Washington voters sure do like their Johnson

It often seems the surest path to winning a seat on the Washington State Supreme Court is to have the last name “Johnson.” So I wonder if instead of Stan Rumbaugh we had run, say, John Thomas, we might’ve had a better chance of removing that dick Jim Johnson from the bench?


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    liar liar pants on fire spews:

    and goldy, while we are on names, it would seem that the last presidential election pretty shoots your theory to shit.

    bawk bawk!

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    liar liar pants on fire spews:

    Proud Socialist,

    I would have to say nurture – being surrounded by a bunch of lazy, limp wristed limp dicked pussies who need their every need taken care of by the state(that someone else has to pay for) will make one a fuckhead.

    and I generally like to fuck with little joseph goebbels wannabe propagandists too. They are part of the problem with our political system and why it is so dysfunctional.

    I guess my question to you is, is it nature or nurture that attracts you to all male naked yoga classes?

    tongue in cheek….

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    Mark Centz spews:

    Much as I hate to break into this elevated discussion, why is it that for all offices other than judgeships the general election decides a winner but for judges a low-turnout primary is decisive? What was thinking on that decision?

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    Odie Cologne spews:

    Speaking of Johnsons, I always get a chuckle out of passing the sausage display in QFC and reading the proud description: ‘Johnsonville’.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Ask the average voter who Johnson was, and what qualifications he brought to the bench. Ask about his judicial philosophies, and his position on the ten most important decisions issued by the court over the past five years. Ask them what he said in the opinions he authored during those past five years.

    If you can’t get an answer to those questions, just ask if he’s the incumbent of the challenger.

    I’ll bet nine out of ten voters can’t give the correct answer to the first set of questions, and half of them don’t even know whether or not he’s the encumbent (the ballot didn’t give a hint).

    Just another reason why we shouldn’t be electing judges in the first place.

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    liar liar pants on fire spews:


    rabbit, democracy per se is not dysfuctional – but how it has morphed in this country sure has it going down a dysfunctional path.

    if you need proof of that, all you have to do is look at our crooked politicians, lobbyists, the fact that money rules over the good of the nation, and the god awfull partisanship that exists..which of course is fueled by our little wannabe joseph goebbels types.

    our govt is all show, and no go….and its dsyfunctinal and crooked to the core…its an insult to democracy.

    its just the tip of the iceberg, but I think you see where I am coming from.

    oh, and sorry burst your little rabbit bubble, but that doesnt mean I want some militaristic locked-down govt ala North Korea…hey, what kidn of govt does north korea have anyway? would it be…..socialist? hhmm……..

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    Odie Cologne spews:

    re 14: Nobody ever said that liberals and conservatives can’t see eye to eye on some things, but the typical conservative habit of compartmentalizing disparate things (such as English Fabian socialism and North Korean authoritarian Communism)makes discussion very difficult.

    In short, you are a blockhead.

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    Lauramae spews:

    My guess is that the ads running to encourage people NOT to vote for Johnson probably backfired. And all that got through was the name. As Rhp states, judges are the least well known candidates for voters. Name recognition may have gotten more votes than intended.

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    TOS spews:

    Rumbaugh’s radio ads were filled with “activist judges”, “special interest groups”, “values” — aren’t those all republican code words?

    James Johnson authored the dissent on Woo vs Fireman’s Fund. I refuse to vote for any judge who was in the majority (signed or authored) on that opinion.

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    I try my best to be just like I am spews:

    About twenty years ago little known attorney Charles Johnson ran against sitting Washington Supreme Court Justice Keith Callow. Johnson did no campaigning, but won. There was a lot of talk back that Justice Callow’s name(Callow is defined as an inexperienced person)did the justice in.

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    liar liar pants on fire spews:


    and your broad brushing of everyone who doesnt agree with you is another prime example

    thanks for living up to the stereotype.


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    Nominatrix spews:

    familiar sounding names are worth a lot in elections. Charles Smith.

    That Karen Donohue running for muni court? Good name. Sounds like someone I knew ….

    Our presidents: same rule, plus throw in a waspy tendency…..Apart from Ike, JFK Reagan and now Obama, all have had UK (English, Scotch, Welsh) or Dutch (old NY type dutch) names. Not even one German French or other Northern European; not one central or southern european name in 200+ years.
    Not all coincidence, natch.
    In Washington state, Scandie names are best, easily worth an extra ten points. Names ending in -son -sen are the very best.
    Johnson, Jackson, Magnuson, Jacobsen, Nelson, Rasmussen, Larsen, etc. After that, Sonntag, Linquist, etc. After a Scandie name, a English UK or Irish type name does best. Bagshaw. Conlin. Heavey. McGinn. Names you can’t pronounce do poorly like that DelBene. Del-deen? Del-Bennay? What? Univision last night listed her as “DelBennay,” I kid you not. Names that are clearly of an ethnic group other than UK, Irish or Scandie do less well. (Rossi, Rosselini, admittedly exceptions; these are trends, not rules; these name factors are worth about 0-10 points).

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    Gig for Bean spews:


    that monicker was in honor of our present governor, queen christine.

    she just cant seem to state the truth when it cocunts…

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    havoc spews:

    Jim Johnson is the only reason we in WA state do not have a state income tax. If you want a state income tax as well as a sales tax, vote Jim Johnson out. WA state would not remove the sales tax if they were able to get an income tax approved, so we would have both.

    At least OR has the sense to have one but not both.

    If those of you even think that WA state libtards would allow the income tax to go bye bye in the event of a state income tax becoming law, you are fu fu fu foolin yourselves.

    But then again, most of you don’t have a real job anyways, so what the hell, an income tax doesn’t really matter now does it?

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    havoc spews:


    If those of you even think that WA state libtards would allow the sales tax (not income tax) to go bye bye in the event of a state income tax becoming law, you are fu fu fu foolin yourselves.