Third-Rate Burglary vs. First-Rate American. RIP W. Mark Felt

Here’s this morning’s Washington Post obituary (co-written by Bob Woodward) on W. Mark Felt, aka, “Deep Throat,” the Post’s famous anonymous source on the Watergate story, who didn’t so much mind what Nixon did, as much as he minded how he did it.

And here’s the conclusion from my review of Bob Woodward’s The Secret Man, Woodward’s account of the Deep Throat saga published in 2005, which explains what I mean about Felt:

The going criticism of Woodward’s book, though, is that he doesn’t really shed any conclusive light onto Felt’s motivations—he simply ponders the whys and hows. And despite a later section of the book where, indeed, Woodward does burden the reader with his own existential (and boring) discussions with his wife about the ethics of it all, I actually got a perfect sense of what Felt was up to. Woodward sums it up in his conclusion: “The crimes and abuses were background music. Nixon was trying to subvert not only the law but also the Bureau. So Watergate became Felt’s instrument to reassert the Bureau’s… supremacy.” It wasn’t what Nixon did that bugged Felt. It was how Nixon did it.

Woodward is right on two counts. Not only did the White House derail the FBI’s investigation into Watergate and, more importantly, cut off the investigation into related White House espionage, but it created—through the ratfucking squad of Nixon’s Plumbers—a B-movie, surrogate version of the FBI. Nixon’s paranoia about the Democrats compelled him to create his own “intelligence” agency.

Felt, who Woodward shows to be a consummate counterintelligence agent dating back to his work outing Nazi spies in WWII, was obviously offended at both Nixon’s clampdown on the FBI (shredding files of the FBI’s investigation into Howard Hunt, for example) and at the slimy decision to pay thugs like G. Gordon Liddy to do secret agent work against the Democrats that it couldn’t ask the FBI to do.

I think, ultimately, super-spy Felt was offended at what has long been the bottom line analysis of Watergate: It was just a “third-rate burglary.”


  1. 1

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    This is part and parcel of why Americans bent over the GOP and fucked it in the ass. It’s full of crooks and cooks and liars and cheats.

    And more bad news just in. That asshole Bush just trumped his own party and gave money to the auto makers. This is a slap in the face of the right wing idiots who decided to play politics with American jobs. These fools are so disjointed that they make the Three Stooges look smart.

    At least Bush learned from his ass-fucking. He took it well. His backhand across the face of the current GOP leadership is indicative of the fact that he knows his side is wrong and that they are no longer relevant, having been completely rejected by the American people Nov 4.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    That Felt was a first-rate bureacrat who protected his agency from the clumsy machinations of a third-rate politician, and thereby rendered a far greater service to the Constitution and American people than he himself ever envisioned, seems like a plausible scenario. But our economic system is based on everyone acting in their self-interest too, so our righty friends ought to be able to understand (and applaud) Felt’s motives.

  3. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 In the truest tradition of cheap labor conservatives, Bush demanded as a condition of the loans to the automakers that “the companies’ workers … agree to wage and work rules that are competitive with foreign automakers.”

    In other words — union, shmunion, you’re gonna work for the same wages and under the same working conditions as the non-union workers in the southern (read: right-to-work) auto plants owned and run by Japanese. In other words, he’s using taxpayer money for union-busting.

    The UAW should tell Bush to stick it.

  4. 4

    Piper Scott spews:


    Tell me…has your mother, out of shear disgust and shame, disowned you yet?

    From what we’ve seen of the Obama soon-to-be administration so far, I’m confident they will want no part of you. Your claim of “We, etc.” is delusional at best – you had no part in their strategy. If anything, with “friends” like you, Obama don’t need no enemies.

    You’re a bigger albatross than Blago. And you’re not clever at all, which makes you boring.

    The Piper

  5. 5

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    By picking a fight with the UAW, Bush has virtually guaranteed the collapse of the Big Three. Labor concessions may have been negotiable until now. They aren’t any more.

  6. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 Why are you up so early, piper? It’s not like you have a job to go to, or anything.

  7. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Minnesota Update

    The Associated Press now puts the Brand X candidate’s lead at 2 votes. The Franken campaign has been saying all along that MSM claims that the other candidate is “ahead” are bogus because they’re ignoring thousands of ballots before the state canvassing board that are certain to be counted. Franken and the Democrats have steadfastly projected that after all the legitimate votes are counted, Franken will win, and with the other guy’s “lead” now down to 2 votes from over 200 to start with, that now appears to be a lead-pipe cinch.

    The big picture, of course, is the same picture we’ve seen everywhere in every election: Republicans, as the minority party, are against democracy and in favor of making it as hard to vote as possible, and find endless excuses to not count votes. In other words, Republicans don’t believe that American citizens have a right to vote in their own country.

    But Minnesota’s laws say otherwise, and that’s why the U.S. senate candidate who got the most votes will take office in January.

  8. 8

    Piper Scott spews:


    You ain’t been payin’ attention, varmint…

    I’m now in a new line of work: full-time warrior in the battle.

    The Piper

  9. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Update of Update — AP Says Franken Has Pulled Ahead

    The Associated Press reported 15 minutes ago that Al Franken has pulled ahead in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race, although it did not say by how much. This is the first time a MSM source has reported Franken in the lead, although the Franken campaign has said all along that its tally of challenged ballots shows Franken winning the election. Who those voters voted for is known, and the only issue is whether those votes will be counted.

  10. 10

    Puddybud spews:

    Piper, I think #1 is byebyegoober. I think Goldy allowed him to return.

    Too many similarities in his previous writings and he did have a butt fetish. See this link

  11. 11

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 You? warrior? battle?


  12. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Next thing you know, piper will try to tell us he’s been signed to a Major League Baseball pitching contract …

    [ … snicker …]

  13. 14

    Puddybud spews:

    WeBentOverTheGOP – What no SinDEE McCain comments? I know you must be exploding inside.

  14. 15

    Puddybud spews:

    Pelletizer, Clinton took upto $25,000 from BlackWater in “contributions”. Go to the website.

    Interesting bedfellow!


  15. 17

    Puddybud spews:


    ABC News had a story last night: Selling Your Body for Medical Science

    I’m sure that’s in your future. Medical Science will want to know the specific brain pathology about this…

  16. 18

    Puddybud spews:

    Wolf Blitzer what a Pelletizer oops… dumb ass.

    “But the other living former presidents, as far as I know, Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush, they haven’t released the names of their their contributors to their libraries and their other foundations or whatever. I wonder if they’re going to be under feeling any pressure to release the names of all of their donors. They don’t have to, but we’ll see if they will.” – Wolf Blitzer December 18, 2008 CNN

    Duh Wolf. Neither of them had their wife nominated as SoS you dunce.

  17. 19

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Workers, Education, Poor To Bear Brunt of Gregoire’s Budget Cuts

    Gov. Gregoire unveiled her no-new-taxes balanced budget yesterday. It makes up a projected revenue shortfall of $5.1 billion by making $3.5 billion of cuts, counting on $1 billion of increased federal funding, and drawing $600 million from the state’s Rainy Day fund.

    State workers and teachers would bear the biggest share of the budget cuts, including an estimated 2,600 layoffs, $682 million of cost-of-living increases, and $400 million of pension funding. Gregoire’s proposed budget also cuts $500 million from health care for children, the poor and the disabled. Initiative I-728 to reduce class sizes would lose $178 million.

    Republicans immediately said they will support Gregoire’s budget. Democratic legislative leaders signaled they want to take a closer look at closing tax loopholes that benefit businesses and possibly sending a tax increase to voters.

  18. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @15 So what? How much did Republicans take from Blackwater? If Blackwater money is good enough for Republicans, it’s good enough for Clinton! After all, she was the pro-business candidate that Wall Street, CEOs, and Bush fundraises got behind.

  19. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @16 So what? Is that supposed to prove that alpine glaciers and polar ice caps aren’t melting? You’d better leave science to scientists, putz. You’re too much of a fucking idiot to dabble in that area.

  20. 22

    Puddybud spews:

    Or Ann Curry and her agenda. Really even keeled that Ann Curry

    ANN CURRY: Your position has raised the spectre that you are homophobic.

    Notice how Rick Warren laughed?

    CURRY: You laugh, but that is why gay people are angry.

    Yes, Ann you interviewed how many gay people for this Rick Warren interview?

    RICK WARREN: Well, I could give you a hundred —

    CURRY: Are you homophobic?

    WARREN: I don’t know any church in America that’s done more to help the gay community, particularly with AIDS, than Saddleback. But the hate speech against me is incendiary.

    CURRY: If science finds that this is biological, that people are born gay, would you change your position?

    Ann – The HA goosesteppers already said the science is done.

    WARREN: No, and the reason why is because we all have biological predispositions. I’m naturally inclined to have sex with every beautiful woman I see. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

    Rick you need to talk to HAs Pelletizer… He will drop trou ASAP when he “sees a cute bunny”.

  21. 23

    Puddybud spews:

    Pelletizer, hey “dumb bunny” it’s your side on this blog who screams about BlackWater not my side. Now that we see Clinton accepted a “donation” you are making excuses?

    What a dumb bunny…

  22. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @17 I suggest selling yours while the getting is good. The daisies told me they want nothing to do with your mortal remains.

  23. 25

    Emily spews:

    Does anybody have any idea how the pay (salaries, bonuses, whatever) for the CEOs and other execs of Japanese car companies compares to that of the big three?

  24. 27

    Puddybud spews:

    No Pelletizer you can look up Wolf Blitzer’s party affiliation. I posted it here on HA.


  25. 29

    manoftruth spews:

    too bad you shitheads didnt look for the real murderder of vince foster like you went after nixon.

  26. 30

    Piper Scott spews:


    They both stink alike – somewhat akin to a four-day-old seriously clogged toilet repeatedly used by someone who eats a lot of asparagus.

    The Piper

  27. 31

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    1. WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    This is part and parcel of why Americans bent over the GOP and fucked it in the ass. It’s full of crooks and cooks and liars and cheats.

    You mean like Blago and the Chicago political machine.
    Oops, that’s the DEMOCRATIC Party.
    Amazing how everyone surrounding Obama is a crook….but somehow he ain’t, or is he?
    Will be interesting as they unravel Michelle’s meteoric rise in position & stature.
    Amazing she could be a nearly full-time Mom and command such a massive salary.
    She’s a wonder woman!
    PS–The Hospital was one of the main vehicles for “pay-offs”…watch.

  28. 32

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Looks like another republican hero who is actually GLAD we fucked him in the ass.

    I wonder why republican trolls bother to come here. Nothing they say matters. All their bullshit didn’t help win the election. They were absolutely stomped – ground into the dirt. They’re shit. They’re lower than that. They’re whale shit and American just flushed!

  29. 33

    Puddybud spews:

    #32: How do you feel about Cindy McCain? You told us all about your feelings two months ago. Have you changed your mind now?

  30. 34

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    16. Puddybud spews:

    It snowed in Malibu CA.
    Gotta be global warming…

    The psycotic GoreBasmic loons have every eventuality covered by global warming.
    If the weather is Hot–Global Warming
    If the weather is Cold–Global Warming
    If the weather stays the same–Global Warming.

    Hey Puddy, got a quiz for you:

    Fill a glass halfway with water and put in 5 ice cubes. Mark the water-level.
    Then let the ice cubes melt and check the water level.
    What happens???

    The global warming KLOWNS want you to believe that the water mark will be much higher after the cubes melt.
    All the propaganda about coastal flooding and disasters if the Arctic Icecaps melt.

    I heard the other day that we have had less than 1/5″ rise in ocean levels in the past decades of Global Warming.

  31. 35

    Puddybud spews:

    Cynical this Blagojevich issue has to be evaluated in a new light now that we have the Clinton Donor List.

    Blago is a minor two-bit player here now that we see who are the biggest donors to Clinton. Clinton knew how to get large large contributions while Blagojevich was a shakedown artist.

    Holy Middle East Oil Batman – Look at whom gave to Clinton. How will Hillary deal with those major contributors? The Blagojevich affair is bidness as usual for Donkey.

  32. 36

    Puddybud spews:

    Cynical is God great? When ice forms it floats. Imagine if it sunk?

    Just look at who the Donkey have a their MSM press corps. There would be a lot of cold-hearted Donkey women sinking to the bottom of their bathtubs.

  33. 37

    My Left Foot spews:


    Personally, I resent your analogy of being a “full time warrior” in the “battle”.

    You have two sons who are warriors in the battle. Do not diminish what they, and all the other servicemen and women, are doing to protect this country.

    All you are doing is blowing hard into a wind hoping to push it back.

    Good luck with that.

    By the way, Scott, have you made that donation to Seattle Children’s Hospital? After all, Obama is the next president which means you lost the bet. A man is only as good his word.


    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays
    (now everyone is covered)

  34. 38

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Obama hasn’t even taken office and has made the Blago scandal worse by misleading the Public. This just in from Fox:

    Report: Emanuel Spoke Directly With Blagojevich About Senate Seat
    President-elect Obama’s chief of staff had direct discussions with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich about Obama’s vacant Senate seat, sources say.

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Sources with knowledge of the conversations told the Sun- Times Emanuel spoke with the governor and pushed for the appointment of Valerie Jarrett in the days after the presidential election and asked that it be done by a certain date.

    The sources said Blagojevich told aides about conversations with Emanuel and sometimes gave them directions afterward. Some conversations between Blagojevich and Emanuel were likely caught on tape, the sources said.

    An Obama source strongly denied Emanuel spoke with the governor directly about the seat, the Sun-Times reported.

    Sources did not indicate that a deal was brokered in the conversations between Emanuel and Blagojevich.

    Blagojevich was arrested on corruption charges involving an alleged scheme to sell or trade Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

    Ahhhhhhh, Chicago/Hyde Park politics at it’s finest…rather, it’s worst!
    Obama really thinks there is nothing wrong with this or misleading the public about Emmanuel’s role.


  35. 39

    Piper Scott spews:


    I am a full-time warrior in the battle of ideas and beliefs. No longer in the search business, but in the idea business as a journalist and writer.

    No doubt you’ve read my work investigating Washington State Ferries, a genuine shining example of government in inaction and ineptitude?

    My sons are on the front line in the international battle, one in Germany and one on Okinawa, while I do what I can here at home.

    And I don’t believe I had a bet with you or anyone since I tried getting some of the HA Happy Hooligan chiseles to pony up after the failed Richard Pope run for King County Council.

    Ciao back at ya!

    The Piper

  36. 40

    Puddybud spews:

    Holy Waste of Money Batman or is it Holy High Maintenance Batman…

    George David’s wife needs $53,000 a week to live. That must pizz off most HA Donkey like yelling loser boy. She blows in one month what many HA donkey make in a year…

    She’s living large while her sugar daddy husband sends most of his bucks to the Donkey

    John Larson (Donkey)
    United Technologies $37,050
    Chris Dodd (Donkey) 2003-2008
    United Technologies $265,400
    Joe Lieberman (I) But votes Donkey 2003-2008
    United Technologies $189,000
    Daniel Inouye (Donkey)
    United Technologies $21,000
    Rosa D’Lauro (Donkey)
    United Technologies $37,050
    Olympia Snow (R) 2003-2008
    United Technologies $12,000

    Just think, part of the industrial-military complex headless lucy and his 20 HA sock puppets love to scream about (besides Halliburton and BlackWater) and they support the Donk.


    PS…. This story is in the New York Post. yelling loser boy will discount it’s veracity. Why? He hates Rupert Murdoch even though Rupert is a big Donk jock-strap for a while…

  37. 41

    Steve spews:

    I see that Piper is still full of himself. So how’s the battle going in Germany? Any reports from the front line? Are we winning yet?

  38. 43

    Puddybud spews:

    Hello HA libtards:

    Another PuddyService to you tax ignorant idiots.

    See how much in taxes the “rich” paid vs the “poor” (not my words) in Tax Year 2006.

  39. 44

    YLB spews:

    43 – Great! They should pay more. They’ve gotten most of the benefit of this economy for the last 30 plus years.

    Middle class has stood still and is losing ground awful fast.

    If the rich think they’re paying too much they should tell Republicans to stop making stupid wars.

  40. 45

    Piper Scott spews:


    Sigh…how many times did your mother have to rub your nose in messes you left on the floor? Or does she still?

    My oldest is in Germany ending a three-year stint as a reporter/photographer for Stars & Stripes. He spent one-year in Iraq, six months in Kuwait, and five-weeks last summer in Afghanistan.

    He’s now a sergeant first class, or E-7, after seven years in the army – what they call a 7 in 7. Carl can note whether that’s considered an achievement or not.

    His next assignment this spring will probably bring him to Fort Lewis, but only to catch the next flight out back to Iraq where he’ll be the NCOIC of a public affairs shop for a medium-sized unit.

    Remind me again of your efforts? Or were they flushed away when last you went?

    The Piper

  41. 47

    Piper Scott spews:


    Unlike you, at least I’m in a business.

    Cashed any good we’fare checks lately? When do you plan on moving up from a single to double wide? Or double ply?

    The Piper

  42. 48

    Steve spews:

    I didn’t knock the kid, it was you with your silly assertion. Like Cynical, your overwhelming sense of inadequacy leads you here to HA, where you tell us repeatedly how wonderful you are. That you have to pat yourself on the back tells me that nobody else will do it for you.

    I see that your friend, manoftruth, is still spewing his hatred of Jews. I take it that, by your silence, you agree with him wholeheartedly. Either that or you’re just too much the coward to stand up to him. Which is it, Piper, agreement or cowardice?

  43. 49

    Steve spews:

    We all know that Pudz will gladly run with racists and bigots as long as there’s hope for a lower tax rate somewhere along the line. How about you, Piper?

  44. 50

    Piper Scott spews:


    I am responsible only for myself, which sets me apart from you – your inability to assume responsibility for yourself is evidenced by your evey comment: you stand condemned out of your own mouth.

    Today is truly a day to count how many mothers of HA Happy Hooligans weep for the lost and pathetic lives of their wayward children.

    Santa must have given up on you years ago.

    The Piper

  45. 51

    YLB spews:

    LMAO @ Pooper!

    Hey Pooper. You should interview Stupes aka Puddybud. He’s a terrific new leader for your party.

    I can see the lede now:

    Keyes to the 10th power.
    He was for Obama before he was against him.

    You just gotta skip the part where he didn’t think too much of John McSame.

  46. 52

    Puddybud spews:

    What a moron@44: They pay way more unless you are Donkey George Soros who makes sure he don’t pay taxes. Need to see the evidence again stupid?

    So how does it feel another Friend of Donkey spending more in a week or as much as you make in a year ($53,000/week)?

    Kind of puts all these tax the rich arguments into perspective when it’s the Donkey who are the rich, eh idiot?

  47. 53

    Puddybud spews:

    Piper, remember yelling loser boy is never wrong. He rests on the laurels of his SEIU wife. With a mind such as his how did he ever marry? It’s a mystery…

    yelling loser boy, Emily@25 axked a question. You are the best at answering those questions as you are never wrong.

    Be a good turd and answer her. Show her how you are such a compassionate progressive.

  48. 54

    YLB spews:

    52 – Nice to know you agree with me that the rich should pay more Stupes.

    AFAIK Obama is going to let the tax cuts expire.

  49. 55

    Steve spews:

    @50 So you assume no responsibility for running with Jew haters. Figures. Did your mother instill in you the hatred and cowardice you display? Or does she weep for you?

  50. 56

    Puddybud spews:

    Steve, why do you continue to harp on the wrong things and project your hatred?

    What? Your Idiots’ Guide is not going so well?

  51. 57

    Puddybud spews:

    54moron54: Just because you think you are always right doesn’t mean I agree. Oh contraire, mi manolito pendejo, I disagree with all your silliness.

    And if Obama allows the tax cuts to expire he has to create new ones.

  52. 59

    YLB spews:

    57 – You mean we agree to disagree?

    Poor Stupes. There’s just no exit from your absurd existence.

    LMAO!! You gotta laugh to keep from crying!

  53. 60

    Steve spews:

    @56 I ask why you don’t stand up against someone spewing hatred of Jews and you accuse me of projecting hatred? Pathetic. Why don’t you show us a little backbone and denounce manoftruth? Is it because you hate Jews too? Or are you just the coward I figure you to be?

  54. 61

    Puddybud spews:

    yelling loser boy@58: So your yelling continues to claim. If that’s so, then why are you reading my links? I guess you are a liar after all right loser boy?

    Nuff SAID!

    How sad.

    Emily you’ll need to figger it out yourself. yelling loser boy won’t help you.

  55. 62

    Puddybud spews:

    Why should I denounce anything especially from one who accuses me and other of bestiality?

    Sit in your own muck Steve…

  56. 63

    Puddybud spews:

    yelling loser boy… too bad a simpleton like you could never attract someone like Marie Douglas.

    Bwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  57. 64

    Steve spews:

    @62 Republican perversion and pedophilia – just another wrong that Pudz refuses to take a stand against. Never has, never will. Admittedly, I’m not sure if this is due to him being a coward or if it’s because he fucks goats. Either way, Pudz is left as a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  58. 65

    YLB spews:

    61 – LMAO!! Sure I click on the MSM links if necessary but those stinky right wing bullshit links I do avoid.

  59. 67

    Piper Scott spews:


    Here’s something for YippeeLilBoy and his SEIU-keeper wife (he surely isn’t let out in public alone): Early in my career, I spent several years as a business agent/organizer for SEIU, Local #38 in Tacoma, which has since been absorbed into Seattle’s Local #6.

    I personally organized St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, the Swiss-cheese looking building you see to the left of the Tacoma Dome as you travel south on I-5.

    I also organized nursing homes, janitorial contractors, bowling alleys, and more. Plus I bargained scores of contracts, handled hundreds of grievances and lots more.

    Unfortunately, SEIU long ago lost its way seeking to become a political power player and co-broker of Illinois US Senate seats.

    The Piper

  60. 68

    YLB spews:

    Hey Pooper. You really should take my advice and interview Stupes for your next right wing bullshit piece. I mean this guy will vault your new career into the STRATOSPHERE!


    Go on about my wife all you want guys. It doesn’t affect us in the least. My wife comes from a proud union family and she supports the union’s political goals 100 percent.

    After the last eight years, last 30 for that matter, with the economy falling off a cliff, how can anyone with a brain not?

    Oh my gosh! This is just too much fun!

  61. 69

    Steve spews:

    Mention Republican pedophilia and Pudz loses it every time. When a troll spews hatred towards Jews and blacks, Pudz always gives the troll his silent approval. Never a peep out of him. At least we know where he stands. But what a pathetic excuse for a man he is.

  62. 70

    Puddybud spews:

    Ahhhhhhhhh yes, Mr Clean I mean Steve.

    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.

    Oh I see Steve picking up a stone. He’s winding up. Here’s the pitch… Awwwwwwwwwwww, he dropped it and leaves dejected.

  63. 71

    Steve spews:

    @70 Still can’t handle the truth, can you, Pudz? Your Republican party has become the home to America’s pervs and pedophiles and you show no outrage whatsoever. In fact, you’re good with it. What does that tell us about you, Pudz? It tells me that you fuck goats.

    Why do you throw stones at people with your every post, Pudz? Is it because you are a man without sin? Or is it because you’re just another hypocritical stone-thrower?

  64. 72

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Blago says he’s gonna fight and made some veiled threats against the Chicago political crime machine that produced Obama.
    Hope he has notes & tapes.

  65. 73

    4th-Rate Burglary spews:

    To me, the most interesting aspect of this is not what so many people are e-mailing me about, and that is, “Will she now become conservative,” because, you know, the old cliche is a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, and (Mika B.) got mugged. She got held up for six bucks. The mugger, though, working cheap, accepted six bucks after demanding $20.

    What happened to Mika Brzezinski makes the case for tax cuts. She works in the Drive-By Media. She works in television. It’s as though she’s got nothing left after giving Bernie Madoff the money. She only has six bucks to give the man who is down on his luck.

    We have to understand who muggers are. Muggers are the salt of the earth; they’re the backbone of America. They just have been placed in this current circumstance because of the evils of the Bush administration and supply side trickle-down economics. These are good people. They have been forced into thuggery, muggery, and holdups in order to survive.

    What happened to Mika Brzezinski is exactly why we need permanent, across-the-board tax cuts. If we cannot keep more of our own money, muggers are going to have to work over time. This guy could have gotten everything he wanted from one victim, but because Mika Brzezinski only had a measly six bucks, he had to probably go hold up a couple or three more people to make his take. That puts that many more people in danger, and, of course, the mugger risks getting caught with each attempt here at fleecing somebody. He could end up in jail as well.

    I mean, how is it that Drive-By infobabe on the road doesn’t have enough money to help out a fellow citizen who’s down on his luck. This country is better than that. When we get held up, we should have more than six bucks to give the muggers. …

    The mugger was a worker, by the way. He was out working. These are tough economic times. He probably lost his job at an auto plant or some such thing. Maybe he used to work at Wall Street, at a bank, who knows. Probably not paying his mortgage, still has his house, but he needs food. And to collect a measly six bucks from a Drive-By infobabe? That embarrasses me as an American …

    Remember, this happened before six o’clock in the morning. This mugger was up early. This mugger was a worker. He was up early working the streets. Somebody might want to hire this guy. This guy is loaded with initiative. This guy obviously has ambition. If Mika just had a measly 20 dollars on her, she gives the mugger the money and she can feel good about it. Now she has to carry the shame of only having six dollars with her and shorting this hard-pressed working American 14 bucks. This just proves to me, folks, we need a tax holiday.

    This is what happens when the government hoards all of our money. Muggers have to mug more people per day just to get by. If we had tax cuts, Mika had 20 bucks, this guy would get his $20, he doesn’t have to work again until after lunch. Think about it. The mugger had to take what amounts to a 70% pay cut because he had to settle for pathetic six bucks because that’s all Mika Brzezinski had and he’s gotta make that up by mugging more people. It just isn’t right.

    – Dope Fiend Rush Limbaugh, yesterday

  66. 74

    Steve's Pet Goat spews:

    The Goat Anti-Defamation Anti-Insemination League is watching you, bro, and we don’t like what we see. Or smell. You stink.

  67. 75

    Steve's Pet Goat spews:

    Speaking of goats: got kids, Steve? Got guns?

    You as fond as I am of a living breathing expansive Second Amendment? And is it true, as a constitutional scholar told me at the Mint Bar in Wyoming, that your First Amendment ends where my Second Amendment begins?

  68. 76

    Puddybud spews:

    Steve, I throw political stones at people like you every day. That’s what this blog is about…

    You on the other hand get your jollies from slinging perversions on others every day.

    Big diff libbie.

  69. 77

    Steve spews:

    Geez, Pudz, I really hope that your Republican pals didn’t mistakenly take a shot at you when you were down at Katrina telling people how HA sucks. But supposing they did. What would be your excuse for them? Or would you just go into denial like you do everything else? Here, read what they had to say about the kicks they got from “finally” being able to “hunt” blacks.

    Oh, and you need to work on your sockpuppetry. The late Marvin did it so much better, R.I.P.

  70. 78

    Steve spews:

    @75 A coyote tried shitting the neighbor’s cat onto my drive this morning. Have you ever seen what a .451 can do to a coyote, Pudz? Probably not.

  71. 79

    Pudz' Sock Puppet spews:

    The key to Watergate is The Devil & John Wesley Dean, who must be Howard Dean’s brother. A recent bio of John Mitchell proves to my satisfaction that Mitchell, Nixon, et al. had Scooty Clinton problems (letting themselves get trapped in perjury traps), but that John Dean made Watergate go and go down.

    Almost every ugly facet of the scandal was set in motion by Dean, who now minces like a latter-day ho around Air America. Back then Dean sang like a Soprano, basically beating the rap of his own culpability with coached prepped testimony that scored with left-wing Big Media but that failed almost every truth test. Dean lied better than any lying liar since Simon Peter. Then Dean beat the heat.

    Was said years ago that John Dean the ho instigated the Watergate break-in to purge Larry O’Brien’s files on Dean’s wife, also alleged to be a ho. That was probably a vicious slander against ho’s. Maybe Maureen was. Maybe she wasn’t. But John W. D.? Total whore.

    And Nixon? A dope who got roped in his own tape. Mitchell? Guilty of a little process crime, a semi-perjury slip-up, for which he paid a big price in a witch … hunt … speaking of E. Howard. Liddy? Fucking nuts, but hell, who isn’t?

  72. 80

    Pudz' Sock Puppet spews:

    So it’s ok with Josh that Mark Felt, First-Rate American, did illegal break-ins and third-rate burglaries? And did them against the Weatherman Action Faction? Ayers and Dohrn? Pals of Barack Hussein Obama, who has again made it safe to enunciate the middle name that dare not speak its name, except at the inauguration next month?

    And isn’t it droll that Felt was pardoned by Ronald Reagan?

  73. 82

    GBS spews:

    C’mon!! Who on the right really thinks you’ve got a shot at controlling any part of congress or the White House any decade soon???

    Al Franken will win his bid to become the Jr. Sen. from Minn.

    This effectively gives us a filibuster proof vote when we need it. There are only two Senators left in the New England states.

    One of those two will ALWAYS break ranks and vote for cloture. No choice if they want to keep their seat next time around.

    Obama has put together one hell of an administration. The results will be stellar.

    The population will be happy.

    Republicans will be seen largely as the whiners they are.

    I’ll die in 30-40 years never seeing the Republcians in charge of congress.

    You guys asked for it, you got it and now you’ll regret it.

    Merry Christmas.

  74. 83

    manoftruth spews:

    here’s the fucking joke. the frost and nixon trailor has frost saying, even though its fucking 50 years later, he wants nixon to answer for his crimes. what a joke, did clinton ever answer fir the death of ron brown or vince foster or secrets to the chinese, or the miraculous appearnce of whitewater papers in the most secure room in the world. i adnmit you guys own everything and have all the power, but you still have to wait another 50 years until the final american generation is gone, unless you plan on puttings us in gulags.

  75. 85

    moronthislater spews:

    The halo awarded to Mark Felt by some never will cease to amaze me. Felt was liked and trusted by Hoover, and rose almost to the top at the FBI. If he really was so saintly as to be offended by an political surveillance operation like Watergate, he never would have gotten to that level at the FBI.

    The FBI routinely compiled files on politicians, as revealed in the 1975 Church Commmittee. Atty General Edward Levi testified that Hoover had files on members of Congress, presidents, and cabinet officers.

    In 1970 Hoover had created the new position of FBI deputy associate director for Mark Felt, making him effectively the no. 2 man behind only himself.

    As another poster notes, Felt was actually convicted of a felony during the Carter admin, for authorizing a black bag job.

  76. 86

    moronthislater spews:

    People love to hate Nixon, but do not realize that today he would be more welcomed in the Democratic Party than the Republican Pary. He could well be like a Rodney Tom or Fred Jarrett and switch parties were he around.

    Nixon distrusted laissez-faire to the point that he imposed wage and price controls. He advocated a complete ban on handguns. He founded the EPA, and I think was the first to implement affirmative action programs at the federal level. The guy who I think is most comparable to him today might be Sen. Charles Schumer (D) of New York.

  77. 87

    moronthislater spews:

    And one final thought: does the death of Felt mean that we finally get rid of the ‘gate’ appended to any and all scandal?

    Remember when some Seattle councilpersons were taking big campaign bucks from strip club owners–the papers dubbed it “Strippergate.” What it had to do with a DC hotel is just beyond me, but that’s the terminology they chose.

    I wrote to the Seattle Times and suggested that after more than a quarter century, it was time to lose the “gate” suffix. I suggested instead that they could refer to the scandal by “StripperMonica” but they declined my suggestion.