The Trump Vehicle

Over at Shakesville, there’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s part of an announcement that you can enter yourself to win a dinner with Donald Trump if you donate a small amount of money. I can’t imagine wanting to have dinner with Donald Trump, but whatever. That’s not the thing that I find amazing.

Lots of candidates have that sort of thing. Obama has the same thing for his supporters.

No, the amazing thing is you’ll also win a trip from the airport in “the Trump vehicle.” I mean, I know he named most (some? all but The Apprentice?) of his business ventures after himself. Business people do that. No he named his car after himself. The only other wealthy business person who names his car after himself that I know of is Batman.

And he’s fictional. Also, he has the good sense not to call it the Waynemobile.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    How much do I have to pay, and who do I have to pay it to, to not have my name entered in this contest?

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    @1, When I was in high school one of my friends Jerry was the first of us to learn to drive, and we with our tounges very much in our cheeks called his car “the Jerry Mobile”

    @2, I’m pretty sure the $0 you gave to Romney is enough not to get entered.

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    Michael spews:

    Some of my cars were named, some not. Never thought to name one The Michael or The C***** vehicle. Mostly, naming something after yourself seems boring and lacking in imagination.

    Why getting to ride in someone else’s car is some sort of big deal is beyond me. Unless it’s something cool and then the fun part would be going for a ride in, say, a ’53 Corvette, not the fact of who owns it.

    My friends nicknamed my green Ranchero “The Booger.” I got that car for free and still got the short end of the stick on that deal. I had a Toyota Tercel named Lenny. I put 260K miles on Lenny over about 15 years. Lenny was a damn good car.

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    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at spews:


    I drove my Toyota truck for 23.5 years. It was a good truck, but somebody, out of the blue, offered to buy it from me. In a weak moment, I said “yes” to his offer. I wish I’d never have sold it.

    Bought my other Toyota when it was 5 years old, and I’ve been drivin’ it for over 10 years. Damn, you just can’t kill those Toyotas! If all cars were built as well as Toyotas we’d go a long, long way between vehicle purchases.

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    I used to drive a Suzuki Swift (aka Geo Metro) that was called “The Atomic Purple Jellybean” and “The Pregnant Rollerskate”. I still miss that car.

    Meanwhile, Trump? Fuck him and his massive ego. Not to mention his combover. I’d rather be broke and bald than have that monstrosity squatting on my pate.