The Right Move

I was going to mention this in this morning’s open thread, but there was no way to do it in a sentence without it sounding like I was goofing on Joni Balter (although, obviously, I have in the past and may again depending on what she writes). I think it’s absolutely the right move for Balter to leave the ed page and go back to news. I don’t have any recollection of her as a reporter, but people I know, even people who are skeptical of her as an editorial writer tell me she was good at it. So we’ll see based on what she writes. If it’s solid reporting, great. If it’s nonsense dressed up as reporting, well that’s too bad.

But regardless of how Balter turns out, The Seattle Times should focus more on reporting than on editorials. It’s their bread and butter and they don’t have as much competition. While some blogs that aren’t affiliated with newspapers have reporting, a good deal of the reporting in this town comes from The Seattle Times. I hope this signals something more than just one move.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    In an era of diminished resources, it makes sense for any newspaper to cut back on editorializing and focus on reporting — especially a paper as out of touch with the community as the Republican Times. Maybe if they stop talking to themselves, get out of the office, and go out on the streets they’ll
    rediscover there’s a community out there.

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    don spews:

    Who needs an editorial page when you can do that right in the news pages themselves? Yesterday’s online version had an article about current negotiations between the Governor and state workers. Here’s the lead paragraph:

    “Gov. Chris Gregoire will leave office in eight months, but the state worker contracts she’s negotiating now could tie the hands of Washington’s next governor for three years.”

    See what the writer did there? The implication is that Gregoire will be gone but she’s gonna fuck over her successor. Of course whenever the state negotiates contracts, such as road bonds and such, they could “tie the hands” of the next governor as stated. But the Times wants its good readers to know if McKenna gets into office and the budget is fucked up, don’t blame him, blame his predecessor.


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    the 5% spews:

    Notice to don: the queen has ruled the state, with her democratic party ruled legislature, for nearly a decade. Guess what, the budget is fucked.

    Now, we all know lefties will blame mckenna if he is elected for all the budget woes within 2 months after he is in office.

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    the state worker contracts she’s negotiating now could tie the hands of Washington’s next governor for three years.

    Does this mean Bobby Mac won’t pull a Walker/Snyder/Kasich???

    Gee I hope so. Fuck ALEC! They’ve reaped what they’ve sown.

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    ArtFart spews:

    This morning’s edition of the Times was graced by all of three –count ‘em, three– stories. One of these was the all-important news that it’s Spring and the birds are migrating. Whoopee.