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7PM: Where is Sound Transit going?
Ric Ilgenfritz, executive director of policy and public affairs joins me to talk about Sound Transit’s current projects and future plans, and what a proposal for a regional transportation commission might hold for light rail in Seattle and beyond. Is Seattle’s light rail on track? Will it ever reach to the Eastside? Give Ric a call and ask for yourself.

8PM: Were the U.S. attorney filings illegal?
Ousted U.S. Attorney for Western Washington John McKay appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press today, where he suggested that those involved in the scandal may have not only acted improperly, but “even illegally.”


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    Richard Pope spews:

    Somebody with the Associated Press has actually investigated the facts behind why John McKay didn’t get the federal judgeship and was then fired as U.S. Attorney.


    However, the pro-Democratic media isn’t running this story. Probably because it doesn’t support the theory that McKay was retaliated against because of the Governor’s election.

    I did a Google news search for “Craig Allen”, a distinguished University of Washington law professor who is on the judicial selection committee. Allen didn’t think McKay was particularly well-qualified to be a federal judge, and instead choose Richard Jones (whom five out of six panel members — including at least two of the three Democrats — also felt was the best candidate). Allen is mentioned in the AP investigative story, and any Google news search for “Craig Allen” would pull up all the on-line newspapers who are running this story.

    Unfortunately, only the Columbian out of Vancouver has picked this story up yet. Maybe this is because the investigative report was completed over the weekend, when the normal news editors are away. But somehow I don’t think the “mainstream” media will run this, because it doesn’t say what they want it to say.

  2. 2

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Pope-A-Dope’s version of “Pro Democratic” media would be any media other than Newsratz or Faux News Channel.

    By the way Dickie, as one of Washington’s worst lawyers and a utter failure as a political candidate, we always enjoy your take on things. Like YOU would have ANY FUCKING IDEA what you’re talking about. NOT!

  3. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Red herring, Richard! McKay’s qualifications to be a judge are irrelevant. What’s relevant is the fact the White House considered him for a judgeship until local GOPers complained about his refusal to prosecute any Democrats for election fraud in the absence of any evidence of election fraud. What’s relevant is they asked him about the “election fraud” prosecution in his White House interview for the judgeship. What’s relevant is that THAT, not his qualifications, is what they were interested in.

    You know better, Richard. I know you do. Why are you shilling for these liars and criminals? Don’t you have any pride left? If not, for God’s sake man, at least take a little pride in your profession. Obstruction of justice and malicious prosecution are crimes, and you know it.

  4. 4



    Interesting story, but other than expanding on Mr. McKay being a thorn in the side of Paul McNulty with regards to the DOJ dragging its feet on the Law Enforcement Information Exchange program (a program that Mr. McKay was tasked with overseeing) I don’t see much new here.

    So, along with annoying the AG’s office by refusing to prosecute non-existant crimes, he also annoyed them by demanding that they follow through on an important program that he was involved with.

    So, he was fired for doing his job ethically, and expecting others to just do their jobs.

    No, Richard. I think this story may end up being carried by a few more newspapers. It shows the AG’s office as being both corrupt and lazy.

    Are you sure you linked to the right story?

  5. 5

    Mrs. Rabbit spews:

    Roger is not feeling well, and I’m putting him to bed for the rest of the evening. We hope it’s just a back strain, and not an inflamed appendix or kidney.

  6. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    If I don’t live until morning, my last wish is that Redneck and pudwhacker go fuck themselves. I’m done for tonight. See you when I see you, traitors.

  7. 7

    Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

    Mrs. Rabbit – Sounds like a case of dog food poisioning. Tell me, does he want to go out in the yard and eat turds? I hear that’s the only cure.

  8. 8

    Josef spews:

    I have just submitted a comment with links to Goldy of the ballot titles disappearing in Skagit County.

    I should have said it was the… ballot printing machines that *&!#%#@ed up!

  9. 9

    K spews:

    So how do our Bush apologists feel about Lindsey Graham’s comments on Face the Nation:

    Mr. Graham added: “He’s going to have to come to the Senate and re-establish his credibility. He’s going to have to prove to us that there was a legitimate reason this was poorly handled.”

    Or is poor handling of the Justice Dept. OK?

  10. 11

    Puddybud spews:

    Mrs Rabbit: I wonder if PelletHead was stealing dog or cat food with the rat poisoning as the main ingredient? Rumor has it Mr Stupid was behind the scenes culprit. He thought it was seasoning salt! He claimed to want the little varmints have better cuisine!

    Since he claims to be poor it goes to show PelletHead would be foraging in places even a “dumb” bunny would not go!

  11. 12

    Richard Pope spews:

    MTR @ 7

    Cat by-product is more nutritious. Cat food contains twice as much protein as dog food. And cats have a shorter digestive system, so an even higher percentage of nutrients remain at the “end”. Dog by-product has much less protein. Many dogs eat cat by-product. It may be a good food for rabbits as well.

  12. 15

    Josef spews:

    Ballot correction letters in mail to county’s voters

    letter to voters containing information that was missing from the general election ballots was set to be mailed this morning, according to Skagit County Auditor Norma Brummett.

    The letter will contain the descriptions for four ballot measures. The ballots mailed to Skagit County voters last week were missing the descriptions required by state law, leaving voters wondering what each measure would do.

    Last of the links for posting. Figure this should start a dialogue.

  13. 16

    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger Rabbit @ 5 & 6

    In all seriousness, best wishes. These kidney problems can be particularly unfair. My father was done in pretty quickly two years ago by kidney failure, and it didn’t seem like there was a thing medical science could do to solve the problem, only to delay it. Best wishes, and I hope it isn’t so serious.

  14. 21

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    It looks like the AG might be indicted for lying under oath. I am sure all you righties will support that since you DO support the rule of law right? Right? Don’t you?

  15. 23

    Josef spews:

    Indict Gonzales already.

    May I recommend his replacement? Reagan Dunn.

    If you can’t handle Mr. “Get It Dunn”… then he can become State AG and America can get Rob “RMK” McKenna!!!

    Of course, I could take Ashcroft but I think you all would have a problem with that.

  16. 24

    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger Rabbit @ 3, 8:18 p.m.

    Actually, the judicial merit selection committee process is extremely relevant. The merit selection committee felt John McKay’s judicial philosophy was incompatible with President Bush’s philosophy and that his lifetime trial experience (including his six years in the U.S. Attorney’s Office) was practically non-existent. Had McKay left matters there, he would probably still be in the U.S. Attorney’s Office today.

    Instead, McKay broke precedent for the last 12 years, in which a bipartisan merit selection committee (by agreement of state Democrats and Republicans) picks the most qualified and acceptable candidates for federal judges, and the President picks from the top three. While LEGALLY the President has the power to make judicial appointments for any political reason he wants to, there was a bipartisan gentleperson’s agreement to use merit selection in Washington.

    McKay wouldn’t accept the merit selection verdict, even though five out of six members of the committee felt Judge Richard Jones (and not McKay) was the most qualified candidate, and only three committee members felt that McKay was even qualified for the position in the first place. McKay has some powerful political allies in this state, including most of the state Democratic leadership, and several important Republican politicians.

    So McKay’s political allies intervened on his behalf with the White House, and persuaded the Bush administration to interview McKay for the judicial position, even though he wasn’t recommended by the merit selection committee. The Justice Department leadership initially felt that McKay had been “screwed” by the Democratic members of the committee, and wanted to find out why the committee had rejected McKay.

    Interestingly enough, the White House discovered it was the Republican members of the committee that had rejected McKay, and they wanted to find out why this was the case. So that is probably why Harriet Miers asked McKay about the controversy over the November 2004 election for Governor.

    However, there were two main reasons why the Republican members of the merit selection committee felt that McKay was not qualified: (1) McKay had personally tried less than 10 cases during his entire legal career, including his tenure as U.S. Attorney, and (2) McKay had a different judicial philosophy — he said that judges should decide cases based on their personal opinion of what was right and wrong, even if that meant not following established precedent.

    Needless to say, this would also raises questions as to why the Democratic members of the merit selection committee wanted McKay to be a federal judge. Obviously, they may have agreed with McKay’s judicial philosophy. But the lack of trial experience should still have been disqualifying. It probably was not helpful for McKay that political support for his becoming a federal judge was extremely strong with Democrats, but rather weak among Republicans — especially those who had actually evaluated him and his record as U.S. Attorney.

    Both these factors would tend to make McKay less acceptable to the Bush administration to continue as U.S. Attorney. Bush obviously doesn’t want political appointees who don’t share his political philosophy — no President would want that or should have to tolerate it for that matter. And it would also indicate — regardless of how good a job the Seattle OFFICE was doing, that McKay PERSONALLY wasn’t doing very much. Basically letting all the good employees of his office do all the work, and then taking credit for it.

    The LINX computer project obviously contributed to this as well. Regardless of whether McKay was “right” or “wrong” on this issue, he was strident and outspoken in his policy disagreements with his superiors in the Justice Department. He ruffled a lot of feathers and rubbed people the wrong way. He wrote a letter to his DOJ superiors that was viewed as insulting and demeaning. And he was spending a large amount of his time traveling around the country at government expense, rather than actual working on his duties of running the Seattle office.

    So that is why I think McKay got fired. He stepped on too many toes, and rocked the boat too much. Making himself more visible, and even asking for higher-level scrutinity into his background (in trying to bypass the merit selection process) backfired, and caused Justice Department higher-ups to realize McKay just wasn’t an appropriate person for the job, and probably shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

  17. 25

    TypicalLefty spews:

    “RightEqualsStupid says:

    It looks like the AG might be indicted for lying under oath. I am sure all you righties will support that since you DO support the rule of law right? Right? Don’t you? ”

    I used to support it, but I was educated by moveon.
    They taught me to understand that lying under oath isn’t important if you lied to keep yourself out of trouble.

  18. 26

    Puddybud spews:

    Did Voice of Chalk Scratching miss this? But of course mi amigos!


    “England’s Queen Elizabeth II awarded the British Distinguished Flying Cross to a U.S. pilot for the first time since World War II during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on March 21, according to a Corps release.”

    A Marine supporting others putting his life in peril. Something the lefties can’t swallow (unless it’s male discharge of course)!

  19. 27

    Richard Pope spews:

    Josef @ 23 @ 9:10 p.m.

    I strongly disagree with either Reagan Dunn or Rob McKenna for U.S. Attorney General. Neither one is anywhere near qualified for the position. In fact, both are/were seriously underqualified for their most recent legal positions. And Reagan Dunn and his mother are the reason why we had John McKay as U.S. Attorney in the first place.

    Jennifer Dunn choose the political selection committee that picked John McKay for U.S. Attorney and lobbied President Bush to have McKay appointed. In turn, her son Reagan Dunn was hired to be an assistant U.S. Attorney. Reagan Dunn was admitted to the Bar in 1999. Normally, the Justice Department will not hire attorneys without at least five years of prior legal experience. However, Reagan Dunn was hired in 2001 with only 2 years legal experience.

    Rob McKenna is also seriously underqualified to be state Attorney General. He only actually practiced law for six years, and only appeared in court once — some pro bono help to a tenant in an eviction case. If the office were appointive, no reasonable Governor (even a Republican) would have hired McKenna to be state Attorney General with such sketchy credentials. However, the office is elective, and belongs to whoever can put together the political support necessary to convince the largest number of voters to vote for them.

    To be fair, I was nominated by the state Republican Party twice to be their candidate for Attorney General, in 1996 and 2000. I certainly wasn’t the most qualified person the Republicans could have nominated for this position. But I was the only person willing to file the necessary paperwork to be placed on the ballot in both years.

  20. 28

    Puddybud spews:

    Moonbat!s: Those Portland protesters didn’t purchase carbon credits to burn the effigy or the flag? Where is Algore when we need him. Oops… when your a lefty you never have to say your sorry.

    Voice of Chalk Scratching, how could you miss this picture.


  21. 31

    Puddybud spews:

    In the same link:

    The Gore’s Prayer

    Al Father, who art in transit,
    Phony be thy game.
    Thy Lear-Jet hums.
    Those lies you’ve spun,
    About Earth, and your huge mansion.

    Give us a break, your daily dread.
    And forgive us with bus passes,
    As we curse those flying first-class above us.
    And lead us not into stagflation,
    But humor us more, Sir Carbon-Knievel.


  22. 33

    YOS LIB BRO spews:



  23. 36

    Puddybud spews:

    Once again clueless posts gibberish in #33. I’m sorry Clueless I forgot my decoder ring.

  24. 38

    Mick spews:

    I started listening to David the other night , usually I appreciate his manner and attempt to be honset from his liberal perspective . His set up of the verdict on the Rossi deal was incrediblly ignorant or just plain dishonest . The Judge ruled there was no evidence presented , not that there was no evidence of mis conduct . Regardless he gave the process a real thrashing , especially King County The judge admitted there were at least 1,678 illegal ballots cast

    Apparently, rock-solid evidence of dead people voting, felons voting, provisional votes being mishandled, and votes mysteriously appearing and disappearing is not enough for liberals to consider that republicans were ticked about the outcome . We still here about Ohio and even Florida.

    Sheesh … Under the law Gregoire won , Reed and most honest people will say actually they are not sure who actually got the most votes , .

  25. 39

    ArtFart spews:

    38 Mick, you sound rather reminiscent of the accounts of Dick Cheney telling the professionals in the intelligence community over and over and over again to pull out everything they had, and that it better show Saddam had huge piles of weapons of mass destruction.

  26. 40

    ArtFart spews:

    32 Puddybud says:

    “Hey I’m catching up. I was traveling for two weeks.”

    Too bad it wasn’t longer.

  27. 41

    Mick spews:

    Hey Art ,

    I guess that makes sense , I thought it was a close election myself . Rossie won a couple times , Gregoire even won once . Where were you ?

  28. 43

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    In case anyone doesn’t know, Typical Lefty is just another of Puffybutt’s 14 aliases.

  29. 44

    Manchuria spews:

    Everyone on this Earth should have a format, including Richard. I am certain his eleventh try at office will yeild results, in some manner, in some way.

    As a point, I want you to know that Gore is dangerous if he decides to run. He has built up a ton credibility in his absence, which I fear would likely repel any Republican who decides to run in 08. Edwards is the dark horse that I would put my money on today.