Various and sundry Asian people

Oops. It looks like Pete von Reichbauer has had one of those Cindi Laws moments. The King County Journal reports that the councilman offended several leaders of the Asian-American community when an unfinished draft of his campaign website “accidentally” went live, displaying a list of endorsements that included “various and sundry Asian people”… twenty-one times.

The campaign has since wiped the site clean, but WashBlog has been courteous enough to provide a screen shot as a public service.

Von Reichbauer appeared unfazed by the controversy, displaying an air of bored disinterest, while assuming the buck-stops-somewhere attitude recently adopted by Republicans nationwide.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had a Web site,” von Reichbauer said. “You’ve inspired me to take some interest in it.”

Hey Pete… here’s a little free political consulting for you. The correct answer was: “I’m sorry.”

Von Reichbauer blamed a legislative aide named Viet Nguyen for having a “cute” sense of humor. Nguyen said he and fellow council staffer Joe Fain were developing the site, but that it was a rough draft not meant for public consumption.

Which of course raises another question entirely: um, exactly how many council staffers does von Reichbauer have working on his campaign… and are they doing it on the taxpayer’s dime? Perhaps we can inspire the councilman to take some interest in this issue as well.

As it turns out, Viet Nguyen actually works on the council staff for Raymond Shaw Reagan Dunn. Council staffers working on political campaigns? Hmm. This is exactly the sort of potential scandal our friend Stefan would dive into… that is, if it involved Democrats.


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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Geni Hawkins?????
    Say it ain’t so!!!!
    Yet another shill for big labor….just what KingCo needs.
    Goldy tries to make a big deal out of an ASIAN staffer referring to “Various & Sundry Asians” in a draft website.
    Oh my gosh….the world is coming to an end!!!
    And somehow the implication is that Pvr is a racist????
    It’s a stretch that doesn’t reach.

  2. 3

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    Mr C—

    I read your comments and ideas here and on SoundPolitics… Is this a full time job? Fiction writing is an art…why not use it for making good old-fashioned republican rossi-donating money?

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    Nindid spews:

    Nah, Republicans caught in publishing racial remarks, nah, nothing to see here… move on.

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    Demographa spews:


    I don’t understand. What is wrong with the phrase “various and sundry Asian people?” What should Von Reichbauer be apologizing for?

    I don’t know Von Reichbauer, but I do know Viet Nguyen. He doesn’t appear to be a racist to me.

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    Libertarian spews:

    Nindid @ 4:

    That’s exactly correct. It’s an un-story that won’t matter by the end of the day.

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    Swift Boat Vets For Universal Healthcare spews:

    It’s better than the other website I saw, for Alex Deccio (R) of Yakima:

    Endorsed by:

    Se. Dino Rossi
    Farm Council
    4H Yakima
    “Dirty-assed motherfucking niggers” 30 times!!

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    Mark spews:

    Hey Cynical and Demographa: Where on his post does Goldy say or even imply that DvR is a racist? You guys just see what you want to see, regardless of reality.

  8. 10


    HOnestly, it’s not hard to set up a “test” website to set things up before it’s seen for public consumption (you can even password protect it to truly keep the Google’s and Goldy’s of the world from seeing it).

    Even if you wtite off the racist tinge of the website, you can’t deny that this does reflect on a general laziness and disinterest – two traits I don’t like in my elected officials myself….

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    windie spews:

    my thought is, presuming its true, what did he do to piss Nguyen off so much? Sounds like a nice little stab in the back to me…

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    Felix Fermin spews:

    Thanks, PVR and staffers, for providing the final nail for your political coffin. The 7th is going D, and Hawkins will be an excellent voice for common sense, the environment, high tech, and the working man and woman, when she is elected to the King Co. Council on 11/8.

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    Paul spews:

    OK – Some of you want to let this go? Great. It was a mistake. But then again, why not handle it like a pro, instead of simply letting it slide, while throwing lame excuses around? – – -because PvR does not really care about it and that’s the point. It says so much about who he is and what the party backing him cares about.

    Von Reichbauer is only demonstrating his party’s general orders (which I’m sure Chris Vance tattoos on their butts):

    Eat the young, cannibalize members who are down, take no prisoners, admit nothing, never ever apologize (especially to ethnic minorities – who do they think they are?), win-at-any-cost, be a me-first-er at all times, screw the middle class, and always – always cut taxes while rewarding the wealthy and screwing over the less fortunate. When one is attacked for any of these, trot out the kids and the wife and claim to be “just plain folk” and, of course, blame the leftist media for all the trouble.

    Let’s see, PvR could have said, “This is really unfortunate. I will personally attend sensitivity training with my staff and we will put into place guidelines for “filler” copy on layout pages, designed to avoid insult to anyone. Furthermore, I wish to say that I’m sorry this happened. I will work hard to make sure the Asian community knows my respect for them, as individuals, contributing to my district.”

    OH, well. Guess that’s from another time and another world – – – before the Repugs took it over and turned it all into a campaign corruption and money laundering scheme.

  12. 14


    Big deal.

    Reagan Dunn is the King County Councilor for the 39 Counties. Hence, his staff has to work overtime. I need not say much more.

  13. 15


    Aw s–t.

    I was responding to the end snide comment by Goldy, not the… questionable website posting.

    Apparently, that was a bit much in my book. If I had done something like that, I’d puke.

    All that was missing from von R’s website was him in a scarf flying a red triplane w/ black maltese crosses.

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    Demographa spews:

    To Mark at 9, and everyone else:

    You’re right, I don’t see the word racist in Goldy’s post. however, the KCJ article he links to has the word. Also, most of the posts here do.

    I still don’t get it. If Goldy’s post isn’t about racism, then what IS it about? Again, what should Von Reichbauer be apologizing for?

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You LEFTIST PINHEADS are goofy fuckers.
    Goldy doesn’t have to USE the word racist to imply it.
    Why would Goldy even write this thread if that wasn’t the point he was trying to smear home???
    Gimmee a break—
    So what WAS Goldy trying to point out with this example if it wasn’t racism????
    I’m waiting—This ought to be good.

  16. 19

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    From the link:

    “Nguyen called the King County Journal on Wednesday night and said he was responsible for the current status of the Web site. Nguyen said he and another council staffer, Joe Fain, were working on “a rough draft that was not made for public consumption. I had no idea Joe posted it.””

    Is it racist if an Asian (I assume with a name like Viet Nquyen this person is Asian) was responsible for this? Goldy do you bother reading the entire article or just the first paragraph?


    “As it turns out, Viet Nguyen actually works on the council staff for Raymond Shaw Reagan Dunn. Council staffers working on political campaigns? Hmm. This is exactly the sort of potential scandal our friend Stefan would dive into… that is, if it involved Democrats.”

    You don’t go after Democrats on the type of potential scandals you like to dive into, i.e. Delay indictment vs. Rosen indictment. You’re both partisans, so I’d expect that. I don’t understand why you are going out of your way and criticizing Stefan for being a hypocrite, because in doing so, is you make yourself look like an even bigger one.

  17. 20

    Puddybud spews:

    Well said ConservativeFirst. Many of these LEFTIST PINHEADS on animal hind parts are hypocrites. Been saying that for months now. Welcome to the club! If they only took Fukitol twice daily, their life outlook would improve!

  18. 21

    Libertarian spews:

    OK, here it is at the end of the day, and nothing anyone has said above has really mattered. I’m heading home.


  19. 23

    Mark spews:

    Is it really so hard? Somebody who works for the DvR made a dumb joke — fine under normal circumstances, but dumb when you’re working for someone who is running for office — and DvR isn’t smart enough to just say “sorry, it was a dumb joke and i’ve spoken to the person responsible, etc etc.”. The guy is not politically savvy. That’s the point as far as I’m concerned.

  20. 24

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Every single time Goldy puts his little size 8 slippers way up on his lap and steps on his dick….it immediately becones some farcical humor that those of us who are always RIGHT somehow fail to understand.
    Goldy—you and your ILK of LEFTIST PINHEADS have wore that drum out!!!
    I hope your daughter doesn’t read your blog and get your message that you can say ANYTHING and when someone calls BS on you, your daughter can say “oh, I was just joking!!!”
    Having raised 4 kids Goldy let me tell you if your daughter ever gets that message, she will use it on you and your life will be a living hell by the time she turns 13!!!

  21. 25

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    In regards to his precious daughter, I think he has far more to be ashamed of here than her catching her Pappa in the game of gotcha.

  22. 26

    Felix Fermin spews:

    So you guys teach your kids it is OK to slur various ethnic groups? Somehow I think I’d prefer Goldy as a parent.

  23. 27

    EntropyRules spews:

    The other thing that a lot of folks seem to be overlooking, which strikes me as much more telling, is the bit at the bottom of the page – the dig at his Republican nominating convention opponent, Phil Fortunato. The fake flyer is “addressed” to Phil Fortunato, 1234 Haha Lane, Spanked, WA. At the least, this is childish. Now, there’s always been some question about PvR’s relationship with his fellow Republicans, ever since he switched parties in 1981 (he was a Democrat before that, and switched in mid-term). He votes whichever way most benefits him, and has no compunction about making this kind of snide dig at his own party members when he chooses. The staffers can take the heat for this, but there’s a couple things to keep in mind: one, the Council determines the expenditure of literally MILLIONS of dollars in technology every year – and he didn’t KNOW he had a website?! Two – c’mon folks, there’s no way they didn’t show this to him to amuse him. “Pete, you walk on water”? Puh-leeze.

  24. 28

    EntropyRules spews:

    Oh, and Mr. Cynical – “just another shill for Big Labor”? Huh? Because she’s a WashTech member? WashTech has like 100 members or something. How does that make her Big Labor?