Wednesday roundup: Grim election edition

So much for the euphoria of last year, when everything went well.

First, the numbers, as of 4:30 AM, skipping uncontested races. Then, some observations. (And I’m sure Goldy will also chime in later this morning.)

I-960: Yes, 476511 (52.4%); No, 432811 (47.6%)
Referendum 67: Approved, 520667 (56.9%); Rejected, 393924 (43.1%)
Substitute Senate Joint Resolution 8206: Approved, 603168 (68.0%); Rejected, 283238 (32.0%)
Senate Joint Resolution 8212: Approved, 532253 (60.1%); Rejected, 352683 (39.9%)
Engrossed House Joint Resolution 4204: Rejected, 472938 (51.9%); Approved, 438815 (48.1%)
Substitute House Joint Resolution 4215: Approved, 464518 (53.0%); Rejected, 411785 (47.0%)
RTID, Proposition One: No, 66549 (55.1%); Yes, 54086 (44.9%)
RTA (Sound Transit), Proposition One: No, 66450 (55.1%); Yes, 54058 (44.9%)
King County Initiative 25: Yes, 81012 (60.4%); No, 53031 (39.6%)
King County Proposition One (Medic One): Approved, 113201 (80.6%); Rejected, 27270 (19.4%)
Prosecuting Attorney: Dan Satterburg (R), 72857 (54.2%); Bill Sherman (D), 61234 (45.6%)
Assessor: Scott Noble (D), 91673 (69.4%); Jim Nobles (R), 40263 (30.5%)
County Council, District 6: Jane Hague (R), 9071 (57.2%); Richard Pope (D), 6395 (40.3%)
County Council, District 8: Dow Constantine (D), 10668 (74.8%); John Potter (R), 3562 (25.0%)
Port of Seattle, Position 2: Gael Tarleton, 61419 (51.3%); Bob Edwards, 57312 (48.1%)
Port of Seattle, Position 5: Alec Fisken, 59502 (50.8%); Bill Bryant, 57194 (48.8%)
Seattle City Council #1: Jean Godden, 29420 (71.8%); Joe Szwaja, 11396 (27.8%)
Seattle City Council #:3 Bruce Harrell, 24845 (60.8%); Venus Velazquez, 15883 (38.9%)
Seattle City Council #7: Tim Burgess, 24311 (61.3%); David Della, 15164 (38.3%)
Seattle City Council #9: Sally Clark, 28814 (74.4%); Judy Fenton, 9758 (25.2%)
Seattle School Board, District #1: Sally Soriano, 25966 (38.3%); Peter Maier, 41593 (61.4%)
Seattle School Board, District #2: Sherry Carr, 37402 (58.2%); Darlene Flynn, 26661 (41.5%)
Seattle School Board, District #3: Harium Martin-Morris, 45366 (72.2%); David Blomstrom, 17082 (27.2%)
Seattle School Board, District #6: Steve Sundquist, 39519 (60.5%); Mari Ramirez, 25612 (39.2%)
City of Seattle Charter Amendment 17: Yes, 31853 (73.9%); No, 11262 (26.1%)
City of Seattle Charter Amendment 18: Yes, 31679 (74.1%); No, 11076 (25.9%)

Thoughts: Ugh. The RTID/Sound Transit Prop. One goes down, putting our region back to square one for transportation planning, with no inkling as to whether voters said “no” because they don’t like roads, don’t like light rail, didn’t like these particular road projects or the routing for light rail, didn’t like the price tag, didn’t like the regressive tax, or didn’t like the legislature tying the fate of two separate measures together. Or any combination of the above.

Eyman wins; repealing our antiquated supermajority for school levies goes down; we’ll get an elected Elections Director on King County’s ballot next year. At least voters (a majority, anyway) weren’t fooled by the insurance industry’s millions, and R.-67 passed.

However, the WSRP’s (probably illegally earmarked) last-minute infusion of cash stole the Prosecuting Attorney’s election for Ken Satterburg over Bill Sherman. And the last-minute infusion of self-inflicted stupidity doomed the Steinbrueck-anointed Venus Velazquez and incumbent David Della, giving us two more regressive new voices on city council instead. (And note that over two percent – a very high number – opted for write-ins in the Hague/Pope race.) We’re stuck with Jean Godden for four more years, too. Oh, and the downtown establishment/Seattle Times campaign to vilify the school board paid off handsomely: “they” have “their” board back, with two incumbents being bounced handily and the progressive (Maria Ramirez) losing out in the only other truly contested race.


In other news:

Pakistan is going to hell in a handbasket as Bush watches helplessly, having backed yet another unpopular dictator;

Republicans joined a House vote to override President Bush’s veto of a water spending bill, handing Bush his first veto-proof majority. On the flip side, two Democrats joined all Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve Michael Mukasey’s nomination as Attorney General; he’s expected to sail through the full Senate shortly.

And finally at the national level, the House spent a good deal of time yesterday debating Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s bill to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. Improbably, a move to table the measure, backed by the Democratic leadership, failed when Republicans started voting to debate the measure — calculating, as did the Dem leadership, that such debate would serve to embarrass the Democrats. (Or maybe not. After all, several polls have suggested that a majority of Americans favor impeaching Cheney.) In any event, Steny Hoyer did the next best thing by referring the measure back to the House Judiciary Committee, where John Conyers Jr. has already sat on it for seven months.

And over at the Seattle Times, once you work your way past the election coverage, there’s this classic lede from an AP story:

A Chelan County fire chief says a couple were lucky they weren’t killed by a cow that fell off a cliff and smashed their minivan.


  1. 1

    klake spews:

    Thank God something good does happen in the Northwest that is making everybody happy. The Democrats finially win and the Socialist Democrats lose, now the sun is shining is Seattle today.

  2. 2

    Puddybud spews:

    An interesting evening.

    That’s my final answer. I wait to see how many “manufactured” votes magically appear!

  3. 3

    Ann spews:

    This is all VERY good news for Conservatives in this state; we get to keep a bit more of our own money and not watch R&T continue to throw money down the toilet.. I’m think Queen Christine is getting nervous (woot!)

    And the fact that HA is sour about the elections makes the rest of us very, very happy.

    Now if we can only get Hillary thru the nomination process so that she can finally be exposed for the incompetent she IS – we GOPers can ride a conservative wave for the next half century at least.

    it’s changing out there lefties … your ideas cannot survive the light of day or the voting process. I bet Rush is in an awesome mood today! hahahaha!

  4. 4

    Liberal_Crusher spews:

    Ah Goldy, I can see most of your socialist dreams when *poof* just now. Now we can get to a real transportation package, which is about expanding the highways.

  5. 5

    Ann spews:

    Oh, and as for impeaching Cheney?

    RIGHT! If 51% of us dont want it, it aint happening. And 51% of us thought it was BRILLIANT move by the GOPers yesterday to force the vote – of course the Dems backed down, they know how stupid they would look if forced to vote. None of them wants to go on record.

    Face it, the Dems havent done a single thing they promised to do – or even threatened to do. I think Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are done. They have embarassed themselves and their constituents and Congress is polling far, far below the president. Doesnt that tell ya something?

    As for the presidents low poll numbers? The reason is this; Americans want him to be MORE aggressive than he has been in Iraq. We want to kick ass and then get home.

    Most Americans are in favor of the war; we just want our soldiers hands untied to do the job.

    When Giuliani or Romney is voted in – you lefties may finally just get that idea. GW didnt win two elections cause we are scared of war. Good grief, get a clue!

  6. 6

    Ann spews:

    @5 … I’m thinking we need to kick out more leftie legislators and get the NEW governor in there before we hand Olympia any more money.

    But last night was a good start.

  7. 7

    Mark1 spews:

    Re I-960:

    As Roger Rodent likes to so frequently drivel: HAR HAR HAR. Glad the tax-happy ignoramouses in Olympia will finally get what’s coming to them. (And Mrs. Gregoire too.) :)

  8. 8

    Liberal_Crusher spews:

    Ann: I alway wonder about the schizoid WA voter that puts socialist in Olympia and then votes for conservative initiatives. Go figure.

  9. 10

    Schfourteenteen spews:

    It just goes to show how out of touch with the state Libs really are.

    Attaching euphamisms to your issues is not a strategy…

  10. 11

    Puddybud spews:

    #9: I change my mind for “special occasions”. PacMan suggested it and I listen to PacMan over someone like you!

  11. 13

    Puddybud spews:

    Guys and gals whom think right: I know it’s tough but let’s wait until the vote percentile is at 99% and our side is still in control.

  12. 18

    YellowPup spews:

    I guess my non-Northwestern roots are showing, but I’ve read the arguments against 4204, and I still can’t understand why people here would want to keep up barriers for funding schools, not allowing a simple majority to decide to invest in educating their own kids.

    I don’t even have kids, probably never will, but I can see that investing in educating the kids who are forced (through no fault of their own) to grow up in this place with no other options is a fine thing when the majority is for it. It’s in the larger public interest.

    The tax system and priorities in this state will never make any sense to me. Congratulations on defeating 4204 and have fun with your worthless cash.

  13. 20


    What blows me away is the incompetence of the anti 67 campaign. All that money and you could still see right through their efforts. I think they really know that no matter how badly they were beaten, the Governor would come up with some compromise measure like with the doctor’s issue.
    That being said they need to fire their agency.

  14. 21


    Fooling people into voting against their own best interests, as conservatives are wont to do, will only make your ultimate defeat that much sweeter.

    If 40% or 33% can block progress (which is all conservatives really want, then there is no democratic voice of the people.

    It seems people in the U.S. have to live through the results of their stupid actions before voting properly.

  15. 22

    Joel spews:

    Washington politics never cease to amaze and interest me. Thoughts on voter turnout for this election? Looking at them, they seem kind of low.

  16. 23


    If it takes X amount of dollars to run the state, then politicians will find a way to get it — just like Reagan saying that he is not raising taxes, but raises SS withholding and spends the ‘surplus’.

    Where will they find that surplus? Can you say ‘rainy day state savings’?

    I knew you could!

  17. 24


    Is it time for publicly financed elections yet?

    R67: $10 million we paid to insurance companies for our insurance — used to try to trick us into cheating ourselves. Yeah, it failed. But that’s still $10 million of our money. And as someone pointed out in a recent comment thread here on HA — the insurance companies brilliantly succeeded in another aim, maybe the true one– poisoning the political environment. When the voters are so discouraged and angry they decide that goverment’s a sham and taxes are a form of theft — that’s good for the insurance business.

    Then we’ve got Mr. Satterberg’s smooth lies — ‘I’m not partisan’ — and last minute he turns around and takes a huge infusion of partisan $ — probably illegal, no question unethical — how creepy is that.

    Let alone the rest of the huge waste of time & treasure in these elections. The huge amounts of $ spent to keep Jane Hague — who doesn’t seem to know how to tell the truth about anything — in King County Council District 6.

    Is it time for publicly financed elections yet? Washington Public Campaigns.

  18. 25

    YLB spews:

    Voter turnout will probably turn out to be low.

    People who should know better were too pre-occupied to participate. The me, me, me crowd showed up.

  19. 26


    Happy days are here again…

    I don’t want to brag or anything…but the Ol’ Piper picked ‘em pretty good!

    Prop 1 — Down like a big stone. The public smelled a rat, and they were in no mood to bite on the biggest pork sandwich in the history of America. As a very good friend of mine remarked, “You can’t deliver $1 of value for $2 of taxes and expect the electorate to go along with it.” Wish I’d said that…

    I-960 — When the legislature makes everything an “emergency,” the voters will give them a real emergency in return. The last legislative session was an exercise in profligacy and libertine ways, and the people just chucked it an electoral bucket of ice cold water.

    4204 — This one actually surprised me, but stepping back the results are consistent with the broad themes evident in overall returns: raise my taxes or make it easier to raise them? Screw you!

    R-67 — Passage doesn’t surprise me, and the fault lays squarely at the feet of grasping insurance companies, with, perhaps, Allstate first among them. Still, that trial lawyers, a grasping lot themselves, will become all the more rich while ratepayers become all the more poor remains an uncomfortable thought. But, if I had to lose one to get the others, this is a trade-off the Ol’ Piper will take.

    I-25 — Looks like the people regard KC Elections as terminally fubared in need of political euthanasia. Not even close by any “stolen election” sense of the term. The hollow and cliched, “Elected policy makers appoint professional managers” rhetoric worthy of the worst robo-call on record couldn’t mask the clown car nature of Sherril Huff’s house of cards. Sad thing is how long before we actually get to vote on a new Director…and it won’t be Sherril!

    Satterberg v. Sherman — The legacy of Norm Maleng hung over this race like a holy anointing, as well it should. Even Dwight Pelz knew this was a loser, per his comments over at Postman. But I’m sure the HA Happy Hooligans will go to their fist-clenching graves decrying the earmarked campaign contributions that no one can prove. I suppose they have to have something! Besides, the people want a rock musician as PA.

    Hague v. Pope — With the just under 60% I thought she would get, her real opposition was the high number of write-ins, not His Poopiness, now Richard XII (soon to be XIII? – when’s the next election for anything?). Had the Happy Hooligans focused their efforts on a write-in candidate, whatever objections you had to the incumbent – not all unworthy, mind you – might have gotten some traction. Supporting you-know-who, on the other hand, only made you look like you take him seriously, which would make you the only bunch in King County who does.

    Burgess v. Della — I was surprised by the margin, but not the result. Looks like David pissed off enough people over the past four to make him odious to Seattle voters. That Burgess perhaps represents the first real diversity of mind-set to come to the seattle city council (Mayor Quarters still insists: NO CAPS), could prove interesting.

    Harrell v. Valezquez — Venus and vodka don’t mix, even though Peter Steinbrueck anointed her as the second coming of the Blessed Virgin of Lourdes.

    As an aside: The troubles of Hague, Valezquez, and now Rep. Jim Dunn ought to be studied carefully by sitting and wannasit politicos. The public has increasingly less tolerance for party-like antics, and it will punish you with having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of your own money to keep an office even though your opponent is an idiot and a boob, or by getting trounced in an election, or by public humiliation. If you want public office, you cannot have a private life…Period!

    Seattle School Board — Voters (read parents) are sick and tired of “progressives” and their political agendas substituting for education. Incumbents and their think-alikes were unceremoniously shown the left door. “Teach my kid to read and cipher,” voters said, “not that life is one institutional racism conference after another.” I’ll bet Danny Westneat’s thoughts were somewhat along these lines as he broke the lead in his pencil because of too much pressure exerted filling in the bubbles for the eventual winners. Here’s looking at you, Danny!

    Dennis Kucinich — When even Alcee Hastings calls him a nut case, you know it’s getting bad. If Veep impeachment is so hot to go, why are Demo’s so afraid to debate it? Because they’ll have to say things on the record that will come back to haunt them, which is always a Demo’s worst nightmare: his or her record.

    Aren’t elections fun!!!

    The Piper

  20. 27

    mr. rcguy spews:

    Geov, Regardless of whether you know it or not you hit the nail on the head of EXACTLY why the R&T package failed:

    Thoughts: Ugh. The RTID/Sound Transit Prop. One goes down, putting our region back to square one for transportation planning, with no inkling as to whether voters said “no” because they don’t like roads, don’t like light rail, didn’t like these particular road projects or the routing for light rail, didn’t like the price tag, didn’t like the regressive tax, or didn’t like the legislature tying the fate of two separate measures together. Or any combination of the above.

    Our “leadership” has no freaking idea what the Puget Sound residents want. How to go about finding it. Or how to go about putting together a plan that will actually make a difference.

  21. 28

    YLB spews:

    Congrats voters of District 6 – you sent a lying, drunk-driver who cusses out police officers back to the county council to represent you.

    In the end people get the kind of government they deserve.

  22. 29



    Election losers always trot out the hackneyed notion of publicly financed elections. How about doing a better job of raising money? Or is it that the money that’s out there wouldn’t touch, in this case, Bill Sherman, on a bet?

    Even Cathy Allen on King-5 last night said the Demos were asleep at the switch on this one. They got out played and out finessed, so now they’re just…out!

    At least you get I-25, so it’s not all bad.

    The Piper

  23. 30

    Give It Up Goldstein spews:

    Self-anointed policy wonkette David Goldstein is such a putz. On Monday he went postal, becoming a vindictive prick who used his media-driven power to pile on a lonely lowly phone stalker. I mean, everybody knows it was Bill O’Reilly and that he wanted only to bask in the golden glow of Goldy’s celebrity. And to get in some hot phone action.

    Then, yesterday, Goldstein went mano a mano more-or-less with tawdry Tim Eyman. And lost.

    Hang up your jock, Goldy. Nobody comes back from a week like you’ve just dumped, and it isn’t half over.

  24. 31


    @21…White Rose…

    Careful…your hubris is showing. You just told the voters you know better what’s best for them, which is so typical of elitists.

    Was I out of the room when you were elected Imperial Momma?

    Voters voted in their best interest, and continuing to criticize them after the results are in (or nearly so) serves only to make your scolding appear even more bitter and spiteful.

    If you think forking over to the last penny your life’s blood so that it can be wasted, then by all means, do it; it’s a free country! The people, on the other hand, aren’t so stupid as you contend.

    Keep on ragging, though, it only sinks you lower and makes them appear wiser by comparison.

    The Piper

  25. 33

    rhp6033 spews:

    God, the Pakistan mess (and the rest of the Near-East) is going to be a full disaster by the time the Democrates take charge in January 2009. By then we will have the Presidency and a veto-proof and filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, although Republican-nominated justices will still control the Supreme Court. But the Near-East is going into the toilet, in the meantime.

    Iraq is pretty much a write-off, with Turkey, Syria, and Iran trying to figure out how to divide up the pieces. The first moderate government in Iran has already been replaced, as Bush’s Iraq invasion reminded the Mullahs that American Republicans want their oil, also, so they allowed a crazy neo-nazi to the Presidency. Afganistan is going back to the Taliban (they took over another district yesterday) as the people there figure that after five years things weren’t any better under an Americana Republican-backed government than they were under the Taliban. In Pakistan, Musariff is going the way of the Shah of Iran thirty years ago. He might be able to hang on another year, but soon it will be a fight between the liberals on the left and the conservative Taliban on the right, and the Al-Quida/Taliban faction will probably win, along with getting control of the Pakistan nukes. By then, worrying about any danger from Iran’s nuclear program is going to seem like “the good ‘ol times”.

    Is there anything else the Republicans can screw up more before they hand the mess over to the Democrats? Oh, yeah, Iran isn’t screwed up enough, the Republicans have to try to mess things up completely. The can get us involved in a land war over there, with Russia and China supplying Iran and being their ally in everything but name. It will make the Russian disaster in Afganistan look good in comparison. And in the meantime, Turkey is pissed off at us because of our support for the Kurds in northern Iraq.

    Oh, and the Economy. Remember when Bush & his Republican friends kept reminding us that the U.S. economy couldn’t tolerate Saddam continuing to be in charge of Iraqi oil? Iraqi oil is still mostly shut down. Saudi and Kuwaiti princes have decided to no longer take up the slack by increasing production, and oil this morning was a $98 a barrel, and might hit $100 a barrel. This is driving down the stock market, causing inflationary pressures in every segment of the American Economy, and is in danger of causing the same type of combined recession & inflation that we saw between 1979~1983. Add to that the delayed affects of the enormous budget deficits brought about over the past six years, taking us from a budget surplus to record yearly deficits and strangling our economy with national debt it will take decades to resolve (once again). Oh, and yesterday, the Canadian “Loonie” became more valuable than the dollar, for the first time that I am aware.

    It’s like waiting at the playground for your turn, only to have the bully in front of you destroy all the equipment and toys before you have your chance.

  26. 34


    Let me offer a slightly LESS optimistic take:


    Gegoire, Nickles, and to a lesser degree the Demo Party.

    Here is the pleasant package offered to Dino last night:

    Vote for a Leader, not a Gender

    A speach to be given at the State Repub convention in O8 by Arnold, endorsing Dino.

    Where is Chris?

    Thank you for inviting me, as Governor of California, we lok to the North and along the pacific shores for the future of our own sate and this country.

    WA state needs new leadership, leadership that is not particsan but is practical. As happened in my state, the Democratic leadership, led by a Mizzz Gregoire has pitched three times in the game of Puget Sound, and they pitched three balls. The viaduct, 520, and now the rest of the badly needed transportation pan for Western Washington is in chaos. This mess has nothing to do with the Goivernor’s bragging abouit her geneder. This is a hell of a role model for other women who aspire to pitch in the political big leagues. If WA state really needs a great woman as Governor, then the Democratic party here ought to recruit my wife to the ticket!

    Leadership is not always about partisan politics. Maria and I diagree on may of the divisive issues that preoccupy partisans of the left and the right. BUT we agree on one thing .. the people and the state come before politics.

    look at the mess here in Western Washington. If Mizz Gregoire had any understanding of her job, the Governor would have been involved in Prop1 from the start … negotiating a smart deal for the State and then publically standing by her work. She was AWOL.

    The same can be said of much else that happened last Novemeber on Tuesday night. Who did she campaign for in the King County prosecutor race? I am glad to see my friend Dan Satterberg win,.despite a failed effort to paint this guy as a Republican first and a lawyer second. Since when did Republican become a dirty word?

    The same lack of commitment to the people , rather than partisan politics explains why the voters had to pass two initiatives that simply advocate fiscal responsibility?

    This lack of leadership affects your entire State. You lost Boeing headquarters and almost lost the 787 program. While Washington did end up winning the last stages of assembly of that great American plane, many of the issues raised by the now Chicago based Boeing remain addressed .. from bad transportation to near bottom of the nation support for higher education. Our leaders hip, all democratic, unfer thsi governor are AWOL form critical state wide issues rangng from immigration to trade with Cuba.

    Nationally my Republican Part faces hard times. People of this State, however, are not electing their next governor to extricate us from Iraq. Thatis not her job. Her job should have been and still must be etc.

  27. 35

    Tlazolteotl spews:

    This one is going to be close:

    Alec Fisken NP 93229 49.08%
    Bill Bryant NP 95955 50.51%
    Write-in 780 0.41%

    It looks like the margin has reversed itself since Geov posted.

  28. 36

    rhp6033 spews:

    Lesson #1 for Democrats: Don’t conceed any race. Run a viable candidate, even if you expect to loose. There is no way Hague should have been given a pass on this election. Sure, we didn’t know about the DUI (and her attitude toward police officers who were just trying to do their job) at the time, but as the last couple of elections demonstrate, surprises can often occur between the filing deadline and the final election. Who knows what other Republican candidate will be caught in a compromising situation of some sort or another?

  29. 37

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    We’re all lucky we haven’t been killed by suicide cows … yet.

    Lactofascism is on the march.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of hamburger.

  30. 38



    Good insight…Reading the tea leaves without left-lens-only rose colored glasses.

    There’s a populist contrarian streak still firmly intact in Washington, and it reached up and bit the chattering classes right in the seat of their learning!

    Way to go, voters!

    The Piper

  31. 39

    Goldy Hilton spews:

    Silly Rabbit. Oh, wait, he’s been uncharacteristically quiet this morning, despite having one very good get to post about and post about and post about and post about.

    It was troubling to be on the same side of an issue with my Rabbi, Roger, Roger Rabbi, but hell. If the little hairball were running down the road in front of my SUV (Hummer’s in the shop) at this very moment, I’d probably let him live. He finally got one right, and deserves another day.

    (Goldstein? Not so much. Wrong as usual about absolutely everything. “Twould be an act of mercy to put him down, or to tease him into submission and uncharacteristic humility.)

  32. 41

    GregInSeattle spews:

    Pakistan is going to hell in a handbasket as Bush watches helplessly, having backed yet another unpopular dictator;

    Like Saddam and Ahminijahd?

  33. 42

    Ann spews:

    @31 to Piper, regarding White Rose…?

    This is obviously the kind of woman who has no problem handing 100 dollar bills out to toddlers at Toys R US – she excoriates the rest of us for knowing better, while she sings nursery songs and hopes the toddlers might eventually make a good decision.

    People such as her are quickly fading as the new bumper crop of high school graduates realizes they got ripped off in their ‘education’ here in our state and vote conservatively.

    08 is looking better by the hour :-)

  34. 43

    YLB spews:

    Since when did Republican become a dirty word?

    When Republican politics (in this state) began to be directed by the BIAW.

  35. 44

    Cowgirl Hillary Clinton's Cattle Futures spews:

    RonK: A-MEN! The science isn’t settled about which end of lactofascists is more dangerous (9 of 10 climateologists assert that cow belches are more destructive of the planet than are cow farts), but about the larger issue, debate’s over: Elsie and her contented sisters are killing us.

  36. 45

    Pack It In spews:

    Greg: Pitchfork Pat Buchanan was whining about Pakistan six years ago, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 (which, as every schoolboy knows, was an inside job.) Six years, in this world, is — like — forever. Amazing that a cesspool and cauldron such as Pakistan has held together so long, and it’s hardly amazing that Buchanan was again insistently wrong: he’s already past the pull-date as a prophet of doom.

  37. 46

    Puddybud spews:

    ATJ: PacMan reminded me my word to someone like you does not count. He also reminded me how many times you dismissed what I said “with prejudice” even when you trolled as KILLATROLL. Since you never took what I said before, why are you now taking what I say so wholeheartedly? So, I’ll admit; I misspoke when I told you that. So I take it back to you and YLB – The Clueless One. PUBLICLY! Call me what you want.

    It does in the business world.

    Piper: Good call all over this thread. Most of the commentary from the leftists here is comedic. When it comes to the pocketbook people want results for their $$$. It tough for a leftist to comprehend this.

  38. 47

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    They might LOOK contented — but how ya gonna know what they’re really thinking?

    First our minivans … next it’ll be our jet skis … and then our riding mowers.

    Best to jump their shit before they jump your shit.

    “Holstein” – that’s not an American name, now IS IT?

  39. 48


    Piper: Thanks for your political correctness and ever- vigilant guard against my elitism. I guess that makes you better than me.

    Again, thanks ….. Bro.

  40. 49


    Dude, Geov, I can’t believe these crazy election results. Pierce County had under 25% turnout! King didn’t do much better, at only a bit above 25%. How are we supposed to fight back against the right wing when the forces of good are sitting at home eating Doritos and watching Dancing With The Stars? Gosh-dangit, I’m pissed!

    Nearly everyone my organization was supporting lost their races. Somehow the right wing is not dead in this state. We need to clean this dirty money out of politics already!

  41. 50


    Is there any possibility that this election might have been rigged? Perhaps the low turnout in heavily Democratic areas is a statistical anomaly that indicates election fraud?

  42. 51

    GregInSeattle spews:

    Is there any possibility that this election might have been rigged?

    You mean like the 5 recounts it took for Gregoire to finally beat Rossi in 2004?

  43. 52

    Puddybud spews:

    #49 Blogged: “How are we supposed to fight back against the right wing when the forces of good are sitting at home eating Doritos and watching Dancing With The Stars? Gosh-dangit, I’m pissed!”

    Ummm… This was a mail-in election? So they can’t mail-in a ballot?

  44. 53

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Now as for Prop 1’s defeat, that should not effect construction on what is being built. Celebrate your victory of defeating ST2, but ST1 should see something be finished. I am upset they messed up and are taking so long. If you look at their plans for ST Express Bus service in South Tacoma and Lakewood, they are even upset SOUNDER-Lakewood is going to be way too late. They are not giving up on the connecting track that needs to be built, but they are starting direct ST Expess service from South Tacoma to Downtown Seattle(ST Express 593), and a new route from the Lakewood Station to Seattle(599). The anti-prop 1 revelers assume it will not happen, but while the debate over governance reform continues, ST should concentrate of finishing what is happening.

    In the meantime, I am against total deregulation of Taxi Cabs, but after the problem I had getting to the polls to work yesterday morning, I say increase the number of cabs on the street. The Taxi companies don’t want that, but the consumers need them. I had to call three different companies before I could get one that would get me to the precinct I was assigned to in Renton from South Seattle. Now I used to take a Taxi to temp jobs all the time, fearing getting mugged again getting off an early metro bus. Now I brave it out, even if it is the Night Owl. BTW, not all of the passengers on the Night Owls are bums. Some are the few Metro drivers who can take the bus to work. Some of the passengers are commuters that take it to an early job.

  45. 54

    Another TJ spews:

    ATJ: PacMan reminded me my word to someone like you does not count. He also reminded me how many times you dismissed what I said “with prejudice” even when you trolled as KILLATROLL. Since you never took what I said before, why are you now taking what I say so wholeheartedly? So, I’ll admit; I misspoke when I told you that. So I take it back to you and YLB – The Clueless One. PUBLICLY! Call me what you want.

    1. I’ve never commented as KILLATROLL. I’ve used one other name here, and I used it for one joke comment (I used “Ed Wood” once). Every other comment I’ve made here has been under “Another TJ.”

    Just because you’re ethically stunted doesn’t mean everyone else is too.

    2. You can do whatever you like and rationalize it any way you choose, but everyone knows you didn’t “misspeak.” Your ego wrote a check your ego couldn’t cash.

    3. You didn’t need to explicitly say that your word here “does not count.” I knew that already.

    – I truly hope you mature ethically, emotionally, and intellectually. But I don’t expect it to happen, nor will I spend any time thinking about you. If you can grow up and become a man, bully for you. If not, no skin off my nose.

    Have a nice life.

  46. 55 spews:

    First they came for our soccer-mom vans. Then they came for our Holsteins. Then they came for thee and me. It’s the template of tyranny.

  47. 56

    Killa Kowske spews:

    Surely some confusion @ 54. Killatroll it wasn’t. Killakowske it was. Nothing’s been right since somebody grabbed Gil’s gun from the cruiser.

  48. 57

    Puddybud spews:

    ATJ How many threads I’ve commented on?

    Two. This is one of them and the other was PacMan telling me not to stop.

    Me not a man? What have you done for the sick, downtrodden, or hurt? Nuthing. More man than you’ll ever be. Shucks!

    So PacMan got you wrong. Who cares!

    There has been much to comment on. Especially the Hilary nosedive after her three doublespeaks. But I held my tongue. Why? You guys are self-destructing and the election yesterday was good.

    How about the mayoral race in Indianapolis? No one commented on that.

    No I am basically taking a long hiatus as I said. But when election threads come around I comment.

  49. 58


    @48…White but Wilted Rose…

    Hey! I’m not the one who essentially called the people fools and stupid…you are. How elitist is that?

    Again…Liberals think they’re better than conservatives, while conservatives simply think liberals are wrong.

    You’re wrong, and, like a majority of yesterday’s voters – the average Joe and Jane Doakes, the common man and woman – I’m neither a fool nor stupid.

    The Piper

  50. 61


    HA HA HA HA………wow….this is really good. even down here in california we are laughing!
    and BTW, this comment of yours is the definition of libel:
    “However, the WSRP’s (probably illegally earmarked) last-minute infusion of cash stole the Prosecuting Attorney’s election for Ken Satterburg over Bill Sherman.”

    “stole it”, huh? i sure hope you can prove that big mouth.

  51. 62

    Richard spews:

    Ugh… I just read these comments. I am so sick of the “us versus them” attitude, calling people “libs” and making sweeping generalizations. Sounds like the way nazis used to talk about jews and southerners used to talk about black people.

    Stop tearing our country apart. We all want good things for our people.

    Obama 2008.