Tim Eyman talks dirty to me

I just finished listening to Jennifer McCausland debate Tim Eyman on the John Carlson Show. As always, Tim was an arrogant, lying prick. Jennifer was well-informed, persuasive and polite. Maybe too polite.

Jennifer heads Second Chance Washington, an organization dedicated to securing permanent funding for treatment and prevention of problem gambling. Tim, of course, represents his own greedy self-interests… and these days, the greedy self-interest of Canadian and Nevadan gambling conglomerates.

I had to chuckle at Tim’s almost-clever claim that I-892 (Slots for Tots) provides “$8 million to $11 million biennially” to treat problem gambling. He’d been claiming $11.5 million annually since day one, and when Mark Sidran pointed out his math error on the Dori Monson show last week, Tim still refused to concede that $400 million times one percent equals $4 million. So now I suppose Tim is saying that he meant biennial all along.

But the ickyiest part was listening to Tim attempt to pander to John by saying I-892 was in the spirit of I-200, the anti-affirmative action initiative that Tim sponsored, but which John shepherded onto the ballot and past voters. Yeah it’s about time us white folk get the same breaks long given to the tribes.

As if listening to KVI didn’t make me feel dirty enough. I need to take a shower.


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    Josef Kunzler spews:

    Folks, Eyman is a manipulator writ large. McCausland is just a caring mom. Go draw your own conclusions.