Things are going too far, folks

To the well-dressed but drunk-as-a-skunk Clinton supporter at the Montlake Ale House on Tuesday night:

Probably not a good idea to drunkenly berate people for not supporting you candidate. When you ask someone what they think is important in the election, and they answer “change,” it’s best not to treat that answer as an attack on your candidate. It implies that you know your candidate isn’t for “change,” which is bad because this is a change election. (At least, that’s what the dozens of talking heads have been saying.)

Personally, I’m mostly happy with either one. While I lean towards Obama, I’m no super fan, and I’m certainly not going to get hammered and yell at strangers at the bar for not supporting him.

I don’t think this extended contest is hurting the party, but it seems to be doing a number on the combatants.


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    Good comment Will.

    In the past at DL, out of politness to others, the speaches have usually been played loud enough for those close to a TV w.o “treating” the rest of us to the cacophiny.

    There was mre ….

    I was to’d when her speech was broadcast at disco level high volume. Later, after most of the Hillary crowd had left, the Obamna speech was also played, albeitly less loudly.

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    BTW ..

    after the dust settled, this AM’s official count from PA has her leading by 8.6%.

    This is best seen as a number in the confusion zone. For example, Limbaugh ran a campaign for several weeks pushing ditto heads to register dem and then vote for Hillary.

    Since Pa does not allow cross over voting, it is reasonable that any new Rep registrants this seasons were faux-Limbaugh-icans.

    Does anyone here know how to find out this number?

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    and more …

    I just posted this at SJ. Final data from the state of PA gives her just over an 8% lead. Based on the data I have now, 5% of Hillary’s 8% lead is likely to be due to Republicans voting as Dems under Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” plan. That means she squeaked through with by 3%.

    In PA., registered Repubs can not vote for Dems. Based on his previous votes, Obama should be expected to take a few percent of the Republican vote,

    In other words, if this were a real election instead of a Primary, she would have lost to the republican.

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    Commander-in-Chief Limbaugh spews:

    Seattle Jew:
    Many thanks for the accolades regarding my efforts. In reality, many of my fine troops figured out they needed to register as D’s BEFORE I formally launched Operation Chaos.
    I reality, Hillay may have actually lost had R’s not re-registered. You will never know the actual numbers for certain, but it is significant.
    I believe in playing by the rules (except for that little prescription drug blip!)

    On to Indiana & North Carolina!!!
    Re-register Dem…and Vote for HILLARY!!!!!

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    Blue John spews:

    Heard this on Stephenie Miller this morning.
    “…I’m an Obama supporter. I used to think that Clinton was a good politician too. But now I am convinced she would suck the bone marrow from a newborn baby to win the nomination…. “
    Nearly crashed the car I was laughing so hard.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 “In reality, many of my fine troops figured out they needed to register as D’s BEFORE I formally launched Operation Chaos.”

    So, you admit that Chimp’s incompetence is finally sinking in on rank-and-file Republicans? It’s about time. Problem is, they’re 7 years too late.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Oh noes! Will, was Carl getting uppity again? Some people just can’t hold their liquor.

    (I keed, I keed! As far as I saw, Carl was drinking soda last night.)

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    "Hannah" spews:

    WOW! How drunk must one get to berate others who may disagree? Actually I see it every day on here! So there must be a lot of drunk typing! :) So was this drunken Clinton supporter against Obama? And thinks only Hillary can beat McCain?

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    lolita spews:

    “Heard this on Stephenie Miller this morning.”

    Heard the Divine Ms. M say she threw out her back while giving Scott Ritter a lap dance. Everybody knows that didn’t happen, because everybody knows that Scott Ritter (who caged even more dirty dollars from Saddam than McDermott did) doesn’t screw with anybody over 14.

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    Redundantly dribbles, not spews:

    Goldy is right. This is a change election.

    It is going to be hard on Gregoire to campaign with Barack on “change” when she wants to keep things the way they are here.
    Change America! Except Olympia! Olympia is fine! Look at this shiny object! It’s Change!

    It will be a very tricky thing for her to pull off. Her team is disappointing many already.
    They must get it together.

    12 – that is funny.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    drunk-as-a-skunk Clinton supporter

    Wouldn’t someone need to be drunk or high to support a dem?
    I’m asking because on this blog there is so much talk of smoking pot and meeting every week to drink.