by Goldy, 11/26/2006, 5:31 PM

Tonight on “The David Goldstein Show” on Newsradio 710-KIRO, from 7PM to 10PM:

7PM: Can you take a joke? While filling in for Dori on Thanksgiving day, I did a very funny hour with General JC Christian of the satirical blog Jesus’ General… and man did he light up the lines with angry callers. Callers took the General at face value, even as he talked of tazering folks who refuse to say “Merry Christmas,” and of arming fetuses with tiny in utero handguns. The General will break character with me tonight to talk about whether some people really do lack the satire gene. Then later, I intend to raise the thorny question of whether comedian Michael Richards’ racist tirade was more an example of bad comedy than virulent racism, and whether perhaps his hecklers might not have been innocent victims after all.

8PM: Are Malkin and Coulter joking? Recently, a devotee of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin perpetrated an anthrax hoax by mailing a white powder to Nancy Pelosi, Jon Stewart and other political and media figures. Malkin claims to have no responsibility for the actions of others, but author/blogger David Neiwert of Orcinus — who has made a career of tracking right-wing hate speech and militia groups — says Malkin and other spouters of eliminationist rhetoric are fundamentally irresponsible. Neiwert joins me for the hour.

9PM: What would victory in Iraq actually look like? I asked this question of my righty trolls last week, and got very little in the way of a serious response. Now with the situation continuing to deteroriate, and King Abdullah of Jordan warning of civil war in Palestine and Lebanon as well as Iraq, I’m asking the question once again. Republicans ran against Democrats arguing that we would “cut and run” from Iraq. So if we stay and fight, what exactly would we be fighting for? And if Henry Kissinger is now right when he says that victory is no longer possible, why are we still there?

Tune in tonight (or listen to the live stream) and give me a call: 1-877-710-KIRO (5476).

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1. skagit spews:

I’ll bet Americans (including me) don’t have enough information to know what to do about Iraq. I’d just leave and try to fund Iraqi companies to do the work they should have done from the start. Let them – on our dime – reconstruct their country. Best I can think of. I have heard that the insurgency would decline if we left . . . so maybe it’s worth a try.

2. headless lucy spews:

Niewart has a lot to say about the nature and evolution of fascism. Good writer.

3. skagit spews:

Now that would be an interesting blogger’s hour.

4. Manof Truth spews:

I would listen but since one MUST register to monitor the stream I won`t be listening.

Time for KIRO to open up & be one of the radio stations moving into the 21st Century.

5. Tlazolteotl spews:

yay! I missed The General on Thursday, but I’m happy to settle for his inner Frenchman.

And David Neiwert is always interesting. Sounds like a great show.

7. DNC- spews:

*****Talking Point Memo***

Remember that hate speech is a national problem and avoid commenting on Micheal Richard specifically. You should be in the same mode as if you were talking about Robert Byrd. Deflect and avoid conversations about personal responsibility, as usual.

****** This has been another DNC talking point memo****

8. Enoch Root spews:

It really sucks that you have to register to hear the KIRO net-cast.

9. righton spews:

You are a dip goldy; for even suggeting such fascist,communitst non sense as regulating speech

I don’t recall shutting down lefties after 2 diff whackos took shots at Pres. Ford, despite getting plenty of help from lefty press/radio…

10. righton spews:

aaarghh…now you duffus’ are saying Goldmark got killed in Madrona cuz of right wing

and of course you are trying to equate that murder and whatever whacko’s the killer listened to, to today’s main stream conservative commentators…

Pick and choose the parts of the constitution you like?

11. Yer Killin Me spews:

Excellent Will, it works for me using Firefox on Linux.

12. Truth2006 spews:

Pelosi announced she would have “the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.” And thenin Bill Clinton fashion she in charge of intelligence Alcee L. Hastings (Fla.), a senior Democrat on the intelligence committee, who was impeached and removed from his federal judgeship in 1989 for conspiring to take a $150,000 bribe and give light sentences to two convicted swindlers.

13. klake spews:

Sorry Goldy no input on subject matter my orther comments was caught in the SPAM filter. Have a great week end!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Will spews:


Because your comments are worthless garbage. If you want to post entire articles and hijack threads, go start your own blog.

15. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

Proudass@10 Keep hittin’ that eggnogg, if you get drunk enough you just might make some sense. . . .

16. Roger Rabbit spews:

7 Richards admitted he made a mistake and apologized. That’s more than any wingnut has ever done. Next.

17. Roger Rabbit spews:

10 I like our crooks better than your crooks.

18. skagit spews:

You turd, Goldy. I gave you a serious response and you ignore it? Why not suggest it and see what people thing.

19. KlakeSucksDick spews:

I think the victims of those cunts Coulter and Malkin should sue. Hit those right wing bitches where it hurts them most – their wallets. Of course the suit will have to happen fast because that whore Coulter is on her way to jail for election fraud. HE HE !

20. Roger Rabbit spews:

Wingnuts had sugar-plum visions dancing in their heads of a “victory” that would mean free Iraqi oil in perpetuity for rednecks with pickup trucks.

22. DNC- spews:

Roger Rabbit says:

7 Richards admitted he made a mistake and apologized. That’s more than any wingnut has ever done. Next.

Yes, you got it. Democrat apologies are acceptable while religous, right wingers like Mel’s apology are not. You make us proud rabbit. Keep up the good work!

23. My Left Foot spews:

Truth 2006 aka proudofherfatlyingthreateningass:

You can run but you can’t hide. Why can’t you be like JCH and vanish. You are the new minority and, quite frankly, that tickles the shit out of me and Elvis Pupsley. (He is one of my totally pedestrian pets as you might recall).

How are your pretend kids doing? And the “family” business, you still working that profitable corner on Aurora?

Have a good evening.

Has JCH been banned? (open question for anyone to answer)

24. skagit spews:

One can only hope . . . :)

25. yo spews:

rabbit why dont you get your kid a job.whats his degree in fresh air

26. headless lucy spews:

“Outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, the prison’s former U.S. commander said in an interview on Saturday.

Former U.S. Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski told Spain’s El Pais newspaper she had seen a letter apparently signed by Rumsfeld which allowed civilian contractors to use techniques such as sleep deprivation during interrogation.

Karpinski, who ran the prison until early 2004, said she saw a memorandum signed by Rumsfeld detailing the use of harsh interrogation methods.”

27. headless lucy spews:

re 7, re 25 That’s the talking point.

28. Dave Gibney spews:

use mine for KIRO a@b.c pw is freddy

29. Bleep spews:

So, Hugo Chavez’s campaign is totally built from “Big Oil.” But will yous guys and Cindy Sheehan ever admit to it?

30. skagit spews:

headless lucy says:

“Outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, the prison’s former U.S. commander said in an interview on Saturday.

Old news, luce. Check out Democracy Now, Nov 9 episode. You’ll get an earful . . .

31. Roger Rabbit spews:

22 I don’t have any issues with Mel. He doesn’t hold any public office and isn’t running the country. When is Bush going to admit the intel was bad? That he didn’t send enough troops? That there was no occupation plan, no exit strategy? That he doesn’t know what “victory” is? Why didn’t Bush admit that Katrina was a FUBAR? When has a wingnut on this board ever said he was wrong about something? Anything? That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t give a shit about Mel, that doesn’t involve public policy or concern me. Mel is a police problem.

32. skagit spews:

What does Fubar mean? Fu Bu and Ru?

33. Yer Killin Me spews:

FUBAR is an acronym that commonly means “fucked up beyond all/any recognition”, or one of many variations (see below). It is attested in the United States Army and other military settings.

Used as an adjective it’s synonymous with “of, or relating to, the Bush administration or any of its sycophants.”

34. Daddy Love spews:

There is no such thing as “victory” In Iraq. The concept does not apply. We achieved “victory” over Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi state in 2003. What we’ve been doing since then is staying when they want us to leave, and fighting the people who want us out, which is most fo them.
This of interest, from an amazing site ( ):

There is a reasonable probability that the war in Iraq will be the last major non-nuclear war. Since no enemy can stand toe-to-toe against an appropriately sized U.S. military task force, hostile entities will seek some form of deterrent to serve as a mitigating factor in conflict. However crude a device might be, nuclear weapons can provide that deterrence.

Globalization, and the integration of multi-national businesses, plus the increasing proliferation of nuclear devices in both developed and developing countries, has made 20th century style warfare too mutually costly to be a viable way to resolve conflicts between states. The battleground has shifted to the economy where the United States is currently suffering some significant, if unrecognized, setbacks. One can only imagine the delight of United States economic rivals, such as China, plus the terrorists themselves, at the enormous costs the United States has burdened itself with to protect its interests. This is a rarely discussed but very real threat to U.S. status as the world superpower.

In case no one noticed, Bill Clinton worked very hard (how did he do it without long vacations? GW can’t…) during his terms to do what he knew would aid America’s interests most: position us so that we would be fiscally stable and positioned to prevail in the coming trade wars. George Bush doesn’t even know what that means. He has demolished the fiscal stability Clinton created, put us in hock to our trading competitors, and wrecked our international alliances, just to achieve his disastrous private goals (one-upping Daddy).

35. skagit spews:

But, Bush is globally invested. I don’t think he cares. . . he is not vulnerable. He is taken care of. So no big deal to him and his . . .

36. YellowPup spews:

I listened to the original broadcast of Jesus’s General on Thanksgiving. It sounded to me like a joke, but then you hear conservatives say so many outrageous things these days. Maybe the problem isn’t that we’ve lost the satire gene, but that conservative talk has really set the bar too high for satirists. It’s too hard to caricature a caricature.

37. Foolsabound spews:

You 7 little kittens that are the ONLY…dirtballs… post-ers here at this shit blog are a mite confused… the RIGHT crowd has abandoned and all that’s left are the few imbeciles still weaving baskets and playing with themselves.

Have your commie hero check a few IP’s … then cry some more that no one will play with you.

How soon will ruger bobbit, in his 47 incarnations of 1 complete fool, drive away anyone with a brain… we all know who that list won’t include, don’t we athletes foot and mindless lucy?

38. David B. spews:

In a previous thread about “victory in Iraq,” a reader challenged me to present my logic about the connection between Iraq and Israel. Here’s Juan Cole on the topic:

Despite the denials of Bush administration officials such as Condi Rice, the Arab and Islamic opposition to US presence in Iraq has at least something to do with local perceptions that the US invaded Iraq on behalf of Israel, and Iraqis often refer to US troops as “al-Yahud,” “the Jews.” This is conspiracy theory thinking and wrong-headed, but it is the reality on the ground. Even the notorious attack on the four mercenaries in Falluja was done in the name of the murdered Palestinian leader Sheikh Yassin. The deeply unpopular US support for Israel’s depredations against the Palestinians was one of the things that foredoomed a US military occupation of a major Arab country.”

It started with Palestine and it will end with Palestine.

39. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

NY Times today said Bill Clinton working with Republicans got the balanced budget and welfare reform because the Democratic Congress would not give him those things because of the Pork Barrel politics.

Read it in the NY Times. Not invoking the fair use doctrine because I am not pasting the link!

Amazing what the NY Times prints after the election.

40. Jack Frost spews:

It’s time to un-involve outselves in Middle Eastern affairs. That religious war has been going on for centuries, and our meddling over there should have ceased when the crusades ended.

41. ArtFart spews:

It’s rather curious that the righty troll posts that are showing up now are so full of typos, mispellings and random, disconnected phrases as to be nearly incoherent. Maybe now that the election has passed, they’re no longer getting copy-and-paste talking-point emails from the RNC’s paid scribes.

42. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

That many people don’t get Satire shouldn’t be surprising, considering the total ignorance of Rhetoric in the present Age.
As an example, Goldy, you had a caller, a mature woman, who claimed to ‘get’ Satire, but felt that the General’s positions were too extreme and outrageous to be ‘funny’. . . .
First, she has no understanding of the establishment of an Satirical Mask, nor what it takes to establish the Donnee of a Satire. Granted with a world filled with gas-bag Hush Bimbo and shrieking banshees such as Ann Coulter and harpies like Michelle Malkin, it is difficult to properly delineate an implicit positive standard, but nevertheless common decency and common sense are not totally dead. Furthermore, the idea that Satire is “funny” in preference to it’s true goals of holding up its targets to ridicule and abhorrence is just wrong headed. Swift and his Satires have always been properly characterized as Savage not ‘funny’.
Now, if I were to fault the good General, it would be that he does not often enough set aside his Mask and show his true voice.

43. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

FartfulArt: Gee, I wished I was on the RNC payroll, STUUUUUUPIIIIIIIID Moonbat! I would be rich today!

Speaking of which, looks like on the rich spent their hard earned $$$ on Black Friday. Since most moronic Moonbat! libtards claim the economy sucks, I guess the 6% spending increase was only the rich spending $$$. Soon as the libtards win the congress does everything start smelling like roses. Unfortunately for the libtard Moonbat!s, us whom think through the issues know it was the neocon fidicuary policies of GWB and the Repubs who ignited our economy with the tax cuts.

44. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

Sorry about that …fiduciary…

45. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

ArtFart@41 I find it amusing that the Sucky Clown Conservative establishes your point by a form of Reverse Socratic Irony, i.e. professing knowledge while demonstrating his Ignorance Well done, Sucky!.

46. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

Golly KillaTroll@45, I am shocked but not amazed you know a little about RSI. Did you look that up on the Internet? What URL helped you learn something today.

If you looked at the economics, this Black Friday spending was done at non-WalMart stores. Which in plain English (since metaphors, similies, and hyerbole are lost on your small mindedness) means more people had more spendable income STUUUUUUPIIIIIID Moonbat! That is the RSI you missed again LIBTARD MORON!

47. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

So KillaTroll@45 and Other Moonbat!s: How are the NorthWest Wing of Michard Richards Moonbat Thought doing this fine Monday afternoon?

48. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

I need some Seattle Best: …Michael Richards…

49. Another TJ spews:

Granted with a world filled with gas-bag Hush Bimbo and shrieking banshees such as Ann Coulter and harpies like Michelle Malkin, it is difficult to properly delineate an implicit positive standard…

You’ve got that right. I forget where I read this first, but it bears repeating: Their reality has lapped our satire.

50. Libertarian spews:

Michael Richards must not be much of a stand-up comic if he can’t handle a couple of hecklers from the penut gallery. A real stand-up comic would have cut those bozos down to size with sharp wit and sarcasm. A real stand-up comic would have added those knhckleheads to his routine and made so much fun of them that they’d shut up and order another round of drinks.

51. ArtFart spews:

Uhhhh….lemme see. “Black Friday” sales were good even with the Democrats about to take over Congress. In a nearby thread, MWS or one of his compatriots postulates that the stock marked has dropped because panic is starting to set in about how they’re going to ruin everything. So which is it, guys? Who’s right, the people selling stock or the people buying merchandise?

52. Jack Burton spews:

Michelle and Ann are NO MORE HATEFULL than those who post on this blog.

The fault of the Anthrax hoax falls on the INDIVIDUAL who did it.

53. Mike Webb SUCKS spews:

FartfulArt proves the postulate: You can lead the horse’s ass to water but you get the horse or his ass to drink.

Art, the money in their pockets is an accumulation of good fortune with jobs and lower taxes. If the stock market is dropping (I haven’t watch it lately) it’s the Congressional Moonbat!s and their anti-corporation vitriol!

54. ArtFart spews:

53 “Money in their pockets”….you mean those little plastic thingies?

55. anomalous4 spews:

I just got done listening to your “Frenchy” and Niewert interviews. I love both Jesus’ General and Orcinus.

Now, can we ple-e-e-e-e-e-e-ease have a podcast of your Jesus’ General segment from last Thursday?

56. Another TJ spews:

Michelle and Ann are NO MORE HATEFULL than those who post on this blog.

Perhaps that’s true, but at least you and your ilk are ridiculed mercilessly here.

57. owlafaye spews:

I think Richards is being martyred…fag, queer, nigger, jew…they are all in the dictionary. We are speaking ENGLISH here aren’t we? Any PC “happy talker” that thinks differently should have his head examined.

58. owlafaye spews:

Everyone out there who doesn’t know what the “n word” is raise your hands.