WaPo: “Reichert’s time may be up”

Washington Post political blog The Fix has bumped WA-08 up a couple notches to list it as the 17th most likely US House seat to flip parties this November:

17. Washington’s 8th (R): Every Republican strategist we talk to insists on the one hand that Rep. Dave Reichert is the only GOPer who could possibly hold this Seattle-area seat but on the other acknowledges that Reichert’s time may be up. Barack Obama at the top of the national ticket is bad news for Reichert, as the Democrats’ presidential candidate will roll up the vote in metropolitan Seattle. Darcy Burner, who took 49 percent of the vote in 2006 against Reichert, is, by all accounts, an improved candidate. The political environment is everything in this district. If Obama wins big in the 8th, he is likely to carry Burner along with him. (Previous ranking: 19)

Yeah, but then what do you expect from an amen blogger like Chris Cillizza?


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    The Real Mark spews:

    Darcy can’t win this race. Reichert can lose it, but Darcy can’t win. Like Obama, she is an empty (pant)suit with only the “wind” of Bush’s negatives at her back.

    Improved? Perhaps. Getting a Red Cross “Advanced Beginner” swimming card is an improvement in her case. If your entire resume is “community organizer” (aka head of homeowners’ association) and Microsoft manager (Vista is probably her fault), the only direction to go is up.

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    Upton spews:

    In what way is Burner “improved”? She cares about toxic toys? Swell. Reichert has name recognition in the area that is generally positive. Trying to win solely by tying him to Bush isn’t going to be enough.

    After that poll you showed yesterday, I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever that Burner can pull this off.

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    demo kid spews:

    @1: It’s great for you to say that Burner is an empty suit, but look at who you’re defending. Reichert is a tool! He got into the position because he was a sheriff on a murder case with name recognition. That’s it. And if you could provide at least one example of where he provided better leadership than Burner probably would in any situation, I’d be more sympathetic.

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    Puddybud spews:

    I can see why Goldy posted this thread. He had to post sumtin positive for Darcy Moonbat!

    BTW she us still running against Bush and not Reichert.

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    Puddybud spews:

    demokid@4: Most politicians are elected due to their actions in another arena. Some are dumped like Tom Daschle when he voted Moonbat and is constituency was conservative. Many times politicians forget they work for their local people and not the national party.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Darcy rocks! Darcy hugs rabbits. Reichert can’t say that. After 3 1/2 years in office Bellevue’s do-nothing congressman still hasn’t hugged a rabbit.

  7. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 Tell that to the guy who voted for local interests when his party leaders told him to.

  8. 10

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Why We Need A New Government (Reason #1,025,677)

    Associated Press reports:

    “WASHINGTON — Social Security officials, concerned about the risk of identity theft, are calling for immediate action to remove Social Security numbers from the Medicare cards used by millions of Americans.

    “Medicare officials have resisted the proposal, saying it would be costly and impractical. …

    “Charlene Frizzera, chief operating officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, played down the risk of identity theft from the misuse of Medicare cards. If the government issued new Medicare cards or identification numbers, she said, it could startle or alarm beneficiaries: ‘We don’t want to scare them.’

    “Frizzera, the Medicare official, said the agency would need three years to plan such a move and eight more years to carry it out, she said.”

    (Quoted under fair use from the fishwrapper.)

  9. 11


    The Real Mark @1 – You, with your racist, idiotic, hateful agenda, could be the most experienced politician the world has ever seen, but you wouldn’t have a chance in hell of winning election to the 8th because your experience would mean nothing because of your racist, idiotic and hateful agenda.

    This is the people’s House we’re electing a representative for. Reichert had no political experience 4 years ago, but the voters thought he would represent them better than Dave Ross back then. The climate in the 8th has changed since then, and Burner now represents the issues of concern to the voters of the 8th better than Reichert. If Reichert could get elected with no experience in 2004, a smarter, more politically savvy Burner can this year.

  10. 12

    YLB spews:

    Reichert has experience all right – with a nautilus machine, hairspray, a blow dryer and fumbling a serial murder case.

  11. 13

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey lookie here everyone one the clueless idiot “Eye on Perversion” is back @12.

    Tell us “Perverted Eye”, looks like you champeen of “Eye on America” Les Moonves is the second highest paid CEO of 2007 @ $67.6 MM. Where is the gnashing of teeth for this Moonbat! lover? He hired Katie Couric and we see where SEE BEE to the Excess (SEE? BS) Evening News, Bill Burkett’s favrit station is now!

    I’ll wait to see headless lucy come with his standard hate the rich screeds. Well they live in Donkey land too.

    Hey, if bybygoober and his father Pelletizer (of the Texas Chainsaw fame) are allowed to pollute every thread, so can little Ol’ Puddy.

  12. 14

    Puddybud spews:

    Daniel K@11: You wouldn’t know racism if it came up bitch slapped and branded you. Get out of dodge with you crap. Look up those wonderful comments from VW and KY Donkey after Heilary won those states. That’s racism idiot!

    I for one ain’t gonna premature ejaculate and call Reichert a winner. But I want to see the proof the 8thCD has changed when the latest poll has him winning. You like Pelletizer try to throw shit and see if the fan is engaged. Well Puddy is calling you on it.

    What 8thCD issues has Darcy Moonbat! exposed? Where is her position on traffic congestion, over building, CAO, rich people, poor people, schools etc.? Sure we know all about her Iraq positions, but what has she told the local folks about her view of WA State? All I’ve read are some retread statements probably handed to her by Donkey Congressional Leadership. Sure I saw the “Responsible Plan” for Iraq but what is her responsible plan for the 8th CD?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Withdraws From ‘Election’

    After weeks of repression, intimidation, and violence by Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe’s thugs, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai today withdrew from the June 27 presidential run-off election.

    Tsvangirai easily won the initial round of balloting on March 30 despite widespread election fraud by Mugabe’s ruling party. A run-off was supposed to be held within a month but Mugabe postponed it to give his goons time to suppress the opposition.

    Since then, at least 85 opposition activists have been murdered, and people living in pro-Tsvangirai areas have been rounded up and herded to “political meetings” by armed militias. In recent days, Mugabe has stated he would use military force to retain power if he lost the election.

    Zimbabwe has an 85% unemployment rate and a 100,000% inflation rate. Many Zimbabweans have become expatriates, fleeing the country to live elsewhere.

    This is what America might have been like if Karl Rove had succeeded in establishing a GOP dictatorship here.

  14. 16

    YLB spews:

    LMAO!! The eye’s on YOU PSillyman and your right wing bullshit.

    I don’t watch TV News. I live off the net. I read a variety of views even some on the right who show some semblance of thinking unlike you and your Murdoch, Moon, Scaife, etc. bullshit.

    Moonves should pay his taxes at the fiscally responsible rate Bill Clinton set back in the 90’s when the budget was balanced. Everybody’s going to need to pay their fair share to stave off total disaster or at least deaden the severe pain that’s almost sure to come due to the idiots you helped put in charge.

    Fuck you very much for that.

  15. 17

    YLB spews:

    I for one ain’t gonna premature ejaculate

    LMAO!!! Your whole record here has been a premature ejaculation!

    From the beginning you wanted to gloat over a right wing victory. Last real one was 2002. 2004 was the beginning of the end for the right wing.

    Now look at what you’re reduced to – hoping Barack Obama will break the glass ceiling for black right wingers. Dream on Sillyman.

    Out of the mainstream views will only sell in out of the mainstream places.

  16. 18

    YLB spews:


    Sorry – the top 1 percent pays at the rate Bill Clinton set back in the 90’s. You know the rate you said would bankrupt the economy and did just the opposite. They got the money, they get to pay for letting Chimpman run the country into the ground.

    Capital gains taxes go up. Flipping paper chits should be taxed at the same rate as labor or in my opinion higher. Let capital do what it’s supposed to do – increase productivity and throw off jobs.

    Tax rates on the middle class stay the same or ease off a bit. We haven’t had a raise in 30 or more years. We’re tapped out. It’s our kids who fight and die in endless recreational wars started by and for neo-crazy right wingers. We’re tapped out. It’s time to end the stupidity, bring the troops home and begin the healing.

  17. 19

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Roger @ 15:

    Zimbabwe is one place where I wouldn’t mind seeing a little military action. Given the proper preparation, I think a SEAL Team could take care of it in about 30 minutes. Mugabe is the living embodiment of the quote, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” While we have every right in the world to complain about the excesses of the Bush Administration, we should be happy that at least Dumbya hasn’t tried to kill off large segments of his own citizens like Mugabe has.

  18. 20

    I-Burn spews:

    @19 BJ thank you for injecting at least a small measure of reality into the RR world-view. Not that it’ll take, mind you. But it’s good to know that not all of you leftie types are quite so rabid…

  19. 21

    rhp6033 spews:

    I’m all in favor of the ineffective, Bush tool Reichart being thrown out on his ear. Seems all the professionals in the political world are betting this will happen.

    But I’m concerned that Burner hasn’t started spending her money yet. Given the local media’s willingness to parrot Reichart’s press releases as “reporting”, it’s important that she get her message out to those who don’t read political blogs. It’s hillarious that Reichart still trying to run as being an “independent” & “green” Republican.

    I think once she starts spending some money to let everyone know the real Riechart, his numbers will start to evaporate.

  20. 22

    correctnotright spews:

    Reichert has already been shown to be NOT independent. The few “independent” votes he took were after the results were already in and after he voted WITH Bush on the important amendments.

    As to whether Reichert is “green” – the only major environmental legislation that
    Reichert supported against Bush was ANWR – expect him to cave on that one soon.

  21. 23

    The Real Mark spews:

    DK @ 4

    Reichert could well be a “tool” (or not). The fact is that Darcy brings zero to the table. While some candidates (on both sides of the aisle) bring leadership or business savvy or some other talent, Darcy would only take office for one or both of two reasons:

    1. She is merely not Reichert.

    2. She is riding a tide of anti-Bush sentiment.

    OK, the Dems could try and stuff the ballot box again, too, but people are watching this kind of thing more closely. I heard that something like 400,000 bad registrations were purged from the state voter lists. (Guess a great number of ACORNs won’t grow into Dem trees…)

    Like Obama, Darcy is basically a “throw the bums out” candidate and brings nothing real to the table. One good thing is that those kinds of candidates are often (but not always) one-termers. If you believe that the incumbent is bad, the election of a Darcy works kind of like a wildfire in the forest: a bad thing happens for a short time, but gets rid of underbrush so that something actually good and new and green can grow there after the bad thing is over. Sometimes voters realize that the emperor has no clothes and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t, and the Darcy candidate stays, you sadly end up with nothing but scorched earth.

  22. 24

    Daddy Love spews:

    14 Pud

    Where is her position on traffic congestion, over building, CAO, rich people, poor people, schools etc.?

    Maybve you haven’t been paying attention. Darcy Burner is running of US Representative from the 8th CD in Washington. Somehow you do not seem to understand the role of the federal government in local affairs.

    Traffic? It’s a state, city, and county issue. She can, and will, support local funding from the FED, but otherwise not really her business.
    Over-building? I am not even sure what you mean, but I am sure that Darcy Burner will support tax policies that do not favor real estate interests that are the backbone of Republican governance and to which Dave Reichert is a slave.
    CAO? Huh?
    Rich people? For them, except where their interests disavantage the rest of us. Against tax policies that favor them over the rest of us.
    Poor people? For helping them, and for tax policies that equitably favor the poor.
    Schools? Local issue, but I am sure Darcy Burner would (a) vote for adequate federal funding for schools, and (b) would vote to fix the many, many problems with NCLB.

    But other than that, I am sure she takes no position. That you know of. Because you don’t look.

  23. 25

    YLB spews:

    (Guess a great number of ACORNs won’t grow into Dem trees…)

    So much right wing bullshit, so little time. The number of registrations ACORN was fined for recently wasn’t anywhere close to 400k, maybe not even 2K

    And if ACORN is so “radical/far left” as right wingers love to paint, why would the registrations be for the Dems? Why not the Greens, SWP, the CPUSA or some other party?

    Stuffing the ballot box? No proof that happened whatsoever. 2 million plus dollars of Republican money before a Republican judge in a Republican county could not prove it. Right wing delusions surely die hard.

    Lovely, more of Surreal Mark’s, knee-jerk, “centrist” bilge.

    And Darcy Burner brings a brain to the table. A brain that enabled her to work through Harvard and land a responsible job at a very demanding Microsoft not to mention coming very close to sending Hairspray Dave back home to Auburn.

    Apparently a brain is not a requirement for the Surreal Mark kind of voter – proficiency with a nautilus machine, hairspray and a blow dryer will suffice – oh, following the RNC line is essential. Incompetence at investigating murders and administration of a Sheriff’s department can be ignored.

  24. 26

    Daddy Love spews:


    Yes, Darcy Burner is “not Reichert.” And you know what? We NEED “not Reichert.” We need “not the same old Republican assclowns in office.” You bet your ass.

  25. 27

    The Real Mark spews:

    YLB @ 25

    I didn’t say that ACORN was responsible for ALL of the fraud. 2,000 is quite a number, though, don’t you think? Or is this like Goldy’s “kids will be kids” defense of underage drinking?

    Regarding your second comment… The Far Left HAS taken over the Democrat Party. If the DLC still had power, Hillary would be the nominee.

    The Republican lawyers foolishly put all of their eggs in the “proportional” basket. That was bad trial strategy. The fact that Dean “Mr. Voter Fraud” Logan is now facing a lawsuit in LA County should be a hint that not everything in KingCo Elections was kosher.

    Being critical of an “empty (pant)suit” candidate has nothing to do with my political affiliation. She fails on her own merits.

    You have no proof of Darcy having a brain. Did she graduate Harvard? Sleep with someone to get in? What, exactly, was her job at Microsoft? Loading the soda fridges? Or, as I mentioned earlier, was she the one responsible for Vista? I know people at MS and have been there on business over the years. I’ve seen plenty of barely-competent “managers” running meetings.

    I wasn’t analyzing Reichert. I’m simply saying that Darcy’s ONLY way into office is as “not Reichert.” Though I think it would be funny to see Darcy even TRY to hold an office like Sheriff. Visions of Don Knotts and gun-fumbling come to mind.

  26. 28

    YLB spews:

    27 – The exact number is 1762 give or take 55. But what was the motivation? According to Dan Satterburg it WAS NOT to throw an election. The ringleader was trying to get a better paying job with ACORN so he tried to cheat his way in.

    The people who actually sat around the library filling out forms were making 8 dollars an hour. Real Soros money flowing there.

    All of this of course is lost on a right winger. They committed voted fraud! Yes, they did but it was due to taking the law lightly not due to any intention to interfere with an election.

    ACORN elicits so much hatred from the right wing. I conclude it’s probably because they try to sign up poor people to participate in elections. Moveon.org does the same focusing on younger middle class people. Pretty easy – the more people lose their apathy and participate in elections, the more the right wing loses. Anyone who signs up people to vote who doesn’t kowtow to the RNC is very deeply hated by the right wing.

    Ha! and The far left has taken over the Dem Party. The CPUSA has taken over, the SWP has taken over, Kos (a former Republican) has taken over. Poor DLC and their corporate sponsors. I thought Hillary was “far left”. Now’s she’s a “centrist”. Whatever.

    Logan has not been convicted of anything. McKay, the U.S. Attorney, looked pretty hard at the 2004 election and saw nothing to warrant prosecution. Whatever trouble Logan is experiencing in LAC, either real or imagined on your part is no proof, not even a “hint” that he did anything wrong here in KC. Your argument is fallacious on its face.

    A brain. Can’t you freaking read? Burner WORKED her way through Harvard. She had jobs at Lotus and Asymetrix (Paul Allen’s company). You know anybody who works as a lead Program Manager at Microsoft? No dummy does that job. And no, she was not responsible for Vista, you ignorant fool, she was responsible for marketing the .NET server line.

    Sleep with anyone? You certainly do get carried away with those knee-jerk right wing fantasies.

    Yes, Burner has to connect with the concerns of the voters of the 8th in order to win. She made a very good case in 2006 and came very close. The political makeup of the district keeps changing and she might pull it off this time. All lost as usual on the knee-jerk right winger.

  27. 30

    The Real Mark spews:

    YLB @ 28

    For one, that is Satterburg, a Dem, commenting. Two, even if that is true here, ACORN has been busted elsewhere for voter fraud, too.

    Yes, the Far Left that controls the Democrat Party DOES make Hillary look like a centrist. Everything is relative. And why would the Central Pasco United Soccer Association want anything to do with the whack-jobs at the DNC? (All jokes aside, you still haven’t defended Obama’s association with the New Party in Chicago.)

    Not impressed by pseudo-titles. She was not in charge of .NET in any capacity. Her job was to shmooze ISV’s, point them to Microsoft resources and take their feedback to the developers.

    Just like the “Executive Vice Presidents” at local banks who are really just branch managers, Darcy needed a title that would encourage ISV’s to give her the time of day. She tried the same stunt by saying she was a “Microsoft executive” (a line that Goldy and gang bought hook, line and sinker).

  28. 31

    YLB spews:

    30 – Yeah, I guess to a knee-jerk right winger Satterburg would be a “Dem” no matter what letter was next to his name on the ballot for KC Prosecutor. That’s what happens when a Republican deviates from the right wing line – he automatically becomes a Dem. Kind of reminds me of Tom McCabe calling John McKay a “Democrat” in his letter to Doc Hastings.

    ACORN busted elsewhere? Yeah that’s true – by Republican right wingers just before the 2006 election in Missouri as I recall. Nicely timed to influence a close election.

    I won’t talk to you any more about Burner after the “sleeping” remark. We know where your head’s at. Either she convinces the voters of the 8th she can represent them or not. From my perspective, Dave’s not doing a bang up job of it and after seeing him embarrassing himself every time he opens his mouth – if the 8th thinks he’s their man, they must truly deserve him.

  29. 32

    The Real Mark spews:

    YLB @ 31

    Seems like Goldy’s holding any posts that challenge his mistress’ favorite candidate’s resume.

    Well… My held post covers:

    1. I admit that I mixed up Satterberg with Ladenburg (a Dem).

    2. I gave you a long list of states in which ACORN has committed voter fraud.

    3. I comment on how you avoid any discussions when you run out of talking points.

  30. 33

    YLB spews:

    32 – One thing the right wing does very well is invent myths and implant them as “truth” in the minds of their followers. Any attempt to temper these myths with truth is met with extreme cognitive dissonance.

    One year after the contentious 2004 election, it is clear that politically motivated law firms and organizations leveled unfounded allegations of fraud against ACORN with the goal of tarnishing the community group’s reputation and inhibiting its work. In recent months, three highly publicized legal challenges brought against ACORN staff have been dismissed or withdrawn for lack of evidence. In Ohio, a lawsuit funded by the conservative Free Enterprise Coalition and litigated by the law firm of Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick collapsed on October 28. Two Florida lawsuits, based solely on claims by convicted felon and ex-ACORN employee Mac Start and litigated by Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Adler of Fort Lauderdale, were dismissed with prejudice. Stuart admitted to making false statements against ACORN.

    “This outcome is vindication for our dedicated staff and volunteers who worked around the clock in the 2004 election to make sure the voices of low-income Americans were heard,” said Tamecka Pierce of ACORN. “The conservative groups who leveled false charges should be held accountable – this kind of harassment is clearly designed to intimidate community groups who register people of color.”

    Further, criminal investigations responding to allegations of voter fraud recently ended in Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio after finding no evidence of wrongdoing by ACORN or any pervasive voter fraud. In Wisconsin, U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic, a Republican appointed by President Bush in 2004, concluded, “We don’t see a massive conspiracy to alter the election in Milwaukee, one way or another.” In Ohio, a year-long federal, state, and local investigation ended with no federal indictments. “Our investigation is closed. No one was charged…the federal investigation is closed,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Edwards in Cleveland.


    Very few vote fraud cases make it into the courts because in court the prosecutor or plaintiff has to PROVE its case. Litigation takes time and money. It’s much easier to spin myths and brainwash followers so the propaganda can be timed to turn out the base for an election.

    ACORN is an easy target. It’s constituency is low-income people and consequently it lacks resources to effectively fight back against well-funded right wing operatives in and out of government.

  31. 34

    The Real Mark spews:

    YLB @ 33

    If/when Goldy releases my post, you will see a list of over a dozen states where ACORN workers have been committing fraud. But, in typical Dem fashion, you make them out to be some sort of saintly victims: “ACORN is an easy target… constituency is low-income…”

    ACORN is also a heavily-funded activist organization under the Democrat Party umbrella. They have all kinds of staff and lawyers (like Obama!). They’re not some Pioneer Square homeless shelter.

    Besides… in your little world, can ANYONE on the Left, shy of Stalin/Lenin (if even them), do any wrong?

    I note that you STILL ignore things for which you have no talking points. Obama / New Party? Obama / Khalidi? Darcy’s pseudo-title vs. actual responsibilities?

  32. 35

    YLB spews:

    34 – The greatest crime ACORN has committed to the right wing mind is convincing people that they should reject apathy and care about getting politically involved. ACORN has registered well over a million people to vote. I’m sure you consider them all fraudulent but of course you feel no need to prove this.

    I’ve never heard of the “Democrat Party” so I have no idea if ACORN is “under their umbrella” or not.

    If you’re referring to the “Democratic Party” then I’m pretty sure ACORN has no direct relationship with that party. Maybe if ACORN was given the choice they’d support Democratic party candidates over the “GOP” Party but all I know is what I read in the right wing opinion sites. From that perspective it seems more likely they’d support the Greens, the CPUSA or the SWP and the like over the Dems or the “GOP” Party (the preference of Dino Rossi).

    You say they’re “heavily funded” but give no details. I’m disappointed. I was expecting an attribution to the hand of Soros.

    Can they do wrong? Yes, in ACORN’s case they laxly supervised the fellow here in Puget Sound who submitted phony registration cards to KC and Pierce. They were fined heavily for it. An expensive mistake. It’s definitely not in their best interest to repeat that mistake.

    Now can right wing politicians and operatives in and out of government make mistakes? Apparently not. They can bring prosecutions and lawsuits against organizations like ACORN that are dismissed with prejudice and overturned on appeal but they don’t seem to pay much of a price for that except in money which is provided by the taxpayer or right wing benefactors in buckets.

    New Party? Like ACORN, fish in the sea. If you’re a community organizer you deal with people involved in the community. You don’t turn your nose up at those on the Surreal Mark naughty list. Ditto for Khalidi. If you want to do that just go the DLC route and shmooze with well-heeled folk from the corporate world. I’m sure that meets the “centrist” seal of approval.

    Darcy Burner’s business experience, title? Your assertion. I’ve seen no support for it. I think Burner has demonstrated the smarts to represent the District. You think she slept around. End of story.

  33. 36

    The Real Mark spews:

    YLB @ 35

    Uhh… yeah. Soros and his related organizations (e.g. Democracy Alliance) HAVE given a fair amount of money to ACORN.

    re: New Party. Really? So you’d be all fine with a Dem candidate who actively associated himself with CPUSA? New Party is Marxist. As for ACORN, Obama has directly worked with them for many years and is close to the leadership of the organization.

    I didn’t say Darcy slept around. I ASKED because she is, by all impressions, an intellectual lightweight. As for what her job entailed, you can check out her personal MS blog. It is still up.

  34. 37

    YLB spews:

    36 – Silly Mark, guilt by association doesn’t work. There’s no evidence that Obama supports any out of the mainstream views or ideology aside from the views of the senior leadership of AIPAC or the authors of the recent “compromise” FISA legislation.

    Last time I looked, mainstream Americans do not support war with Iran or their government spying on them without cause or judicial oversight.

  35. 38

    Steve spews:

    @36 “New Party is Marxist.”

    And your mother’s a commie-fascist! Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!

  36. 39

    John425 spews:

    The Democrooks could run George Washington at the top of the ticket and Burner would still lose. Give it up. She’s a dilletante.