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7PM: Should insurance companies have the right to screw policy holders with impunity?
With a stroke of the governor’s pen earlier this year, WA joined forty-four other states in penalizing insurance companies for “bad faith” actions such as denying claims without cause… at least, WA would have joined these other states if the insurance industry had not immediately filed a referendum seeking to overturn it. Dana Childer’s is the spokesperson for the Reject R-67 campaign, which is spending over $10 million of insurance industry money to invalidate the law. Sue Evans represents the Approve R-67 campaign, which is fighting to keep the law on the books. Both join me by phone.

8PM: Open lines with Bill Sherman
Absentee ballots are already pouring in, so Bill Sherman, Democratic candidate for King County Prosecuting Attorney joins me one last time to talk about the issues and take your calls.

9PM: Republico-Fascist Awareness Night
Tomorrow, right-wing hate-monger David Horowitz kicks off Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week, and College Republicans nationwide will be joining in the festivities, apparently eager to even further diminish the GOP’s standing with their fellow young folks. Joining me in the studio to explain exactly what “Islamo-Fascism” is, and why Muslim classmates shouldn’t be offended by the term, will be University of Washington College Republican President Tom Walker.

Tune in tonight (or listen to the live stream) and give me a call: 1-877-710-KIRO (5476).


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    College Republicans is too small a group to be important to anyone except state attorney generals.

  2. 3

    Mark1 spews:

    1 and 2:

    Typical. Not a shred of substance. Just juvenille name-calling. I’d expect more from an angry old geezer on gov’t cheese and med-coupons.

  3. 4

    Left & Proud of it spews:

    Mark you can’t stand up to the truth so you have to name call and put down the opposition. A Right wing characteristic you so often display.

    Left and Proud of It

  4. 5

    Mark1 spews:

    Read your buddy Rodent’s delusional spewings before? And if name calling and bashing are any party’s norm they’d certainly be the left your so proud of. Grow up boy.

  5. 6



    You lying sack of wingnut shit. You know very well that Roger Rabbit is NOT on welfare, not on food stamps, etc.

    Another example of you stupid fuckers just making up shit and thinking if you repeat it often enough it becomes “truth.”

    It doesn’t, asshole. No matter how often you say it, it’s still a lie.

  6. 7

    Mark1 spews:


    Actually, I don’t know that for a fact. And your words just prove my above points. Ouch! The little engine that couldn’t there Darryl. Typical; dish it out, but when it comes back around you duck. Now go ahead and remove this post like I know you will. Later.

  7. 8


    Mark 1,

    “Actually, I don’t know that for a fact.”

    Riiiiiiiggggh. So, in your ignorance, you just assert it as fact.

    What a fucking moron! Enjoy Wingnutopia, Mark1. The rest of us are laughing our asses off at you!

  8. 9


    “Now go ahead and remove this post like I know you will.”

    You fucking intellectual midget. This is an open thread. Posts are not “off topic” in such threads.

    Sheesh. You can lead a retard like Mark1 to a comment policy, but you can’t make ‘em engage in reality-based cognitive processes.

  9. 10

    Mark1 spews:


    And I at you. You act like you’re 12. Regardless of your political persuasions, your lack of maturity and intelligence are blatantly apparent. And, BTW, if you really think I care a bit what you or the other lefties that frequent this site think, then you are even dumber than I thought. I do enjoy watching you flail your arms around and shreik over these political issues; that truly is entertaining. Thanks for the hearty laugh over your little temper-tantrum though there Darryl, you reminded me what it’s like to be a boy and carefree. Nighty-night!

  10. 11

    Mark1 spews:


    I was referring to your record of censoring comments that you do not like. I’m done with you, you’re not worth the effort it takes to type these words. Later D.

  11. 12


    Nighty-night Markie1-poo,

    Just remember…your wingnut dreams (a.k.a. nightmares) are not reality. In the reality based world, ya can’t just make up shit, hold your breath, click your heals, and magically it becomes real.

  12. 13


    Mark1 @ 11,

    “I was referring to your record of censoring comments that you do not like.”

    I don’t delete comments based on whether or not I agree with them. I delete comments that violate the comment policy.

    If you want to post your off-topic wingnut bullshit, do it in an open thread and it will not be deleted by me. Otherwise, at least try feigning being on topic….

  13. 14

    Jane Balogh's dog spews:

    Absentee ballots are already pouring in, so Bill Sherman, Democratic candidate for King County Prosecuting Attorney….

    No truer words could be said. heheehehehehe Cheating donks.

  14. 15

    Left & Proud of it spews:

    Mark: I know Roger and he has worked hard all his life and served honorably in the military. Can you say the same about yourself or most Republicans you know? Probably not.

    Can you say the same?

    Probably not. I have never met an honest Republican. Is that an oxymoron? I really don’t encounter very many “patriotic flagwaving” Republicans who have served in the military, as they prefer to send the Democrats and minorities to fight their dirty wars.

  15. 17

    Ted Bessell spews:

    Being a Winger is about feeling so victimized that they can not have a measured and intelligent response to any opposition. It’s always all out war. Just ask Newt Gingrich.

    Progressives have finally understood that there is no reasoning with these daemon infested Republicans. The Republican party just needs to be destroyed and the hate-filled daemons (whose name is Legion) must be consigned to the herd of swine and driven off the cliff.

    Just like Jesus said.

  16. 18

    Jesse MacBeth spews:

    Republicans who have served in the military, as they prefer to send the Democrats and minorities to fight their dirty wars

    Well the fake soldiers are democrats anyways. Oooohraaahh

  17. 19

    Ted Bessell spews:

    I didn’t realize that the president (lower case) and the real president (Cheney) were Democrats. I did know they were fake soldiers.

  18. 20

    Ted Bessell spews:

    The Republican party is down to its 28% core of mean-spirited halfwits. The ‘base’. And base is a very apt description of them.

    They are the millstone around the neck of humanity. Every time I see a photo of a starving African child, I wish a Republican could take its place.

  19. 21

    Jane Balogh's dog spews:

    Anytime you donks feel up to letting the active military decide who are next president will be I’am in… just as long as you cheating donks are not counting the votes. hehehehe I mean roof roof.

  20. 23

    Jane Balogh's dog spews:

    7PM: Should insurance companies have the right to screw policy holders with impunity?

    You mean like democrat radio talk show host insurance cheats….hmmmmmm Yesss!

  21. 24


    Rufus @ 14,

    “Cheating donks.”

    …says the guy pretending to be the dog of the woman who committed fraud so her dog could vote….

    Sheesh…one should lose her right to vote for being a criminal…the other should lose his right to vote for insanity!

  22. 25


    Hey Rufus @ 23,

    “You mean like democrat radio talk show host insurance cheats….hmmmmmm Yesss!”

    Is it true you buried Mike Webb face down in his cellar so that you could stop by his house for a cold one?????

  23. 27

    Left & Proud of it spews:

    @3 You want evidence? OK …

    “Fund-raising group milks vulnerable senior citizens

    “By David Postman and Jim Brunner
    “Seattle Times staff reporters

    “The College Republican National Committee has raised $6.3 million this year through an aggressive and misleading fund-raising campaign that collected money from senior citizens ….

    “Many of the top donors were in their 80s and 90s. … Some of the elderly donors … wound up bouncing checks and emptying their bank accounts. …

    “The … family of an elderly Indiana woman with Alzheimer’s disease demanded that her donations be returned. The woman’s family said it had sent a registered letter asking that she be taken off the mailing list, but the solicitations continued. Only after a newspaper reported on the story did the College Republicans refund $40,000 to the family ….

    “The Washington State Attorney General’s Office received at least six complaints about the College Republicans fund-raising letters …. The complaints cited ‘fund raising representations’ and ‘senior exploitation.’ …

    “The Times was able to determine the ages of 49 of the top 50 individual donors to the College Republicans. The median age of the donors is 85, and 14 of them are 90 or older.

    “Donors interviewed this week frequently expressed disbelief when they were told how much they gave to the College Republicans. …

    “[I]n September 2003, … a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group[‘s] … report on the explosive fund-raising growth by the College Republicans … noted that several elderly donors who were contacted did not appear to know to whom they had given money.”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete story and/or copyright info see http://seattletimes.nwsource.c.....bs28m.html

  24. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 “Read your buddy Rodent’s delusional spewings before? And if name calling and bashing are any party’s norm they’d certainly be the left your so proud of. Grow up boy.”

    Just two clarifications here, Markie. One, “Left & Proud of it” is NOT a boy. Two, although “Left & Proud of it” may consider me her “buddy” I assure you that Mrs. Rabbit doesn’t read, listen to, or otherwise give heed to a fucking thing I spew at her.

  25. 30

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 Oh, let the wingnutz have their puffery, Darryl! If that’s the worst rap he’s got on me, I can take it! After all, I DID get food stamps once. Right after I came home from Vietnam, I couldn’t get a job because none of the Republican employers would hire Vietnam Vets because they thought we were all psycho killers, right? And this is America, we can’t have veterans starving in the streets, right? So DSHS gave me $28 of food stamps. I had to buy $10 for them. Net $18 of food assistance from the United States Government that paid me $258 a month to fight in Vietnam. Even back then, $258 didn’t go very far, it certainly didn’t leave me with a lot of savings to tide me through the 5 years after the war when no Republican employer saw fit to offer honest employment to a psycho rabbit killer. So let Markie Boy have his fun with the $18 of food stamps I got 35 years ago. Oh, and one more thing … although I never gave the $18 back to the United States Government, I did buy a $99 helmet liner for a soldier in Iraq by donating that sum to http://www.operation-helmet.org/ — a helmet liner the United States Government, now under Republican management, would not buy for its own troops. So I guess you could say I paid the $18 back with interest. So, like I said, let Markie Boy have some fun with my personal history of receiving government welfare — all $18 of it.

  26. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Yep, that’s right, I didn’t work the first 5 years after returning from the war. And I learned pretty damned quick to NOT tell employers I was a veteran. Only in America, you know.

    And if they asked about the two years missing from my resume, I just told ‘em I was “traveling on business.”

    (Cue theme song from “Have Gun, Will Travel” TV show.)

  27. 34

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So much for the phony patriotism of the conservative, pro-war, Republican business owners of 35 years ago. Most of ‘em were WW2 types. The WW2 types sent their kids’ generation to Nam — and did NOT support us when (if) we came home. And they call them “The Greatest Generation.” Uh-huh. Well, let me just say, I respect what they did in their war; I admire their soldiering very much; and let’s let it go at that.

  28. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    7, 9 Markie clearly has forgotten the ad hoc HA posting rules, so a timely reminder seems in order:

    1. This is a LIBERAL blog.
    2. ANYONE can post here (yes, even a loudmouth wingnut jerk like you, Markie); so, no, Darryl is NOT going to accomodate you by accepting your dare to remove your post.
    3) There is no censorship, which means posting bullshit will NOT get your posts deleted, no matter how hard you try.
    4) As LIBERALS, it is our prerogative to call you a liar; to question your sanity; to ridicule, humiliate, vilify, and verbally abuse you; and, we are going to do so because we ENJOY it.
    5) I hope you came here expecting no quarter, because you won’t get any.
    6) You have exactly three options available to you: (a) abjectly surrender, (b) run like a coward, or (c) keep taking our punches, kicks, and bites.
    7) Your buddy klake is a NAZI.

    Any questions? Write ‘em here [ ] and I’ll answer at my convenience, which means “never.”

  29. 38

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The trouble with wingnuts is you never get to kill them* because they run as soon as they get a little scratch.

    * Just kidding! Wingnut humor ripped off from Ann Coulter Jokes, LLP, no royalties paid! If she doesn’t like it, she can sue me!

  30. 39

    BeerNotWar spews:

    Well this discussion seems to have quickly devolved into a flame war. How did the discussion on the radio show go?

  31. 40

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @17 “Being a Winger is about feeling so victimized”

    You nailed it, Ted! Wingers are professional victims. They spend their whole lives training to feel victimized. Here are some of their victimology specialities:

    Feel victimized by taxes you don’t pay.
    Complain the cop who stops you for DUI is picking on you because of who you are.
    Think the election system is victimizing the military you don’t serve in.
    Convince yourself child support is tyranny.
    Believe people who don’t give you what you want are conspiring against you.

  32. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @39 To no one’s surprise, Dana Childers, spokesliar for the insurance crooks, made a number of misrepresentations; so I called him and corrected her.

  33. 44

    BeerNotWar spews:

    @41. I believe Bush actually qualified to fly fighters. I have a private pilot’s license and I qualify as an “airman” so I’d have to say Bush does as well. He was a phony warrior in a champagne National Guard unit, yes. But a real airman in my book.

  34. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Oh yeah, one more thing, the College Republicans were a no-show.

    Gotta give ‘em credit for realizing the more they say, the worse they look.

  35. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @44 Well, that’s true. The taxpayers spent $1 million training him to fly jet fighters immediately before he took a powder from safe, non-combat, stateside Guard duty; thereby rendering no useful service.

    Bush reminds me of a guy I met in college who told me he learned how to be a machinist by lying on his job application about his training and qualifications. He wrecked his employer’s $25,000 machine, but by the time he was fired knew how to run it, which enabled him to get a job in another shop.

  36. 47

    BeerNotWar spews:

    @42 Someone needs to point out in response to the “trial lawyers” meme the “no on 67″ side is using that the insurance companies employ tons of lawyers to keep people from receiving their settlements. The lawyers pretty much win either way…only if you vote “yes” you might win too.

  37. 48

    BeerNotWar spews:

    @46. I freakin’ hate defending Bush, but I’ve never heard that he was passed through flight training without completing it on his own. George HW Bush flew fighter-bombers in WWII and I’ve heard that Jr. wasn’t a bad pilot. All the more reason he should have been sent into combat like the taxpayers paid to have him do. My problem with Bush’s “service” is that it was a rich man’s draft dodge…not that Bush was crappy at flying.

  38. 49

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @44 I used the term “airman” in the context of military lexicon (i.e., soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, coast guardsman); and, under the usage of the term, there is more to being an “airman” than getting the pilot’s certificate.

  39. 50

    blogtard spews:

    Roger Rabbit,

    Can you define “Republican employer?” And possibly suggest how Democrat employers would have suited you better at the time? Which apparently they did not. And if so, why not? I didn’t realize that employers were so segregrated “back in the day.” But then again… JFK and LBJ, who got us into Vietnam were Democrats, right? Or wrong?

    No. I wasn’t “there” myself, but I know enough people who were to politely suggest that your current story is bullshit. Couldn’t work for five years? Understood. Lots of people had problems and continue to have.

    Couldn’t work because of “Republican employers? Total bullshit.

    You have the rhetoric of an enthusiastic college student. I almost believed you until you threw down the gauntlet about how “This is a LIBERAL blog.” Bloggity, blog, blog, blah…


  40. 51

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @48 My understanding is he didn’t show up for his flight physical because if they found the cocaine in his bloodstream they wouldn’t let him (attempt to) fly jet fighters.

  41. 52

    blogtard spews:

    Well, yes… Roger. That is your “understanding”. Doesn’t make it a fact though. The fact that you’re saying it’s your “understanding” proves the statement. You just don’t know for sure.

    If you hate Bush and want to sound off about it, go for it. I hate him too.

    But puhleeeeeease can we bring some basic logic back into the conversation? The entire conversation, on ANY blog, boils down to hating Bush or not. It’s stupid. It’s a waste of time. And it’s a complete waste of intelligent minds who should, under normal circumstances, be conversing freely… without name calling and hating each other.

    I called you a liar (or a bullshitter) because I think you’re lying (or bullshitting). I’m perfectly willing to accept that you’re not, but your online demeanor suggests otherwise.

    I’ll leave it at that. This is the first time I’ve visited this blog. It may not be the last, but it’s the last for now. If you’ve responded to my last post, well… I’ll leave it to everyone else to sort that out, or not, or whatever.

    Even realists need to sleep.


  42. 53

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @52 Yes, yes, let’s let this blog’s readers decide if I’m bullshitting:

    “In April 1972, the military started including routine drug tests in servicemen’s annual physical exam, including urinalysis, questions about drugs and ‘a close examination of the nasal cavities’ (for cocaine). According to the regulation, the medical took place in the month after the serviceman’s birthday. For George W. Bush, this meant August 1972. It was May, 1972 — one month after the drug testing was announced — that Bush stopped attending Guard duty. In August 1972, he was suspended from flight duty for failing to take his physical. … A Bush campaign spokesman confirmed to the London Sunday Times that Bush knew he would be suspended. … Bush never flew again, even though he returned to his Houston base where Guard pilots flew thousands of hours in the F-102 during 1973. The only barrier to him flying again was a medical exam …. Careful readers will recall that when Bush issued his partial denial of drug use, he said (or implied) that he hadn’t used them since 1974, but he pointedly refused to deny drug use before then, i.e. during his military service.”


    “Rumors about past drug use have dogged Governor Bush since his first days running for governor, but rumors should be regarded as only rumors until proven otherwise. Yet Bush for years has prolonged the rumor mongering about his alleged drug use by ducking and dodging the issue. … In 1994, when asked about drug use in his campaign for governor of Texas, Bush replied, ‘What I did as a kid? I don’t think it’s relevant.’ … [D]uring the presidential primaries, 11 out of 12 candidates in both parties denied ever using cocaine. George W. Bush was the sole candidate who refused to answer the question. He quipped, ‘When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.'”


    “To date, Bush has never answered the question of whether, when, how much or specifically what illicit drugs he used in his early adulthood.”


    “One of the persistent riddles surrounding President Bush’s disappearance from the Texas Air National Guard during 1972 and 1973 is the question of why he walked away … skeptics have speculated that Bush might have dropped out to avoid being tested for drugs. … [A]s of April 1972, Air National guardsmen knew random drug testing was going to be implemented. … [A]t the time when Bush, perhaps for the first time in his life, faced the prospect of a random drug test, his military records show he virtually disappeared ….”


    “White House spokesman Scott McClellan, for the second day in a row, refused yesterday to answer questions about Bush’s failure to take the physical and appeared to retreat from Bush’s promise Sunday to make public all of his military records. … Two retired National Guard generals, in interviews yesterday, said they were surprised that Bush — or any military pilot — would forgo a required annual flight physical and take no apparent steps to rectify the problem and return to flying. ‘There is no excuse for that. Aviators just don’t miss their flight physicals,’ said Major General Paul A. Weaver Jr., who retired in 2002 as the Pentagon’s director of the Air National Guard, in an interview. Brigadier General David L. McGinnis, a former top aide to the assistant secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, said in an interview that Bush’s failure to remain on flying status amounts to a violation of the signed pledge by Bush that he would fly for at least five years after he completed flight school in November 1969. ‘Failure to take your flight physical is like a failure to show up for duty. It is an obligation you can’t blow off,’ McGinnis said.”


    “Growing evidence suggests that George W. Bush abruptly left his Texas Air National Guard unit in 1972 for substantive reasons pertaining to his inability to continue piloting a fighter jet. A months-long investigation, which includes examination of hundreds of government-released documents, interviews with former Guard members and officials, military experts and Bush associates, points toward the conclusion that Bush’s personal behavior was causing alarm among his superior officers and would ultimately lead to his fleeing the state to avoid a physical exam he might have had difficulty passing. …

    “If it is demonstrated that profound behavioral problems marred Bush’s wartime performance and even cut short his service, it could … explain the incomplete, contradictory and shifting explanations provided by the Bush camp for the President’s striking invisibility from the military during the final two years of his six-year military obligation … the timing of Bush’s … departure — about the same time that he failed to take a mandatory annual physical exam — indicate that the two may have been related … in a July interview, Linda Allison, the widow of … the Alabama campaign manager …, revealed … that Bush had come to Alabama … because he needed to get out of Texas. … Allison said that the younger Bush’s drinking problem was apparent. She also said that her husband, a circumspect man who did not gossip and held his cards closely, indicated to her that some use of drugs was involved. ‘I had the impression that he knew that Georgie was using pot, certainly, and perhaps cocaine,’ she said.

    “Now-prominent, established Texas figures in the military, arts, business and political worlds, some of them Republicans and Bush supporters, talk about Bush’s alleged use of marijuana and cocaine based on what they say they have heard from trusted friends. One middle-aged woman … told me that she met Bush in 1968 at … a fair in San Antonio, at which he tried to pick her up and offered her a white powder he was inhaling. She was then a teenager; Bush would have just graduated from Yale and have been starting the National Guard then. …

    “Bush himself … has not explicitly denied charges of drug use; generally he has hedged. He … seemed to be saying that if he had used drugs, that was before 1974 or during the period in which he left his Guard unit. … It is notable that in 1972, the military was in the process of introducing widespread drug testing as part of the annual physical exams that pilots would undergo.

    “For years, military buffs and retired officers have speculated about the real reasons that Bush left his unit two years before his flying obligation was up. Bush and his staff have muddied the issue by not providing a clear, comprehensive and consistent explanation of his departure from the unit. And, peculiarly, the President has not made himself available to describe in detail what did take place at that time. Instead, the White House has adopted a policy of offering obscure explanations by officials who clearly do not know the specifics of what went on, and the periodic release of large numbers of confusing or inconclusive documents–particularly at the start of weekends and holiday periods, when attention is elsewhere. In addition, the Bush camp has offered over the past few years a shifting panoply of explanations that subsequently failed to pass muster. …

    “Fellow Guard members uniformly agree that Bush should and could have easily taken the exam with unit doctors at Ellington Air Force Base before leaving town. … Bush has indicated that he departed from Ellington Air Force Base and his Guard unit because he had been offered an important employment opportunity with a political campaign in Alabama. The overwhelming evidence suggests, however, that the Alabama campaign was a convenient excuse for Bush to rapidly exit stage left from a Guard unit that found him and his behavior a growing problem.”


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years, and served as a judge for part of that time. My training, experience, and career have centered on weighing evidence, determining credibility of witnesses, and reconstructing events and making factual determinations by drawing reasonable inferences from credible evidence. Disputed facts, of course, cannot be determined with absolute certainty; but the law doesn’t require perfect certainty, and neither do I. The key word here is “reasonable.”

    There is ample credible evidence to infer that George W. Bush avoided taking his flight physical because of the Guard’s new drug testing policy, and his fear of what it might reveal. There are a number of witness recollections that indicate Bush was doing cocaine at this time. Bush himself has not denied it, instead avoiding directly answering questions about it.

    A reasonable person would conclude from all of this that it is more likely true than not that Bush used cocaine while in the National Guard. That is my conclusion from the available evidence; conclusion = understanding.

    Ball’s in your court, blogtard. This is an uncensored blog. Rebut my understanding if you can.

  43. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @52 One more thing: Your calling me a liar doesn’t make it so. I’m calling you out: Prove it.

  44. 55

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @52 I think this is one wingnut who won’t be back. I don’t think we’re going to hear from him again.

  45. 56

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    For the record, I consider it an honor to be insulted and called names by these guys.

  46. 57

    joe pine spews:

    The only thing we can say, based on the remaining records, is that there is no record of baby Bush’s military service.

    So, I’m saying he was never in the service.

  47. 58

    YellowPup spews:

    A while back we were talking about the FCC’s strategy of holding public hearings on media consolidation, letting the vast majority of the public tire of telling them how bad this is for the country and democracy, and then slamming the deregulation through anyway. Well: