WARNING: Entering Earthquake Disaster Area!

Washington Defense is holding a demonstration this morning, 10 AM, at the 1st Ave. S on ramp of the Alaska Way Viaduct, to warn drivers of the imminent danger, and demand that WSDOT post permanent hazard signs along the length of the structure. Yard signs will be made available to those who attend.

This is not the well financed “official” No on I-912 campaign, but rather an independent, grassroots effort, that nonetheless has managed to raise enough money to print yard signs. Just another example of the growing opposition to I-912.


  1. 1

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Gimmee a break!
    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Big One hit while this rally is being held and you insufferable LEFTIST PINHEADS survived standing on the AWV while watching thousands of substandard Seattle buildings collapsing all around you???
    When you idiots are done with your charade at the AWV, why don’t you run around Seattle and have a protest at every substandard building??? That would keep you busy for weeks!!
    You LEFTIST PINHEADS are a crack-up!
    Why in the hell wouldn’t you hold ALL buildings the public enters to the exact same earthquake standard you are trying to ram with the AWV????
    If your building collapses on top of you….you don’t need the fucking AWV!!!
    The reason you don’t force the same standard on buildings in Seattle is many are owned by LEFTIST PINHEADS!!
    Insincere and hypocritical again Goldy…at least you are consistent!
    By the way, did you write this thread AFTER Drinking Liberally?

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows Bush would lose to an unnamed Democrat, 55 to 39 percent, if an election were held today.

    “[A] majority of those questioned felt the Democrats could do a better job than Republicans at handling health care (59 percent to 30 percent), Social Security (56 percent to 33 percent), gasoline prices (51 percent to 31 percent) and the economy (50 percent to 38 percent). Forty-six percent also believed Democrats could do better at handling Iraq, while 40 percent said the GOP would do better.”

    Sure looks like the Pukes are gonna get a pasting in next year’s midterm elections …

  3. 4

    Janet S spews:

    If the AWV is so dangerous, condemn it now. Then reprioritize existing funds to take care of this emergency.

    But it isn’t. It hasn’t been sinc the earthquake.

    Just a big publicity stunt meant to scare people. How unethical.

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    thor spews:

    There were reports this morning that the price of gas has dropped nearly 20 cents in two weeks. One prediction: the gouging will end soon as unleaded stablizes at about $2.30 per gallon.

    The dangers on the Viaduct are real, so are falling gas prices. I 912 has already caused enough waste through delay – there’s a slim chance it can be defeated and the state can move on instead of becoming a highway backwater.

  5. 6

    rob spews:

    It is critical that infrastructure remain intact after a major earthquake to ensure quick distribution of relief supplies and rapid return of commerce.

    This is true even if every building doesn’t remain standing (perhaps even more true!). Thus the…concentrate on buildings rather then bridges/elevated roadways doesn’t hold up…especially with limited funding.

  6. 8

    Larry the Urbanite spews:

    It’d be hard for someone who is obviously unstable, has trouble using simple logic correctly, and is prone to TOurettes-like political outburst to hold a job, doncha think? Oh wait, Bush is employed.

  7. 9

    Janet S spews:

    Can we all agree on one thing? Mass transit will never be a success in the Puget Sound region.

    Given that, it seems that we need to vote for I-912. That will force the whole transportation package back to the legislature, who can put together a new plan that understands this reality.

    Light rail is an idea whose time has come and gone. It isn’t going to relieve congestion, it will only de-populate the busses. Let’s put together a package of road projects that understands people drive their cars. Look at the choke points that exist, and put the resources there. Stop the nonsense of HOV lanes. They don’t reflect how commuters in the Puget Sound get to and from work.

    Oh, yeah, and put some money in the new plan to retrofit the AWV.

  8. 10

    Puddybud spews:

    Janet: Since King County is donkocratic land, they who live in King County don’t want to give up their “beloved” cars. How can these donkos want it both ways? Easy, it’s liberalism! Seems to me that they cry about congestion but still want to drive to work.

    Jimmy you seem be here checking on Mr. Cynical. What’s your day job? Me, I’m self-employed.

  9. 11

    Puddybud spews:

    Rupert Wabbet, what does Bush not running for re-election have to do with an earthquake? Wait… “This just in… Rupert Wabbet has no clue. Bush not running for re-election”. What you lefties can’t fathom is most Americans are happy with their exisiting congressional representatives. Donkocratic approval rate is 32%. More wothless shit from the critter shitter himself.

  10. 12

    headless lucy spews:

    re 1: Mr. Cynical: Should we “run around” Medina protesting the sub-standard McMansions? How about if we run around Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish and protest ALL the homes built there as being detrimental to the environment– which they are? How about if we run around the whole state and talk about a progressive income tax instead of all these punishing sales taxes?

    Here’s a simple tax idea that many voters will be able to grasp: If one percent of the population controls 40% of the community’s wealth, then why is it not fair for them to pay a 40% income tax?

    It is fair. There is no way you can overcome that argument without sounding like a paid hukster for the rich.

  11. 14

    headless lucy spews:

    The lowest 40% of the working people of the U.S. pay 20% of the income taxes. All corporations combined pay only 7.6%. They need to pay 50%, like they did during the Eisenhower administration.

  12. 15

    Aaron spews:

    Janet @ 8, you’re an idiot. Although I disagree with you on mass transit in Puget Sound, there is no money for mass transit in the recently passed gas tax that the legislature enacted. What makes you think a wholesale rejection of the projects funded will result in a better funding plan? Why don’t you just admit that you’re against anything funded by taxes, and be done with it.

  13. 16

    yearight spews:

    headless lucy-10 ‘If one percent of the population controls 40% of the community’s wealth..’

    Using “wealth”, as opposed to income? If one spends all their income they pay less taxes, and those that save pay more?

  14. 17

    klake@ spews:

    If the AWV is so dangerous, condemn it now. Then reprioritize existing funds to take care of this emergency.

    But it isn’t. It hasn’t been sinc the earthquake.

    Just a big publicity stunt meant to scare people. How unethical.

    Comment by Janet S— 10/26/05 @ 7:45 am

    Janet S that is the best statement you made in weeks. I like the unethical part the best. The fact of the matter is they are extorting the resources (money) from the tax payers. The AWV should have been torn down after I5 was finish. The main purpose for the I5 corridor was to replace highway 99. Seattle chose to maintain this section of road to divert traffic threw thier city. Now that the emergency legislation has taken place, Seattle could justify extorting the resources from the state tax payers. The real solution is to tear down the AWV and allow the traffic to find alternate routes to their designation.

  15. 18

    klake@ spews:

    The lowest 40% of the working people of the U.S. pay 20% of the income taxes. All corporations combined pay only 7.6%. They need to pay 50%, like they did during the Eisenhower administration.

    Comment by headless lucy— 10/26/05 @ 9:17 am

    Headless Lucy; you sound like a soical demo and a envious one at that. Do you realy pay your fair share, or are you upset that you can’t play the game. You lack the knowledge to compete with the big boys due to the poor schooling that you have received. I was a poor boy who went to the same schools you did, but that didn’t prevent me from being succesful in life. What is you problem and what fear is preventing you from dealing with it? Gold Bless, and you to Wabbit

  16. 19

    Yankee spews:

    Well met Janet S

    If ‘emergency’ projects are so emergent, why aren’t they funded first and then the rest of the requirements get prioritzed. We then decide if we want to go out for more funding if needed.

    But no, the old trick of not funding high priority items and then using them as the reason for needing additional funding is alive and well in Washington State!

  17. 20

    Larry the Urbanite spews:

    Janet, you ignorant slut. JUst because people LIKE to get to work a certain way doesn’t mean theat they MUST be facilitated by public dollars. Sometimes gov’t needs to anticipate FUTURE needs/modes/resources. If gas prices continue to increase, I for one would feel that my gov’t wasn’t doing it’s job if it encouraged people to continue to drive single passenger vehicles to 50 miles to work. Gov’t should look at ways to encourage people to change thier patterns and use less resources, saving them , and more importantly the taxpayer, money.

    DOn’t even bother responding about how I’m denying people thier “rights” and want gov’t to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do. That is NOT my point. MY point is that thier are a limited amount of resourses the gov’t has (even more limited if 1-912 passes) and they must use them wisely. Encouraging single passenger car travel will exacerbate the deficit.

  18. 21

    seadog spews:

    Lucy, get your fact straight…(hard to do, I know) instead of spouting some class warfar, envious, irrelevant garbage. According to the IRS, the bottom 50% of earners pay 3.46 %, the top 59% is over 96%. The bottom 20% does not pay taxes at all.

    Now we can argue and talk about earnings descrepancies (aka should job A make more than job B and such), but based on current income and job level (that also depends on education and other issues), the tax data you spout is wrong. And if you look at the Eisnhower days….a lot of things were actually more expensive than today (based on real income and dollars earned).



  19. 22

    seadog spews:

    klake at 16: You are absolutely right…see my other post.

    Most of the rich earnerd their money, they didn’t inherit it (unless you talk about Ted Kennedy)

  20. 23

    Dijital spews:

    I’m curious just who would have to declare the Viaduct unsafe for the conservatives to believe it. Some of the posters on this site seem to think that they are the ultimate authority on the safety of a suspended freeway. The increased crack in it that was reported this week was what? A liberal whacko conspiracy?

  21. 24

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Loocy -fercrissakes go to the IRS website and download the excel spreadsheets. Lower half pays only 4% of taxes. Four fucking percent. Look at the data. Don’t spew your stupid uninformed views here. What.. you think we get out “news” from NPR?

    Stupid fuck…

  22. 25

    Michael spews:

    The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows Bush would lose to an unnamed Democrat, 55 to 39 percent, if an election were held today.

    The problem starts when you start naming one :)

  23. 26

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Hey Wabbit – Good news. Again today, I decided NOT to come to your house and rob you. How are you enjoying my “subsidy”. You greedy fuck. Freeloader.

  24. 27

    windie spews:

    Take your pills, MTR… YOu’re losing it here.

    Also… Do I read Janets’ comment right? Its been safe since the earthquake? Does that mean it was unsafe before?

    and we hear from Klake that thats the smartest comment from her in weeks… talk about backhanded compliments!

    ~All that being said, I don’t like safety-games. If the AWV is unsafe, close it. On the other hand, I don’t work Downtown, so its easy to say ;)

  25. 28


    @ 20

    Income taxes, right? You’re not considering payroll taxes, which are capped, adn which are paid by middle income and poor folks. You only consider income taxes. Which would be stupid, right?

  26. 29

    yearight spews:

    Dijital-19 ‘I’m curious just who would have to declare the Viaduct unsafe for the conservatives to believe it.’

    How about dem leaders in KC, Seattle and the WA Legislature? Anyone in leadership who thinks it is unsafe should be vigorously calling for immediate or a near-term scheduled closure. Anything less indicates they are willing to let people die while waiting for funding. That would do it.

  27. 30

    headless lucy spews:

    re 16: Klake, your “envy” argument is bs. Do you envy minorities who are getting into colleges for reasons you don’t approve of? Yes, you are! Do you envy or resent unqualified people(like George W. Bush) who got into Ivy League colleges because they come from that 1% of the monied elite who get what they want based not on merit but on money and connections and cronyism? No! You don’t! That is why everyone can see that you are a lickspittle tool of the monied aristocracy who only exist because they stand on everyone elses’ back. Teddy Roosevelt said they have no right to exist. Woodrow Wilson said the same. FDR said the same. And so do I and any reasonable person in this country. It’s not “envy” , it’s survival.

    “They got the guns, but

    We got the numbers.

    Gonna win , yeah,

    We’re takin’ over!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!”

    Jim Morrisson

    It may take generations, but eventually it will occur to the many that they don’t need to attack armies and governments and corporations to win. They only need to find a way to eliminate 1% of the population.

  28. 31

    IDGAF spews:

    Keep Washington Rolling, the official name of the well financed campaign to bash the I-912 initiative of the people, is spending millions of dollars in slick TV advertising trying to convince the voting public that if I-912 passes there will be no money to spend on fixing the transportation problems of the state. They are fanning the flames of fear on myths, mistruths and out and out lies. Let’s discuss a few.

    Misleading Myth #1
    The anti 912 side tries to portray I-912 supporters as opposed to spending money on transportation. We are greedy – unwilling to pay for needed transportation infrastructure improvements. We want something for nothing.

    The Truth
    No one is opposed to improvements in transportation. Everyone knows the state is mired in transportation problems and citizens are demanding solutions to those problems. What we tend to differ on are the fundamental ways to solve the most pressing problem that most citizens want fixed: traffic congestion. People are tired of sitting in gridlock, wasting time that they could be spending with their families. And businesses want to be able to get their people, goods and services to work and to market in a timely cost effective manner. Yet 83% of the small businesses polled in Washington State oppose the transportation funding package that Democrats forced through in 2005.

    In 2003 the legislature passed a transportation-funding package that we’ve come to know as the “nickel package. ” That package passed with bipartisan support. And a citizen’s initiative was never mounted to oppose that funding package. Why?

    The nickel package was a very different bill than the one rammed thru the legislature this year. The nickel package had specific projects written into the bill. We knew exactly what was being funded. The 2005 bill is different – the DOT has a list of intended projects but these projects are not written into the text of the bill. You can’t be sure what will get done. This list then becomes a WISH LIST. Citizens know they’ve just given DOT a blank check to spend on whatever suits them. Plus, look at the list. You will be hard pressed to find any projects on that list that result in what citizens are begging for – new general purpose lane miles that will reduce congestion. The opposition website boldly states that this funding package is not about increased capacity – it is about safety improvements. Certainly honorable – but NOT the highest priority of the voters stuck in traffic everyday or for businesses with goods landlocked on freeways not at the docks or in customers hands.

    The 2003 nickel package is finite – that is, when the projects are complete the tax goes away.

    The 2005 package never goes away – it runs for perpetuity. DOT says that this funding package will raise roughly $8 billion over 16 years. But this tax does not end in 16 years. Its like the energizer bunny – this tax just keeps on going and going. It simply raises the DOT budget. Forever.

    I-912 Supporters are not opposed to spending money on transportation improvements if they reduce congestion. But this bill does little to improve congestion. Voters are opposed to giving DOT and government leaders a blank check.

    Misleading Myth # 2
    The opposition will tell you that those who signed the initiative petition and those who vote for I-912 are mind numbed robots, blindly following the rantings of conservative talk show hosts like some cult followers drinking poisoned Kool-Aid. They say we are the “NO to everything” crowd.

    These were thoughtful citizens moved to action by their concerns. They were willing to step outside of complacency and the “go along – get along crowd” to do the right thing.

    This is not a partisan issue. What we see is bipartisan support for the initiative. Democrats, Republicans and Independents signed the 912 initiative petition in record numbers. Democrat legislators knew voters would not like this legislation so rather than draft legislation acceptable to the people they attached an emergency clause to it. The emergency clause eliminates the citizens’ right to a referendum. Referendum petitions require only one half the number of signatures that initiatives require to be validated and put on the November ballot. Organizers only had 30 days, to get at least 225,000 signatures to validate the initiative. Much to everyone’s surprise, this initiative hit such a strong and vibrant chord with the citizenry that over 420,000 signatures, nearly twice and many as were needed, were gathered in just 4 short weeks – from unpaid volunteers. This is simply unheard of.

    The transportation funding bill was a moving target when it passed. Two competing bills were being thrown around by the majority Democrats, changing from minute to minute. Something was going to pass because the Democrats were in control and had the votes in the legislature to make it happen. It came up for a vote on Saturday, one day before the Sunday end of session. It purposefully failed, but in so doing the Democrats learned what they needed and who they had to lean on to make it happen. Sunday was filled with changes and back door deals and promises. I doubt anyone outside the Democrat caucus had a full understanding of the details of the bill when it was slammed through at the last minute on Sunday night as the session ended.

    When citizens take the time to wade through the fog and confusion the opposition has created surrounding this transportation package and actually look at what was passed by the partisan legislature they quickly become advocates of I-912. That’s what happened to me.

    As a fiscal conservative, I was initially torn between supporting a tax increase (which I nearly always oppose without corresponding efforts to cut or prioritize spending) and the need for more money for transportation dollars. I bought the line that “we have to do something!” and that since the tax was essentially a user fee it was at least a tax that only affected those who use the roads and those users were treated equally. But as I stepped back to look at the bill that had secretly morphed its way through the legislature in its last minutes I saw the reality of what passed. This was a bad bill.

    This is a bad bill and wise watchful people know it. That’s why they support I-912.

    Misleading Myth #3
    Opponents of the initiative will tell you that if this initiative passes, we’ll have no money to fix our transportation problems. Christine Gregoire says she has no plan B if this initiative passes.

    This is extremely and intentionally misleading. This initiative only addresses the gas tax portion of the funding package. It does not affect other portions of the bill – new vehicle weight fees, nor increased license fees for light trucks, nor increase fees for motor homes, nor increased fees for drivers licenses, nor increases in diesel fuel taxes. In short over 40 % of the funding coming from this funding package will remain – over 3.2 billion dollars remain unaffected by this initiative – roughly the same amount of money raised by the 2003 nickel package. And we see 2003 nickel package projects just beginning all around us. Despite the misleading TV commercials of the anti 912 campaign – there will be a lot of money – $3.2 billion (yes that’s Billion with a B) that will be left to spend on targeted projects to relieve traffic congestion. If they will do the right thing and PRIORITIZE.

    So this initiative is not really about taxes at all. People will support taxes if they believe they will get what they need for their money. People are not opposed to paying for roads. They are opposed to diverting their money away from general purpose road pavement to pay for 11 ft wide bicycle lanes, sound walls, overpasses for animals, and pork projects like a commuter train station in Stanwood where a commuter train doesn’t even go.

    This initiative is about stewardship. About removing some of the funding so that transportation leaders have to PRIORITIZE which projects are most important to achieve the mandate of the people: the goal of reducing transportation congestion. Given blank checks government never prioritizes. This initiative, when it passes, will hopefully require government to prioritize and listen to the will of the people.

    Misleading Myth #4
    There is a specific list of projects this money is targeted to fund and they will be completed on time and under budget because the new DOT Director is all about accountability. Besides, there is $3 million in the bill for performance audits. They keep waving the list. A partial list is posted on the DOT website and in the anti I-912 campaign literature.

    First of all, as already noted, the list is not in the bill. And this WISH list of projects to be funded is extremely Seattle centric – including two major mega projects – replacing the 520 floating bridge and the Alaska Way Viaduct. Neither of these replacement projects add any new general purpose lane miles by the way – they are simply replacements of already over capacity roads. Let’s not even talk about 520 for a moment – let’s just talk about Alaska Way.

    One of the reasons you can tell that this is a WISH list is that 5 months after the bill was slammed thru the legislature, no one has determined yet how the Alaska Way Viaduct project will be done. If the viaduct is replaced as Christine Gregoire is suggesting they are estimating a 2 billion dollar price tag. But Seattle government leaders are drooling and wiping their chins at the thought of tapping into that transportation money. If a tunnel is built, as Seattle mayor Nickles hopes, the price tag jumps to $4 billion – about half of the total amount that is projected to be raised by this funding package. Seattle, of course, would like this option because the tunnel could be used to replace a deteriorating seawall and they believe it could be a boon to economic development and tourism on the Seattle waterfront.

    Of course, what citizens want is congestion relief not another new restaurant or curio shop on the Seattle waterfront. If the bridge is simply repaired seismically for safety the cost drops to around $800 million – 5 times less than the tunnel plan. If the goal was relieving congestion – more lanes would be added. That’s not even in the cards. If its really safety, as the Keep Washington Rolling campaign website claims – a faster, simple $800 million retrofit should be the highest priority. But that hasn’t even yet been determined. DOT will make that decision.

    By passing I-912 and limiting funds leaders will be required to prioritize and do what businesses and private individuals have to do everyday – find solutions with the highest cost/benefit ratio that will meet their goals. And whether their goal is safety or relieving traffic congestion – it does not include diverting transportation dollars to fund city of Seattle development projects.

    If the WISH list were anything but that DOT would have a concrete plan. The initiative will force DOT and leaders to reset priorities to accomplish the goals of the people – congestion relief.

    Closing remarks

    The Anti I-912 campaign has raised over 2.5 million dollars to try to defeat this grassroots initiative. Where did this money come from? Who are these people who are opposed to this initiative? Those opposed to the initiative are the usual suspects when it comes to raising your taxes: BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS, BIG LABOR BOSSES and CONTRACTORS WHO WOULD BENEFIT ECONOMICALLY FROM THE CONSTRUCTION. The average donation to their campaign is over $9,000! On the other hand, the initiative is supported by thousands of average voters who understand the economics and logic of the initiative – the average donation to the YES on I-912 is $38. This is a classic David versus Goliath, small guy against BIG guy struggle.

    In September the state of Oklahoma had a very similar gas tax repeal initiative pass by an over whelming margin of 87 – 13%. Projections in this state predict that I-912 will pass by nearly a 60 % margin. A KING 5 poll taken in September showed that only 41 % of likely voters would vote no on this initiative and that 70% of likely voters believe the state will not spend the gas tax money responsibly.

    I urge you to consider the facts. I urge you to vote your conscious – to do what is right – make DOT prioritize and focus their dollars on projects that do what voters overwhelmingly want – build projects that relieve traffic congestion.

    I urge you to vote YES
    on I-912 the No New Gas Tax Initiative.

  29. 32

    yearight spews:

    Belltowner-24 ‘You only consider income taxes.’

    Payroll taxes are completely separate and are dedicated Social Security and Medicare. If you want to evaluate relative tax burden for these programs you must also factor in the payout demographics, as well as how much the various sectors will get back out of the system upon retirement. With the disability stuff factored in the system is actually quite progressive. (Even with all those rich folks getting SS and Medicare coverage.)

  30. 33

    Yankee spews:

    Wow IDGAF, ya got my vote. I might reconsider if the Seattle money didn’t make me pay for the Narrows bridge all by myself plus make me pay for their viaduct and bridge…

  31. 34

    yearight spews:

    headless lucy-30 ‘They only need to find a way to eliminate 1% of the population.’

    Done. Actually closer to 10% over the last 30 years since Roe. 30 million out of 300 million.

  32. 35

    seadog spews:

    Yearight…what Licy is talking about is eliminating the top 1% and miraculously distributing their wealth and income to the lower 20% or whatever number.
    So that would be 500 Million from Tereeesa Heinz-Kerry, couple Billion from George Sorros, etc… etc…

  33. 36

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Comment by Belltowner— 10/26/05 @ 11:50 am

    “Income taxes, right? You’re not considering payroll taxes, which are capped, adn which are paid by middle income and poor folks. You only consider income taxes. Which would be stupid, right?”

    See lucy’s original claim below, income taxes was clearly stated. Why would only considering income taxes to refute someone’s claim about income taxes be stupid? I’m not sure what you are arguing here.

    Comment by headless lucy— 10/26/05 @ 9:17 am

    “The lowest 40% of the working people of the U.S. pay 20% of the income taxes. “

  34. 40

    Janet S spews:

    Clarification on my earlier comment:

    HOV lanes are fine during rush hour. I shouldn’t have implied they aren’t useful. But, we don’t need more, and they should be available for general use during non-rush hour times. But, they are not a solution to congestion.

    The market place is going to solve some of the problem of rush hour congestion. More people are working from home, and avoiding commuting all together. Now if government would just figure out how to stagger their worker hours, we could reduce traffic by over 10%. We could also make government services more available to taxpayers when they can actually get there, which isn’t necessarily between 9-5, Mon-Fri.

  35. 41

    yearight spews:

    Belltowner-37 ‘SS taxes are used to buoy the budget, and are not saved but spent’

    We agree on that!

  36. 42

    Larry the Urbanite spews:

    Janet, ur making a little more sense now (which is scary, frankly). But back to your original comment about “Let’s put together a package of road projects that understands people drive their cars.” Which means building more roads, right? Which means more traffic. How about this instead


    Think of it as evolution in action: People who don’t adapt will be the dinosaurs.

  37. 43

    Janet S spews:

    If WSDOT starts making ads that are as annoying as the “I’m Susie’s vote” that are coming from Sam Reed’s office, the whole thing will be a failure. Those ads are so patronizing! What a joke that taxpayer money is being spent to insult my intelligence.

    Sorry, but cars with a single person are here to stay. I have no options to carpool or ride the bus. Haven’t I heard that spending 6% of the transporation budget in the right places could reduce congestion by 30%? But it won’t happen because there is this mindset against cars in King County. Except for the elite, who of course need their cars. And drivers, if you are Ron Sims. And paid parking, if you are the Seattle City Council.

  38. 44

    yearight spews:

    Finally, some lefties with real convictions.


    Still a bit weak in only suggesting warning signs, and very political with the signs only in the event of I-912 passage.

    OK, Goldy, where is the so-called leaders in the local and State government? Gregoire, Simms, etc.

    How about a real vigil?

  39. 45

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Janet @ 38 – HOV lanes are a demonstrable total failure. The idea was to encourage people to carpool. Look at who’s in the carpool lanes…. people who would be driving together anyway. Skilled trades guys going to a job in their truck. Mommies taking chirrens to school or soccer practice. Few if any new carpools are formed to take advantage of carpool lanes. It’s time to declare the experiment a failure.

    Instead, HOV lanes should be converted to Lexus Lanes with dynamic pricing during rush hour that keeps them moving. If the HOT lanes gets jammed up, the price goes up to weed out those who aren’t willing to pay. If someone needs to get somewhere on time, and they gotta get there, they would have the option to pay premium price to get there. Why should the single mother with minivan full of chirrens get where she’s going when time is not a factor, and the guy who has a job and pays all societies bills sits there stuck in traffic.

  40. 46

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    From the link (Comment by yearight— 10/26/05 @ 3:54 pm):

    “It is unconscionable and immoral to continue to expose the motorists to such well-documented public safety hazards, without at least providing proper notice.”

    If the AWV is truly a “well-documented public safety hazard”, Governor Gregiore should show some real leadership and close it down immediately.

  41. 47

    the hapless liberal spews:

    I will wager that Mr Cynical drives an SUV, perhaps a Hummer, varoom, varoom, and in the window is a gun rack, too bad that he took the first stich, in this thread, and then he unraveled (he shut the heck up), but he does seem to appreciate when he is outgunned; oh, do any of the regulars know if Mark the Redneck has ever written a comment without using the F word? Maybe he has a hotkey on his computer.

  42. 48

    the hapless liberal spews:

    My apology to Mark the Redneck, I just read the thread on Dino “leadership is not sticking your finger in the breeze” Rossi; Mark commented, but without the F word; my question is answered.

  43. 49

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    hapless liberal—
    Actually I walk and ride my bike almost everywhere I need to go.
    My car gets 25 MPG. I don’t have a gunrack…..just a bow and arrow. My gun is in a lockbox under the front seat.
    I strongly believe in the 1st Amendment AND even more strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment…..especially knowing assholes like you lurk in the shadows.

  44. 50

    the hapless liberal spews:

    Hey, as a member of the NRA and a strong supporter of our state constitution, that gives a broader right to bear arms than the Federal protection (that has never been held to cover action by the state), I take umbrage.

    bow and arrow? a longbow or compound? a bike? two wheels or three?

  45. 51

    klake@ spews:

    It may take generations, but eventually it will occur to the many that they don’t need to attack armies and governments and corporations to win. They only need to find a way to eliminate 1% of the population.

    Comment by headless lucy— 10/26/05 @ 11:55 am

    Headless Lucy they put people institution who make commints like that, you might read Mein Kemp, it will help you make your dream come true.

  46. 53

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “My gun is in a lockbox under the front seat.” — Comment by Mr. Cynical— 10/26/05 @ 6:22 pm

    Just what we don’t need — another half-cocked paranoid wingnut driving around with a gun under his front seat.

  47. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    I’d like to see Mr. Cynical fighting off a gang of muggers with his bow and arrow. I really would. I’d pay money to watch that!


  48. 56

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The last animal that laughed at my bow and arrow has his head mounted and is staring at me from on my wall!!
    And the rest of him has been turned into steaks, roast and sausage!
    Rabbit sausage????
    Hell, you are probably a little on the tough side Rog….only good for stew!

  49. 57

    madison spews:

    everytime i’ve gone over the hill [that’s eastern wa slang for driving from e-burg to seattle] i always see cars with one person either in their lexus, mercedes, bmw, etc get their butt in the HOV lane. i thot the HOV was for car pools.

  50. 58

    the hapless liberal spews:

    Hey Cyncial, could I come over to your house, I have neer seen a rabbit, staring from the wall; rabbit sausuage must be an acquired taste, I know it tastes like chicken.

    Madison has a point but how did he get into this thread

  51. 59

    Ezkémo spews:

    Re 21: The bottom 50% of taxpayers are , by and large, corporations. Would you reinterpret the data in light of this observation?

  52. 60

    Janet S spews:

    Ezkemo – corporations don’t pay taxes. They collect them, and pass them along to the government.

  53. 61

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Comment by Ezkémo— 10/27/05 @ 7:57 am

    “The bottom 50% of taxpayers are , by and large, corporations. Would you reinterpret the data in light of this observation? ”

    No, the statistics provided are for individuals, if you would have bothered to go to the links provided you would already know this.

  54. 63

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Comment by Janet S— 10/27/05 @ 8:02 am

    “corporations don’t pay taxes. They collect them, and pass them along to the government.”

    Sorry Janet, you’re wrong. Corporations pay the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes on employee wages. C-Corporations (most big corporations) pay taxes on income as well.

  55. 65

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Comment by Ezkémo— 10/27/05 @ 8:30 am

    “Did you include FICA witholding in your calculations?”

    No, the discussion was of income taxes. FICA is a payroll tax.

  56. 66

    klake@ spews:

    klake @ 49

    Hey klake, do they also put people in institutions who start wars on false pretenses, authorize torture, and out CIA agents? I have an idea, let’s put Shrub in THIS institution:

    Comment by Roger Rabbit— 10/26/05 @ 9:33 pm

    Wabbit your friends also voted to support that War and they didn’t put JFK or LBJ for starting a war under false pretenses, and the CIA agents didn’t need LBJ support or permission to torture the Viet Cong. Please next time get a better picture of Leavenworth my eye site is failing. Oh by the way a friend of mine had the privilege to read Jane Fonda mail before she did. The question of the day is did Jane betray her country or not? What did Kerry talk about with the North Vietnamese in Paris? Should we revisited the Leavenworth solution for everyone or a slected few? I’m game are you? Please give Headless Lucy a big hug for me. God Bless and over look my poor spelling, Goldy filter doesn’t have spell check.

  57. 67

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Comment by Ezkémo— 10/27/05 @ 8:32 am

    “So, CF, you would not consider a corporation to be an individual person?”

    That is correct.

  58. 69

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Roger Rabbit thinks he’s a stud cuz he claims to have had sex with his grade school teacher.
    Normally I would applaud Rog for his manliness……except for one small detail…..
    Roger Rabbit was HOME-SCHOOLED!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Roger Rabbit had sex with his grade school teacher…..only problem is Roger was home schooled.
    That there is funny stuff…..I don’t care who you are!

  59. 70

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    “Comment by Ben Schiendelman— 10/27/05 @ 9:53 am”

    “CF – perhaps you should check out that fourteenth amendment?”

    Your comment makes no sense. From my previous comment, I would not consider a corporation to be a individual person. I’m not sure how the 14th Amendment contradicts that stance.

  60. 71

    A.A. spews:

    Wow, people are jerks. But I already knew that. Anyway, I would think that if a protest was crushed to death in an earthquake would rather prove our point, though I know some sadistic fucks in the suburbs and exurbs would be thrilled that some of their fellow Americans had died horrible and painful deaths. That’s probably why they’re so cool with 2000 soldiers dead in Iraq.

    Were people not watching the hurricane Katrina coverage? Uh, that’s what happens when you don’t invest in infrastructure. People die. And the Feds sure as hell can’t bail you out. We’re on our own here. I don’t want Americans to die because we wouldn’t pay to fix infrastructure that is clearly leathal.

    Oh hey, and let’s BUILD THE MONORAIL. Fuck those jerks in other parts of the state who don’t want to invest in anything around them. Let’s invest in our city and make it a real city. Of course then people need to stop cheating the system and registering their cars outside of Seattle even if they live here. Republicans don’t have a monopoloy on being selfish cheats, you know.

  61. 72

    the hapless liberal spews:

    Mr Cyncical: you may have stuffed rabbits on your living room wall, and ride a three wheeler,
    but your dig that Rabbit was home schooled is the funniest comment in this thread, maybe the whole damn blog.
    I understand PeeWee Herman is planning a comeback, you could sign on as a joke writer.
    Though AA ‘s line, that we should build the monorail, is very funny too.

  62. 73

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    hapless lib–
    I must confess….I stole the joke from Larry the Cable Guy.
    Forgive me Lord….and bless all the Pygmy’s in Africa!
    I am particularly upset with Rabbit when I found out he is always using the Cripple’s stall in the Men’s Room.
    Rabbit does it cuz he likes the extra size for his harem of MaMA Bunny’s.
    But most of all, Rabbit likes them bars on walls. Rabbit is so full of shit, he likes them bars for “power-squeezin” when he’s all constipated up!!!

  63. 74

    Ben Schiendelman spews:

    Build what monorail? It’s a scam, haven’t you figured that out yet? They’re spending more money than they get just on advertising and their own paychecks – they’re a hundred million in debt based on the same tax revenues they have to build a system on, and they haven’t even got a contract.