Von Reichbauer arm-wrestled into returning illegal contributions

My only complaint with PubliCola’s reporting of King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer’s illegal campaign contribution scheme, is that they failed to identify him as a Republican. (Yeah, I know that the Council is now putatively “nonpartisan,” but we all know that’s a load of bullshit. Von Reichbauer is a Republican. Deal with it.)

For his part, von Reichbauer, who was caught soliciting $7,500 in over-limit campaign contributions, had no qualms about generously flinging the party labels:

After being contacted by PubliCola about the matter last week, the state  Public Disclosure Commission contacted Von Reichbauer today and told him he had to return the excess contributions. PDC Spokeswoman Lori Anderson said von Reichbauer, who refused to talk to PubliCola because, as he told the Seattle Times, he believes we’re  an “arm of the Democratic Party,” has agreed to the return the money.

Wait… I thought I was the media arm of the Democratic Party. I feel… I dunno… jilted?

So nice work PubliCola for catching von Reichbauer with his trousers down… but fuck you for stealing my sweetheart.


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What do you expect from someone as dishonest as Von Reichbauer? He’s a turncoat. He originally ran for public office as a Democrat, and after being elected by Democratic voters, screwed the people who voted for him by changing parties after getting into office.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    When von Reichbauer changed parties, he was a state senator, and Democrats held a 25-24 majority in the state senate. His switchover from Democrat to Republican changed party control of the senate, giving GOPers a 25-24 majority, which they subsequently used to block any progress on the state’s pressing problems. It almost makes you wonder if someone paid him, and how much, doesn’t it?

  3. 5

    Daddy Love spews:

    It’s OK. von Reichbauer switched parties and srewwed the people who voted for him, but then the people who voted for him held a recall election that he lost. Asshole.

  4. 6

    sarge spews:

    so the penalty for breaking the law by garnering illegal contributions is…return the money?

    Wow, there’s a big disincentive for you.

    If undocumented workers are “illegals”, than I submit that corrupt, law-breaking politicians are also “illegals”, and a much greater threat to America.