This Day in Bullshit

It’s just been, you know, one of those days. So I’m stealing Carl’s schtick for a quick recap of all the political bullshit that’s accumulated over the past 24 hours.

Frank Reichert
Rep. Dave Reichert sure does like to be frank with his constituents. No wait… Reichert likes to frank his constituents, becoming perhaps the biggest drain on House Post Office resources since Dan Rostenkowski. Reichert recently mailed out his umpteenth piece of franked mail (ie, taxpayer funded campaign literature) since squeaking past Darcy Burner last November, and like all of them, this one includes a little survey so that he can pretend he’s actually carrying on a two-way conversation with voters.


Hmm. Notice anything missing? I’m guessing Reichert failed to include “The War in Iraq” as one of the top-ten pressing issues, because few 8th Congressional District constituents tend to select it from a top-ten list that doesn’t include “The War in Iraq” as an option. Or something like that.

Murderabilia Roadshow
You know what else didn’t make the list? The “Murderabilia” bill… Reichert’s bold attempt to take the profit motive out of raping and strangling women by preventing serial killers from making money selling personal items. “I personally have seen the pain, the suffering of victims and their families,” said Reichert, who has built his political career on the myth that he caught the Green River Killer. “This industry is an exploitation of that pain and that suffering.” Um… by “this industry,” was he referring to murderabilia or politics?

Now if only Reichert’s bill also prevented incompetent sheriffs from profiting off bungled 18-year investigation, it would have my enthusiastic support.

Weapons of mass distraction
So what does it say about Dino Rossi’s prospects for 2008 if he had to resign from the Forward Washington Foundation so that he wouldn’t be a distraction to his own campaign? And what the fuck exactly is the meaning of the word “resignation” when it applies two weeks retroactively, but allows you to continue to receive your paycheck six more weeks into the future?

And could somebody please explain to me what Rossi means when he criticizes the media, saying:

“And they pound you into the ground with, you know, with what the future can be.”

Um… no… I don’t know. Perhaps Rossi’s “idea” man, Lou Guzzo can explain it to me?

Dino Rossi on the issues
Speaking of Rossi, if you really want to know what the man stands for, check out his new campaign website at Deep.

I’m not demonizing Dan Satterberg…
Because, you know, Dan seems to be a nice guy and all that. But it sure does seem to be a massive conflict of interest to have a guy serving on a Seattle Archdiocese panel dealing with sexual abuse allegations turn out to be the same guy in the prosecutor’s office who refused to subpoena church records… you know, subpoenas like those that were issued in dozens of other cities, and that turned up tons of evidence of church cover-ups. I’m just sayin’.


  1. 3

    Ted Swimmer Kennedy spews:

    Murderabilia bill???? That hasn’t passed yet. Anyone in the market for a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont? It is a little musty but in good condition. Hicup

  2. 4

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    O’Reilly is spanking, Georgie-Porgie Soros, CNN and Media Matters pretty good. Can’t say it ain’t well-deserved for those arrogant fuckers! More power to O’Reilly and Fox News!

  3. 5

    Mark The Redneck-Goldstein spews:

    For those of you supporting the Surrender and Socialism platform… I have a great campaign slogan for The Smartest Woman In The World:

    “We have not yet begun to negotiate ! ! ! ! !”

    I gotta admire your razor sharp political instincts. I think this is a sure winning platform. Keep it up…

  4. 6

    SeattleR spews:


    Am I right, or are you mocking the anti-murderabilia bill? You can’t possibly be serious that you’d be against this. I thought that it was a nice, common sense bill that should probably not have any trouble getting through Congress except for, perhaps, partisan reasons. What does Burner think of this bill? I’d be shocked to see her not support Reichert’s bill.

  5. 7

    michael spews:


    Yeah, she’d be borrowing a line from “we never negotiate with terrorists” Reagan. ‘Cept, Reagan was negotiating with the terrorists before he even got elected. And of course Republicans never surrender, well other than when Regan did it in Lebanon and Nixon did it and Ike in Korea in ’53.

    Republicans are the real surrender monkeys!

  6. 8


    I’m stealing Carl’s schtick


    Anyway, Re: Frank Reichert, at least he has an “other” square. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten to put a line so that people could write what that other is. I’m sure he’ll get a lot of people mailing back that piece of not campaign literature just to tell him that they have some other priority, but they won’t tell him what it is.

  7. 9

    michael spews:


    I not sure how I did it, but I forgot all about our current fuck up of a president pulling all US forces out of Saudi giving Osama exactly what he wanted when he hijacked those planes back in ’01.

  8. 10

    michael spews:


    “I’m sure he’ll get a lot of people mailing back that piece of not campaign literature just to tell him that they have some other priority, but they won’t tell him what it is.”

    It’s probably campaigning for Darcy.

  9. 12

    SeattleMike spews:

    From the Rossi website, it looks like he is running on exactly the same platform with exactly the same ideas he had last time. TheMinnow and his and crew should be able to almost use it as a blank slate to inject whatever they *think* he should be doing.

    It’s very reminiscent of Reichert’s “record of independence and bi-partisan leadership” that shows everything he has done, on his news page at http://www.davereichertforcong.....e/news.asp

    Perhaps the Washington State Republican Party should change their logo to a suit. Empty, of course.

  10. 13

    Dan Rather spews:

    From the Rossi website, it looks like he is running on exactly the same platform with exactly the same ideas he had last time.

    Why not, it worked. He won the first two counts and lost the third by a mere 129 votes that magically turned up.

  11. 15

    My Left Foot spews:


    Hot off the press of the NY Times:

    Craig Will Remain in Senate Until Judge Rules

    Published: September 27, 2007

    EDINA, Minn., Sept. 26 — Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho on Wednesday backed away from his earlier decision to resign on Sept. 30 and said he would await a judge’s ruling on a motion to reverse his guilty plea in an undercover sex sting. Mr. Craig, a Republican, made the announcement after a court hearing on the motion.

    Fair use, blah..blah..blah

    Gee, he backed away. The convicted sexual deviant can’t seem to just go home. Must make you one proud, black, conservative Republican to have men like him at the top of the party. Closet homosexual, perjurer in court (he knew what he was doing when he plead guilty and to lie now is to perjure himself).

    Very nice.

  12. 17


    Mark the Redneck @ 5,

    “For those of you supporting the Surrender and Socialism platform…”

    What. You mean the “we’re so FUCKING SCARED we’re gonna federalize airport security” platform?

    And pay your gambling debt to Goldy, ya piece of shit.

  13. 19



    Have you ever noticed how Reichert constantly reminds us that he “caught” the Green River Killer?

    While I am reluctant to speak for Goldy, my sense is that Goldy is not really mocking the “Murderabilia” bill. Rather he is pointing out the fact that Reichert’s whole career as a Rep. has come about by capitalizing on the Green River Killer (even despite the fact that Reichert’s investigation can hardly be called competent).

    In other words, Reichert, in some sense, profited from the Green River Killer in a way that is analogous to what this bill outlaws.

  14. 20

    ArtFart spews:

    7 Typical of the abundance of evidence that Republican virtue is as negotiable as that of a five-dollar whore.

  15. 21

    Laszlo Toth, Jr spews:

    SeattleR: Yes, odds are the “murderpalooza” bill is being mocked. At a time when we’re in an illegal war, and Americans’ constitutional birthrights keep being traded for a mess of pottage, such a bill isn’t even “penny ante”. More like half-penny ante. It’s a complete waste of time.

    Not unlike the way genuine conservatives feel about Reichert.

    Darryl: If Reichert “caught” the Green River Killer, that would certainly be a surprise to his boss:

    (Frank) Atchley, another supervisor (of Reichert in the King County Sheriff’s office), said Reichert “actually was more of an impediment to the investigation (of the Green River killer).”

    “He was probably the worst detective I’ve ever worked with,” Atchley said. “He developed tunnel vision.”

    I’ve met Reichert. When it comes to being a law enforcement officer, he makes a good model for GQ. He could give John Edwards tips on finding barbers in their tax bracket. As a conservative, I just loooooove the way he’s managed to get not one, but two taxpayer-funded pensions for sitting on his do-nothing ass all day.

  16. 23

    ArtFart spews:

    It may well be that the Seattle Archdiocese’s intent wasn’t sinister in trying to forge some sort of alliance with law enforcement on the priest-abuse issue. I’m willing to cut Archbishop Brunett a degree of slack–he came here and inherited this mess, compared with Mahoney who was either in charge or way up the food chain in Los Angeles for the last 25 years. Nonetheless, this coming out now is going to raise a huge public stench that’s still going to be hanging in the air at election time.

  17. 24

    Daddy Love spews:

    July 6, 2005 – Bush for the first time says he recognizes that “an increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans is contributing to the problem” of global warming.

    Damn liberals.

  18. 25

    Daddy Love spews:

    13 DR

    Dino Rossi never won anything in 2004. The votes in that election were counted three times, in every count just as the law defines, then the count was certified by the Secretary of State, and the winner was Christine Gregoire. There was only one winner, and it wasn’t “Governor-elect” Dino Rossi.

  19. 26

    Daddy Love spews:

    I meant to add a line about how sick the spectacle of that strutting jackanape Rossi calling himself the Governor-elect made me.