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Graphic courtesy of Mike Tidmus via The General.

I’ve laid off this story for a couple days, and there’s really not much information I can add to it that you won’t already find in the concise, fact-filled, link-laden, blog-like summation by Chuck Taylor on the Buzz page of The Seattle Weekly. Except maybe that Microsoft pays God Squad pretty boy (and hypocritical con-artist) Ralph Reed $20,000 a month in consulting fees.

Taken aback by the media storm over the company’s reversal of their longtime support for HB 1515 (and subsequent revelations,) Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates seemed almost apologetic — at least for Gates — promising The Seattle Times that um, next time… maybe, uh… they’ll reconsider, um… we’ll see.

The response to the stories surprised Microsoft. “Well, we didn’t expect that kind of visibility for it,” Gates said. “After all, Microsoft’s position on a political bill


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    Jeff B. spews:

    I don’t get you Goldy. You are against racism if it’s aimed at gays, but you are for racism if it benefits gays.

    Racism, a double ended, er edged sword.

  2. 3


    Jeff B – whatever your point is, you’re the only one that gets it. If you’re not going to say something intelligent, don’t say it. The threads are already troll populated enough.

  3. 4

    Alan spews:

    I think Jeff B. is reiterating the r/w argument that passing a law against discriminating against gays discriminates against people who discriminate against gays.

  4. 6

    Puddybud spews:

    First I wonder if you lefties can count. Second I ask you lefties to think. Now, let me ask you all, which are there more of: Heterosexual software buyers or homosexual software buyers? Watch it now. Then you will see Microsoft’s decision.

    See ya.


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    Erik spews:

    Except maybe that Microsoft pays God Squad pretty boy (and hypocritical con-artist) Ralph Reed $20,000 a month in consulting fees.

    I don’t think Microsoft likes Reed, they probably think he’s a kook and knows nothing about technology.

    However, with the rightwingers in charge, I think Microsoft believes that they have to have an extremist on their lobby list in order to do business in Washington DC….even if he just sits aroud, Gates will have paid his dues.

  6. 8

    Scott spews:

    This is all the reason anyone needs to switch to Mac! I have avoided the boycott Microsoft crowd for years, but them being in bed with that criminal punk Reed, that’s it for me. I know Bill doesn’t need my money, but he won’t get it anymore just the same.

  7. 9

    Mr. X spews:

    The most offensive lie is that they hired Ralphie boy for his “international trade and competition consulting services.” How much do you have to pay a flack to say that shit with a straight face?

  8. 10

    Erik spews:

    This Just In : Rossi Runs from Cantwell

    Dino Rossi on Wednesday said he will not run for the U.S. Senate, citing his desire to have an impact on the political culture of Washington state and the impact that serving in the other Washington would have on his young family.

  9. 11

    Jon spews:

    From the Weekly:“…which it [Microsoft] has endorsed in past years, and that bill failed in the state Senate last week by one vote—not that Microsoft’s lack of opinion had anything to do with it (and it shouldn’t).”

    Leaving the arguments for/against the bill aside, Microsoft’s support or lack thereof didn’t make a whit a difference, so who gives a crap what Microsoft thinks? I thought we hated corporations dictating public policy.

  10. 12

    chardonnay spews:

    bunghole bandits lose
    OMG what a shock.
    what % of the population are bungholers?
    How much money does Microsoft give to Democrats? lets look at the facts. Ralph Reed gets $20k and a dem probably got $50K.

  11. 15

    K spews:

    Chardonnay- do you think your crude comments advance your arguement? Or was it supposed to be funy? A simple fact you ignore is the percent of the population supporting gay rights is greater than the percent of the population which is gay. Some of us who are not gay do not understand why folks like you care who is gay and who is not.

  12. 16

    zip spews:

    k and gang

    Some of us don’t understand the twisted logic of the crowd so vocal against Microsoft on this. You guys should be going after your own bought-off Democratic legislators (and Gov) who couldn’t get this bill passed for you. You Demos run the whole state in case you haven’t noticed: so when one little piece of your agenda doesn’t work out you go postal on who? Republicans and Microsoft.

    The gay rights crowd is the biggest bunch of hypocrites in your “Progressive” gang. You guys are always whining about “big business” running governemnt policy, now the biggest business of them all decides to stay NEUTRAL and you idiots lash out. What about every citizen neutral or against this bill, does that mean you have the right to call them all bigots?

  13. 17

    chardonnay spews:

    Yes it is funny. I’m very sure the fags thought so as well. Click on Goldy’s words “messed with the wrong faggots” and read that web site. Tell me how they are advancing their argument.

    Also, when the ‘tolerance’ crowd goes so far as to force their ‘sexual orientation’ BS on my kids at school thats when I care and when I will say something. I could give a shit what you or any lefty thinks about me. these fags here prove their ‘tolerance’ everyday with their comments directed at me. Scroll through any thread and see for yourself. I could care less but it proves you are full of shit when you concern yourself with me advancing my argument. look in your own backtard K. K?

  14. 18

    zip spews:

    Say Char I checked out that link, too. I doubt Microsoft is very worried about it. The threats at the end all say that “some really smart faggots” will do such and such. Anybody reading that blog site or subscribing to this whole “screw Microsoft” mania ain’t “really smart”.

  15. 19

    chardonnay spews:

    Funny that a few cry babies think they can take on the richest man in the country. LOL good luck fella’s. You should be more worried about Hutch. It seems he has some real influence over MS. Just when you thought you were so valuable. B A M

  16. 21

    M spews:

    (for all you who don’t frequent the stock market, that’s Microsoft’s stock name).

    Hutch didn’t like that this new law would likely require his church to engage in hiring policies that directly conflict with church teachings. What’s wrong with him advocating against laws that negatively and directly affect his church? Go, Hutch!

  17. 22

    christmasghostpast spews:

    I agree with you M @ 20….Go Hutch Go (straight to hell, do not pass go, just expedite your journey)

  18. 23

    Jon spews:

    zip @ 15:“You guys should be going after your own bought-off Democratic legislators (and Gov) who couldn’t get this bill passed for you.”

    Couldn’t agree more! Why aren’t Senate Democrats Jim Hargrove and Tim Sheldon subject to this much anger? They, unlike Microsoft, had the power to pass this bill! Again, why spend all this energy on something that wouldn’t of changed the outcome?

  19. 24

    DamnageD spews:

    So let me make sure I understand this correctly. MS has high level meetings local leaders and guv’ment snobs to ponder the impact their support will have. After such close examination, they choose not to choose, fearing negitive consequenses. But the reality is damn if they do, damn if they dont.

    What I find ironic is that, and please correct me if i’m off the mark here (I know some one will), but dosen’t the Gates foundation help folks WITH the AIDS virus? WAIT, don’t answer, let me quote the FIRST PARAGRAPH ON THEIR SITE…

    “In many parts of the world, advances in treatment have dramatically reduced the number of people who die because of HIV/AIDS.But the disease still kills more than 3 million people each year.To end the epidemic, we must find ways to stop the spread of the disease. Learn more about prevention and the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

    Right, so it’s okay to offer the increadible support and resources (don’t thing for one second i’m disrespecting the Gates foundation, i’m not) they offer…THEN, let a conservative preacher (a black man none the less!?) threaten to begin a christian boycot of MS products, AND THEN BACK DOWN!?! Have they no shame?

    Considering the MS is not the end all be all of computing, (firefox browser on a linux box) whats next? Idle threats against, say Boeing (wont fly on their planes)…or Starbucks ( the hell you say)??

    What the fuck is HAPENING HERE folks?!? What REALLY did we just witness? I can hear (and respect the opinion of) the neo-cons here…” we’re tired of the fags trying to get special treatment”
    but this move is chickenshit! And to see a black preacher threaten MS with a boycot if they support queers?? Thats a double oxymoron!!

    Discusting, Truly discusting! If I were a member of his “flock” i’d gladly bring some good folk into “HIS house” and remind him WHO HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE SPEAKING FOR!!!

    Goldy, I know you think Jesus was a fraud, and thats cool…but a “Preacher” pushing intolrance is unforgivable. Maybe hes lost track of his roots…pardon the pun…no, don’t! And for MS to think their product is THAT important…please!

  20. 26

    Stop their CATerwauling, spay/neuter ALL Pet Libs spews:

    NEWSFLASH: Microsoft, a great big company that makes SOFTWARE and extends homosexual partner benefits to their employees is in no way, shape or form required or expected to support ANY social legislation.


    They had no horse (or horsesass) in this race, no dog in this show.

    They opted out of the debate.

    Whoop de do.

    Move on.

    And, if you choose NOT to move on, as a shareholder in Microsoft, I would gladly see them MOVE ON to a more hospitable and tax friendly state.

  21. 27

    chardonnayreacharoundCAT spews:

    “Comment by Stop their CATerwauling, spay/neuter ALL Pet Libs — 4/29/05 @ 12:02 am”

    Yeah, well this liberal would spay and neuter your rethug ass with a dull spoon, given half a chance.

  22. 28

    Outboard spews:

    Breaking news in the Supreme Court:
    Just announced that since the standards of international law are to be applied to all US court cases. That the laws of the great freedom loving Cuba will be followed for containing the Aids virus. Due the life threatening nature the Supreme Court Announced without a case in front of it that those laws enacted by the Freedom loving of Cuba will be enacted immidiately. When confronted with the fact that no court case on the subject was in front of them and being accused of Judicial Activism and violation of the Constitution. the response was “The latest Aids virus is killing at alarming speed we can not wait a decade to get out the changes needed to stop the AIDS virus. Only by ensuring the rights of all people can be handled by following the great medical care for AIDS infected personnel. WE have directed on a 5 to 4 vote that the US GOverment setup up AIDS camps that all people known to have aids must be forced to live at. OF course they will be allowed the best medical treatment available. We would never deny them that right. We just want to contain the virus from infecting everyone. What those infected in the camp will not be monitored. But the Cuba example of proper care of AIDS victims must be enforce here in the US it does not matter what the COnstitution says otherwise.”

    Judicial Activism that may never happen but may oneday take place. International Law should never be applied to any court case covered by the US Supreme court. Because there are laws in the international community that many people do not like. Something to think about if you dare. Opening this door can easily be a two edged sword with no end in sight.

  23. 30

    Jon spews:

    From the P-I:“Now, claims made about Microsoft’s potential to influence the fate of a specific civil rights bill in the just-concluded legislative session must be taken with a grain of salt, as must a local pastor’s self-promoting claims of singular influence over the company’s position.”

    Considering all the years MS supported the bill and it didn’t pass, that’s more than a grain. This whole thing, to me, is all about show and not about results. As Billy Crystal (as Fernando Lamas) would say “It is better to look good than to feel good.”

  24. 31

    chardonnay spews:

    are you admitting that AIDS is connected with homo sexual behavior? If so then stop the behavior. IOW keep your pencil dick out of your fellow mans bunghole. or cut it off.

    Are you saying that if microsoft helps in the fight to cure/end aids and because he also employs a few gays he should also support legislation to allow gays rights into all private affairs of all citizens? Get over it.

    FYI you can hear Hutch on KTTH am770 M-F @ 7:55 am

  25. 32

    Aaron spews:

    White wino,

    You remind me of an old Frank Zappa lyric; the ugliest part of your body is your mind.

    I feel sorry for your kids.

  26. 33

    chardonnay spews:

    don’t feel sorry for my kids hun. all 3 are healthy smart and good looking. oh and all are over achievers, independent and self reliant.

  27. 34

    DamnageD spews:

    @ 33

    …they must have gotten that from the father, we’ve seen NO evidence of that from you here.

  28. 35

    AllHatAndNoHorse spews:


    If so then stop the behavior. IOW keep your pencil dick out of your fellow mans bunghole. or cut it off.
    Comment by chardonnay

    sounds like a case of penis envy, it does.
    Get what you give, you will.
    Deserve what you get, you do.

  29. 36

    chardonnay spews:

    I demand my equal rights as a conservative on this blog. can I get some legislation please.

  30. 37

    christmasghost spews:

    So Goldy…you are up in arms about Bill Gates/Microsoft not backing gay legislation. But you are okay with his business practices?

    Did you hear what Melinda Gates said when the press asked her how her honeymoon was? She said she had two words for them….MICRO SOFT.

    Oh, I know…oldie but goodie……..LOL.