UPDATE: Peter Goldmark still wins

With late ballots strongly trending Republican statewide, flipping several apparent election night Democratic legislative and local wins into the Republican column, there had been some nervous chatter about the narrowing margin in the race for Commissioner of Public Lands.  Well, with Republican incumbent Doug Sutherland trailing by 17,000 votes with less than 100,000 ballots left to count—40,000 of them in heavily Democratic King County—I think it once again safe to proclaim Peter Goldmark the winner.

Still no concession yet from Sutherland though.


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    wes.in.wa spews:

    How many votes from Pierce County? Sutherland has carried Pierce 55:45 in the ballots counted so far — hometown loyalty trumps paying attention, I guess.

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    25,000 left in Pierce, 40,000 in King. But in recent drops, the trend toward Goldmark in King has been larger than the trend toward Sutherland in Pierce.

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    change in time spews:

    This does look very good for Goldmark, but it ain’t over yet. I really want to see Sutherland put out to pasture, for a variety of reasons…

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Are they “finding” more ballots in red counties? Did Mickey Mouse vote in Ritzville? Just askin’ …

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    Particle Man spews:

    A total of 93,535 votes are said to be out there and 51,570 are from counted won by Goldmark. His lead of 16,342 will grow from here on out.
    Sutherland may not have conceded but he did have a big meeting with his staff today.
    This race could not be more over.
    Look for an announcement by noon Friday.

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    Particle Man spews:

    The house race in the 5th flipped on 11/5 from D to R but the R Glenn Anderson was seeking another term.
    Tight races one or two of which flipped at one point in time are Driscoll (D) over Ahern (R) by 63 votes, Smith (R) over Knue (D) by 480 votes and Maxwell (D) over Litzow (R)by 548 votes. These are all House races. The Driscoll race in Spokane county has a few thousand votes yet to count and next reports 11/14 at 6PM.
    I think in the end, the D’s lose a net of one or two house seats and one Senate seat.