The Blagojevich of the West

It’s “Time” for Portland to deal with Sam Adams.

Feeling they were on the verge of a breakthrough, Jaquiss and Willamette Week went after Adams again. The new mayor denied the claims again. But on the Monday before Inauguration, he called his colleagues and supporters to say there was truth to the charges. “I believe what I said was, ‘You’re a f___ing moron,'” says Wiener. “I was, and am, pissed and saddened by it.”

Civil rights are for everyone because they’re inviolate. Respect you have to earn and keep.

Adams and the celebrities who threw in to support Adams may have had a point about the traditional media jumping the gun, but come on. Adams is a scumbag and it damages the progressive movement to defend people like this. Enough already.

We’ve got a bridge to build. Six months or a year of the Portland mayor (who is a complete scumbag) being distracted is not what the region needs. And please, spare me the sanctimony about “personal lives.” Honorable people don’t make out with kids in city hall bathrooms and then destroy potential political opponents with lies.


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    ewalib spews:

    Wow! I wondered what the response to this blog would be, I have to admit I’m not really surprised I’m the first one to comment on your blog. Honestly, I ususally delete the RSS feeds downloaded to my reader that have the name Jon DeVore on them because, so far, 100% of the time they’re worthless… at least to me.

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    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:

    ewalib@1. Awwww don’t be to tough on Jon. He has to “measure up” to blog here.

    But as to your comment – Cha-ching!

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    Rick D. spews:

    …this child the Democrat Mayor was boinking must be the first person indulging in a ‘Sam Adams’ not to face some kind of criminal offense violating a drinking ordinace within the city limits while underage.

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    correctnotright spews:

    I agree with Jon – get rid of Sam!
    If he were republican like Foley or Craig – they would denounce him and try to keep him around. I say – get rid of him.

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    Well, as Howard Cosell used to say, you call them as you see them. There were further facts that came out as the last week went on. I did hold my tongue waiting for things to develop. Guilty.

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    I’m sure that at least one of the myriad of women that John Kennedy has slept with was around that age.

    I don’t find Adams dishonorable as a result of this. There was no harassment. There was no victim. Many other politicians might sleep with the same person for 20 years but they sell out their votes to the highest bidding special interest group. That’s something I care about. The fact that an 18 year old wanted to have fling with his boss, I could care less about.

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    Original Andrew spews:

    Um, maybe he lied because he knew he’d made a mistake–even though it was with a consenting adult–and that a vocal minority of the public would turn into an hysterical, puritanical lynch mob?

    Ya think?

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    Billy Goat Gruff spews:

    What a Bunch of Fucking fuddy-duddies!The only people who give a shit about this stupid distraction are people with way too much time on their hands.The chorus of outraged dorks on this page should prove the topic is just another fake morality smokescreen.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 I take it, then, you’re a supporter of a scumbag mayor who molests kids in city hall bathrooms?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @9 Oh, I think it’s a case of wingers jumping on a nominal Democrat (he’s actually a non-partisan office holder) because they’re clutching at straws in the wind, hoping to find something to hang onto in the hurricane that hit them in November. This non-partisan office holder deserves to be jumped. I say throw the guy to the wolves! It’s bad enough the opposition party embraces, defends, and covers up for people like this. We don’t want non-partisan office holders behaving like this, too. Kick his ass out!

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    weep it & read spews:

    why is Adams a scumbag? All he did was kiss an underage page, then later on have sex with him. That (former) congressman Foley guy in FL sent emails to an underage page and that was seen as far more problematic, if you go by the vastly bigger national coverage/disgust/disgust that story got. Plus, Foley’s political party affiliation was constantly mentioned. Have we really heard much at all about Adams’s democrat party affiliation? Not if you read the Seattle Times, and probably not in OR papers, either. Double standard?? Frankly, I’m impressed by neither Foley nor this Adams creep. But the double standards going on here are breathtaking.