Tebelius endorses Dixon!

Um… exactly which party’s nomination is U.S. Senate candidate Aaron Dixon seeking?

“We welcome his candidacy,” state Republican Chairwoman Diane Tebelius said.

Dixon, a community activist and co-founder of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party, announced earlier this week that he would challenge Sen. Maria Cantwell on the Green Party ticket… and boy are Republicans excited!

“I think that the Republican Party has learned from its excesses in the past that it’s not good to have a third-party candidate out there who could siphon away votes from their main candidates,” Tebelius said. “So I would think it could be a problem for the Democrats.”

For his part, Dixon seems to totally understand his role in this election:

If both he and Cantwell lose, Dixon said: “I won’t feel bad at all. Maria votes like a Republican.”

Uh-huh. No wonder the National Republican Senatorial Committee is absolutely kvelling over Dixon’s candidacy, ironically suggesting that the way to beat Cantwell is to “challenge her from the left.

Dixon’s entry into the race means that Cantwell is going to have to fight for her Democrat base. He has the potential to peel away liberal votes from Cantwell, thereby boosting McGavick’s.

Sure, I suppose. But first McGavick is going to have to close the gap enough for Dixon to make a difference… something McGavick has so far proven incapable of doing.

Which leads me to believe that the best strategy for both Dixon and the Republicans would be to simply drop the pretense, dump McGavick, and put Dixon on the GOP ticket.

I could swear I just heard Dixon on KUOW say that he was being paid by the Green Party to run for the Senate. Sweet. I could use some extra cash. Perhaps I’ll run for the Green Party nomination too?


  1. 1

    Drivel spews:

    Oink, I imagine you will be moving to South Dakota soon. In that land of Oz, rapists are going to be assured that their damaged genes are carried full term, and the poor female that was the victim will have to live with the scars for the rest of her life. What? You’re not a rapist? Damn, I forgot, you like the Enumclaw type of love, with your pal, RufASS

  2. 2

    JDB spews:

    Jaybo @ 82

    “I guess it boils down to whether a voter stands by their convictions or not.”

    Just remember that being a Republican means having to stand by your convicts:

    We Don’t Wanna Say We Told You So, but…

    What’s the sort of news that can rouse us from our weekend weather intoxication? The arrest of a former White House adviser, of course:

    A former domestic policy adviser to President Bush has been charged with theft for allegedly receiving phony refunds at department stores.

    Claude Alexander Allen, 45, was arrested Thursday by Montgomery County police for allegedly returning more than $5,000 worth of merchandise he did not buy, according to county and federal authorities.

    And, as if it’s even necessary, here’s what we had to say when Mr. Allen resigned abruptly:

    He’s a morality-issues Christian-right Republican. So he’s probably a drug-addicted gambling gay adulterer with illegitimate children.

    We’re not gloating, just pointing out the sad predictability of the Christian Conservative modus operandi. Can’t one of these people get arrested for driving out money changers from a temple or something for once?”


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    BOB from BOEING spews:

    Lucy – I have no interest in changing Boeing. Still union, works fine for me.

    I want to push the R’s out of the White House and the Senate.

    Senate this year. Outside organizing via the ballot box.

    Your getting my ideas tangled. Ref – the Germany of early Nazi days – the mistake was labor and left political parties spent all their effort fighting each other – thus Hitler came to power without the focused and united effort to block him from his natural political opponents.

    That is why Bush wants you to fight gay people – most implauisible threat I can think of, candy ass fags – and NOT his White House. Carl Rove has studied well.

    Fight fear and terror,not Bush, on and on…… this is the strategy of keeping folks divided.

    W E A L L N E E D T O FI G H T BUSH.

  4. 4

    jkk spews:

    Intrigued by the note about Ruth Bennett. If memory serves from my voter’s pamphlet, that was the year she ran for LG on a platform of abolishing the office. That she got the highest third-party vote for such a platform amuses me mightily.

  5. 5

    For the Clueless spews:

    78 – Oink you crack me up. What were you Republican numbnutz’s screeching about in ’97? Only three more years?

    Impeachment is looking really good right now if only for the payback and the simple fact that Bush has committed some real crimes resulting in lots of people getting killed.

  6. 6

    jaybo spews:

    I guess it boils down to whether a voter stands by their convictions or not.

    If you believe all the talk of the Iraq War being a criminal event, then you must vote for the candidate that is against the war or admit that you are a feckless liar and a hypocrite.

    If you are strongly anti-war, your convictions say that you have to vote for Dixon.

  7. 7

    TheDeadlyShoe spews:

    Any side-bets as to whether Dixon gets support from KOS or MoveOn
    He will never get support from either of them. They arn’t stupid.

    Didn’t think that through, jaybo. Under any circumstances McGavick is going to be more pro-war than Cantwell, being a Republican. And a vote for Dixon is effectively a vote for the Republicans. In terms of practical consequences, anti-war voters must vote Cantwell.

    It amuses me that although the Republicans were screaming that it ‘wasnt a vote for war, it’s a vote for peace!’ at the time, they imagine that we would forget. It was never so clear a decision as prowar/antiwar. More of whether you gave Bush the benefit of the doubt or not.

  8. 8

    For the Clueless spews:

    82 – Well, well here we have jaybo get down and dirty with the liberals. How the labels do fly.

    I’m voting for Cantwell. I’ll take her record as flawed as it may be over that of an obscenely overpaid job-exporting corporate flack any day.

    Take your strawmen somewhere else, loser.

  9. 9

    JDB spews:

    Wrongboy @ 72 (aka the guy who’s only bud is his pud):

    So, when Reagan turned and ran from Lebanon after allowing over 200 Marines to be killed had no consequences?

    And what should President Carter have done in Iran? Send in the Marines? I know you are only like 27 and live in your Mom’s basement, but if you are the great geopolitical strategerist that your hours of playing Civilization make you feel, what is your solution to what President Carter should have done? And what do you suggest should have happen in Afghanistan when the Russian’s invaded. I note that Reagan did nothing different.

    Come on, there must be an article by another tinfoil wearing Freeper that you can cite to. You don’t have to be original, wouldn’t want to tax you like that. Just give me a link to the grand solution that you think was right.

  10. 10

    oink spews:

    You certainly work yourself up into a tizzy, don’t you.
    If you want to change things from the inside….perhaps start with you!
    You keep screeching that Bush is the Enemy,,,Bush is the Enemy.
    Got some bad news for ya Bob.
    Bush is President for the next 3 years…
    And then he isn’t running again numbnutz.
    Perhaps your bout with Hepatitis has infected your brain as well as your liver.
    You might want to focus on coming up with an actual legitimate candidate and a platform.
    Hate the other guy rarely works…..especially when he isn’t running again!
    Better yet Bob, keep flapping your skinny little wrists and scrunching up your face in anger…and beating the same anti—drum.

  11. 11

    headless lucy spews:

    re 62: Being a supercilious asshole doesn’t make you smarter or more in the fight than anyone else — “I’m sure”!

  12. 12

    Puddybud spews:

    So JDB@15,

    When Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah, allowing the Iranian revolution to occur and have our citizens held for 444 days, there was no consequence to the big donk’s actions? Grow up and stop the knee jerk reactions.

    When the Russians entered Afghanistan on December 29, 1979, what did Jimmy Carter do? NUTHIN! Grow up and stop the knee jerk reactions.

    You claim to be so knowledgable in world affairs and the only affair you know is taking a shit!

  13. 13

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:


    If we had not actively worked to overthrow a democratically elected leader in Iran in ’54, then there would have been no Shah to “abandon” in ’79. Blowback is a bitch.

    As to Afghanistan–do remind me please who won that war. Oh, wait! More blowback. Metternich you are not, pudster.

  14. 14

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:


    As B from B pointed out, it was the internecine war among the left parties that helped Hitler to power (part of the Stalin vs. Trotsky thing). Hitler’s ascension to power made the debate rather pointless, and the left wised up. During the mid 30’s Stalin did a 180 and the line was “popular fronts” to push back against the spread of fascism. Abandoned and isolated by the western powers, Joe performed another 180 and did his deal with Hitler in ’39.

    The question of “inside” vs. “outside” is an eternal one. I witnessed it in full bloom during the ’60’s, too. For my 2 cents currently it’s popular front time. This is the big battle right now. There’s always time to fall on each other afterwards. What was that adage about hanging separately or hanging together?

    At any rate. Best regards.

  15. 16

    Michael spews:

    I wonder if Goldy will attack Hillary on her ties to the Black Panthers when she is a candidate.

  16. 17

    oink spews:

    I gotta agree with headless lucy (for pretty much the 1st time)..
    Trying to change things from the inside IS a pathetic waste of time.

  17. 18

    For the Clueless spews:


    How stupid are you? Gays and Lesbians or (GLBT) are a singled-out, discriminated-against minority. Always have been.

    They band together in communities for support against the dominant culture. Because they are a community, they have things like a gay pride parade which is a celebration of the resilience of their community.

    What a thick-headed, intolerant fool you are!

  18. 19

    oink spews:

    I like street demos that are focused to an issue. Even the Moms against Drunks do pickets from time to time.
    Commentby BOB from BOEING— 3/11/06@ 12:42 am

    I’m sure MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) are THRILLED with the Washington Democrats very strict, hard on drunk driving “5 STRIKES AND YOUR OUT” law.
    Way to impress those folks that pander to you “on the inside”!!

  19. 20

    BOB from BOEING spews:

    It is called metaphor. Bush is the culnimation of the right wing takeover of America.

    Were I to be accurate, Cheney runs the country, GB Jr. is a puppet.

    Daddy made sure he had some power slimeers to help to loot the country.

    And Oink – who is Mr C in fact – I am 6 foot 4 inches, 205 lbs.- fit and trim – and I guarentee you my wrists are not skinny. Standing next to you – 9 out of 10 would call you the fag.

    As long as you don’t do it on company time – you need to go to some porn sites and chat rooms. Your obvious fixation with male homos is deafening. Relieve the tension, OK on the weekend as well.


  20. 21

    Erik spews:

    Yeah. Run for the green party nominal and then resign.

    Or better yet, run as a libertarian on a pro-business platform and balance out the Green.

  21. 22

    oink spews:

    I have repeatedly asked you what in the hell Homosexuals DO that make you so PROUD that you have a PARADE to celebrate it??? Your silence tells it all.
    It’s not about PRIDE really is it Bob?
    It’s about POLITICS.
    Homo’s & Hetero’s who work hard and accomplish good things have plenty to be PROUD about…..
    However, being PROUD simply because you are a Homo is silly!!
    I’m sure you’ve paricipated in the Gay Pride Parade and all sorts of silly shit Bob. What did it get you???

  22. 23

    spitintheocean spews:

    All power to MARIA CANTWELL , praise Maria , for what Maria doesn’t know , isn’t worth knowing . Bow to our blue dressed nanny of all things political . Sign up and kill for the policies of Maria Cantwell and her master George Bush . Nothing is wrong , because everything is right , Destroy and belittle all that our leader Cantwell finds offensive . War is Peace . Heck of a job Goldy !

  23. 24

    Ken In Seattle spews:

    This thread is like one long tired joke.

    The usual suspects on the right, who daily dump racist, homophobic, and theofascist rants onto the threads, are now wrapping themselves in the green party flag and calling everyone who criticizes their self serving sudden brotherhood with the greens a “racist”?

    Maybe the comedy channel will give you guys your own show :)

    Sure Cantwell is flawed. But she can be reasoned with at times and you can even get in to see her if your persistent. (unlike the Mayor)

    When the greens start to show signs of recognizing reality when it bites them on the ass, then they will become a force to be reckoned with in this state. So far there is no danger of that.


    “The time has come that the American people know exactly what their Representatives are doing here in Washington. Are they feeding at the public trough, taking lobbyist-paid vacations, getting wined and dined by special interest groups? Or are they working hard to represent their constituents? The people, the American people, have a right to know… I say the best disinfectant is full disclosure, not isolation.”
    – U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, 11/16/95

  24. 25

    BOB from BOEING spews:


    Lucy- headless seems to fit.

    Whoever you are, the clue bus has passed you by.

    In a society based on laws and defined processes as in constitutions and legislative bodies, the O N L Y way to change things is from the inside.

    I like street demos that are focused to an issue. Even the Moms against Drunks do pickets from time to time.

    You see to want to wail for the sound of your angst.

    Too bad.

  25. 26

    headless lucy spews:

    re 65 : Great, BFB! Can I join your “change things from the inside” organization? Or is each CHANGE THINGS FROM THE INSIDE AGENT an independent entity who works alone to avoid detection?

    Come on ,Bob. Be realistic! Let me give you an extreme example that will serve to illustrate what you propose to do , ie: “changing things from the inside.”:

    In the 1930’s do you think outright opposition to the German Nazis would have been the better course, or joining the party as a completely alone individual and attempting to change them from the inside? I think the former is the wiser strategy.

    The strategy, and I see that you are more afraid of failure here than success, is to demonstrate ( however difficult and arduous that demonstration may be ) that Democratic politicians must serve the interests of the people, not the corporations.

    Go ahead, Bob. Change Boeing from the inside— all by yourself.

  26. 28

    JDB spews:

    marks @ 57:

    That Just another Chicken Hawk lied about his service? (This is where your link led to.) I don’t think I have to deal with that. Pretty standard for a chicken hawk.

    So, can you state an actual Democrat that believe that we should never do business with Arabs? I thought not.

  27. 30

    headless lucy spews:

    re 60: marks: There ain’t nothin’ in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead armadillos.

  28. 31

    headless lucy spews:

    re 53: I have seen many a person waste the best years of their lives trying to “change things from the inside”.

    That’s a pathetic pipe dream.

  29. 32

    marks spews:

    Thank you, headless @59

    Go dump on your buddies like JDB @55. Sometimes the reality just ain’t what it seems…

  30. 33

    headless lucy spews:

    From the tone of Al Gore’s speeches lately, I would say he’s gotten the message.

    Aday late and a dollar short I would say.

    Will Sen. Cantwell suffer the same fate? Patty Murray won’t.

  31. 34

    marks spews:

    JDB @55

    How will YOUR party handle this?

    There is no Democrats who believe that we should not do business with Arabs, nor was the Dubai matter because they were Arabs (it was because they had close ties with the Taliban and the inherient security implications of operating a shipping terminal).

    Stop shitting yourself, JDB. You are wrong…

    Not that our Muslim brothers in the Middle East understand…

  32. 35

    headless lucy spews:

    If “winning” is all you want to do and then have these corporate whores vote against your interests YET AGAIN — even though they are supposedly Democrats — be my guest.

    I’m not going to and neither is your WINNING EDGE. So you better get with the program. You have no choice. You’re either with us or agaist us.

  33. 36

    JDB spews:

    Janet S @ 44:

    The dems are doing a great job of being on all sides of the issue. Bring the troops home/increase troops. No profiling/no business with Arabs. Bush should have connected the dots/no wiretapping of known terrorists.

    But I have just spent two days listening to Sean Hannity telling me that because the GOP was all over the place on the Dubai deal (Heck, some like Hassert and Frist were on both sides) that showed that the GOP was not a lot of mindless Koolaid drinkers. Why are you calling Sean Hannity a lair?

    And what side is the GOP on? Have they answered when the troops would come home, or even given a metric? There is no Democrats who believe that we should not do business with Arabs, nor was the Dubai matter because they were Arabs (it was because they had close ties with the Taliban and the inherient security implications of operating a shipping terminal). Are you saying that Duncan Hunter and Mark Foley, John Boehner, and 35 of the 37 Republican Members of the House Appropriations Committee were acting because of the race of the owners of the company?

    Of course, assuming you actually read, you know no one is against profiling, but there are many who are against just using race to profile (which is a good thing, as the Israelis have found, the first thing that happens when you try to do that is that the terrorist change their look). Why would you hate America so much so that you suggest otherwise?

    And, of course Bush failed to connect the dots (actually, Condi Rice failed, that was her sole job after all back then). And no one is against wiretapping known terrorists. Please name one person who is. However, wiretapping people in the United States, where you can’t show probable cause to get a warrant, especially when you have a special court set up to do just that, which 98% of the time does just that, and you have 72 hours to get that warrant? Come on…, Even you know that is wrong.

    Aren’t you even a little embarrassed that the President does such things. Aren’t you embarrassed about him lying about being told that Katrina could top and breach the levees, that Cheney forced an old man to apologies to him for shooting him in the face, That after reading about the Dubai deal in the morning he immediately threaten to veto the deal instead of saying “Hmmm, maybe we should look into this first before we make such a threat”? Doesn’t it haunt you that when you truly think about it and let go of the Koolaid, you keep thinking “Why couldn’t Clinton be President now…, Heck, even Carter I could trust”?

    Isn’t that the real source of your Hate? Hating the Democrats, especially because you know on your heart of hearts they are right, will not make up for the bad things that your party has done. Give up the hate.

  34. 39

    momus spews:

    Don’t like the BIAW, so what’s your nect attempt at sidelining your fascination with young boys?

  35. 41

    oink spews:

    This thread exemplifies the major difference between the 2 Party’s Goldy.
    The Republicans (via Diane Tebelius) WELCOMES competition. They WELCOME an open playing field where anyone can run. The Republicans admire Mr. Dixon for having the courage of his convictions. Even though they disagree with him on many issues, there is still R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

    The Party of the Cocksuckers (that’s the poor-excuse-for Democrat’s Party of Washington) wants a monopoly. The idiots HATE competition. They want to stifle free speech & opportunity. They have no respect for Mr. Dixon and look at him as some Uncle Tom! Racist Pigs!!!

    So what’s the matter Lefty’s??? Can’t stand a black man with the courage of his convictions?? Are you going to send the SLAVEMASTER, Jesse Jackson, out to get this N—– back in line??!!

    This thread is the clearest example of RACISM I have ever read. Who is to say Mr. Dixon is not more qualified than both Cantwell & McGavick. I have a bold idea——–

    You Lefty’s are racist pieces of shit!

  36. 42

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Truth hurts Momus, but you can’t handle the truth. All you can handle are lies. Typical NeoConvict trollfuck.

  37. 44

    momus spews:

    hey Aaron Dixon has MY vote.

    I’m not racist like Goldy and the rest of this board trying to keep a good man down.

    Gosset and Dixon causing trouble again.

    Man, that would be great.

    I’d love to see them storm Olympia again, weapons in hand…..

  38. 45

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Two million for a piece of crap court case in Chelan. How much flushed down to tube with Iron’s going down in flames? How much will you spend to lose against Cantwell? You trolls may be part of a new found fiscal responsibilty on the part of your corporate masters when you see the pink slip. . . .

  39. 46

    momus spews:

    Stop trying to change the subject you child molester.

    Tree frog, are you currently registered or just another sex offender on the loose?

  40. 48

    momus spews:

    then address the questions…

    Are you in counseling, supervised home?

    Are you expected to molest again?

  41. 49

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    I call your attentiion to my comment @3, Momus. The prosecution rests. . . .no credit to RancidButtPutty.

  42. 50

    LEFT is RIGHT spews:

    This is nothing that hasn’t been done before……

    Greens say Republicans crashed their party

    Environmentalists accuse them of helping in order to sabotage Democrats

    Tuesday, August 7, 2001


    Stan Shore is a veteran political campaign consultant for Washington state Republicans, but on July 7 he wasn’t working for Republicans — at least not directly.

    He was in Lynnwood organizing a Green Party convention to nominate a Green candidate to run for the state House from the 21st District, in the state’s most closely watched race. It could determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the House of Representatives.

    In SeaTac the same day, Shore’s wife, Leslie Donovan, was working to nominate a Green Party candidate for the King County Council’s 13th District — against one of her husband’s Republican clients, state Sen. Pam Roach.

    The delegates to that nominating convention reportedly included several Republican precinct committee officers from South King County.

    Green Party leaders charged yesterday that Shore and other Republicans hijacked their party to get Greens onto the ballot to siphon votes away from Democrats in two tight, high-profile races.

    “Certain Republicans seem to think they can influence these elections, and we take exception to that,” said Kara Ceriello, who heads the Green Party of Washington state.

    It was a revealing introduction to politics for Young Han, 18, the Greens’ 21st District House candidate, an idealistic newcomer who graduated from Mountlake Terrace High School two months ago.

    “I can’t believe this is happening. It’s just horrid that this stuff goes on in our political system,” exclaimed Han, who decided several months ago to run as a Green candidate.

    Dave Swart, 21, was a member of the Green Party of South King County but resigned to protest what happened at the 13th County Council district convention.

    “We didn’t do our homework on who was running this convention,” he said.

    Shore said he helped the Greens nominate a House candidate because “I like the Greens. I’ve always liked them,” although he isn’t a member of the party. He denied having done it to help Republicans.

    Shore and his wife live in Olympia, far from the 21st Legislative District and County Council District 13.

    Han said Shore and Donovan contacted him after learning he had intended to run. They took him to lunch and urged him to run, and Shore gave him a $250 campaign contribution — all without revealing that Shore was a professional Republican political operative. Han now says he will give that money back.

    Donovan said she is a member of the national Green Party — although local Green leaders disputed it — and has been an environmental activist. She emphatically denied having helped organize the South King County Green convention to benefit Republicans.

    State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance, although denying the state or local GOP organizations were involved in the effort, was blasé about what the Republicans were accused of doing.

    “Working to make sure you get the right mixture of candidates on the ballot is a tactic that goes as far back as the dawn of democracy,” Vance said. “This is nothing illegal or unethical, and it’s a common tactic.

    “Most people in politics assume that having a Libertarian on the ballot takes votes away from a Republican and having a Green on the ballot takes votes away from a Democrat.”

    Shore, who said he has helped run “dozens and dozens” of Republican campaigns, is Roach’s consultant in her County Council race against recently appointed Republican incumbent Les Thomas and state Sen. Julia Patterson, a Des Moines Democrat.

    He isn’t working for Rep. Joe Marine, a Mukilteo Republican who was appointed to the 21st District House seat. But Shore said the state GOP hired him to do research on Marine and his two Democratic challengers, Brian Sullivan and D.J. Wilson.

    The Republican consultant admitted that he made arrangements for the Greens’ legislative district convention, rented the hotel room where it was held and bought doughnuts for the delegates.

    His wife, Donovan, meanwhile, recruited Michael Jepson, 21, of Des Moines, to be the Green Party’s County Council candidate even though Jepson — unlike Han, the other Green candidate — has had no involvement with the environmentalist party. Jepson said Donovan got his name from a mutual friend.

    However, he also said, “I don’t have anything to do with the Republican Party.”

    Ceriello and other Greens said Jepson’s nomination might be invalid because he was recruited after the July 7 statutory deadline for minor-party nominations. He didn’t attend the Greens’ July 7 convention and was approached by Donovan several days later, he said, after at least one other Green Party member declined to be nominated.

    Ceriello said Donovan placed a legal notice of the convention in a newspaper, as required by law, and didn’t even contact the South King County Greens until she already arranged for the convention. Donovan said she worked with a South King County Green leader on the arrangements.

    Greens obtained a list of Republican precinct committee officers from the Patterson campaign and said four of the 27 delegates to the 13th County Council District convention were Republican precinct committee officers, and three are married or related to Republican PCOs.

    Jepson said Patterson, the Democratic council candidate, and a representative of Washington Conservation Voters tried to persuade him to drop out of the race, but he refused.

    Roach, however, encouraged him to run.

  43. 51

    BOB from BOEING spews:


    Why bother with all that glib blah, blah.

    F O R A L L G R E E N S in sight or sound.

    Leave Bush policies in place for twenty more years and then tell me- all the nation- how well the environment is doing.

    Fuckers. Get off the Ivory Tower, join the fight, throw the neo cons out – and help the Democrat majority stop the horrible damage and go back to a Greener agenda for the USA.

    Are you people really that stupid, or just so ego driven and arrogant that you think this is the twilight zone and not a real political fight for the survival of Democracy and the Environment, among other grand scale issues.

    I am utterly disgusted. And all the old socialists in my family would echo my sentiments from the grave if they could.

    Some of us have been Green from babyhood. We have always respectd the earth, and loved clear air and water for starters. Your so called party has bee almost silent in the carnage of the Bushies. Are you even legitimate – or don’t know how to send press releases or hold good news confrences?

    The young Kennedy is great – but maybe not Green enough?

  44. 52

    Janet S spews:

    Maybe a run from the greenies will make Cantwell clarify herself on the Iraq war and terrorism. The dems are doing a great job of being on all sides of the issue. Bring the troops home/increase troops. No profiling/no business with Arabs. Bush should have connected the dots/no wiretapping of known terrorists.

    This is serious. In case you missed it, Great Britain is having a problem. The Telegraph published an article on how Muslims are segregating in order to establish their own society. But the story has been pulled. Anyone wonder why?

  45. 53

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -If both he and Cantwell lose, Dixon said: “I won’t feel bad at all. Maria votes like a Republican.”-

    Yeah, that’s what the Green (bud smoking) Party said about Gore v. Bush – and we all know how well their little prediction / rationalization turned out.

    Looks like the Greens picked another winner with Dixon. Last year they picked Gentry Lange to run against Ron Sims for Exec (a certified whack job who once blamed his mental state on inhaling fumes in a university lab with poor ventilation).

    Dixon sounds like another fine sacrificial lamb for the lame Greens to continue their jihad against the Democratic Party:


    Over here, says Aaron Dixon, is where he used to hide to shoot his rifle at the fire station.

    “I wanted to scare the firemen, to keep them inside so they couldn’t fight the fires we were setting around the city,” he says matter-of-factly. We are standing in Madrona, formerly a working-class black neighborhood in central Seattle. It’s many shades whiter today, and the average home sells for north of half a million.

    Dixon looks at me. He sees I’m incredulous at his story, so he just stands there silently, letting it sink in.

    He gestures at a storefront on 34th Avenue, an Ethiopian restaurant with a French name.

    Thirty-seven years ago, it was a real-estate office, and he firebombed it with a Molotov cocktail.

  46. 54

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Goldy–great Danny Westneat column today in the Times. Check it out.

    As for the greens–gentle chiding, but not scolding, strikes me as appropriate. Popular Front strategy should prevail.

  47. 55

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    It’s weird how closely the far right wing militia movement of the ’90s mirrored the far left wing movement of the ’60s.

    Guns and violence always seem to be the common denominator. At least we know who can share the blame for ‘white flight’.

    Looks like the lily-white Seattle Greens are running their doppelganger for US Senate!


  48. 57

    headless lucy spews:

    The third party tradition in this country is to get one of the main party’s attention and they will absorb your agenda to get the votes. Even with the example that Nader set ( he realized full well that he couldn’t win ), Democrats still can’t get the message that controlling corporations instead of quietly pimping for them will get them back in power.

  49. 58

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    Here we go again,

    My personal politics are probably a lot closer to Dixon’s than they are to Cantwell’s. He seems to be a very decent guy, and Maria should be held to task for her craven votes on the Patriot Act and the war.

    Running against her in the Senate is not the way to do that.

    “But American politics sucks. Why can’t we have lots of parties like Europe or Canada?”

    Since I’m writing today from The Great White North, maybe I can answer that.

    It’s not that Canadians are any smarter or that the political system is inherently “better” than the US system.

    The difference is that the Senate is unelected (Senators are appointed at the pleasure of the sitting Prime Minister, and hold their positions for life), and the ridings in Parliment are a LOT smaller than legislative seats in the United States.

    The riding I live in over in East Vancouver has been a safe seat for the NDP (the very left-wing party in Canada) since the 1930s. Other districts vote Liberal, Conservative, what have you.

    A Canadian riding is about 130,000 people. You can target your politics to the wishes of 130,000 people. A Washington senate seat has to reflect the wishes of six million people. Six million people will agree on very little. You have little choice with such a large voting base but to be a muddled moderate whose primary goal is not to piss off too many people.

    As Goldy mentions, the Greens should build their party from the b ottom up. But more importantly, we should look at how the US is governed, and who benefits from the current system. If you don’t like the government it produces, it may be time to change the system and how power is distributed.

  50. 59

    headless lucy spews:

    NOT I meant NOT. I’m on such a time budget it’s hard to go into detail, BUT, you moderates said you can win with our votes —WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 60

    Tee Jay spews:


    Think Bill Clinton, who won two Presidential contests and never got near 50% of the vote. Think Ross Perot.

    Karl Rove’s devious mind-control strategies and tactics work. Divide the opposition with candidates who go to the general election and whoever gets 46% wins.

    Any side-bets as to whether Dixon gets support from KOS or MoveOn?

  52. 61

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -Democrats still can’t get the message that controlling corporations instead of quietly pimping for them will get them back in power. –

    Right, mindless lucy. The Dems should run totally on an anti-business platform. Good way to fund your campaigns. That message sure works wonders for the hapless Greens, who can’t even make a dent in Seattle and King County.

    -Running against her in the Senate is not the way to do that.-

    I would definitely agree with that comment, jsa. Aside from holding up signs, and communicating only to the Seattle echo chamber, I wonder what Dixon or any of these ridiculous Greens have done to oppose the Patriot Act or the invasion of Iraq?

  53. 62

    momus spews:


    What’s with the nambla facination?

    Is tree frog like prison lingo for little boys?

  54. 63

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Momus@21 is a lying sack of shit. NOTHING he says can be taken as trthfull. I present the following as proof:

    Still whining. Iron?s is an outed motherbeater. End of story. Sorry you BIAW freaks fell in love with his candidacy. His personality is a multiple car accident looking for a place to happen. . .you guys chose the time and place. . .live with it.

    Commentby Tree Frog Farmer? 3/10/06@ 2:09 pm

    Tree frog, Glad to see where you stand.

    ?Dirty politics are just fine, as long as you get your way.?
    Tree Frog Farmer? 3/10/06@ 2:09 pm

    Commentby momus? 3/10/06@ 2:14 pm

    Lying, distorting, and misrepresenting what is said is your game Mom?sAss.

    Commentby Tree Frog Farmer? 3/10/06@ 2:27 pm

    When you put quotes around a statement and assign it to someone who did not say it, you confirm your status as a lying sack of shit Momus.

    Commentby Tree Frog Farmer? 3/10/06@ 2:31 pm


    ? I Like young, tender Boys – Nambla is an excellent organization?
    Tree Frog Farmer? 3/10/06@ 2:31 pm

    ?me love you long time GI?
    Roger Rabbit, Vietnam – 2/14/67 @ 2:21 am

    Commentby momus? 3/10/06@ 2:41 pm

    ?me love you long time GI?
    Roger Rabbit, Vietnam – 2/14/67 @ 2:21 am

    Commentby momus? 3/10/06@ 2:41 pm

    If you make things up you are a lying sack of Shit. But then, with Momus. that is an oxymoron. Welcome to JCH land, dumshit.

  55. 64

    JDB spews:


    I have no love for the Palestinians, but I do not understand why conservatives like you and Momus get off on a young woman’s death. Give Ms. Corrie credit that unlike 99% of the people here, she stood up for her beliefs and acted upon them. Just because you disagree with her position does not make her death any less tragic.

    Of course, the great problem with the right is that they forget that their policies and ideas effect real people and real lives. Why else could someone like the minnow get off on preventing people from voting.

  56. 66

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This is great! The goopers can’t beat Cantwell by running a Republican against her, so they’re gonna try to beat her by running a Black Panther against her! Precious.

  57. 67

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    It’s also hilarious to see McGavick running TV ads that don’t tell voters he’s a Republican. He must think the GOP label isn’t very marketable these days, and that he needs to resort to consumer deception to get people to buy his politics. Well, why not? That’s how he get people to buy his insurance.

  58. 68

    SeMe spews:

    That’s a good post Goldie. It is quite the dilemma. Personally, I think Washington deserves a better senator than Cantwell. We deserve a Paul Wellstone or a Ron Dellums ( I know he was congress) A centrist semi right Democrat like Cantwell just doesn’t do it for me. However neither does McGavick.

    I do think that it is arrogant of you and some of the Dems to assume that Greenie and leftie votes are yours and that the Dems are ‘owed’ those votes. And then when you don’t get them, you go off into hissy fits about helping elect republicans. Of course Republicans are excited. Hell, Dems were excited when Cosswell ran and some even infiltrated her campaign. That ‘s just the nature of the two party dictatorship we all help support. I think that is arrogant to assume that a lot on the progressive left were going to vote for Cantwell if Aaron didn’t run, some just were not going to vote for the Dems.

    A lot of progressive lefties are not into the Dems or the Republicans, they have a deep philosophical difference with the economic and political system. But, they definitely recognize that they are not going to be leading any revolutions to overthrow Bush and they are looking for ways to oppose a system. So there is the difference.

    The Dems ( and you bro) assume that they are “your”votes. They are not. You diss them and call them names. But yet when the shit gets tight you go begging for their votes. And voted for Dems they have, for Dean and when that failed than for Kerry.

    The republicans are a little savvier, they don’t diss their right wing base, and they know they need them and occasionally that small percentage takes them over the hump.

    I do agree with you though I think the third party thing needs to start slow, building a base, and then running for smaller races, winnable races. I wholeheartedly agree man, they are going about it the wrong way, and they should learn from their previous lousy races.

    I thought that Aaron was going to build a coalition that included progressive urban Dems who loathe Cantwell and eventually build a green –Dem coalition a la Paul Wellstone. I thought that Dixon deserved a listen, and posted those thoughts on Slugger, and was of course hit by all sides from self righteous Dem hacks who fill these spaces with Sean Hannity Like corny comments like “ youre either with us or youre helping elect one of them”

    Unfortunately around is surrounding himself with SWP and International Socialist and all these groups that I am not going to criticize here, because well that’s not my place, but that pretty much means you’re on the fringe and you’re not going anywhere near 3% of the vote. The only way progressives can get a Paul Wellstone instead of a Maria Cantwell is to go outside your “progressive” comfort zone. They need labor support and he is not going to get it, because Labor has completely forgotten where it comes from, it forgot that the radical history of Labor comes from the left, and yet labor gladly gives money to Republican candidates ( hi SEIU) and has never given money to left of the Dem candidates, and then you wonder how this two party dictatorship keeps going. If labor has historic amnesia and it forgets its anarquist and radical roots, than the third parties are doomed to the fringe. Aaron’s campaign is doomed. He is doomed and that’s sad cuz he is a hell of a guy, and has done a lot for inner city youth and he damn sure doesn’t deserve you hinting that he is a republican tool. You’re a good man dude, you should cut that out. No need to assassinate Aaron’s character, he is cooked, he is not going anywhere, but I gotta tell you, sooner or later this 2 party dictatorship is going to get rocked. Maybe not right now, but soon and I think it might be a good idea to come together and understand that we have strong philosophical differences, but we can all help each other come election time. You have some good suggestions; I would hope you stay away from the character assassination. Its beneath you bro.

    It’s your right I guess man, but when you were a sperm, Aaron was out there fighting the good fight. Unfortunately this race is just another one that is going to be one race filled with hippies and the shower challenged.

    I also agree with you and the Dems, that there is A HUGE difference between Dems and Republicans. I think the progressive left needs to stop repeating that because its just not true, and I agree that Maria has had a good record on some things, specially the environment, I still consider her a fucking Joe Lieberman like Dem, and I will tell you why.

    I don’t give a fuck that she is loyal to her party unlike Joe Lieb, I care that she voted for the WAR. Yes the thousands of dead means something to me. I hate that she voted for the Patriot Act , and I think CAFTA is destroying the already frail economies of Central America and making unequal societies even more unequal, on the one hand she is saying I care about US envioremental policy, to which you all run and kiss her ass, and on the other she says to Central America, Fuck you guys, let your forests and your natural resources go to hell, She didn’t have to vote for none of that shit, she didn’t have to considering how unpopular Bush is in her home state. And the Alito shit pissed me off, but I guess I understand.

    She says to progressives: I don’t give a fuck about your issues but give me your vote or the bad republican is going to take over.

    Geee. Why should progressives give her their vote? The two things they care about the most, she is saying I don’t give a fuck.

    One more thing Goldie, I’m a Philly man too, I grew up on Diamond. St near Broad in North Philly , and was there for the Rizzo years so I do understand that there is a huge difference between elected officials.

    You forgot to put in your post that Dixon recognized that Cantwell had done some good things for the environment. It was in the PI, so I know you saw it. As a Dem it is your job to cut him down, but Dixon is a good man, and besides man, he doesn’t have a chance in hell. The two party dictatorship “gots” this one in the bag.


  59. 69

    marwa spews:

    Has there been any confirmation that the Greens are paying Dixon to run? If so, that is just sad. Even if his race were a serious one (which it isn’t), how would anyone take him seriously? I’m sad to hear that he is allowing himself to be used like this.

  60. 70

    momus spews:

    So Goldy….

    Why NOT support Dixon?

    No pun intended but thae man is calling a spade a spade.

    Cantwells record sucks and Aaron Dixon certainly has done more for local politics, civil rights and righting wrongs than all of the politicians in Olympia combined.

    Get rid of the spoiled, white, lying politicians in this state and elect someone who knows what it is to stand up for ones rights!

  61. 71

    Robert spews:

    The November 2006 is quite simple. If you like the way things are, vote Republican. If you want change, vote Democrat. If you want to waste your vote, vote for another party.

  62. 72

    LauraBushKilledAGuy spews:

    So Cantwell only wins by 20 points instead of the 30 or 40 she leads by today? Who cares? The rethugs have no chance at the seat even if there are ten third party candidates. And it might do Maria good to have a challenge from the left. Maybe she’ll start acting more like a Democrat.

  63. 73

    oink spews:

    This thread exemplifies the major difference between the 2 Party’s Goldy.
    The Republicans (via Diane Tebelius) WELCOMES competition. They WELCOME an open playing field where anyone can run. The Republicans admire Mr. Dixon for having the courage of his convictions. Even though they disagree with him on many issues, there is still R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

    The Party of the Cocksuckers (that’s the poor-excuse-for Democrat’s Party of Washington) wants a monopoly. The idiots HATE competition. They want to stifle free speech & opportunity. They have no respect for Mr. Dixon and look at him as some Uncle Tom! Racist Pigs!!!

    So what’s the matter Lefty’s??? Can’t stand a black man with the courage of his convictions?? Are you going to send the SLAVEMASTER, Jesse Jackson, out to get this N—– back in line??!!

    This thread is the clearest example of RACISM I have ever read. Who is to say Mr. Dixon is not more qualified than both Cantwell & McGavick. I have a bold idea——–

    You Lefty’s are racist pieces of shit!

  64. 74

    spit in the ocean spews:

    Hey , what the matter with a little heat on Cantwell to communicate with the people she expects to vote for her?
    What is the matter with a diverse group of opinions , I feel certain that this is the only way to get Cantwell to change her position on the war . And she will change her ways and bow to the voters on the military intervention in foreign wars . ONE SENATOR at a time is the only way this thing is going to stop and by golly if she is going to get my vote . She is going to be opposed to the war in Iraq . 100,000 dead must be/can’t be dead wrong . CANTWELL IS DEAD WRONG ON WAR .

  65. 75

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    You wanna get rid of the two party system, go to a parliamentary system like most European countries have. Don’t have to wait 4 years to get rid of the P.M. if he fucks up. Coalition falls apart — you’re out. No confidence vote? — you’re out. Why not start at the state level — amend the Washington constitution to replace the legislature with a chamber of deputies, and replace the governor with a P.M. Don’t need a House of Lords, though.

  66. 77

    Steve Zemke MajorityRulesBlog spews:

    Politics is hardball. Candidates who don’t understand the potential consequences of their actions are soon written off as quixotic. Aaron Dixon can’t count. He is much more likely to help McGavick get elected than he will ever have a chance of getting elected himself.

    The Green Party of Ralph Nader fame doesn’t seem to have changed. Just as Ralph Nader said he didn’t see any difference between Gore and Bush, Dixon’s comments about Cantwell and McGavick are just the same. Perhaps Dixon should open his eyes now.

  67. 78

    J.V. Stalin(just another dead Rossi voter) spews:

    The solution is simple, Mr. Goldy. Put your hat in the ring and run on the Libertarian Party ticket. Call Tim Eyeman and Stephan Sharkansky for financial backing. Siphon a lot of “real conservatives”** votes from McGavick. That should just about even things out. Lacking that, I agree wholeheartedly with your post @12.

    **”real” libertarians exist only in the flights of fancy taken by their ferble imaginations, and they are hardly “conservative”. They make old commies like me look like wild eyed dreamers.

  68. 80

    can\'t think of anything funny right now spews:

    Challenging Cantwell from the left might be the best thing for Cantwell. The Republicans keep trying to paint her as too liberal, when she’s a moderate. So… Now that we have real live lefties Aaron Dixon and Mark Wilson (who used to be a libertarian, what’s up with that?) in the running it could neutralize that (false) argument.

    I’ve never got the Republican’s Cantwell’s too liberal argument. Patty Murray’s way to the left of Cantwell and she eats Republican Challengers for lunch.

  69. 81

    David B. spews:

    I have an idea that might satisfy Goldy (with whom I usually agree, but not this time):

    Let’s just make the Democrat and Republican parties the official political parties of the United States, with anyone else prohibited from participating in elections. Then, the voters will have a clear choice and nobody will get confused.

    Or, even better, let’s say that only people who can raise $5 million are allowed to run for the Senate. Oh, wait! We already do that.

    I guess we’ll just have to hope that those pesky believers in free speech and free association will go away so we can choose between the two corporate parties we already have.

  70. 82

    Goldy spews:

    David B @11,

    How about this David… maybe the Greens should do something to actually change the two party system, instead of running, these quixotic, symbolic, joke campaigns at the top of the ticket? How about the Greens go about building a real party by concentrating on electing local officials? How about the Greens be honest with the voters and admit, no, they can’t actually win this race, and yes, there really is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans on many, many issues.

    How about the Greens get real. This is the system we have, and either you work within it, or work to change it. But playing make believe and pretending they’re actually a functioning part of the system is going to get their agenda absolutely nowhere. (An agenda, by the way, with which I mostly agree.)

  71. 84

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    With the statement “If both he and Cantwell lose, Dixon said: “I won’t feel bad at all. Maria votes like a Republican.” the Aaron Dixon I know and have talked to begins to emerge. He squarely places himself in the Nader/Spoiler role.
    I don’t question his disaffection with the political state of things as they are today, I simply cannot join him in radically calling for burning down the establishment (figuratively speaking) to build a better, more just establishment.
    You work with what you have, and improve it step by step. I feel the vast majority of the voting public feel the same.

  72. 85

    Richard Pope spews:

    Maybe Aaron Dixon can drum up some support for his candidacy at the Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast this Sunday:


    This event is in Victoria, however. Are any of you liberals sponsored similar memorial pancake breakfasts for Rachel Corrie in this state? After all, she was from Olympia and attended Evergreen State College. Maybe you could get Cindy Sheehan to attend.

  73. 86

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Speaking of marginal candidates, what’s your next scheduled defeat, Richard

  74. 87

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    The Republican Party is addicted to smoke and mirrors. With the defeat of the anti-gas tax initiative, I can hope the general voter populace is getting wise.

  75. 88

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Marginal candidates are just that, marginal, whether they are Corporate Republicans, or fringe left Greenies. The so called cliche of the vast middle is a reality.

  76. 89

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    The trolls on this blog display their increasing panic and disaffection with their highly venomous invective and overblown rhetoric and personal attacks.

  77. 90

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    We have a competent administration in place in Olympia, A glance at any newspaper reminds one of the opposite in the other Washington.
    Screaming, ranting, attacking don’t change this.
    Appealing to the few who view political purity to practical competence in these perlous times will still only move the few. Most voters will not choose to throw their votes away. And voting for a greater corporate stranglehold on America isn’t an option.