This ad paid for by “Karl Rove for Dino Rossi”

Kinda a crappy, generic ad that could pretty much run in any state, with little modification, but does anybody else find it ironic that Dino Rossi is running as political outsider intent on fixing the other Washington, while being almost totally dependent on “independent” expenditures from consummate insiders like Karl Rove?

When the NRSC first started talking up Rossi last spring, I thought part of his appeal was supposed to be his reputation for raising huge gobs of cash. And yet he’s becoming as much of a welfare case as Dave Reichert. Go figure.


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    PassionateJus spews:

    So, in the 18 years that she has been in the US Senate, how many of those were under a Republican president? How many of those years were in a Senate controlled by the GOP?

    What a dumb ad. I don’t see it changing anyone’s opinion of her.

    Glad they’re wasting money here, though.

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    Mary Plante spews:

    It is a dumb ad. I don’t understand spending so much money to run generic ads that wouldn’t pass the sniff test in any focus group in this state. If you are going to run attack ads, at least put together decent ones. There certainly are plenty of unemployed PR folks out there who could use the work.

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    It kinda reminds me of when I was living in Reno, and (mostly, but not always) R groups from out-of-state would send in terrible semi-generic ads that got criticized from all sides because they never pronounced ‘Nevada’ correctly.

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    Josef spews:

    Goldy, Senator Murray and her joke of a spokeshole Julie Edwards are just as bad. This is just the horses ass of politics in your era.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I wonder how much of Rossi’s ads are paid for by the corporate folks who bitterly oppose more stringent food safety regulation? I saw in this morning’s news that Obama’s FDA wants to crack down on 6 varieties of e.coli bacteria that are currently allowed in our beef supply.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 You should’ve fucked Rossi’s spokeswoman when you had the chance, Josef! Now Zits is married and lost to you forever. Because you dawdled some other guy is fucking her.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Dori’s also trumpeting on his radio show that the recent Rasmussen poll shows that Murray has already peaked, and Rossi is gaining ground.

    A couple of hours later (as I heard while leaving my dentist appointment), he was trying to say the the suicide of a single teacher, castigated by the media for being the “nation’s most ineffective teacher” based solely on student test scores, indisputedly proved his point (according to Dori) that our leftist, anti-competative society was to blame.

    I can never decide whether Dori’s an idiot (he doesn’t understand what he says ). or an asshole (he understands, and doesn’t care), or just greedy (he knows what he says is both false and harmfull, but he knows that being outragious gets you the big money in radio these days).

    I don’t see how Goldy can even carry on a civil conversation with him. If I got bumped up to first class on an airline flight, and he was in the next seat, I’d go back to economy rather than sit through a flight with him in that close of a proximity.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    And before the wingnuts start chiming in, I should note that I see nothing wrong with children being subjected to competition in school and sports, so that they can learn to deal with it as they grow up.

    But Dori’s inability to consider other factors is ridiculous – he jumps over several disputable assumptions before he reaches his conclusion, and he doesn’t even notice that being the national media’s punching-bag and object of ridicule isn’t the same thing as healthy competition in class or on the playing field – by several orders of magnitude.

    I remember back around 2005, when he argued that anyone could buy a house if they really wanted to, and he lifted up as examples several people who were buying multiple houses (using what we now know as “liar’s loans”). Of course, he concluded that anyone who is homeless is in that condition because they are lazy or ignorant, and don’t deserve any government aid. But I notice that no one has called him on that story since the housing collapse, even though he spent the past two years trying to blame it on frauds or “individuals “taking out more mortgage than they can afford”.

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    YellowPup spews:

    @1: Typical Karl Rove. Bush cuts taxes and raises spending for 8 years, destroys the economy–and the Democrats’ own it because they are now in power.

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    masaba spews:

    That ad is awful, but it really isn’t any worse than Rossi’s other ads. They are all generic and full of tripe. I can’t recall a single substantive statement in this election cycle. I just keep hearing him say the ole’ catch phrase, ‘We need to clean up Washington.’ Boy, I haven’t heard that one before!

    In one of his ads I recall that he pumped his experience as a janitor in college as his qualification for a US Senate seat (because he’s going to clean it up, ha ha). But, I guess that is a better qualification than letting people know he has been a real estate flipper since then.