McCain wins WA caucus… sorta

It looks like Sen. John McCain, the GOP’s nominee apparent, has managed to squeak out a narrow victory in Washington state’s Republican caucus… but there’s not much for McCain to cheer about in the numbers:

Huckabee23.7 %
McCain25.5 %
Paul20.6 %
Romney16.5 %
Other1.1 %
Uncommitted12.7 %
(87.2% of precincts reporting.)

You’d think just days after McCain’s Super Duper Tuesday victories, the GOP’s putative nominee might be able to secure a tad more than a quarter of the vote in what is, let’s face it, not exactly hillbilly territory, yet he barely even managed to edge out rapture-ready Mike Huckabee. But that’s not the worst of it. 16.5% of WA Republicans caucused for Mitt Romney despite having dropped out of the race, while 21% went for Ron Paul despite, well, him being Ron Paul. And 12.7% of Republican caucus goers — some of the party’s most dedicated and active members — proved so disaffected that they pledged “uncommitted”. Way to rally around your nominee folks.

I know national polls have consistently shown McCain to be the GOP’s most viable candidate, but it’s hard to imagine a Republican victory in November without an enthusiastic base. And with a few points of turnout differential enough to make the difference in close races, down-ticket Republicans should be feeling awfully nervous right about now. (Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Dave Reichert.)

Even in the Republican caucus it looks like Democrats came out the winner.


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    slingshot spews:

    What’s up with the total turnout numbers being reported on the local newscasts? With most of the votes counted they’re claiming only about 40k total votes cast between Obama and Clinton. Hell, there were that many people crammed in a porta potty at my polling place.

  2. 2


    Incredible. McCain gets 25.5% and, yet, 30% cast protest votes (i.e. go for Romney, Other, or Uncommitted). And the protest vote doesn’t even include Dr. Paul, who comes within 5 points of McCain!


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    Richard Pope spews:

    I bet a lot of the “Uncommitted” delegates were Mitt Romney supporters also. Romney would have easily carried the Washington caucuses, if he had only stayed in the race. Of course, a lot of Romney supporters stayed home today, or decided there were better things to do with their Saturday afternoon. But enough of them went anyway to give Romney a pretty decent showing in spite of things.

  4. 4

    Richard Pope spews:

    The Washington state GOP sure took long enough to post their results. And they still have only 87.2% (updated as of 10:55 p.m.), despite the fact that relatively few people attended their caucuses, and that they were over with many, many hours ago:

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Slingshot @ 1

    Those totals are for precinct delegates elected, not voters attending precinct caucuses. The actual voter turnout is probably enough over 200,000 for the Democratic caucuses statewide, and maybe 30,000 (40,000 tops) for the Republican caucuses.

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Here is a bizarre method of choosing national convention delegates: Louisiana Republican Party.

    Louisiana has 37 GOP delegate positions. 20 delegates are potentially chosen through the primary. This is a winner-take-all process, but only if a candidate receives over 50% of the vote in the primary.

    Mike Huckabee was the highest vote getter in Louisiana, but had only 43% of the vote. This means that NO DELEGATES were chosen by today’s Louisiana Republican primary whatsoever.

    Instead, all 37 delegates will be chosen by a state convention of Louisiana Republicans. (Had there been a 50%+ winner in today’s primary, then only the remaining 17 of the 37 delegates would have been chosen by the primary.)

    The state convention delegates were chosen by a caucus-sort-of-process on January 29. Republicans could file to be state convention delegates. Voters who had been registered Republican for at least 60 days were eligible to vote. All the candidates for state convention delegate were placed on a ballot in alphabetical order, with nothing on the ballot indicating which presidential candidate they supported. There were a handful of locations in each congressional district where the caucuses were held — sometimes a voter had to drive 30 or more miles to a caucus location. The top so-many vote getters in each congressional district became the state convention delegates.

    So now these state convention delegates get to choose all 37 national convention delegates at some point in the reasonably near future.

  7. 7


    “Sen. John McCain, the GOP’s nominee apparent…”

    I know it’s been apparent to the press.

    I’m not so sure, and these results are a good indication why. I think the “anyone but McCain” vote has been fractured. Having the field narrow to Huckabee and Paul allows the anti-McCain vote to consolidate.

    I think the nomination for the GOP is still much more open than believers in “inevitability” would like.

    And, yes, I suspect (along with Josh Marshall) the increasingly long delay in the report of final results is a possible sign Huckabee pulled it out in the end. Which would mean both Clinton and McCain got swept today.

  8. 9

    Richard Pope spews:

    Wow — I looked at the King County GOP website. Their headline is: “Turnout for Republican caucuses exceeds all expectations in King County”. This impressive turnout was 4,195 Republican voters in all of King County.

    How impressive is this turnout? Let’s see. King County had 2,553 precincts (at least as of the November 2007 election). So this means that an average of 1.643 Republican voters per precinct caucused in King County. Truly impressive!

    I would suspect that the Democratic turnout in King County is at least 20 times greater than the Republican turnout. In my precinct, BEL 48-0140, 41 Democratic voters showed up for the caucus. While the 48th LD does have three Democratic legislators (like most other King County LD’s), the 48th LD also has one of the highest concentrations of Republicans (and lowest for Democrats) of any LD in King County. So probably the average Democratic turnout per precinct is somewhat higher than 41 in King County as a whole.

    Obviously, Democratic voters do not outnumber Republican voters by anywhere near 20 to 1 in King County. The disparity in caucus numbers simply shows how very little enthusiasm Republican voters have for any of their presidential candidates.

  9. 10

    Richard Pope spews:

    I would also think that this turnout of only 4,195 Republican voters for precinct caucuses is somewhat smaller than the number of allowable delegates that could have been elected from the 2,553 precincts in King County.

    First of all, every Republican PCO is an automatic precinct delegate — assuming they bother to attend and lead their own precinct caucus. There are something like 700 Republican PCO’s in King County — used to be several times this many, but the number declines every election.

    Second (in addition to the automatic PCO delegate, if applicable), each precinct gets to elect at least two delegates (and two alternates). Often, a precinct is entitled to more than two delegates, if there is a sufficiently high amount of Republican voting strength.

    So this would mean that King County Republicans could have chosen over 5,800 precinct delegates — 700 PCO’s, plus at least 5,100 elected precinct delegates.

    As it was, at least 1/3 of the GOP precinct delegate slots in King County went unfilled — simply because zero voters or hardly any voters showed up for a given precinct caucus.

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    Jim spews:

    Poor Senator McCain.
    He got bleeped by the Republicans in 2000 and the Bush stink is still there. Kinda like when you drive over a skunk and the car stinks for a long time.

    McCain deserves better.

  11. 12

    Sam spews:

    The Republican’s only hope this year has been a “backlash turnout” against a Hillary nomination by the Dems. That last little GOP point of light is dimming rapidly now. It looks like most of them are ready to crawl back into their burrows for another 4 years and see what happens.

  12. 13

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    Pope — I’ll further speculate that more still-loyal Republicans signed into Democratic caucuses than Republican ones.

    I know at least some did around here, just for the chance to spite Hillary.

    I suspect many more did that east of the Cascades. I’ll even speculate there was an organized effort in Columbia County (pop. ~4000), where Obama ruled 15-to-1.

    Radio this morning says McCain is ahead by 200 (votes? delegates?), with 96% counted.

  13. 14

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    Doesn’t the Republican WA primary count for 50%? So all the donkey bellyaching over who won this or that will come out on Feb 19.

    What? Republicans crossing over to screw with donkey caucii?

    Too funny.

  14. 15

    YLB spews:

    The reasoning of the insane Coulter/Limbaugh whackos like pbj is elect Hillary and the wingnuts will have the White House back in 4 years.

    Elect someone like McCain and Republicans won’t have the White House for at least a generation.

    So this is why pbj caucused for Hillary. What do you think of that Stupes?

    It doesn’t make all that much sense but these are wingnuts we’re talking about.

  15. 16

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    Clueless Idiot@15: Interesting question. Did your son help you compose it?

    To answer: We on the right are not mind numbed robots as the donkey party members are. We can think for ourselves and do what we think will promote real cnservative ideals.

    I also think you are being a little stupid (what’s new) in your commentary as you were so gung-ho when democrats crossed the line to vote for McCain vs Romney in earlier primaries.

  16. 17


    only half of the GOP delegates will be decided by the caucus vote yesterday. The other half gets decided by the Feb 19th primary.

    The WA Dem party is ignoring the Feb 19th vote, thus all of the delegates will be decided by the results of the caucus yesterday. This makes the ballots sent to Dem voters meaningless.

    Except, voters who did not participate in the caucus could vote for Huckabee instead of wasting their vote on the Dem primary. McCain may have eeked a narrow win yesterday (*may* being the operative word), but “uncommitted” voters could tip the scales and make sure The Huck pulls out a big win on Feb 19th.

  17. 18

    slingshot spews:

    Richard Pope @5, Thanks for the clarification-that’s what I expected. However, I’d sure like to see the total turnout numbers posted along with the delegate totals. The national press (the liberal lame stream media) is using the delegate count on their broadcasts, as well. It doesn’t make sense to use those figures without an explanation, IMHO. The delegate count has significance only for Washington state. The exceedingly high Democratic turnout nationwide is really the biggest story this primary season, and it has to have the Republican upper echelon in a state of panic.

  18. 19

    YLB spews:

    16 – You come here full of insane paranoia about Hillary and then one of your own goes to caucus for her.

    LMAO at YOU! and your miserable, corrupt, self-destructing party!

    And as for your son:

    Make sure he trains to operate an MRAP. I hear they’re safer than armored Humvees, unless you’re a gunner.

  19. 20

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:


    Awww pooor poooor baby. He didn’t like my answer. Why should I criticize pbj, you never criticize any of the 16%ers here? Besides to parrot your words “I don’t take orders from you”.

    Slingshot has is right “(the liberal lame stream media)”

  20. 21

    YLB spews:

    20 – I hated your answer so much I’m still LMAO!!!!

    at YOU!!!!

    You don’t have to take orders from me Stupes (not that I gave any).

    I sure don’t take orders from you!


    Go on tell me to dance to your tune! Play the music. Tell me to denounce HL or some such authoritarian bullshit. Go on! and while you’re at it, bark some orders at Goldy.


  21. 22

    correctnotright spews:

    @20: Puddy – so what do you make of the big Obama victory in Washington state? (and Nebraska and LA)

    I was predicting Obama – but even I didn’t think it would be 2-1 – I was thinking more like 60-40 at best (I believe 58-42 was my prediction).

    the last polls had it 50-45 Obama – but somehow Obama does better in caucuses… he has won 8/9 caucuses.

    I think Obama has the momentum now. I got over 10 robocalls from Gary Locke and others asking me to vote for Hillary – instead I swayed the independents in my caucus to go for Obama (went from 4-1-1 (1 clinton, 1 undecided) to 5-1 Obama).

  22. 23


    Richard @9,

    I’m pretty sure those numbers must represent precinct delegate totals, not caucus attendees.

    It is curious though that while the Dems have publicly estimated turnout (about 200,000) we’ve heard nothing specific from the R’s. Which leads me to suspect that it was pathetic by comparison.

  23. 25


    Any chance of one of the bloggers here doing analysis piece on the part the Democratic super-delegates may play in the race from this point forward? There are so many angles to this story. It’s all so very intriguing. Even though they’re only around 40% of the total, being party elected officials, they’ll benefit Clinton more than Obama. Why do I have the fear that somehow the fix is in, and the grass rooter’s voice will be ignored by the party higher ups. Isn’t one of the reasons for super-delegates to ensure that less experience and “more extreme” candidates like Obama don’t put a monkey wrench in the works? (And no, I personally don’t believe Obama is extreme or inexperienced, but I do believe the party establisment wants Clinton, and will do everything in their power to make sure she’s the nominee).

  24. 26

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    I asked the same question in another thread regarding StupidDelegates Maria CantThinkWell and Patty Where’s My Sneakers Slurry. Will they have to defect to Obama or ignore the will of FUWA and stay with Heilary.

    Only in the donkey party do you have preannounced StupidDelegates.

  25. 27

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    It’s the donkey party, the fix is in Troll…

    Didn’t you notice DustinJames – from White Center telling us how many Heilary supporters live there? And Rujax! is uncommitted – which figgers with a dull knife mind such as his… and the really funny thing is metaphorically they are neighbors.

  26. 28

    correctnotright spews:

    The republican party in Washington state is going under. The republican party is losing support due to the national disgust with bush and also due to the poor candidates and right wing agenda of the Washington state party.

    Washington state has fared better than many other states on the economic front – and it has had moderate democratic leadership now for over 10 years.

    We still need a state income tax (of course, the only way that should happen is if the sales tax is completely abolished) to even out the uyps and downs in the current system (including the regressive sales tax). We should also get rid of the BO tax and use a corporate income tax – and we should tax Boeing (and other companies, but Boeing gets special “rights”) for every outsourced job and product. Companies should have to pay for shipping our jobs somewhere else.

    Boeing’s biggest mistake was trying to get the new plane parts made everywhere else and then shiiping them to Everett for assembly – the quality control was not there and now they are paying for the lost and delayed orders because they have had to fix all the problems from overseas.

  27. 29

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    Correctnotright: Obama is surging… Watch for the “fix” in Virginia. Did you read what ex-guvnur Douglas Wilder said about BillyBob.


  28. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Huckabee crowd is crying foul. It seems they don’t trust their fellow Republicans to count the votes.




  29. 34

    correctnotright spews:

    It is strange that Washington state republicans stopped counting at 87% of the vote…and declared McCain the winner. What are they hiding? and this is the party that claimed voter fraud in the governors race? You would think they would be sensitive on this issue????

  30. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I want to hear Mike explain to a national debate audience why he sprung a rapist from jail who went on to murder two women, then lied about strong-arming the parole board into releasing the guy.

    I want to hear Mike explain to a national debate audience why he thought the rapist deserved clemency because the little girl he raped was a Clinton relative.

    I want to hear Mike explain to a national debate audience why he fired the Arkansas state police chief for refusing to coverup an investigation of Huckabee’s son’s role in the lynching of a stray dog at Boy Scout camp.

    Yes, I want this scumbag to be the GOP nominee — because he’s so perfectly in tune with the character of the Republican Party, and so the seamy corrupt GOP will be utterly destroyed in this election, never to rise again.

  31. 36


    My God John McCain seems old. I’m watching him on TV. Is he 72? It’s scary thinking about him as president. I’m listening to him speak. I don’t see any original thoughts. It just seems like he’s parroting the Republican party position, word for word.

  32. 37

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @9 “Obviously, Democratic voters do not outnumber Republican voters by anywhere near 20 to 1 in King County.”

    I’ll bet they do now. After 7 years of Republican fraud, mismanagement, corruption, lying, and lawbreaking the voting public is walking away from the GOP in revulsion and disgust.

  33. 38

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 I find it interesting that nobody was interested in crossing over the screw with the GOP caucii.

  34. 40

    Richard Pope spews:

    CorrectNotRight @ 34

    Maybe not. The Washington GOP results say 6,235 out of 7,150 precincts reporting — at least CBS News say this (since the WSRP website merely say 87.2% of precincts reporting).

    This could simply mean that no voters whatsoever showed up for the Republican caucus in 915 precincts — so these precincts will never “report”.

  35. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @15 Wingnuts caucusing for Hillary — ya gotta love it!! Looks like the GOPers are showing their true colors now: White bedsheets.

  36. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @20 “you never criticize any of the 16%ers here”

    This is a liberal blog. If you’re looking for a wingnut mass jerkoff, try Stefan’s pathetic little blog.

  37. 44

    Richard Pope spews:

    Goldy @ 23

    Okay, those probably are delegate totals for the King County Republicans. But, as I said before, 4,195 delegates from 2,553 precincts means that at least one-third of the Republican precinct delegate positions in King County went unfilled due to the lack of voters attending.

  38. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 “somehow Obama does better in caucuses”

    Obama’s campaign has targeted caucus states, whereas Hillary’s campaign targeted primary states. In addition, Obama generally is going after smaller states while Hillary is concentrating on big, delegate-rich states. As of this morning, Hillary is still ahead in the overall delegate count. And, while Obama is doing well with activists who attend caucuses, he has yet to demonstrate that he can consistently win in the voting booth. This is a glaring weakness of his campaign. Winning caucuses doesn’t really tell us much about his electability in November.

  39. 46

    correctnotright spews:

    @40: either way it is bad:
    Either they are not counting some votes or 13% of precints didn’t even have anyone show up.

    Republicans are in trouble and they can’t even get behind their presumptive nominee. Only 1/4 of Wahington republicans voted for McCain. 3/4 prefer someone else. I just don’t see McCain generating any enthusiasm. Even Hillary has more ardent supporters than McCain. It seems as if McCain is the presumptive nominee by default….
    How is he going to run? I will fulfill Bush’s third term except I won’t torture – because I have seen what it does.

  40. 49

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Man the righties have real problems. They’re voting for candidates who have dropped out of the race – that’s how much they dislike their man McCain. Man this is going to be beautiful.

  41. 50

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    N.B., you wingnuts have no standing in the Democratic Party. How we choose our candidate is none of your fucking business.

  42. 51

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @49 Beautiful like an exploding star. Boom! A flash of multi-colored light! Then — fade out to eternal darkness. Nothing there. Just empty space. And a huge black hole from which no atom of matter, no ray of light, ever escapes again: Eternal imprisonment in a gravitational force so strong it crushes the very laws of physics into non-being. In other words, annihilation.


  43. 52

    correctnotright spews:

    @45: RR
    Obama started off way behind nationally and has kept increasing his momentum. Hillary started off as the presumptive front runner and despite being tough and battle hardened is starting to lose to Obama. Her support is broad but weak and easily swayed. Obama does better against McCain and has less negatives. As Obama continues to win – Hillary loses the inevitability meme – and loses the electability factor. The democrats best chance against McCain is Obama – and he has withstood the Clinton attacks and is still surging. Obama attracts the moderates that Hillary does not.

  44. 53

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    UPDATE: At least one Republican political operative is now an Obama delegate to LD and County level.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he makes it to State.

  45. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @36 The GOP had a taxidermist stuff McCain years ago, and what you’re hearing is pre-recorded speeches from 1981.

  46. 55

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @52 I don’t think Obama is as well prepared to govern as Hillary is. He will compromise with the Republicans too much. What’s the point of winning if he gives away the store? But, in any case, getting back to the point I was making, Obama has yet to demonstrate that he can consistently win in the voting booth. That’s the thing to watch for. If he beats Hillary in the big primaries still ahead, he will be the nominee. If he can’t, he shouldn’t be the nominee. What matters now is not how many states he wins or even how many delegates he wins but whether he wins primaries.

  47. 56

    Richard Pope spews:

    RogerRabbit @ 45

    “As of this morning, Hillary is still ahead in the overall delegate count.”

    Well, CBS News has Clinton ahead of Obama by 1,122 to 1,120 in the total delegate count. This includes Clinton’s edge of 211 to 127 among declared superdelegates.

    There are something like 54 delegates from contests that have already been held, who have not been allocated because all the numbers are not available (such as breakdowns by congressional district, where the math can be complicated, or incomplete returns — remember how long final tallies take in Washington, where we have mail-in ballots — okay, that doesn’t apply for our caucuses, but it does in some primary states).

    So if those 54 delegates are allocated to candidates, then Obama is probably ahead in the count right now.

    In any event, Obama will probably be ahead in Clinton in a few hours, after the results of today’s Maine caucuses — where 54 delegates are at stake — are made clear.

  48. 57

    Richard Pope spews:

    Whoops — I meant to say that 24 delegates were at stake in today’s caucuses in Maine.

  49. 58

    pbj spews:

    I don’t think Obama is as well prepared to govern as Hillary is. He will compromise with the Republicans too much. What’s the point of winning if he gives away the store?

    In other words, your version of John McCain.

  50. 59

    pbj spews:


    Well just based on my caucus observation, about 95% of the people for Hillary were women. If Hillary can keep the woman vote, she wins.

  51. 60

    pbj spews:

    For the record, I was offered an alternate delegate spot. But it was so obvious Obama would win, I passed.

  52. 62

    Richard Pope spews:

    I think the total statewide GOP caucus turnout was around 20,000 actual voters.

    I found info on uSP for the actual turnouts in Pierce, Clark and Cowlitz Counties.

    Pierce County had 1,946 GOP voters in all but the 29th LD. (These voters elected 711 precinct delegates from this same territory.) The GOP fellow reporting from Pierce County said that the 29th LD (a helluva Democratic stronghold) had 140-150 Republican voters, but for some reason the tally sheets had not been added into the totals yet. This makes about 2,100 Republicans turning out in Pierce County. Pierce County has just over 11% of the total statewide voters, which extrapolates to about 20,000 statewide.

    Clark County had 1,395 people attend Republican caucuses, with 858 precinct delegates elected. Clark County has just under 6% of statewide voters (and is a relative stronghold for the GOP), so this also extrapolates to about 20,000 statewide.

    Cowlitz County had 400 people attend — a figure that a county GOP leader called “record-shattering” — and elected 300 Republican precinct delegates. Cowlitz County has just under 2% of statewide voters, so this also extrapolates to about 20,000 statewide.

  53. 63


    59: “Well just based on my caucus observation, about 95% of the people for Hillary were women. If Hillary can keep the woman vote, she wins.”

    Not necessarily. Because there’s a difference between the demographics of a subset, compared to the demographics of a whole.

    I observed the trend that Clinton voters are overwhelmingly women, too, at my caucus. But the Obama contingent was at least half women… and larger in the first place.

    Just to use an extreme example, to show the problem: Imagine an election, with only 100 people voting. 95 vote for one candidate, 5 vote for another. All 5 are women. That’s 100% “of the people for” that candidate — but it doesn’t help.

  54. 64


    Today Hillary Clinton said both the position of president is both the hardest job on earth, and again she repeated she’ll be ready on “day one.” What a pompous ass. I doubt even Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, or Kennedy would have had the arrogance to make such a bombastic statement. And what the hell does even mean? “I’ll be ready on day one.” Because she was the spouse of the person who was president, now she’s automatically an expert at that job, herself? That’s not confidence, that’s arrogance, and it’s also a lie.

  55. 65


    I think Hillary would make an excellent office manager. She’s competent, efficient, and detail-oriented. Me, I want something more from my president. I want someone who will take this country in a new and better direction. Hillary is nothing more than a politician. She doesn’t inspire me. She doesn’t give me hope. I don’t think she’s a leader. She’s merely a manager.

  56. 66

    correctnotright spews:

    @58: pbj said:

    RR said:
    “I don’t think Obama is as well prepared to govern as Hillary is. He will compromise with the Republicans too much. What’s the point of winning if he gives away the store?”

    Pbj said “In other words, your version of John McCain.”

    Hillary blew the Iraq war vote (and still hasn’t admitted she was wrong), the earmark vote, the clusterbomb vote – al three were votes or positions that Obama was tight on and Hillary was wrong on.
    Hillary can’t explain her own mandatory health care plan. she has already blown health care once because she micromanaged it and couldn’t explain or sell it.

    People don’t trust her because she puts politics over honesty – she is the one more likely to sell out and give away the store (I don’t see Obama serving on the Wallmart board!).

    Working with republicans does not mean selling out – but we can work with McCain on torture, Paul and Huckabee on getting out of Iraq and any republican on cutting the deficit but not cutting taxes on the rich.

    This is divide and conquer – as opposed to demonize and spew. that is way to defang the republicans. Hillary will get less done and be more divisive – and that is what the electorate is sensing.

    Working with republicnas doesn’t mean giving in to them – it means finding some common ground with some republicans – without being in complete agreement on all issues.

  57. 67

    nancy spews:

    Why did the GOP STOP COUNTING the votes at 87%? Do you suppose if they had continued that Huckabee would have won? Where do you suppose they learned that this is OK–Florida in 2000, perhaps? I hope Huck fights this.

  58. 68

    Richard Pope spews:

    Nancy @ 67

    Those probably are complete returns. The count probably stopped at 87% of precincts, because no Republicans showed up in 13% of precincts for the caucuses.

  59. 69

    correctnotright spews:

    @67: the GOP doesn’t count (not in this state they don’t) – they proclaim.

    Actually, as Richard Pope has suggested, they probably don’t have precincts reporting because there is NO ONE THERE. the poor republican party has probably been outcaucused by the Dem’s anywhere from 5-20 to 1 in this state (Hard to tell but the best guess is over 200,000 dems to around 20-30,000 republicans)

    what is more fishy is how Huckabee was winning and then suddenly was losing and then the vote count just stopped right there.

    In a fascist dictatorship, votes don’t need to be counted.

  60. 71

    Tlazolteotl spews:


    I tell you what. You stop referring to HRC as “Heilary” and I won’t refer to McCain as “Slappy McStain” or any of the other names for him out there in the blogosphere. If you won’t refrain, I’ll have to refer to you as PuttyButt. Deal?

  61. 74

    YRWB spews:


    Stupid is as stupid (PSilly) does. Let Stupes be Stupes.

    You can’t cut a deal with the likes of him.

  62. 76

    eponymous coward spews:

    News flash: uSP bloggers fail to blame Dean Logan for botched 2008 Republican caucus tally. More on this breaking story as it develops…

  63. 77

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    Tlazolteotl asked: “Puddy, I tell you what. You stop referring to HRC as “Heilary” and I won’t refer to McCain as “Slappy McStain” or any of the other names for him out there in the blogosphere. If you won’t refrain, I’ll have to refer to you as PuttyButt. Deal?”

    Is this a veiled threat? Well I could be like a donkey and ask what’s in it for me?

    But since Tlazolteotl means “the Goddess of garbage and filth” or the “eater of filth”, I think I’ll continue to call her Heilary, a fascist NEW Progressive of the early 1900s.

    I’ve been called Puddybutt before so it’s okay garbage eater. Knock yourself out!

  64. 78

    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    Wow Clueless Idiot jumped from YLB to YRWB now.

    Yelling Retard Worthless & Boring