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7PM: Is the Democratic majority torture?
Newly confirmed US Attorney General Michael Mukasey couldn’t tell us whether water-boarding is torture, but for many of us progressives, the lack of resolve of the Democratic majority in Congress is. In what I hope will become a regular feature on the show, Daily Kos frontpage editor Kagro X joins me for the hour to discuss the Muskasey confirmation and other issues of national import.

8PM: Election recap rewind
Former state Democratic Party chair Paul Berendt and former state Republican Party chair Chris Vance join me by phone for an on-air reunion and a recap of Tuesday’s election. A Republican resurgence? A tax revolt brewing? A bad night for Dems? Or was it just a really, really, really low turnout election? Tune in and find out what the ex-chairs have to say.

9PM: Where does Sound Transit go from here?
Last night Josh and Erica seemed almost buoyant about the prospect for a transit only ballot measure in 2008 or 2009, but this morning the Seattle Times comes out with mostly roads “Plan B” I’ve always predicted. Sound Transit Director of Policy, Planning & Public Affairs, Ric Ilgenfritz joins me for the hour to talk about the failure of Prop 1, and what if any future there is for Sound Transit and light rail expansion.

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  1. 1

    JANE BALOUH'S DOG spews:

    I know that not many repubs showed so I think this was more of the independents voting in this election.
    Prop one would have lost by a lot more if it wasn’t for all the double, triple votes from dems and all the uncounted military votes in King county. It all makes for an interesting 2008. hehehehe

  2. 2

    JANE BALOUH'S DOG spews:

    The only thing the democrat congress has left to accomplish is whether they will break into single digits for approval ratings. hehehehehe

  3. 3


    Wow! You mean if we sent all the Congressional Dems to Gitmo, the Europeans and MoveOn types would bitch and moan? I wonder…how’s about we send them all down there…for good?

    Some al-Quida guy or Taliban hottie subjected to listening to Harry Reid drone on or Nancy Pelosi whine on might result in intelligence breakthroughs. I mean, who in his or her right mind wouldn’t give up your mother just to get those lunkheads to shut up!

    Curious…if we dropped Dems, not bombs, could we achieve unconditional victory? And alleviate political pollution at the same time?

    What Dem should be dropped first and where? That John Murtha has the girtha to qualify as a bunker buster, so lets find a bunker to bust.

    Of course, Dennis Kucinich would need to be strapped to a missle aimed at UFO’s. Simple justice…

    The Piper

  4. 4

    michael spews:

    I’d call it mostly a low turnout election.

    Light-Rail will be expanding in neighborhoods in Tacoma, the plans are well underway and the city is supportive. Everybody loves Link and it works great.

    There’s stuff to like in the Times Ed. piece. I’m not sure why you would say hold off on extending the line to North Gate if the density to support it is already there. That’s exactly the kind of place we should be building light rail. Fife, not so much.

    From The Times:

    • Voters know a kitchen sink when they see one. This proposal was too big and tried to accomplish too many things.

    • Be very clear about what residents are actually buying.

    • Perhaps extend light rail to Northgate. The density is already there, but this may have to wait until the first light-rail line opens.

    • Bring on congestion pricing to change motorist behavior at peak times. In other words, get the most out of roadways we already have.

  5. 5

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #3 Piper Scott says:

    Wow! You mean if we sent all the Congressional Dems to Gitmo, the Europeans and MoveOn types would bitch and moan? I wonder…how’s about we send them all down there…for good?
    Some al-Quida guy or Taliban hottie subjected to listening to Harry Reid drone on or Nancy Pelosi whine on might result in intelligence breakthroughs. I mean, who in his or her right mind wouldn’t give up your mother just to get those lunkheads to shut up!

    That’s like a comedy bit on Larry Elder’s radio show this week. The tough terrorist was laughing at being shocked. Laughed at standing in the cold. Laughed at being waterboarded. And then joe biden started talking and the terrorist whined like a bit@h and offered to kill his own friends & family if joe would stop talking. Funny. If you don’t know who Larry Elder is, he’s what people on this board would call an uncle tom. College educated, intelligent, preaches personal responsibility and is african-american.
    Speaking of waterboarding, if it is torture, shouldn’t the code pinkos be arrested for waterboarding in their little publicity stunt? Oops, congress could but isn’t defining waterboarding as torture and make it illegal.
    You know what I think would be worse than making the terrorists listen to nancy or harry?? Show them a pic of rosie and tell them she is one of the virgins they are killing for.

  6. 6



    Yes…I’ve listened to Larry Elder…He has what few on HA do, and that’s a sense of humor.

    With Rosie? One Rosie bulks out equivalent to 72-virgins, although her probable suffering from Borderline Peronslity Disorder (all the projection onto others, classic splitting, raging behavior, career instability, etc.) means either way…the bomb thrower would lose.

    Rosie…shouldn’t she be the poster gal for the HA Happy Hooligans?

    The Piper

  7. 8

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Making ‘jokes’ about dropping Democrats on Gitmo? You two in your little mutual admiration society call that funny?

    You’re joking, right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell looking through the internet tubes.

  8. 9



    Hey, Goldy’s the one who essentially called the Dems weapons of war, so why not? After all, all’s fair in love and…

    Sure is a lot more serene and civilized than some of the crap posted here.

    The Piper

  9. 10

    correctnotright spews:

    JBD and Piper:
    You guys are so vapid – find your own republican site. Your party is corrupt, lies about going to war and is incompetent – yet you nit-pick away at democrats.
    The Republican candidates are a joke too:

    Guliani: Pretends to be tough but is incompetent and no judge of character (ask B. Kerik) – and he is your fronrunner.

    Mitt: Mr. flip-flop of the century – is there a single issue he has been consistent on?

    Thompson: a walking joke – he can’t even read his lines – some actor!

    McCain: Mr. Iraq war who couldn’t bend down low enough for the right wing fundies…

    and of course, GWB – the president with a lower approval rating than Nixon during Watergate. Yup, a truly wonderful group of people – and we aren’t even counting all the out-of -the closet Repubs or the scandal tainted Abramoff/Alaska/K-street corruptees.

    Oh, and did I mention Dick (I need another war, pronto!) Cheney – the man who thinks a smile is a snarl and thinks it is good fun to shoot up your hunting buddies.

    go ahead and laugh – the republicans are the sorriest bunch of politicians this country has ever seen and their corrupt, incompetent butts will be thrown out of office. Then we can get back to fixing things like the deficit you ran up, the justice department you corrupted, the Homeland Security screw-ups you promoted, the anti-science fundies you put in charge at Interior and CDC and the war you wasted our money on for no reason.
    No – we will be busy cleaning up your messes for a while – I have to give it to republicans for one thing, though, they sure do know how to ruin an economy and screw up the future for our kids.

  10. 11



    BTW…read what I wrote more carefully…I didn’t say drop them on Gitmo, I said send them to Gitmo…where they can cash those piddly dinky Social Security Checks, which aren’t a fair return on the money taken from paychecks all these years…

    Except…CONGRESS EXEMPTED ITSELF FROM SOCIAL SECURITY because they knew it was such a rip-off! I’d just as soon opt out myself, take the FICA I would otherwise pay into it and invest it in a mutual fund.

    The Piper

  11. 12



    Old cliches…

    Why don’t you heigh your little fanny down to Cliches R Us and get a boodle bag of new ones? Heard all that stuff before.

    Also…I think you’re just not up to the task of taking anyone one who challenges your paper-thin orthodoxy. If you want to mess in the marketplace of ideas, you have to do it whole hog. Playing only with those who say, “Nice little boy, it’s OK…2 + 2 can equal anything you want, and here’s a trophy for trying so sweet and hard.”

    No wonder you have trouble competing in the real world…you’ve never been there!

    The Piper

  12. 15

    correctnotright spews:

    Was that supposed to be an intelligent reply?

    Not that I am a big Hillary fan – but I didn’t see Hillary touting Hsu for director of Homeland Security and I think she returned his cash. Last I heard Kerik was indicted for mob ties and other illegal activities during his tenure at NYC commish of prisons and Police commish – positions rudy appointed him to. Seems to me, that is a much greater lack of judgement – promoting a man you had been briefed on (about his criminal problems) for director of HS. And this is the guy who claims he can make us safe – hahaha

    Is that the best you have?

  13. 16



    Must we resurrect all the old Rose Law Firm, White House travel agency, and other stuff? Stuff for which HRC never apologized, but instead got hyper defensive?

    Rudy admitted Bernard Kerik was a mistake…When was the last time HRC admitted anything? Save planting softball questions in the audience, that is?

    The Piper

  14. 17

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    “BTW…read what I wrote more carefully…”

    Sorry, Piper. I tend to read your posts as carelessly as you write them.

  15. 19

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    “Must we resurrect all the old Rose Law Firm, White House travel agency, and other stuff? Stuff for which HRC never apologized…”

    If that’s all you have, go ahead. There’s no lies like old lies. Might as well bring up Vince Foster and the black helicopters at the Mena airport while you’re at it. And don’t forget to bring it up to date with snuffed kitties and failing to tip.

    Republicans. A laugh riot.

  16. 20

    proud leftist spews:

    Piper and Stamn,
    My good fellows, you speak so fondly of waterboarding, yet you have not visited my new waterboarding spa. To enhance its attractiveness to those who make apologies for waterboarding, only Republicans can partake. Just think of it, a relaxing environment where you do not have to listen to some liberal drone on and on about progressive causes. Just you and fellow ideologues waiting your turn to get waterboarded. We even offer group rates and frequent visitor discounts. So, you can have your whole cabal of carnivorous cads visit on the cheap, or, assuming you enjoy the experience, get one free visit for every ten times you pay. C’mon down, boys.

  17. 21

    JANE BALOUH'S DOG spews:

    Proud To Be An Ass says:

    “Must we resurrect all the old Rose Law Firm, White House travel agency, and other stuff? Stuff for which HRC never apologized…”

    The right won’t have to bring up the past even though almost all of it is true. If Hillary is the nominee she will be mopped up by any of the repub candidates in a debate since she refuses to answer a direct question.

  18. 22



    There you go again…Did I mention Vince Foster? No…I only mentioned those things for which HRC bears responsibility…that’s PERSONAL responsibility for HER OWN behavior, whereas Bernard Kerik’s behavior isn’t Rudy’s fault.

    Besides…if she’s elected – she very well could be, I don’t know – she’ll abandon you hard lefties quicker than you can say Rasmussen Poll…and you’ll howl and wail and feel totally screwed over, which you will be, so practice now and get used to it.

    Why, I’ll bet had you been around and able to vote in ’48, you would have supported Henry Wallace…who LOST to Harry Truman…

    Remember Henry Wallace? One of FDR’s many Veeps, who he jettisoned in ’44 in favor of Harry?

    Then there’s always another flirtation with Ralph Nader…Or have you been there, done that?

    No matter…you’ll still be stuck out on the far left end of your flat earth suffering disappointment no matter who gets elected.

    The Piper

  19. 23

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    idiot @ 21:

    (1) That’s Piper’s quote, not mine.
    (2) Old lies are just about all you guys have.
    (3) None of it is true.
    (4) So when did you stop beating your mother?

  20. 24



    Will there be Beach Boys and Jan and Dean music for the surfboarding?

    Tell you what…let’s discuss it just between us girls…on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney…

    The Piper

  21. 25

    My Goldy Itches spews:

    19 – Forget about Vince Foster, Klinton is a fucking rapist! Ever heard of Juanita Broderick?

    My favorite scandal though is the pardoning of fugitive Marc Rich. Klinton was fucking Rich’s X wife, Denise Rich. She lobbied Bubba for the pardon and it came in the final days of his administration. Makes you wonder if he pardoned Rich for some future payback/benefit for Klinton? Or if Denise was such a great piece of ass that he couldn’t control himself and pardoned the fugitive Rich in exchange for sucking him off on demand.

  22. 28

    correctnotright spews:

    @25 MGI:
    What a moron…is Bill running? Is anything you write true? Do you cite anything or have any proof of anything or do you get all your pathetically false material from some right wing talk show host?

    Kerik has been indicted – what do you have – a bunch of old slander against Bill?

    Just for the record:
    The Bush/Cheney “adminstration” is now the most crooked on record – most indictments, most resignations in shame, most incompetent and has created the largest deficit in history. All this was aided and abetted by a mostly republican congress.

    Let the republicans run on that record.

  23. 29

    me spews:

    hey goldy you beg for people to call in to your putrid show and when you get a caller and he wants to talk about something you dont want to hear you pull the plug on him your such a little dick head.i hope they cancellel your shity show.oh that will crush your 12 listners.

  24. 31

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    @22: Wallace and Truman disagreed mainly over foreign policy.

    And Piper…you guys always trot this undifferentiated stuff out. Go ahead…bring up ‘Rose law firm’ and ‘travelgate’. There is no there there.

    As for my flat earth suffering, that’s ironic coming from somebody who probably has Robert Welch’s autographed picture proudly displayed on a wall in his den, professes that “intelligent design” refutes the theory of evolution, and checks under his bed for communists every night.

  25. 32

    Jihad Pizza & Pasta spews:

    All you democrats come on down to Jihads pizza and pasta lounge. Family fun for all ages. Enjoy endless pasta and video games for the liberal kiddies, but watch out for the sucide bomber in the fake money belt…Explosion.. “Look mom Timmy’s remians are all over the wall”. Family fun for all the liberals.

  26. 33

    Lily spews:

    Millions of dollars were spent investigating the Clintons and yet, they were never indicted. Was it because the Clintons didn’t break the law, or because Ken Starr was a lib in disguise? Even the rightwing sugar daddy, reclusive billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife is giving money to the Clintons now.

    Read it and weep: So Happy Together.

    Or you can continue to cling to your fevered conspiracy dreams. I really don’t care what the delusional conservatives do.

  27. 34

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Hey, Piper. Gaze in abject awe at post 32. This is somebody who shares your politics.

    Bring a tear to your eye?

  28. 35

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    “…or because Ken Starr was a lib in disguise..”

    Obviously, the Starr “investigation”, er, witch hunt, was a communist plot. How else can its utter failure be explained?

    Conservativism cannot fail, it can only be failed. That and $3.25 will get you a latte.

  29. 36

    Jihad Pizza & Pasta spews:


    No we share your values. Bush bad, Christians bad. Leave the muslim terrorists alone. Waterboarding terrorist bad. I will save a spot for you Mr Proud ass. Please bring the whole family.

  30. 37

    Lily spews:

    “How else can its utter failure be explained?”

    Heh, heh, I wanted to give them something else to get worked up about.

    “No, I’m totally serious, Ken Starr was a undercover liberal! He sabotaged the whole investigation!” Then they’ll provide a link to Wingnut Daily.

  31. 38

    Brewer spews:

    That’s just great Seattle Times, a new proposal could be ready in two years? At an estimated $500 Million cost increase per year, that is an extra $1 Billion!!!!

    Wow, you acted with such fiscal prudence opposing the Prop 1, didn’t you????

  32. 39

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    @22, Piper. Sour grapes? Moi? You’re the one who claimed just recently that John Carlson is trying to ‘suck up’ to the left wing.

    Whassa’matter? Feeling left out? Forget to take your vitamins? Crimping the ends of your tin foil hat a bit too tightly?

  33. 40


    Here is a question that Hillary will have to answer:

    Would you use water boarding as a means of obtaining information from a known terrorist knowing time is of the essence in avoiding a terrorist attack?

    Oh I can’t wait for the flip-flop on this one. heehhehehe

  34. 41

    correctnotright spews:

    OK – so you are a republican sicko. Clearly, you will one day be on talk radio or running for office as a republican.

    Usually, the idiots who bring up stuff like this are mental and physcial cowards. Otherwise, they would actually say something intelligent and promote discourse instead of lobbing….crap.

    I would love to go to the pizza place and pound the crap out of the puny minded thug who wrote in….but I have better things to do. I don’t spend my days fretting over the what the terrorists are doing….besides, we have that great color coded scheme that warns us what the bad guys are up to…got to love “homeland” security uber alles.

  35. 42

    correctnotright spews:

    The CIA interrogator expert testifying before congress answered that pathetically stupid question already – NO.

    Using torture doesn’t work – so why do it. It is inaccurate and ineffective. Next question…

  36. 43

    correctnotright spews:

    Brewer: good point- the critics of Prop. 1 have no answer except to “study” the issue. Light rail will be dead and we will get no new roads for 2 more years adn it will cost more.

    I hope the idiots who voted against prop. 1 like what they get – more money and less transit and roads.

  37. 44

    proud leftist spews:

    Piper @ 24
    The juke box at Waterboard Spa will play anything you want, friend. And, we play it loud to cover up the wailing of the macho chestpounders getting boarded. You are pathetic, Piper. You are far too predictable to be interesting. Amusing, at times, but never insightful

  38. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Vox Populi to Democrats In Congress: Get A Fucking Clue!

    The letters to the editor columns have been a rich trove of opinion from real people since last week’s election. Here is a sparkler from Charles Pluckhahn of Seattle:

    “Why didn’t any Democrats filibuster the nomination of Michael Mukasey, the new attorney general who tolerates torture? … Mukasey’s nomination attracted only 53 votes, well short of the 60 needed to overcome a filibuster. If Senate Democrats had wanted to block his appointment, they easily could have done so.

    “It seems that the Democratic Party is no less inclined to endorse torture and torturers than the Republican Party is. And if that’s the case, then this longtime Democrat sees no particular need to care whether Democrats wind up in office in the future. Torture is nonnegotiable, or at least it ought to be.

    “Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell: By not filibustering Musakey’s nomination, you as good as supported it. Trust me, that’s something I’m going to remember … if you go along with torture, then there is nothing you won’t tolerate. I’m finished with you.”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete letter and/or copyright info see http://seattletimes.nwsource.c.....ets12.html

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Unlike Republicans, who goose-step brainlessly behind their party leaders, Democrats are willing to CRITICIZE THEIR OWN PARTY AND LEADERS when they fail to live up to the ideals that make us Democrats. That is yet another fundamental difference between Democrats and the brain-dead, ethically-challenged, herd of sheep who follow the Republican Party.

  39. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Much has also been written to the papers about taxes since the election, and liberals (and Democratic candidates and office holders) would be fools to ignore the complaints of ordinary people. Dale Williams of Sammamish wrote:

    “The defeat of Proposition 1, the passage of a 1 percent emergency fund (JR 8206), and the vote to require that when the Legislature wants to raid our wallets it has to get our permission (Initiative 960) should be a clear message to the political class in this state that the citizenry is fed up with the existing level of taxation.

    “My family and I are decidedly middle-income people whose income is derived from a small business. Yet between our business and personal taxes, at local, state and federal levels, we pay 13 different taxes that absorb roughly 50 percent of our income.

    “No one believes a modern society can function without some level of taxation, but taxing income at 50 percent? … [T]he State Supreme Court … overturn[ing] Initiative 747 … will give local taxing authorities a green light to reach into our pockets to … fund more … absolutely essential bike paths, trails and the like.”

    (Same link as above.)

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Mr. Williams is not a thoughtful, unbiased, non-ideological voice on this subject. In parts of his letter that I didn’t quote, he regurgitates some of the standard wingnut talking points and even flings out the word “socialism.”

    He also overlooks some facts that undercut his complaint, such as the fact that a DEMOCRATIC governor and legislature enacted the $30 car tab law after Eyman’s initative was thrown out in the courts, and the current DEMOCRATIC governor and legislature have promised swift action in January to preserve the 1% property tax lid after yet another Eyman initiative has just been thrown out by the courts.

    By the way, Mr. Williams should recognize a pattern here: If it’s protection from taxes he wants, Eyman is not getting the job done, and he’s getting his taxpayer protection laws from DEMOCRATIC politicians.

    But I digress. Although he’s probably a wingnut spewing typical Republican anti-tax talking points, his complaints are real and echo those of many ordinary middle class taxpayers, whose frustrations we (and politicians) ignore at their grave electoral peril.

    I suspect Mr. Williams may be a lost cause, so far as persuading him that the solution to his problem is comprehensive state and local tax reform, especially given that he is quoting false statistics like Washington being the No. 4 high-tax state. (We’re not; we’re in the middle.) But that doesn’t change the fact that our state and local tax burden is severely maldistributed, and the long-term solution does NOT lie in knocking down Eyman’s incompetently-written initiatives in the courts or floating initiatives to make it easier to raise our existing regressive taxes. That will bite you in the ass every time. For one thing, it doesn’t do much good to get Eyman initiatives thrown out in court when our DEMOCRATIC governor and legislature turn right around and re-enact them because the public would pillory them if they didn’t.

    Washington is not overtaxed. Only the people who pay Washington’s state and local taxes are overtaxed. Some people in this state get to skate when it comes to supporting state and local services. They are, for the most people, the people with the most money. And that’s an outrage, and something we need to fix.

    The overriding imperative in this state is to reform our tax structure. That, not trying to pass measures like 4204 or defeat initiatives like 960, should be where liberals focus their political strategy and efforts. We will never get this state’s education, transportation, and other needs met from the existing tax base. We alienate people by supporting increases in regressive taxes. The only viable political option we have is to convince the Dale Williams of the world — or, at least, the ordinary non-ideological folks with the same complaints — that we need tax reform, not more service reductions and program cuts.

    The case for tax reform is easy to make. Our existing tax system is unfair, taxes the wrong people, and limits the government’s ability to fund essential services. By replacing the state sales tax and B & O tax with an income tax, the vast majority of Washingtonians would get actual tax relief — and the minority who would pay higher taxes can easily afford to do so, and are the same people who have unfairly benefitted from the mishmash of taxes that have put most of the burden on those least able to pay.

  40. 47

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Memo to WingNuts (TM) re Torture

    Frankly, you guys can do whatever you want to the motherfuckers who plotted the 9/11 attacks, whether it’s legal or not, and I won’t say a thing.

    I don’t care if it violates the Constitution, international treaties, or the rule of law. While I generally believe in those things, there are exceptions to everything, and 9/11 falls into the latter category.

    My objection is limited to your penchant for torturing innocent people. For example, around 90% of the Iraqis our military scooped up, threw into Abu Ghraib, and tortured (and in some cases killed) were utterly innocent civilians who possessed no useful information.

    So here’s the deal. You can torture the al Qaeda motherfuckers to your heart’s content, provided you agree to the following: Every time you torture an innocent person, you will undergo the same torture you inflicted on them, and if you kill an innocent person, you will be killed.

    It’s not within my power, of course, to enforce that. It’s just talk on my part. All I’m doing here is expressing my opinion of you assholes. Frankly, in my view, you’re not much better than the 9/11 motherfuckers, because you do the same things they did, and you’re just as lawless as they are, which makes you indistinguishable from them. But since I do not have the prerogative of bringing you to justice, I will settle for the people who do bringing you to justice through the rule of law — in fact, I will insist on it, every time I decide how to vote for (or against).

    Now, go fuck yourselves, nazi motherfuckers.

  41. 48

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @25 “Ever heard of Juanita Broderick?”

    You mean she of the endless lies? The Juanita Broderick who couldn’t keep her story straight, who signed a sworn affidavit that Clinton never assaulted her, then later changed her story on TV (where she was not under oath)? The Juanita Broderick who claimed “she was being watched from parked cars, her home had been broken into, her pets released and her answering machine tape stolen,” yet also said no one pressured her to sign that affidavit? The much-married Juanita Broderick who did not tell her husband-at-the-time that she had just been raped by the governor? The Juanita Broderick who, 3 weeks after the alleged rape, attended a Clinton fundraiser?

    I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years, and I would never put this woman on a witness stand to testify about anything, because the other side would take her apart. That is not my opinion alone; the Republican lawyers prosecuting the impeachment of Bill Clinton in the House and Senate refused to use Broderick as a witness. They may have been Republicans, and anti-Clinton zealots, but they knew a lying, uncredible witness when they saw one.

    Broderick’s claims were thoroughly investigated by numerous journalists, who came to the same conclusion:

    “According to Jack Nelson, Washington bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times, many journalists were skeptical; ‘This is a story that’s been knocked down and discredited so many times, …. Everyone’s taken a slice of it, and after looking at it, everyone’s knocked it down. The woman has changed her story …. It just wasn’t credible.’ Joe Conason and Gene Lyons’ book The Hunting of the President argued that Broaddrick’s claim … contains numerous inconsistencies.”


    Broderick is simply a publicity-seeker who has been brainwashed by professional Clinton-haters.

  42. 50

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @29 Well, Goldy pulled the plug on me too, a couple weeks ago. So, at least he’s an equal opportunity plug-puller.

  43. 51

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @33 “Even the rightwing sugar daddy, reclusive billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife is giving money to the Clintons now.”

    Hmmm … I hadn’t heard that. This would seem to be final proof that Hillary is a Republican disguising herself in Democrat’s clothing. Watch out for this woman; she may not be what she appears.

  44. 52

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @39 “John Carlson is trying to ’suck up’ to the left wing.”

    I hadn’t hear this, either. This is final proof that earth has been invaded by aliens who are disguising themselves as humans. Kill all humans! They’re not what they appear, they’re from Alpha Centauri. Only rabbits can be trusted.

  45. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @43 I’m not against light rail, and I’m not even against paying for light rail with a sales tax — provided the sales tax is on gasoline, and only gasoline.

  46. 55


    Anyone that still thinks Republiconvicts are good for the future of America belongs in a nuthouse. Dems have serious problems, but they are not actively working to destroy America for the profit of the ruling class.

    The Clinton Presidency has some problems. Compared to the job Bush has done, Clinton should be knighted……

    My god. There is not one single thing the Republiconvicts could claim to be a success when they had total control of our country. Not one single thing. (If you don’t count increasing the income of the billionaires, and shifting their tax burden onto the poor, and middle class)

    Even if Bush spends 2 trillion dollars of taxpayers money in lipstick to put on the pig’s ass, he will still be viewed as the biggest failure our country has ever endured. He couldn’t have failed so completely without the lock step support of the Republiconvict bobble heads, and party line voters.

    Ok cons. Name one thing that Bush, and his mafia buddies in the gop has made better FOR ME.

    (crickets chirping)

  47. 56


    *Note to new readers: Everything Piper, Marvin, and the Dog says is wrong. No matter how many times they are proven wrong, they turn right around and say the same thing again.

  48. 57

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @56 That’s because Piper, Marvin, and the dog are recordings. The dog should be melted down.

  49. 58

    YellowPup spews:

    Good show last night. I like the local/regional segments better than the national stuff, but it’s all way better than anything else on talk radio.

    Anyone know what tune it is that’s used as the bumper at the end of The David Goldstein Show? I think a while back Chris mentioned that it was by Rage Against the Machine, but I was wondering which specific song/tune it was.

  50. 60

    correctnotright spews:

    @46 roger Rabbit:

    RE – the taxes thing – I thought I read in that letter that the letter writer said that Washington was the 3rd highest taxed state in the nation.

    Those are bogus number!! The study has been done and Washington is 37th for total tax burden.

    Yes – we have a very regressive sales tax (try explaining that to that idiot “Dori Monson” – he doesn’t understand that regressive means that the lower income people pay more than their share (percentage-wise) than the yacht buying crowd).

    Also, if that idiot letter writer is paying more than 50% of his income in state taxes – he must be volunteering funds. How can he do it? The sales tax is under 9% (only on what he buys) – is he buying more than he makes? the property tax is capped and the B and O tax is not more than 15% total on profits and less when they take all the discounts off.
    so – I don’t get 50% adding all the taxes and assuming he buys more than he makes – bottom line – probably a fool or a liar or both. That makes him a republican – not an everyday Joe.

  51. 61

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #56 White Rose says:

    *Note to new readers: Everything Piper, Marvin, and the Dog says is wrong. No matter how many times they are proven wrong, they turn right around and say the same thing again.

    Proven wrong? If bush lied us into war the democrats lied us into war, is that wrong? Do you need to see the links of your democrats and their lies?
    Why are you voting for people that lied? What is wrong with you?

  52. 62


    re 61: I’m voting for people that I can influence. I don’t think Craig Vitter, Larry Craig, and Mitch McConnell share any of my concerns.

  53. 65

    correctnotright spews:

    Note to Marvin/Puddybuddy:

    The jig is up – you cast aspersions on Democrats, bring up a few poorly research “facts” and ignore the general trends.

    bottom line for you trolls – here are the overall facts:

    Republicans and the Bush/cheney admin. (or cabal) are corrupt, in-the closet gay, hypocritical, cause budget deficits and have no morals. They lied about the war, they lie about what lobbyists for business tell them to do (Abramoff and the K street project were entirely Republican) and they lie about real science and substitute what “they believe”. They are incompetent (FEMA/Katrina), ignore the constitution (torture, Gonzalez), care only about slavish loyalty to Bush (and not about American or moral values).

  54. 66

    YellowPup spews:

    Seattle-Driver Passive Aggression against the Machine.

    Rar-rar, chucka rar-rar,

  55. 67

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #63 White Rose says:

    Marvin is Puddybud. I can tell by the references he makes. The blinding anger and ignoramus stance is the final tipoff.

    Damn, you’re just too smart for me. You figured out I was puddybud. Your intelligence is remarkable.
    Anger would be using profanity and calling those I disagree with names. You know, showing a lot of intolerance for opposing viewpoints. Hhmm, that better describes you, wouldn’t you agree?