We regret our error

Larry Phillips legislative aide, Leah Zoppi, emailed me to thank me for my earlier post, but also to correct a factual error:

Thanks for your post about Larry’s decision to support Councilmember Drago as a caretaker for the 8th District seat.  However, I need to let you know it contains a factual inaccuracy.  The decision would not have reverted to Governor Gregoire.  That’s only the case for partisan positions, not non partisan positions as voters made the County Council.  There is NO tiebreaker currently in place for filling County Council vacancies.  Which means, if the Council remained deadlocked on the issue of filling this vacancies, the Council would have remained 4-4, with neither side having a majority and District 8 residents having no representative.  This would have impacted the Council conducting business like reorg and passing legislation, and it would have left the people in District 8 with no one to turn to for advocacy on their behalf.

My bad.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Sounds to me like the Legislature needs to amend the law to allow the Governor to fill vacant nonpartisan county offices if the local legislative body fails to act within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, you could get a partisan deadlock over filling a nonpartisan vacancy, like the one we just saw with our highly partisan nonpartisan county council.

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    ivan spews:

    Rabbit @ 1:

    That legislation will be in the hopper the first day of session, introduced by Rep. Scott White (D-46), and not only did Phillips know this before he had his aide tell less than the whole truth to Goldy, Goldy also knew it before his uninformed post, because I referred to it in an e-mail that I copied to Goldy.

    I know this is true, Rabbit, because unlike you, and unlike Goldy, I actually talk to the people who are involved. All Phillips had to do was wait for this to happen. Gossett, Ferguson, and Patterson had no problem with it, because they knew this was coming, and neither did Executive Constantine, Senator McDermott, or the voters of the 8th Council District, because they all know this is coming.

    Goldy wrote a dumb post to begin with, and an even dumber mea culpa, because he is L-A-Z-Y. You wrote two dumb comments because you are uninformed.

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    joel connelly spews:

    Enough already! We have a lengthy, torturous post that reads like Larry Phillips rationalizing, followed by a real-life Larry Phillips correction.
    Hasn’t the Seattle Times editorial page done anything offensive today?

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    Matthew spews:

    RCW 42.12.070 Filling nonpartisan vacancies.

    (5) If the county legislative authority of the county fails to appoint a qualified person within one hundred eighty days of the occurrence of the vacancy, the county legislative authority or the remaining members of the governing body of the city, town, or special district may petition the governor to appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy. The governor may appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy after being petitioned if at the time the governor fills the vacancy the county legislative authority has not appointed a qualified person to fill the vacancy.

    Note that the governor must be petitioned, and presumably cannot make the appointment unless petitioned.

    RCW 36.32.070

    (3) Whenever there is one vacancy in the office of county commissioner, the two remaining commissioners shall fill the vacancy. If the two commissioners fail to agree upon a selection after the expiration of five days from the day the vacancy occurred, the governor shall appoint the third commissioner.

    And note that this only applies to county commissioners, not county councilmembers.

    Ok, there is a hole is current state law. And I got it wrong in an earlier comment.

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    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Ivan @ 2-

    Rabbit @ 1:
    That legislation will be in the hopper the first day of session,

    Nice pun, Ivan.

    @3 ~ now you know how we feel about your ad infinitum scribblings in the P-I obsessing with Sarah Palin and the AGW mythology.

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    Brendan Williams spews:

    Through his actions, Larry Phillips, the Joe Lieberman of the King County Council, has already “left the people in District 8 with no one to turn to for advocacy on their behalf.”

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    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:


    Rabbit @ 1: You wrote two dumb comments because you are uninformed.

    It never stops him from his vitriolic uninformed attacks. He likes to stay in the “kill zone” even though his bandoleers are empty. About time someone on the left woke up and spanked the fool of a Dumb Bunny Herr Goebbels. And so many leftist fools on HA drink the diarrhea pellets of Herr Goebbels Dumb Bunny!

    He never regrets his numerous daily errors.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 It must be nice to have your connections. I’m only a lagomorph living in a hole in the ground under a tree in a public park.

  9. 10

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 “He never regrets his numerous daily errors.”

    You don’t — and yours are far more numerous and egregious than mine — so why should I?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Yesterday’s ramming of a conservation vessel by Japanese government sponsored illegal whalers was an act of war. The U.S. should send warships down there to curb Japanese aggression in Antarctica.

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    czechsaaz spews:

    Hey look. Goldy made a mistake and owned up to it.

    Puddy? Did you see? It’s really easy. In fact, it’s the rational thing to do. I know some people who would have grabbed the nearest pick to fotify the trench.

  12. 13

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Hey look. Goldy made a mistake and owned up to it.

    Um, not really.

    We regret our error

    Unless he has a turd in his pocket, he was seemingly doing a mea culpa for all of this sites contributors, which is odd since they didn’t contribute to his post, nor his error for that matter.

  13. 14

    czechsaaz spews:

    Really ESO?

    “My bad.”

    Please tell me you were trying to be funny and not a total doucher. I’m hoping for the former but I haven’t seen you being much of a comedian before.

  14. 15

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    @ 14

    So the We Regret The Error is in bold font, but the “My bad” is barely noticeable. But then, consistency in grammar isn’t important to some.

  15. 16

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    …corection needed:

    Replace “the error” with “our error” and it only furthers my point.

  16. 17

    czechsaaz spews:


    I guess not. Just a doucher.

    You are aware that the phrase “We regret our error” is standard journalistic style. When the Washington Times prints a correction to a reporter’s (singular) error the paper regrets the error.

    Can we bring back awards for the singularly dumbest thing a Troll can say? This is a keeper.

  17. 18

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    17. czechsaaz spews:

    I guess not. Just a doucher.

    Okay, whatever, I guess you’ve convinced me. You’re a doucher.

    When the Washington Times prints a correction to a reporter’s (singular) error the paper regrets the error.

    So you’re comparing some backwater shit hole site like HA to the Washington Times and “journalism”?

    Wow. So in sumnation, as has been established above, and by your own admission, you’re a doucher. I’m glad we could find common ground on this issue.

  18. 19


    Who is going to tell the Stranger?
    I am not, and I doubt they will venture off the Hill, or outside the Slog bubble.

    I vote Ivan (second choice is Joel, you smelt it) to tell Will from Seattle at the Seattle PI comment forums (just post something about the tunnel, he’ll show up with McGinn’s talking points), then he can go to the Stranger Slog and pretend that he knows something worth repeating (other than the voices in his head).

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    John spews:

    @2 You wrote two dumb comments because you are uninformed.

    You must be feeling especially generous tonight, Ivan. No doubt Roger Rabbit is thankful!

  20. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    In a previous thread, ArtFart wondered how I could stoop to buying stock in a company like KBR, and Jason Osgood wondered why I refer to our whaling friends as “Japs.” The answer is:

    Wingnut Christianity.

    You see, although I’m a nativist at heart, I was raised in a Republican town and a wingnut church, and was indoctrinated in their system. And, man, do they ever have a system! Here’s how it works:

    You’re already forgiven. Not only for all the shit you’ve done in the past, but also for all the shit you’re gonna do in the future.

    Their explanation goes like this. There was a guy named Jesus Christ who assumed responsibility for all your sins, which is a lot like a rich uncle offering to pay your monthly credit card bills. When some Roman guys killed Mr. Christ, that canceled the IOUs you racked up in God’s ledger. So, you’re off the hook!

    My sins are nothing compared to the raping, murdering, warmongering, stealing, and child molesting our wingnut friends have been up to. But not only have they been forgiven for all that, they’ve also been forgiven for everything they do between now and Judgment Day!

    Well, I figured I went to their church, I could do that, too, so I went; and now I have my own “Get Out Of Hell Free” card! So, I don’t have to be perfect. I can get away with behaving like a Republican.

    So I do.

  21. 22

    Max Rockatansky spews:

    Goebbels Rabbit is just like his hero, Joseph Goebbels: they each ID a segment of society to portray as evil and to place blame on.

    Joseph Goebbels was an evil cancer on the German people…much like Goebbels Rabbit and his ilk are a cancer on the American people.

    Just imagine the body count if people like Goebbels Rabbit were in power…thank god they arent…..yet.

  22. 23

    czechsaaz spews:

    ESO, I guess common references are lost on you.

    When I type “And that’s the way it is,” I don’t expect you to take it literally. I expect you to get the reference.

    Keep working the shovel. As my first post stated, it’s better to admit your mistake and move on than to continue to insist you have a point when everyone can see you’re a doucher.

  23. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “We regret our error” seems like a good headline to post this one under.

    Rick Rescorla was born in Cornwall, England, in 1939. A natural athlete, he participated in boxing and set a school record in shot put. At age 18, he enlisted in the British Army’s parachute regiment, and served in Cyprus and Rhodesia. After military service, he joined the London police force and was a “bobby” for a while. But tiring of this, he moved to the United States and lived in a YMCA until he could enlist in the U.S. Army. This was in 1963. Volunteering for airborne training and officer candidate school, Rescorla went to Vietnam as an officer with the 7th Cav, where he participated in the Battle of LZ X-Ray and won a Silver Star for bravery. Lt. Col. Hal Moore called him “the best platoon leader I ever saw.”

    After military service, Rescorla went to Oklahoma, where he earned bachelor’s, master’s, and law degrees, then went into the banking business. The S & L scandals of the 1980s prompted him to leave banking and go to work for Dean Witter Reynolds in New York City, which eventually merged with Morgan Stanley.

    In 1992, Rescorla warned the Port Authority, which owned the World Trade Center, that terrorists might try to attack the pillars in the basement parking garage with a truck bomb, but was ignored. When the 1993 attack occurred, Rescorla helped evacuate the building — and was the last man out.

    After Dean Witter merged with Morgan Stanley in 1997, Rescorla became Morgan Stanley’s headquarters security chief. He recommended the company move its headquarters out of the World Trade Center, but his advice was rejected. Rescorla then trained Morgan Stanley’s senior staff in evacuation procedures, conducting practice drills every 3 months.

    Rescorla was supposed to be on vacation on September 11, 2001, preparing for his stepdaughter’s upcoming wedding in Tuscany. Instead, he was on duty that day covering a subordinate’s shift so the other man could go on vacation.

    When the first plane struck the North Tower, Rescorla ignored building officials’ advice to stay put and began the orderly evacuation of Morgan Stanley’s 2,700 employees from 20 floors of the South Tower and another 1,000 employees from Building 5. Directing the evacuation with a bullhorn, Rescorla told the evacuees to ” … be proud to be an American … everyone will be talking about you tomorrow,” and sang “God Bless America” and “Men of Harlech,” a Cornish marching song.

    By the time the second plane hit the South Tower, nearly all of Morgan Stanley’s employees had been evacuated, plus Rescorla assisted in the evacuation of many others. Morgan Stanley lost only 2 employees in the attack, besides Rick Rescorla and three assistants who accompanied him back into the building before it collapsed.

    Rescorla is known to have reached the 72nd floor, and was last seen at the 10th floor, ascending upwards. His remains were never found.

    The words of “Men of Harlech” go,

    Men of Cornwall stop your dreaming;
    Can’t you see their spearpoints gleaming?
    See their warriors’ pennants streaming
    To this battlefield.
    Men of Cornwall stand ye steady;
    It cannot be ever said ye
    for the battle were not ready;
    Stand and never yield!

    This comment is posted in memory of a man who stood at LZ X-Ray and stood again at the World Trade Center, and never yielded.

  24. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there. I was busy posting. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long. Now … do you want something?

  25. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    My reason for posting the Rescorla comment in the “We regret our error” may fly over the heads of our wingnut friends, so I’ll explain it. Obviously, this is a reference to the fact the “powers that be” should have listened to Rescorla when he warned them about the possibility of a bomb attack in the parking garage; and, equally obviously — with the clarity of hindsight — Morgan Stanley’s bosses should have listened to him when he urged them to relocate from the building. But they didn’t. Luckily, Rescorla took matters into his own hands, doing what he could to ensure the safety of Morgan Stanley’s 3,700 employees in the World Trade Center. That was enough to save nearly all of them. Rescorla was one of only 6 Morgan Stanley employees lost in the attack. But, my God, what a loss. Yes, I’m sure they regret their error now. Hindsight always brings clarity.

  26. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Personally, I think #15 deserves the first “Grasping At Straws” monthly trophy of 2010.

  27. 30

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    On Christmas Day 1969, while walking point for his squad, Army Spec. John Baca decided not to shoot an NVA soldier he spotted sitting on top of a bunker, his AK-47 out of reach. Instead, he yelled at the man in Vietnamese to surrender.

    I suppose some people would call him a “pussy” for not shooting the guy, and others might even call him a “traitor” for returning to Vietnam after the war to help build a medical clinic in a village near Hanoi. (One of the Vietnamese workers on the project was the former NVA soldier he didn’t kill in 1969.) After the war, Baca became an activist, working on Vietnam veteran and homeless issues; others might sarcastically label him a “do-gooder.”

    Here is a recent photo of John Baca.


  28. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The punchline of the preceding comment is, of course, the photo; and if you don’t click on the photo, you won’t get the point of the comment.

  29. 32

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    23. czechsaaz spews:

    Keep working the shovel.

    I can see you’re doing exctly that.

    As my first post stated, it’s better to admit your mistake and move on than to continue to insist you have a point when everyone can see you’re a doucher.

    I didn’t make a mistake, you did. How is “We regret our error” at all consistent with “My bad”? Apparently grammar wasn’t your strongest subject, czechyourgrammar.

    @ 31 ~ about 4/5th’s won’t get it because they don’t recognize what the CMH looks like (especially in this waste treatment plant). The reason for that is liberals teaching them in schools don’t want to recognize the contributions of the military in any capacity- to include their honors received.

    But at least I’m one of the very few that your “punchline” actually reached- without the aid of google of course.

  30. 33

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Jason Osgood wondered why I refer to our whaling friends as “Japs.” The answer is: Wingnut Christianity.

    Sorry Herr Goebbels Dumb Bunny. You can’t blame your mental failings on others. It’s all you Herr Goebbels Dumb Bunny. When you went over to the dark side, you lost your way.

    Some people change for the better. You changed for the worse.

    See ya Herr Goebbels Dumb Bunny. Your Nazi propaganda isn’t working on us who think!

  31. 35

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:


    Remember, it was a whackamole TSA agent who tried to make Congressional Medal of Honor winner and former Governor Joe Foss remove his CMoH medal before entering the preflight metal detector scanner. When he refused TSA agents threw a fit. It was a policeman who showed up and told the TSA agent what that medal meant and why Joe Foss doesn’t take it off during the day. Puddy bets this was some libtardo who hated the military.

    Puddy say one CMoH winner in Puddy’s lifetime. Puddy shook his hand. Puddy met three surviving Tuskegee Airmen two years ago, Puddy thanked them for their bravery in spite of the racism of the American Military. Puddy thanks military men and women in airports for their service. Puddy bets when HA Libtardos walk through the airport they sneer at the military men and women who are trying to get from point A to point B.

  32. 36

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Heya Puddybud,

    No, I wasn’t aware of that story, but I can’t say I’m surprised. One more story of TSA incompetence and the overall historical ignorance many have regarding the CMH and what it stands for. I’ll have to google the story. Thanks for the tip.

    Also, the rodent should thank you also because now, the majority in here will actually get his “punchline” at 31 and not just dismiss it as “Roger’s losing his mind again”.

  33. 37


    #4 Matthew:

    Perhaps the law should be changed so that the petition to the Governor could come from directly from the voters who are not being represented instead of depending on the legislative body. If the council had remained locked 4-4, I would have expected the Republicans on the council to try to block any petition that Ferguson tried to send to Gov. Gregoire, just because she is a Democrat.

  34. 38

    Steve spews:

    “The great one Piper Scott”

    LMFAO!!! Hmm, I wonder if the humor was intentional.

    So, Puddy, are you going to shake Roger’s hand and thank him for his service to this country or do you choose to spit on those who have served and who now don’t agree with your extremist right-wing politics?

  35. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @32 “liberals teaching them in schools don’t want to recognize the contributions of the military”

    Of all the turds you’ve crapped into this blog, this one is the smelliest.

  36. 40

    czechsaaz spews:


    I’ve got a couple more you can make you upset.

    “We are not amused.” Queen Victoria

    “We the people, in order to form…” (Hey!!! I wasn’t in the room! Stop that! Poor Grammar!)

    Allusion, look it up. When Sean Hannity credits Ronald Reagan with the phrase “shining city on a hill” he demonstrates his illiteracy. Reagan was alluding to John Winthrop. You are similarly displaying your lack of knowledge.

    You’re the most outstanding poster on here. I thought Puddy was inane and moronic. But you sir! King of the Douchebags! I bow to you!

  37. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @33 It’s a free country, puddlehead. Think whatever you like. Your cerebral pollution is your problem.

  38. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    It goes without saying I absolutely LOVE signs that I get on the trolls’ nerves. Their nervous breakdowns are the best entertainment on this blog.

  39. 44

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    I’ve got a couple more you can make you upset. ~ czech troll

    You do realize your illiteracy is on full display here, right? OBTW, stupid (and illiterate) people rarely make me upset, especially in this intellectual swampland of a site.

  40. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @35 (continued) “Puddy say one CMoH winner in Puddy’s lifetime. Puddy shook his hand.”

    I served with one. A guy in my unit in Vietnam got it. He was killed in action.

    I had to drive back to Seattle from eastern Washington the day Mrs. Rabbit’s mother died. The traffic over Snoqualmie Pass was very light that morning, in fact, the only other vehicle on the road as I passed Easton was a battered old pickup truck driven by a little old man with Medal of Honor license plates. (They’re robin’s-egg blue with a field of white stars and the words “Medal of Honor”.)

    There are currently 7 recipients living in Washington.

  41. 46

    czechsaaz spews:


    I should proofread more often.

    In a comment made following the January 7 Brilliance, “We regret our error,” we typed the nonsensical sentence fragment “a couple more you can make you upset.” Of course it should have been “a couple more that can make you upset.”

    “We regret our error.”

  42. 47

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    @ 46

    So now you understand that I was calling Goldy headlining his post in the 3rd person, and ending it in the 1st person.

    @ 45
    I’ve saluted a couple of CMH awardees while stationed at KMCAS, but have yet to actually engage one in conversation. I can only imagine the stories they could tell. I’m not sure many would want to recount their tales as many military personnel engaged in war don’t feel the need to blab about it when they get back home. Perhaps to their family members or fellow brothers in arms, but not civilians for the most part.

  43. 48

    czechsaaz spews:


    Until today I was unaware that such a thing as a MoH license plate existed. No Tabs required. I think that’s really cool and the LEAST the state can do for MoH recipients.

    Perhaps a certain watch salesman should enlist and try to earn one.

  44. 49

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @35 “Remember, it was a whackamole TSA agent blah blah … When he refused TSA agents threw a fit … blah blah … a policeman told the TSA agent what that medal meant … blah blah …. Puddy bets this was some libtardo who hated the military.”

    As usual, puddinghead didn’t do any research, and is full of shit; and once again, Roger Rabbit has to clean up poodle’s factual mess.

    This incident occurred at America West’s terminal in Phoenix Sky Harbor on January 11, 2002. TSA did not yet exist. Screeners, at that time, were airline or airport employees.

    There was no “whackamole agent,” TSA or otherwise. Foss was detained by a group of “eight or nine or ten” security personnel. There was no policeman involved, either.

    Foss couldn’t go through the metal detector because he had a pacemaker, so he was patted down, which is SOP in such cases. Foss didn’t customarily wear his medal, and wasn’t wearing it in the airport. It was in a pocket. The only reason he had it with him, he later said, was because he planned to give a speech at West Point.

    In addition to the medal, Foss also had a keychain with a dummy bullet and a small knife in his pockets.

    The security men made Foss take off his shoes and belt, and detained him for 45 minutes while they discussed what to do about these objects. The medal was considered a potential security threat because it resembled a martial arts weapon of the sort seen in movies. There’s no indication they considered Foss a threat. In all likelihood, they were covering their asses — if they let this stuff through and some higher up questioned it, their jobs might be on the line. They made Foss mail the keychain and pocketknife home but let him take the medal on the plane.

    Foss either knew, or should have known, the dummy bullet and knife would cause problems at the security checkpoint. But the fact no one in a group of eight to ten security men recognized his Medal of Honor for what it was is sad. As Foss said, this isn’t about respect for him, it’s about respect for the medal.

  45. 50

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @49 continued — To understand this, you need to understand the living MOH recipients — there are currently 92 of them — are without exception modest men. To a man, they downplay their own deeds and redirect your attention to countless fellow soldiers who never received recognition. The medal, to them, represents those men more than themselves. When they ask for respect of the medal, it is not respect for themselves they seek, but for the fallen who cannot speak.

  46. 51

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @47 Well, that old guy on I-90 got a salute from me. First I climbed up on his tail to read the license plate (he was doing only 50), then I moved to the left lane and pulled up even with his side window, then I honked and when he looked at me I snapped him my sharpest military salute. Then I pulled ahead and left him behind me.

  47. 52

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Hey Douchebag Steve,

    If Herr Goebbels Dumb Bunny is in uniform when Puddy walks through the airport Puddy will thank him for his service.

  48. 53

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @48 You can’t earn a Medal of Honor. It’s pretty arbitrary. Lots of people who deserve it never get it. Everything has to fall in place — there must be surviving witnesses, the commanding officer has to initiate it, the paperwork can’t get mislaid, etc.

    Although the review process normally takes at least two or three years, in the case of my unit’s Medal of Honor recipient, I knew within hours of the battle that he was being nominated for it, because they brought the survivors in to battalion headquarters to prepare their written witness statements.

    The military was relatively generous with awards during Vietnam; a total of 246 were awarded in the course of that war, compared to 464 for World War 2, which had 10 times as many casualties. In all wars, the majority are posthumous awards.

    In Vietnam, you were practically guaranteed a Medal of Honor for getting killed by throwing yourself on a grenade to protect your buddies. In addition, two guys who did that and survived received it (the aforementioned Mr. Baca is one of them).

    Since Vietnam, there have been 8 Medals of Honor awarded, all of them posthumously — 2 for the “Blackhawk Down” incident in Somalia, and 6 in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush administration was much more penurious with awards at all levels during the Iraq fighting.

    In fact, during Vietnam, there were widespread feelings that all the medals were copiously awarded and thereby cheapened. I think this is questionable. America suffered 58,000 combat deaths in Vietnam. Some of the fighting there was extremely vicious. In my opinion, it wasn’t out of line to hand out Silver Stars and DSCs for the actions for which they were awarded. Anyone who thinks medals for valor were easy to come by, at the grunt level at least, wasn’t there. There may have been some abuse of awards to officers merely for the purpose of advancing their careers.

  49. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Most or all states issue special license plates to Medal of Honor recipients. Washington’s is robin’s egg blue with a circular field of white stars and the words “Medal of Honor” in white to the left of the plate and a single-digit license number on the right side of the plate. In other states, it’s different. Each state has its own design.

  50. 55

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Here is Joe Foss’ conversation on CNN Foss also earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.

    And here is the Snopes commentary. It really happened. And it was TSA fools who overreacted.

    BTW Herr Goebbels Dumb Bunny..

    Who was chosen president of the National Rifle Association in 1988-1990? Joe Foss

    Who was Director of Public Affairs for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines? Joe Foss

    Who was the first AFL commissioner? Joe Foss…

    Who hosted “The American Sportsman” on ABC? Joe Foss

    BTW here is more CMoH lunacy with peeps who don’t know who is in their midst.

    Chechsaaz, glad you’ve become educated.

  51. 56

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Looks like Odumba is regretting the error…

    In a revealing admission, President Barack Obama said today he was directing U.S. intelligence agencies to begin to do something many had assumed they were already doing: “[A]ssigning specific responsibility for investigating all leads on high priority threats so that these leads are pursued and acted upon aggressively.”

    That is a shock because we had such a follow-up system when I was there,” said Richard Clarke, the White House counter-terrorism director in the Clinton and Bush administrations. Clarke, who worked on the Obama transition team, is now an ABC News consultant.

    PuddyCommentary… that’s because Odumba has dismantled most of the GWBush anti-terror apparatus because Odumba’s feckless ACLU driven Justice Department has failed again.

  52. 57

    Blue John spews:

    When the previous president’s infrastructure missed intelligence and a terrorist plot killed 2,976 people, the country rallied around him and practically made him dictator. Any one who spoke out against him was blacklisted. Example: Dixie Chicks.

    When the current president’s infrastructure missed intelligence and a terrorist plot killed zero people, the republicans want the current president impeached. Any one who spoke out against him was just being patriotic.

    2,976 people dead = great wartime president.
    0 people dead = Abject failure.


  53. 58

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    When the previous president’s infrastructure missed intelligence and a terrorist plot killed 2,976 people

    Small problem with your postulation. They were inside America before 1/1/2001

    Hellova Effort Blue John!

  54. 59


    They were inside America before 1/1/2001

    Your chimp was warned and DID NOTHING!!!

    For that you rewarded him with 4 more years.. Brilliant..

    I hoped you voted in WA State at the time. At least the saner among us made our voice heard against the criminals.

    Oh by the way. Your miserable chimpanzee is a MURDERER!

    Thanks for trying to enable a criminal.

  55. 60

    Blue John spews:

    @58 What I see is your lack of support for THIS wartime president. Where is your outrage? Where is your black listing? Where is your character assassination of any person or group that dare question the president combat terrorists?
    What’s different about this president? Let’s see… He’s half black, he’s smart, he’s not a republican. Pick one or more?
    Seems you are a fair weathered patriot. You don’t stand to ideals when it’s unpleasant for you. You only support them when it’s your guy in office. It only matters if he’s got an R behind his name.

  56. 61

    Steve spews:

    I see that Puddy’s with the program. Rudy “9/11″ Giuliani is the latest GOPer to claim that America wasn’t attacked when Bush was president, but points out that America has been attacked at least once while Obama was president. You may wonder, “How can it be that America wasn’t attacked when Bush was president? What about 9/11? And what’s happened to Giuliani’s mind?” Well, as Puddy has long explained to you, everything that went wrong in America and the world from early 2001 through 2007 was all Clinton’s fault. From 2008 onwards everything that went wrong was Obama’s fault. All through those years, Republican shit simply didn’t stink. Still doesn’t. Just ask Puddy.

  57. 62


    61 – Heh. What is it with these wingers??? Was the country attacked by the mentally unstable Army shrink whose e-mail was read by the FBI or by this messed up young Nigerian with chemicals in his underwear whose parents reported him to the authorities?

    Oh and Obama was “tested” I guess. AFAICT he’s kicking ass and taking names for the near miss. Country is still in one piece. Hey wingnuts, it’s ok to come out from under the beds!

    I hear those body scanners are going in at Seatac. Watch out Stupes – next time you fly the TSA is gonna get a gander at YOUR UGLY ASS!!!

  58. 63

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Blue John…

    Let’s see

    What I see is your lack of support for THIS wartime president. Where is your outrage?
    March 2009 – War on Terror is a Overseas Contingency Operation. Terrorist attacks are Man Made Disasters

    Where is your black listing? Richard Clarke that was a system in place when he was in the Bush whitey house. Looks like your progressive ACLU based peeps dismantled it.

    Where is your character assassination of any person or group that dare question the president combat terrorists? The Odumba administration is character assassinating themselves all by themselves. Not paying attention to Dumbpolitano lately?

    What’s different about this president? We were told hope and change was coming? A different Washington. A transparent Washington. The health care debate would be on C-SPAN. We were told lobbyists need not apply. It would be the most ethical administration ever. War on Terror is a Overseas Contingency Operation. Terrorist attacks are Man Made Disasters

    Let’s see… He’s half black So?
    He’s smart, he’s not a republican. So? He needs a teleprompter to look smart. When he speaks extemporaneously he’s looking for loose change.

    Pick one or more? Picked them all.

  59. 64


    63 – What bullshit…

    2976 dead – on the murdering chimp’s watch.

    many bloated, putrefying bodies in the floodwaters of NOLA – as the murdering chimp watched from Air Force One for a photo op.

    On Obama’s watch? Zero dead.. One fried terrorist in custody.

    What a miserable tool..

  60. 66

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    There goes Steve binge drinking his Stupid Solution.

    Well, as Puddy has long explained to you, everything that went wrong in America and the world from early 2001 through 2007 was all Clinton’s fault.

    Where did Puddy say that Queen Steve? Putting words under Puddys hand Puddy didn’t write again. Golly Steve, you whined like a stuck BEEEE-YOTCH when you accused Puddy of doing that.

    Read the dossier on Mohammed Atta. He was here illegally fool! In fact according to the INS, three of the 19 hijackers were here illegally on expired visas. Two were able to obtain valid visas despite being on U.S. intelligence agency watch lists. Now who was preznit then Steve?

    Steven Emerson was the Executive Director, Terrorism Newswire, Inc., 26 Jan 2002 House Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claim, Congressional Hearing, met with Congress on their International terrorism and immigration policy meeting.

    “An absence of a vigilant media has allowed terrorists to anchor themselves and operate here.” Well we know what bent the media has… Libtardo bent.

    We found out through the 9/11 Commission foreign consular officers did not have access to FBI criminal databases since 1993. Now after the 1993 WTC bombing we were promised this would be fixed. The commission determined the 1993 World Trade Center bombings revealed those terrorists had used our poor immigration screening procedures and our broken visa system. They exploited it to the max. The system wasn’t fixed Steve. They got in.

    See ya Steve.

  61. 67

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    zzzzZZZZZ.. I’m packing it in for today..

    ylb arschloch is fudge packing like everyday!

  62. 69

    Why bother spews:

    Right wing asshole posts @44, “You do realize your illiteracy is on full display here, right? OBTW, stupid (and illiterate) people rarely make me upset, especially in this intellectual swampland of a site.”

    Why are you here? That’s both a generic and specific query.