Um… anybody wanna run for School Board?

There’s a great job opening that offers long hours, zero pay, and frequent angry emails from the public. No, I’m not talking about blogging (though the description matches)… I’m talking about Seattle School Board. Unlike previous, hotly contested elections, two of three open seats are uncontested, and…

What stumps School Board observers is the District 5 seat, occupied by Mary Bass. Neither she nor anyone else has announced an intent to run.

So… are people really that satisfied with the performance of the Seattle Public Schools, or have we just given up all hope?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my neighborhood school, despite the constant funding shortfall and the apparent cluelessness of a distant, district administration. I come from a part of the country where urban school districts are often little more than holding pens for future prisoners. Compared to cities like Philadelphia and New York, Seattle schools are a paradise.

But that’s setting the bar awfully damn low.

We can do better, and that requires better, more creative leadership. So if you’re interested in running for school board, I’d be happy to hook you up with people who can provide some real campaign advice. But hurry up… the filing period opened this morning, and closes Friday at 4:30 pm.


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    pbj spews:

    There’s a great job opening that offers long hours, zero pay, and frequent angry emails from the public. No, I’m not talking about blogging (though the description matches)…

    Why don’t you run Goldy? I bet you would get lots of radio time.

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    fire_one spews:

    I have a few suggestions for the school board. First, since the largest percentage of increase in pay has been for “superintendents” (pay increases, plus ALOT more superintendents), they (the superintendents) should have to perform, much as Doctor administrators do. In other words, they have to TEACH. At least one class per semester, in order to remain qualified to do there present job. Secondly, we need to take the Seattle school district off the “no child left behind” provision. This means they will lose Fed money, but it removes them from this act which punishes, rather than helps, those schools which are in trouble.

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    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Only 2 hours and 48 min AFTER Stefan posted the same thing on SOUNDPOLITCS.COM… good job Mr “Fast-on-the-uptake”!

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    fire_one spews:

    OT geezus… the PA lieutenant governor goes to a US Marines funeral uninvited, and passes out her business card. With winners like that, Democrats won’t stand a chance next year…

    (sorry … back to the topic..)

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    At least she showed up for the Marine’s funeral, which is more than you can say for Shrub, who steadfastly refuses to attend funerals of the soldiers he sends to their deaths for a lie.

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    David T. spews:

    I am surprised anybody runs for office anymore, with all the abuse you take. Would you want to put up with that shit? I certainly wouldn’t. In 1960 JFK made the statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” That sounds anachronistic now. Listening to one caller after another on talk radio talk about sending “them” a lesson, in which the “them” is their own government, can be very depressing. We elect people to be our leaders than we don’t let them do anything. It’s very

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    windie spews:

    If I lived in Seattle or were Qualified, I’d run. Would be quite the learning experience I bet :p

    Oh, and I can *take* abuse :p

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    thomas spews:

    What…we haven’t privatized these jobs yet? Can’t we spend millions of dollars on studies, and tax people to death, to find out what we already know, but are too cowed by the WEA to do anything about….yawn…

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    We just voted for school board in May. For some reason..everyone and their dog wanted to be elected to that job.

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    Thomas spews:

    and the current system is what….good enough? ok? barely alright? I won’t pretend to know the fix, please don’t pretend you know what won’t work….what happened to having an open….

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    Chuck spews:

    Why do most elected officials nationwide opt out of public schools and send their kids to private schools? Why does John Carlson waste his money to deprive his kids of the “better” public education? Why do the well to do send their kids to private schools? Dont you think it is time to pull your head out with these bullshit reports?

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    klake spews:

    At least she showed up for the Marine’s funeral, which is more than you can say for Shrub, who steadfastly refuses to attend funerals of the soldiers he sends to their deaths for a lie.
    Comment by Roger Rabbit— 7/25/05 @ 3:09 pm

    Hay Roger if you had a brain you would be dangerous. I have pack my bag an went any where our Comander Chief request us to go since 1966. There is no requirement that anyone shows up at my funeral or anyone elses when we lose our life serving this country. As for the Lie that you can be debated till hell feezes over, they all use smoke and mirrors. The real problem is that you folks can’t deal with your own Fears. That’s why you can’t deal with life in general nor resk you life for anyone no matter what the cause is. God Bless the Cowards for with out them life would be boring!

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    K spews:

    It is difficult to get candidates for school board positions for the same reason it is sometimes hard to read the posts in this and other blogs. When there are issues to be decided there’s lots of heat but very little enlightening input.

    I ignore any comments about schools unless the commentor has been involved in the school system. I have put three kids through public schools, have volunteered in the classroom and have served many years on the PTA board. The schools can work if you work with them.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’ll run for School Board. And one thing I will insist on is our kids have a sense of humor and not be like you LEFTIST PINHEADS!!

    And there WILL be a Dress Code. No boys will be allowed to carry a woman’s purse like Goldy does! Nor will boys be allowed to wear Capri’s, like Goldy does.

    I’m back from another couple weeks in Montana where they don’t seem to have many problems like we do around here. I think it has to do with their unabashed love of the 2nd Amendment!

    Did any of you LEFTIST PINHEADS miss me??

  15. 20


    I dont know about you Mr C but I am going to start demanding accountability in our public schools. The school boards better start electing people who know how to put a rubber on a cucumber and they better do it quick. It is bad enough that our students can’t read or write but dammit to hell they better know how to use a condom. If I ever read about another blue dress getting stai… well you get the picture dammit.

  16. 21

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Naah….I was in Bozeman and Missoula…not Kalispel.
    Typical LEFTIST PINHEADS…they need to create a Boogie-man to empower themselves where none exists. We go to play golf in Hayden Lake, Idaho and one of my golf buddies is black. He loves it and has been going for over 10 years. Never hassled…not even once. Plus….the General Manager of one fo the best golf courses is BLACK.

    You LEFTIST PINHEADS continue to create Boogie-men and pump up the idea of massive right-wing hate groups if it makes you feel better. If you stay busy with that, perhaps you won’t notice when the fucking Alaskan Way Viaduct falls down tomorrow as you predict Chicken Little!!

  17. 22

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You obviously put the condom on the wrong “head” prior to your post. Doing so cuts off the oxygen flow to your brain.
    However, a good LEFTIST friend of mine used to tell women they wouldn’t get pregnant even without a condom because he would simply hold his breath cutting off the oxygen flow and killing his spermazoids. He called it the Oxygen Deprivation Method of Birth Control!! Perhaps that is what you are trying to accomplish by putting that condom on the wrong head RUFUS!

  18. 23

    David Neiwert spews:

    Yeah, right, Mr. Cynical.

    I lived in Idaho for my first 32 years, 12 of those up in the Panhandle. I’m sure it was just a bunch of nonexistent leftist boogeymen who vandalized Jewish businesses with swastikas; followed mixed-race children home from school in their cars and issued death threats, who shot and killed a Denver radio talk-show host and robbed 23 banks; who made life hell for anyone nonwhite actually living in the area (not just visiting, thank you) for the better part of 20 years, before they finally faded away — thanks largely to the efforts of a coalition of churches, businesses, and law-enforcement officials who decided to make a stand against them. These were all a bunch of leftists too.

    I’m also sure it was just a similarly nonexistent boogeyman who slashed those people’s tires and barraged them with phoned death threats and followed kids home from school and stood outside people’s houses issuing threats late at night in Kalispell. Because I spent a lot of time talking to those people, and they were pretty sure it wasn’t just a nonexistent boogeyman. I guarantee you that John Stokes’ broadcasts of these people’s home addresses over the local right-wing radio station were not imaginary.


  19. 26

    John spews:

    Gooooo Dave!!!!

    Hey thanks for the links to Rev. Mykeru! Check it out Rufus the Doofus and pbj!

    Yes, I’m sorry to say, I too hold the dubious honor of once being threatened by Lord Spatula, Dallas address and all!

    How sweeet it is!!!

  20. 27

    Chuck spews:
    Intel is building a new chip plant with 1000 new high tech jobs in Arizona…a buisiness freindly atmosphere…dont think Washington was even a runner up, god just think of the fees, taxe bills and red tape we could have gave them, now we get nothing! All this brought to you by the liberals in charge!

  21. 29

    JCH spews:

    Specter may seek probe of Guantanamo
    Philadelphia Inquirer, by Steve Goldstein [Goldy, Another Goldstein! I wonder if this one served in the military? That is, The United States military, Goldy!] WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter said yesterday that he was considering pushing for the creation of a commission to investigate the administration’s incarceration policies at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. “I’m giving serious thought to [a commission]. … It’s a strong measure,” the Pennsylvania Republican said.

  22. 30

    Chuck spews:

    Yes but seemed she had the common sence to stand aside while State Rep. Steve Huffman, a Republican once again championed measures to bring in buisiness. It is good when a democrat can instead of being a problem can stand aside and be part of the solution. By the way, Arizona has pretty decent roads as compared to Washington.

  23. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    There you go again, JCH! Spouting your bullshit that Democrats are the “problem.” Not! Democratic policies created the middle class and America’s affluence, not the other way around. GOP right-wingers are now doing everything in their power to repeal the 20th century and all of its economic and social progress. A philosophy that extols concentration of wealth and dispossession of workers inevitably must lead to economic collapse, because when everyone is working for $8 an hour, there will be no one left to buy the “stuff” that Republicans want to sell. And all wealth depends on finding someone to sell stuff too.

  24. 32

    JCH spews:

    31..RR…….Democrats are not democratic, and Capitalism built this country, not “redistribute” the wealth socialists Democrats……….. “And all wealth depends on finding someone to sell stuff too.” [quote RR] Er, RR, ending the sentence with “too” shows many you need an basic elementary school education.

  25. 33

    W. spews:

    By the way, Arizona has pretty decent roads as compared to Washington.

    Let me guess…that’s because some Democrat had the common “sence” to stand aside for a courageous Republican?

  26. 35

    W. spews:

    Another example of a liberal being part of the problem instead of the solution

    Other than to blame liberals and point fingers, what’s your solution?