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Tonight on “The David Goldstein Show”, 7PM to 10PM on Newsradio 710-KIRO:

7PM: Q&A with Jay
Rep. Jay Inslee joins me at the top of the hour to talk about his new bill intended to save Internet radio, and to give us an update on the food safety hearing earlier this week before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

8PM: Food Safety: the melamine hits the fan
Yup, I’m talking about the pet food recall again, only it isn’t just pet food anymore. The New York Times will report tomorrow on how “widespread” melamine adulteration is in China. Meanwhile, expect the scope of our known livestock contamination to expand dramatically. Scary stuff. Christie Keith from PetConnection.com joins me.


Tune in tonight (or listen to the live stream) and give me a call: 1-877-710-KIRO (5476).


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    Daddy Love spews:

    Do you know what the fate of large-scale colonial military occupation is in the twenty-first century? You’re seeing it now. It’s not pretty. It’s not winnable. Bush is stalling until he’s out of office, and then they’ll all blame the Democratic president elected in 2008 for “losing” Iraq.

    Predictable as weather. The lamest of lame acts, these Republicans. And the ones who don’t go to jail, and some of the ones who do, will still find jobs in a future Republican administration as if they did something right.

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    no one spews:

    gross, help me understand this please.

    i have read the road kill and dead stuff from
    vets are sold to these pet food companys,

    now true or not, what ever is sold to these
    pet food companys, has
    left overs and that is sold to pig farms?

    so what kind of animals wind up in pet food,
    and when do these food pet food left over or
    what ever you call it, amd
    wnem and how much is sold into the human
    even if road kill and vet,s dead stuff is not
    put in to pet food , who do we asked about what is
    in the “meat” used for this food.

    sorry i don’t spell well or write well ,
    thank you .

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    GS spews:

    Be sure and ask Jay why the democrats crapped out on making our sales tax deduction permanent.

    Maria Cantwell offered it up and I give her credit for hauling it into the den of tax lovers, but they crapped all over it I here!

    Not suprised!

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    Anyone wanting to attend the Omama Meetup .. I posted a photoessay on my blog..

    I was disappointed in three things. 1. Clumsy handling by the “pros.” Why d political organizers always treat the oublic (me) as if we were kindergarten kids? “Now, raise the Obama signs and cheer when we signal you!.” Stupid. 2. Rev, McKinney’s comments. Sam is a great man BUT exulting over white folks having to deal with a Black candidate is racist itself. Sorry Sam. 3. Turnout, esp of Black people, was modest.

    Oh yeh! They need better graphic design. Some of the posters were ugly.

  5. 7


    On the other hand, the Obama website is pretty good. Anyone wnating to contribute to my personal goal of rasing $5000 before Brack is elected, can go to my Obama fundraising site.

    So far friends have chipped in $100 (my own contributions don’t show !). I wonder if I get a prize if you’all fulfiull my goal?

  6. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 “Be sure and ask Jay why the democrats crapped out on making our sales tax deduction permanent.”

    Because Republicans attached a rider that would have made welfare-for-business permanent.

  7. 10

    GS is having fun watching spews:

    Thanks Puddy

    Quiz: Ding Ding

    1. How many items has Princess Pelosi and her court of bafoons passed in the last 100 or 125 or 150 or soooooooo days?

    2. What was promised to be passed in the first 100 days by Princess Pelosi?

    2. How much did this congress cost us in the last 100, 125, or 150 days?

    Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

    What was the return on investment of this congress?

    A: 0

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    John Edward’s hair …

    Goldy doesn’t think this is an issue. Maybe so. Still, Edwards would be a lot more impressive if he had not made and kept so much money as “poverty” lawyer for class action suits on behalf of folks suffering from personal injury.

    This is one of my reasons for supporting Obama. Leaving the Law Review editor’s job for a poverty worker job in Chicago, THAT was impressive. Barack’s career does not take away from Edwards. I like Edwards’ message a lot. Yet I know that he and I can not belong to the same clubs.

    It would be nice to know what sort of and how much charity the Edwards donate to.


  9. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Why should taxpayers be responsible for small business payrolls? We should we fork out to get these fuckers to pay their workers 7 fucking dollars an hour? Have you ever seen how some of these business people whining about the minimum wage live? They own big houses, drive Hummers and Porsches, take exotic vacations — and they want taxpayers to foot the bill for their labor costs. Fuck ‘em. I say give ‘em nothing and raise their taxes! They’ve got it coming for being Republicans.

  10. 14

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 “How much did this congress cost us in the last 100, 125, or 150 days?”

    Less than 1/10,000th of what you clowns have cost us in the last six years. But don’t worry, voters are going to fix that — permanently. In 2008, the GOP will cease to exist as a viable political party.

  11. 15


    Roger ..

    How about the lawyers? Isn’t there something undemocratic about our system where only the really roch have true equality in court?

    I am a pretty middle class guy, I make a reasonable income, but I can not find a decent attorney t deal with minor personal affairs. If I were about twice as rich, then I would have such a person on retainer.

  12. 16


    I would be more enthusiastic about Edwards if he were to come out for legislation to even the playing field .. his playing field. access to attorneys ought not to be the province of the very wealthy.

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger Rabbit @ 14

    What do you think Republican chances will be in the relatively small number of off-year election races this fall?

  14. 19

    GS spews:

    Why should taxpayers be responsible for Choo Choo train mentalities?

    Why should taxpayers be responsible for state massive pensions, when “NO”other company is keeping this type of plan alive for any below CEO?

    Why should we fork out to give these fuckers $40 fucking dollars an hour when we could get damn better workers for $20 in the real world?

    Have you ever seen some of these state employees whining about the average taxpayer lives? The raises they no longer get, They can’t afford to live in their homes because they are taxed out of them, they can’t drive their fucking cars because of the highest gas taxes in the fucking nation, the governor takes exotic vacations on their taxpayer dollars, and they want taxpayers to foot the bill for all of their liberal costs. Fuck ‘em. I say we give ‘em nothing and lower their damn tax base! They’ve got it coming for being Democrats.

  15. 20

    Jack T. Moore spews:

    David. I am a conservative (some say uber conservative)and listen to your show every Sunday night because you are at least honest about your liberal perspective. You don’t try to come across as a middle of the roader or pergresive or whatever. You are not afraid to call yourself a liberal. I appreciate that. But, at the end of your show on Sunday 29 Apr 07 dealing with the John Edwards haircut you were disingenuous. It was not one but two, $400.00 hair cuts. Edwards tried to not pay for them. He tried to have his campaign doners pay for them. I’m sure his doners make a whole lot less money than he does. Also, he talks about the 2 America’s. Rich and Poor. He’s one of the rich but tried to make the other America pay for his haircut. This whole incident may seem to be a lot about nothing but it showed the true character of John Edwards the man. You are smart and I’m sure this point was not lost on you. Thanks.

  16. 21

    GS spews:

    Surrender, hold up the fucking white flag, and watch and count closely at the Americans who get killed on your watch.

    Pull em all out tommorrow, Go FOR it you fucking chicken idiots.

    You have the power, you have no Fucking will!

    All fucking talk, no fucking action.

    Pull the troops out tommorrow

    Cancel all funding tommorrow

    I’ll be watching and counting the rising death counts!

  17. 22


    Jack Moore

    I agree with you that the haircuts were symbolically bad. Just as Bush’s military nonservice, his kids not going to Iraq symbolically bad. Just like appointing Clarenc Thomas, an apparently unqualified attorney, to the SCUS, was symbolically bad. etc

    The point Goldy made is that the press fixation on this issue means that the meaty issues Edwards HAS raised are never discussed.

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    Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

    I’ll ask this question again.

    Since Scary Reid – Man among men in the United States Senate, leader of the Donkocraps said we lost in Iraq, WHO WON?

    Thanks for playing!

  19. 25

    YOS LIB BRO spews: