What do the Seattle Times and the Lusty Lady have in common?

Answer: they both blame Google for stealing their business

At a staff meeting this afternoon, the managers of the Lusty Lady announced they were going out of business and would permanently close their doors in just two months.

[…] The internet has also steadily eroded business. “We had our all-time high in 1998,” Davis said. “The fact that you can get massive amounts of fairly high-quality pornography for free has had a definite effect.”

As it’s had on the Times.

I’ve never patronized the Lusty Lady (as I’m way too uptight to enjoy women stripping for money), but I’m guessing as far as Seattle institutions go, there are many who will mourn the Lusty Lady a helluva lot more than they would the Times.


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    Michael spews:

    For those of us who lived in the Seattle area when we turned 18 a visit to The Lusty Lady was a rite of passage.

    From what I understand TLL treated its employees better than The Times does.

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    Vince with Slap-Chop spews:

    What do the Lusty Lady and Seattle Times have on common?

    Answer: Neither would hire Goldy.

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    Mrs. Rabbit spews:

    [crashing noises]

    Roger is out of order and won’t be posting anymore until he gets out of the infirmary.

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    Gizmo spews:

    Hey! The LL’s hip, liberated, progressive.

    Didn’t you hear? The, um, LL sexworkers aren’t workers. They are not exploited by wicked capitalists. They are a glorious jolly female encampment that sets its rules by rapping in the break room.

    What part of empowerment do you uptight Seattleites not understand?

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    Never had the stones to go to the LL. To be quite honest, I’ve never had much of an impulse to visit strip clubs after I nearly had my nose broken by a dancer in Reno when I was 21. Long story short (since now you’ll all want to know), dancer tried to rub her breasts in my face, but though they were quite nice, there wasn’t enough to do the job, and she smacked me square in the nose with her sternum. I go backwards out of my chair, she lands on top of me, my nose is bleeding, and the bouncer arrived on the scene only to shrug his shoulders and say that this wasn’t the first time she’d done this – just a clumsy dancer.

    Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth, ya think?

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    Alki Postings spews:

    @6 And this has to do with internet commerce how?

    Can’t wingnuts EVER follow a single point or logical thought through…you know, point, counterpoint…without just going off the cliff into some random Glen Beck Fox News wingnut crazy?

    The point, again for the wingnut children, is about how the internet is challenging “brick & mortar” establishments. True. Porn theaters of old were one of the first victims of the internet age. I’m SHOCKED the lusty lady last this long. Granted there are OTHER strip clubs in town, still. I’ll miss the often funny parody slogans on their sign. Those always gave me a giggle when I drove by.

    The Seattle Times needs to FOCUS almost exclusively on local news. I can get API/UPI stories on my cell phone, I don’t need to buy a paper for that. The use of a “local” newspaper is to have actual reporters on local stories, the things I CAN’T read from API. But the Times, like most papers around the nation, does the opposite and cuts BACK on local/reporters and just shoves MORE national syndicated crap at me when I can already get that from 20 other sources. Come on guys.

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    Broadway Joe spews:


    Actually, the LL in San Francisco was even unionized for a while (through SEIU). This was chronicled in the documentary Live Nude Girls Unite. The LL closed shortly after that, though I’ve heard that a group of dancers since bought the building and reopened it as an employee-owned club. Kinda like a WinCo with more G-strings, I guess….

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    Gizmo spews:

    the San Francisco franchise was bought by the strippers working there and began to be managed as a worker cooperative. The San Francisco branch had already entered the news in 1997 when it became the first (and as of 2009 only) successfully unionized sex business in the U.S.

    – via Wiki, which notes that

    Mimi Gates, stepmother of Bill Gates and director of the Seattle Art Museum, said “The Lusty Lady’s marquee is a Seattle landmark.”

    Landmark. As in historic preservation. LL is an ugly Ballard Denny’s for the masses. Schoolchildren will donate their lunch money to save Lusty Lady. Nicole Brodeur will ride the wave with three, maybe four, columns about Seattle’s Finest Hour.

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    I could live with them preserving the marquee. Always enjoyed reading it on my way to and from the Market.

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    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Any chance the RNC can ride to the rescue with a couple of events?

    Seriously, see what the impacts of a suck-a** Republican party in Seattle are on small business. ;-)

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    notaboomer spews:

    i’d like to see a chihuly glass museum go in on the lusty lady site b/c i think it would stimulate the tourist economy and be good for the children to boot.

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    sarge spews:

    And yet, a new strip club just opened up down the street south of Safeco field (not that I pay attention to these things).

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    notaboomer spews:

    “This is by far the finest club the state of Washington has ever seen,” said Matt Teasley, the club supervisor.

    A bright electronic marquee faces First Avenue a block south of Safeco Field.

    On days when the Mariners are especially aiming to attract children, such as Little League days, risqué pictures will be replaced with text.

    like say, boeing “extraordinary rendition” practice jersey day?

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    proud leftist spews:

    Joe @ 7
    Great story. Years of therapy ensued, correct?

    Ah, The Lusty Lady. I walk by it almost every day on my way to work. I’ve never been in. I just thought it, and its reader board, would always be there. I may have to go in (purely for the sake of observing that which passes, of course) before its demise.

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    notaboomer spews:

    little league day at the awesome new strip club would probably set you back about 1/4 of a day at corporate welfare baseball field. and the little leaguers would learn a valuable lesson in the nuances and machinations of capitalism.

  16. 24


    #1 They don’t mention Google in the linked article. The mention the internet.

    #2 This is a stretch, even for Goldy, going this far out of his way to work the Seattle Times into a post about the Lusty Lady closing.

    It’s sad how obsessed he is with them. I honestly think he is mentally ill.

  17. 27

    proud leftist spews:

    I honestly think you are mentally ill. I’d tell you to seek professional help, but I’m quite sure your parents could not pay for it. And, given that you are a child of principle, I’m sure that you would not seek state assistance in protecting all of us from another psycho at large.

  18. 31

    Broadway Joe spews:


    No, no therapy. Just a instinctive move to cover my nose anytime I go near a strip club. I actually have worse strip-club stories than that, though thankfully there was no violence involved. That place in Reno (thankfully long gone now) was just my first time in a club.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Actually Goldy, with the primary focus of your Northwest Division of Lunatic Moonbats being on goat fornication and other sick stuff…a better comparison would be made with HorsesAss and Lusty Lady.
    You are in precisely the same business!

  20. 33


    That’s a crazy story. I’ve never heard anything like that before.

    What on earth are we going to do with all the retail space that’s being replaced by internet companies?

  21. 34


    with the primary focus of your Northwest Division of Lunatic Moonbats being on goat fornication and other sick stuff

    Project much?

  22. 35

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Lee, it’s not as bad as when my former bandleader got drunk as a skunk at Stars Cabaret in Bend (I was the designated driver) and decided he wanted to take a turn on the pole. Imagine if you will a large, overweight black man with drippy-ass jheri curl trying to spin around on the pole.

    Did you just shudder at the thought of it? I actually had to see it. But at least he still had his clothes on at the time. Thank God the place was closed, and the only ones left in the building were myself, my bandleader, one of our rappers, and the club’s DJ and manager.

  23. 36

    czechsaaz spews:

    “Veni, Vini, Veni”

    Funniest marquee ever, and surprisingly high-brow.

    Used to catch the #5 home from across the street. The new marquee slogans were alwyas good for a laugh.

  24. 37


    Imagine if you will a large, overweight black man with drippy-ass jheri curl trying to spin around on the pole.

    I will not.

    Then again, I’ve been to the Deja Vu in Ypsilanti, Michigan, so I’ve arguably seen worse.

  25. 38

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    What do Goldy & Patty Murray have in common?
    Both are liars intent on defaming Rossi.
    Here is a link to Rossi’s facebook and the letter refuting the Murray/KLOWNstein lie!!

    From Dino Rossi–

    “I wanted to share with you two letters that I released to the public today. One is a letter I sent to Senator Patty Murray regarding the defamatory attacks on a web site setup by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee. The second letter is from attorney James
    Rigby conclusively refuting the false claims on the site…

    Here is Rigby’s letter refuting the LIARS!!


  26. 40

    czechsaaz spews:

    @38 & 39

    Goldy probably needs no defense from me. But your complaint makes no sense.

    Goldy didn’t claim that Rossi did anything illegal except failing to report a loan. (read the post carefully and see if you can find any other .) He claimed that Rossi got a sweetheart loan, that while legal, was required to be reported under the law, and wasn’t. You don’t think that’s a reasonable political line of inquiry? You letters don’t address that.

    So what do we know? Rossi continued to have professional dealings with an admitted felon for at least two years after his confession. And Rossi failed to report a loan properly. A loan that politically looks really suspicious.

  27. 41

    Mark1 spews:

    ‘What do the Seattle Times and the Lusty Lady have in common?’

    Goldy is obsessed with both, and still neither one will cure his chronic limp-dick disorder. :)

  28. 42

    dutch spews:

    what does that tell us about Goldy and his followers calling a strip club a Seattle Institution? Of for that matter Seattle.

  29. 43

    sarge spews:

    @Cynical. Rossi got $50,000 from Mastro to buy a property cheap, then flipped it for a profit, and didn’t report the loan, as required.

    And Rigby’s response is to paint Rossi as one of Mastro’s victims? Puhleeeze! Great piece of mental gymnastics that one is.

    Rigby refuted straw man arguments never made by Goldy.

    Goldy never claimed illegality, he claimed it was “shady”.

    Sounds about right to me, although I prefer the term “influence peddling”.

  30. 45

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Lee, the Deja Vu in Ypsilanti was paradise compared to Mr. D’s in Reno (that’s where the first story took place). The stage was about 3 feet square, and instead of a DJ, the dancer would put a quarter in a jukebox! And when a new club in Reno opened in 2008, I checked out their website on a whim and immediately didn’t like the place. I mean, would it be too much if the dancers could smile for their publicity photos instead of looking like they were pissed off at somebody?

  31. 46


    The stage was about 3 feet square, and instead of a DJ, the dancer would put a quarter in a jukebox!

    That’s awesome.

  32. 47

    Broadway Joe spews:

    I do remember the funniest thing to happen at that place – a dancer selected the wrong song on the jukebox, and just stood there for about 30 seconds waiting to figure out the beat to Faith No More’s “Edge Of The World”, the b-side to “Epic” (quaint thing, b-sides).

  33. 48

    Silenus spews:

    I’m a little surprised by the lack of sophistication about sex work exhibited by this group of purportedly liberal guys. And it is guys, isn’t it, with the possible exception of Mrs. Rabbit?

    1. The LL is different from the lap dance clubs which offer frottage (it’s in wikipedia)to more if you get lucky. At the LL, all you can do is look at the girls on the stage. They also have a “talk booth” where you can look and converse at the same time. There is no touching, period. There is a wonderful book called “Live Nude Girl” that covers the author’s experiences being uncovered in the talk booth. There are some laughs, of course, but they are compassionate laughs, and you do get a look into the strength and intelligence of the LL women.

    2. Which brings me to point two, the women at the LL, by and large, deserve neither pity nor censure. A large number suffered abuse growing up. One I heard was hooking on First Avenue until she turned 18 and could legally be hired at the LL. Many of the dancers are bright women who see that working for a high hourly wage at a convenient time is a good way to put oneself through college or graduate school. There is a wonderful photo essay on the dancers called “The Lusty Lady” by Erika Langley. Unfortunately, because of social attitudes reflected on this blog, the more upwardly mobile dancers didn’t want to be included. Still the books gives you the dancers as real people.

    3. The managers who worked directly with the dancers were women, which made the experience very different from the Larry Flint Story. The management also paid for the dancers to attend seminars which were aimed at helping them grow their self esteem and get a more rigorous approach to being responsible at work and in their personal lives.

    Goldy, I’d love to give you and Mrs. Goldy if there is one, a deluxe tour of the sex underground in Seattle. My goal wouldn’t be to change your mind about wanting to do anything, but to help you gain some compassion for the world of sex work which is still being harassed by stupid laws.