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I’m rested, I’m tanned and I’m back. Okay, I’m kinda jet-lagged, and I’m my usual pasty-white self. But I am back, and I’m talking politics as unusual again tonight on “The David Goldstein Show” from 7PM to 10PM on Newsradio 710-KIRO. I like to go with the flow, so things could change, but here’s what I have lined up for tonight’s show:

7PM: What’s up (or down) with the Viaduct? Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels joins me at the top of the hour to talk about the latest developments in the ongoing debate over how to replace the Alaska Way Viaduct. Is WSDOT trying to bury tunnel? We’ll ask the mayor.


9PM: Did you ever get a really big break? And what did you do with it? The man who gave me my break at 710-KIRO is moving on, and I can’t thank him enough. I want to hear from you on how a big break might have changed your life, and give you the opportunity to thank your benefactor. (Or maybe, I’ll just rant about a bunch of stuff.)

Tune in tonight (or listen to the live stream) and give me a call: 1-877-710-KIRO (5476).


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    liberal in training spews:

    Sniffle sniff. Booohooo boooho. snort tear sniffle. I am in training to become a liberal judge.

    Bawaaaahaaa boooohooo bawl sniffle whine sneeze.

  2. 6

    spike spews:

    The anti-viaduct campaign went into full gear this week. The last two days have produced two large, glossy anti-viaduct broadsides. The first one had a huge picture of the collapsed Oakland viaduct. The second had large red scary words with lettering fractured (as though in a quake!). It makes you wonder. Why are these people spending big money to scare Seattle voters? Is there any indication that a replacement viaduct would be built to collapse in an earthquake? That is what they are implying. This is shameless, and these people deserve a whipping at the polls. And who are these people, anyway? There are no names on either of these productions. Are we so gullible that we can be influenced by stuff like this?

  3. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 Amazing find! Right up there with the discovery of the “Hitler diaries.” If true, this means the collapse of Christianity, and leaves Mohammed as the last credible candidate for Messiah.

  4. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 These ads obviously are being paid for by people who stand to gain financially from a tunnel, and have no intention of paying for the tunnel themselves. Now whoooo might that be? Downtown property owners. Watch their enthusiasm evaporate the moment anyone on the City Council whispers the phrase, “Local Improvement District.”

  5. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Let’s suppose Seattle voters say they want a tunnel, and are willing to pay for it, in the advisory vote.

    What do you think the chances are that Nickels & Co. will want to pay for it with a county-wide or regional tax? On people who didn’t get to vote? And will wave the advisory vote results as proof “the people want it?”

    In that event, would we have another advisory election, so that people who will be taxed but didn’t get to vote will have representation before taxation? Or we will have to throw tea into the harbor again?

  6. 10

    Michael Caine spews:

    3) Who is making the claim that is the burial site of Jesus. I would assume that it isn’t a church or affiliated organisation since Jesus was bodily ascended into Heaven according to the Gospels. Jesus’s tomb was supposed to have only housed him until he rose from the dead after 3 days. It sounds like another Ark of the Covenant or Noah’s Ark pipe dream.

  7. 14

    headless lucy spews:

    re13: As what? An example of egregious bullshit. There is , after all, the wingnut BS side of the news that needs more coverage.

    Why are you reviving the sock-puppet you call “Puttybutt” at this point. Do you think he will be useful in giving the “black wingnut” perspective on Obama’s candidacy>

  8. 15

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @12 Hey, if you conservatives want to run Rudy in ’08, that’s fine with me! We’ll have a field day in our ads with his adultery and spousal abuse. But I have a feeling you may have trouble selling this pro-abortion rights, pro-gun control “conservative” to your GOP buddies when they learn more about who he really is.

  9. 16


    Hi, Puddybud!

    Hey, I think you’ve actually got a great topic there. “How the far-right intends to react when a well-researched, professionally made documentary gets an Oscar”.

    Let’s see. First, they’ll trot out the half-dozen thoroughly discredited “researchers” that are still denying the effects of global warming. (This is getting to be a very small group. Perhaps they could save some money by sharing office space with the Holocaust deniers.)

    Then they’ll claim that the documentary shouldn’t receive the award because it doesn’t “fairly” present both sides of the “controversy”.

    After that, they’ll trot out the narrator of a film that was nominated for an Oscar (while carefully not mentioning his actual role in the documentary) who will claim that the reason his film didn’t win and this one did is because of politics. They’ll also be careful to point out that their film actually did win an Emmy (for investigative reporting), but at no time will anyone mention that narrator’s actual role. The impression will be give that he made the film.

    Great topic, there!

  10. 17

    Charlie Smith spews:

    Puddybud @ 12: Sounds fine with me; Rudy has just peaked in the polls two years before the election. Then he can join Dole in making Viagra ads. Is it a requirement that all Republican candidates be impotent, or is it just the ones since 1980?