The Daily Hans: TNT endorses Morrell, calls out Zeiger’s “wacko” comments

Given the circumstances it’s hard to imagine they could have done otherwise, but the Tacoma News Tribune endorsed incumbent Democratic state Rep. Dawn Morrell today in her 25th Legislative District race, citing her influence and independence. But they also spent a couple paragraphs taking a whack at Republican nominee Hans Zeiger and his “wacko commentary.”

Zeiger, 25 and working on a graduate degree, doesn’t have enough seasoning or life experience for the Legislature. He also hasn’t put enough years and mileage between him and some wacko Internet commentary he authored all too recently as a college student.

Zeiger’s comments – which included attacks on the Girl Scouts and a suggestion that Baptists worship a dubious deity – should be a cautionary tale for young people accustomed to spouting off on the Web. Diamonds are forever; so are embarrassing rants cached on Google.

Exactly. Old men like me have the right to dismiss far past embarrassments as “youthful indiscretions,” 25-year-old kids like Zeiger, do not.

Try again in a decade, Hans. In the meanwhile, you need to get about to proving you really have moved into the mainstream, instead of just saying it.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Zeiger, like Mark Griswold, is so unqualified for public office the GOP shouldn’t even let him run on their party label. He’s embarrassing the party, and that’s hard to do, when the party is the Republican Party. Yeah, I once was a young, stupid, arrogant, wacko conservative — of the Barry Goldwater persuasion. But us ’60s Goldwaterites were mild — Ivory Soap — compared to today’s young, stupid, arrogant, wacko conservatives. Guys like Zeiger aren’t even in the same solar system. They escaped from a time warp through a worm hole from an alternative universe, or something. Maybe Hans Zeiger is proof that alien life forms exist and visit our planet.

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    Deathfrogg spews:

    How is it, that “traditional” Republicans aren’t embarrassed by these people?

    The outright whoppers and bizarre claims made by GOP candidates all over the country have become so outrageous, so flat out crazy that nobody with any measurable intelligence or education could ever take them seriously. These people are CRAZY. Nutzo. Bookoo dinky-dau.

    Its like having that little kid at the family get together that always tells tall tales and expects everyone to take them seriously, even when they talk about how they’re a lion tamer or a famous fighter pilot at the tender age of seven.

    These folks just won’t let it go. They continue to expand and stretch the story beyond anything anyone could ever rationally believe. When they’re called on it, they blow it off and tell another fairy tale about how they were misquoted or taken out of context, then repeat the original story as though nobody noticed the first one. Thats just plain psychotic behavior.

    It has become rather alarming.

    Are they convinced that anyone beyond the mental patients and comatose are going to believe them in anything they say? If they seem to disparage and denounce educated people with every breath they take, why do they have to lie so outrageously about their own academic backgrounds?

    You tealiban nutjobs are just becoming an international joke.

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    spyder spews:

    Are they convinced that anyone beyond the mental patients and comatose are going to believe them in anything they say?

    See previous thread regarding Rove and company. It is the gift of crazy that keeps on giving and giving. And Roger, i do remember that some of them thar Goldwaterites were pretty seriously whacked calling for nuking Vietnam, killing communists in the US, and well:

    McGirr shows how the right in Orange County linked the role of government and the threat of communism with growing concern about schools, integrated housing, and crime in order to reach angry citizens who hadn’t considered themselves interested in politics.

    It also gave us the likes of Robert K. Dornan; just as crazy and insane as any of the latest bunch. Hell, he actually burned books; to some degree helping create this week of celebrating banned books in the USA>

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    Cliff spews:

    I live in the district Hans Zeiger hopes to represent. The Republican incumbent, Bruce Dammeier, has endorsed Zeiger despite Zeiger’s extreme views.

    Zeiger’s writings reveal his core character—both his mind and his heart. They show that Zeiger is entirely too extreme to represent our district.

    With Zeiger so clearly out of the mainstream, it is extraordinary that Bruce Dammeier thinks Zeiger would be a worthy colleague. Given what we now know about Zeiger, if Dammeier won’t abandon Zeiger, then he too is unqualified to serve the District and the State.