by Goldy, 09/16/2005, 1:41 PM

Democracy for America is hosting an online vote to determine which congressional candidate will receive their first national endorsement of 2006. The candidate with the most votes at the end of balloting will receive a DFA-List endorsement and a national e-mail from DFA’s Chair Jim Dean.

Two Democrats have declared their candidacies to challenge Rep. Dave Reichert’s 8th District seat in 2006… and while I am loath to take sides this early in the campaign, I urge you to go to the DFA website today and cast a vote for Darcy Burner.

The first round of voting closes Saturday at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. Only the top ten move on to the next round, and Darcy is currently ranked eleventh. Since Randy Gordon is not in competitive in the DFA poll, it seems useless to make this exercise a competition between the two of them, and thus deny both the opportunity for some national support.

That said, I like both Randy and Darcy. We were classmates at Camp Wellstone, and I could enthusiastically get behind either one of them… though I’m not yet convinced that either is the right candidate to take on Reichert. So I’ll wait a few more months before I endorse a candidate.

9 Responses to “Vote for Darcy Burner in DFA poll”

1. Mount Olympus Hiker spews:

If either won, it would be good for WA-08. That said, it doesn’t appear Randy has a chance of winning.

2. prr spews:

I’m sorry, was that Camp wellstone or the O.K. Boys Ranch?

3. JCH spews:

“We were classmates at Camp Wellstone.” Er, Goldy, That’s not quite like being shipmates on a Naval combatant, or sharing the same foxhole. You went to “camp” together? Classic!

4. righton spews:

What’s wrong w/ Reichert, or are you blindly a ‘yellow dog democrat”?

5. GBS spews:

@ 4

Reichert and Jim West are long time buddies. Didn’t you know that? Or are you a “Yellow Elephant Republican”?

6. Swift Boat Vets For Universal Healthcare spews:

FYI Goldy…

Randy is now on the list!

7. N in Seattle spews:

Before looking at the current standings, I voted for my college classmate Paul Hodes (NH-02). I was shocked to find him currently in the top 10.

8. righton spews:

gbs; you are a duufus; i voted for Gore. Go try and figure that out (unlike you guys we break the pc rules from time to time)

9. Chris Stefan spews:

For what its worth, I liked Dunn (for a republican at least) and rather intently dislike Reichert.

My big problems with Reichert are:
Goes out of his way to kiss up to the religious wing of the party.
Way too close to the GOP House leadership.
Votes against the interests of his state and district in order to vote with the GOP leadership.
Is potentially involved with the sleazy and corrupt fundraising surrounding DeLay (if nothing else he’s taken their money and hired their friends).

I can think of any number of 8th District Republicans I’d much rather see with that seat than Reichert such as Rossi, or Diane Tibielus to name two.