Way to go, Allan!

Well, I’d like to think that I kicked Tim Eyman’s ass on the “Dave Ross” Show this morning, but the truth is, I didn’t get a chance. Guest-host Allan Prell beat me to it.

I think the majority of the state’s talk radio hosts have become so accustomed to Tim’s routine refusal to answer questions directly (or honestly), that they just throw up their arms and let Tim have his rhetorical way… a kind of Tim-will-be-Tim resignation.

Allan, on the other hand, was totally unfamiliar with Tim (he even called him Tom once), and got genuinely pissed when Tim refused to answer his questions. There was one particularly amusing exchange where Timmy refused to name I-892’s biggest financial contributor, and Allan simply wouldn’t let Tim continue without first giving a direct answer. Tim even threatened to hang up.

Of course, when my turn came around, I was more than happy to directly answer the question for Tim: the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation!

And once again, the callers were overwhelmingly opposed to I-892.

I know the vote on I-892 is supposed to be close. And it probably will be. But I have a feeling that if progressives vote their minds, and conservatives vote their heart, I-892 could garner less than 40% of the vote… a crushing defeat.

All in all, not Timmy’s best performance.


  1. 1

    ace spews:

    I think Timmy lost some points when he changed to a mocking, child-like voice in response to Alan’s frustration of not getting a straight answer.

  2. 2

    Steve spews:

    I heard the show. Tim couldn’t give a atraight answer becauser he never has. Tim was first asked who was supporting his campaign and all Tim wanted to talk about was who was supporting the other side. He repeatedly wouldn’t answer the question which is typical To Allan’s credit he continued to ask Eyman to answer his question. Finally Allan asked who his 5 largest contributors were and all Eyman could name was one casino. The fact is that I-892 is funded totally by gambling interests who stand to make huge profits out of Washington citizen’s using their scientifically designed addictive slot machines.

  3. 3

    Evan spews:

    I see I’m not the only one who felt that way about that exchange. Tim Eyman is such a prick!