in a PR position to undermine him.

    I believe we need better GODs (sorry).

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    Michael spews:

    Sontag is a corrupt good old boy leftover from the corrupt good old boy days in the 70’s & 80’s. He only exists because no one gives a flying fuck about the insurance comm.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    So now Goldy is gonna take on Owen & Sonntag.
    Have at ‘er big fella.
    Goldy, once again I sense a strong presence and servere case of BLOWHARSITIS.
    A painful inflammation and oozing of puss from your BLOWHARD GLAND.

    There is a cure however;;;
    Go over to Lee’s and light up a couple of bowls full and reminisce about the 2008 Election. That ought to mellow you out BiG Fella.

    Perhaps the Phillies loss last night is influencing your sense of reality.

    I’m just sayin’

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    Gabe spews:

    Brian Sonntag lives in a gated golf course community – just to cement his GOP credentials.

    Brad Owen floats his way through his useless office, spending time and resources on a pointless “just say no” campaign, complete with cheesy rock music. Owen’s predecessor (Joel Pritchard) was a Republican – but he at least brought class and decorum to the Lt. Gov’s office.

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    Gabe spews:

    The unions and supposedly progressive organizations which endorse these two Republicrats every four years should consider the Hutchison endorsement a deal-breaker.

    Psychos like Mr. Klynical can go on giving Owen and Sonntag their endorements…but progressive orgs should stop giving these dinosaur Dems their support.

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    YLB spews:

    Well Sonntag is something of a step up from the Republican that ran for State Auditor in 2004 – Will Baker, The International Man of Conspiracy.

    Over 841 thousand dumbasses threw the lever for that guy in 2004.


    But if old Brian is going to stump for Republicans, maybe it’s time for him to hang it up.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    25. Roger Rabbit spews:

    @20 Nobody cares what you think. Nobody even reads your comments anymore.

    Ummm, you just did dumbass!

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    proud leftist spews:

    Cyn @ 29
    I doubt Rabbit read your post. He simply saw you posted and replied. I read your posts because I’ve always found that watching the deterioration of the mind to be fascinating. It is informative. Please keep posting.

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    k spews:

    Anyone who watched how Sonntag manipulated the timing of King County audits can see he is abusing his office.

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    Politically Incorrect spews:

    Goldy @3,

    My point is that these guys get elected and stay elected no matter what. Sonntag is the classic example.