TPM gearing up for second “Golden Duke” awards

Talking Points Memo is gearing up for the second annual “Golden Duke” awards, named for incarcerated former Congress-critter Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

I was reminded of this because my prize for nominating former state Rep. Richard Curtis in the 2007 category “Best Scandal- Sex and Generalized Carnality” arrived via UPS today. It’s an authentic TPM media t-shirt emblazoned with their logo and the Golden Duke statuette.

Who says blogging doesn’t pay? So be thinking about possible nominees for 2008. I’m thinking AIG executives are a cinch in some category. Hopefully not that same one.


  1. 1

    Real American spews:

    I nominate Alan Mulally. While, as far as I know, he has never fucked a goat, or been involved in any other scandal inducing, generalized sexual scandal, showed up to represent The Ford Motor Company at Congress with his silk hat in hand, and private jet exhaust in his toupee, to beg for billions of dollars for his company without a plan of how our tax dollars would be spent.

    When asked if he would forgo further compensation for the year as a CEO of a failing company (current paycheck 16 + million dollars) , he stated he was “OK were I am at”

    Bravo, Mullaly! Bravo!

    Author! Author!

    Bush, Cheney and their traitorous minions (Mr. C, Puddy, et all) take a bow.

    Corporate Socialism seems very popular with the neocons now.

    Nooses should be as fashionable.

  2. 3

    ratcityreprobate spews:

    Jon, being from Clark County you have an unfair advantage over the rest of the State what with Joe Zarelli, Linda Smith, Don Benton, Cliff Pluard and Jim Dunn in addition to Richard Curtis.

  3. 5

    correctnotright spews:

    Uncle Ted
    Aunt Sarah
    Third Cousin once removed Ted Young
    First dude
    Second and third dudes
    Plenty of Dudettes

    Yup – it’s gonna be an all Alaska year!

  4. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    How about those federal employees in the oil royalty office taking bribes and sex from oil company lobbyists?