The Prosecution of Robert Dalton

KOMO News is the first local news outlet to cover the case of legal medical marijuana patient Robert Dalton. Kitsap County prosecutors are trying to seize his property and send him to jail because they allege he had more plants than was allowed and that he said that he was going to give some of his harvest to other patients. At his trial in Port Orchard today, witnesses will be called in Dalton’s defense.


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    Politically Incorrect spews:

    KIRO-TV also has a bit on this story. This is yet another example of the idiocy of the laws against marijuana. This simple weed in NOT the Black Death, nor is it the Bluebird of Happiness. Stop persecuting people who use this weed, either as a recreational substance or as a medicinal herb, because it’s simply asinine to maintain this ridiculous prohibition. Prohibition is NOT working.


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    SeattleJew spews:

    Puddy ..


    look, I too think that Lee ‘s fanaticism for pot is a strong argument against pot, but you are my hero .. you are the rational troll.

    I have reviewed enough marijuana lit to call BS on your claims just as I do on Lee’s claims that mj is wonder drug.

    So, here is the same challenge I gave Lee …

    Show me published evidence in a major journal to support:

    Smoking marijuana is an entry level drug that leads users to more potent and dangerous drugs like heroin.

    Marijuana is no more a dangerous drug than chocolate, coffee, alcohal, extreme exercise, Nyquill, tobacco, etc.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    How do you feel about biden and his drug laws?
    You’ve mentioned many times how unfair it is that crack users go to jail, cocaine gets only a slap on the wrist. Translated, blacks go to jail while whites don’t.
    Yet you’ve remained silent on biden and his drug laws.
    Oops, sorry. I forgot the rule of being liberal-

    Because this is a partisan blog that takes on Republicans. He would be disgusted by the Democrat and what he did, but he wouldn’t write about it here.

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    Charlie Kee spews:

    Hay Puddy ..

    I KNOW you are smarter than you suggest in 4.

    If you want, however, to play this as a game, how about this:

    Chocolate should be a controlled substance. The stuff is pernicious, causes cancer, diabetes, and tooth decay.

    The intellectual superiority of Asians is clearly genetic. NOt only are peope of pure Korean, Japanese, or Chinese blood smarter than everyone else, the level of intelligence gors down as you move further form the heartland of asia, the yellow river, and look at such admixed people as Laotians, Cambodians, Mongols, etc.

    God must exist because there is no other way to explain who built my wristwatch.

    The surge has brought us closer to victory in Iraq

    Dino Rossi has more real world executive experience that CG