WA-04: Fearing within distance of Hastings

Apparently internal Democratic polling has challenger George Fearing within five points of incumbent Congressman and lump of coal Doc Hastings, R-Pasco. Read more about it at McCranium.

Also, the General reminds us how Hastings did the bidding of Tom Delay when he was on the House Ethics Committee. There was a fine moment in the history of ethics.

If Republicans wish to accuse us of wishing to settle old scores and rub salt in their wounds, well, they would be correct. The perfidy of the last eight years is more than ample justification to throw the lot of them out of every office we can.

The mind simply boggles at the thought of Doc Hastings having to defend his district.

If you would like to provide, say, $25 worth of salt in the form of a last minute television ad, click here. (Yeah, supposedly cable spots over there are just incredibly cheap. More salt for your buck.)