The Aristocrats

A couple weeks back I blogged about a Frank Rich column on the dirtiest joke ever told, and how Gilbert Gottfried’s telling of it was such a welcome relief just two and half weeks after 9/11. Every comedian tells the joke differently — it’s more of concept than a script — but for those interested in hearing a version for themselves, I’ve found a clip of a rendition from South Park.

Be forewarned, if you are easily offended, do not view the clip.

Really. You’ve been warned, so I’ll have absolutely no sympathy for people who find this offensive. (Personally, I found the sheer outrageousness to be fall-down-funny.)


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    Steve O'Dell spews:

    [I figured this topic would be the one that would draw the “base” human nature in your regular readers (I am more of a “hit and run” poster myself–not much time to fart around with you). So, here goes:]

    Little wonder that Thomas Jefferson once said that Democracy is the worst form of government–when the majority of the people want what is wicked, the rest get the same. Add to this that he said every twenty years we should have an armed uprising just to clean house and start over. Perhaps he foresaw the complacency and dangerous consequences that would come from getting too settled and trusting in our elected “leaders”. Perhaps he knew that human nature would dictate that one day the people would become so lazy they would neglect to learn the basic difference between a Republic, which he intended, and a Democracy, which he loathed.

    Once again we have a Washington fighting a King–this time a county by that name. And I think Ol’ King George would be proud of his adopted grand-daughter Christine. A bloodless coup, enforced by “law”–no matter a few details on legitimacy. What matters is that we now have peace and tranquility–and she is “governor”. But that matter of the majority of the people saying she isn’t has not gone away. The matter of all those harping voices screaming REVOTE day and night is a bit disconcerting and the possibility that she may be an accessory to an overthrow of legitimate government, an accessory to fraud and cannot plead ignorance of the law (she was Attorney General–maybe we ought to have had a recount back then and we could have a good governor today?) is totally unnerving. But then, we have her on tape, do we not; saying that yes, there was some fraud (a felony) and that it was not widespread (downplaying the felony) and that we need to move on with HER healing the wound (denial of the felony after the fact–aiding and abetting). It may even be admissable in court, as it was all done openly and publicly. It may count as insurrection, uprising and overthrow–downright rebellion, albeit sneaky and bloodless. If she is convicted (not too hard to imagine), then it may follow quite easily that she is then dis-barred and can NEVER hold any public office EVER again–an added bonus will be that she may share a room with Martha Stewart–no, wait–Martha is almost out now.

    It would be a good idea, too, to remember that only ONE Demo senator had the cohones to stand up and say they should delay her swearing in. Just one. That man should get a medal for bravery and become an honorary Republican! The rest should be considered accessories to fraud and felony and at the VERY least never be voted for again for so much as street-cleaner. And at the most–serve jail time and never be allowed public office.

    I do not take lightly disdain for the law. When lawmakers become lawbreakers, they had better be on the side of morals and ethics and righteous intent. When their intent is no more than to ensure a win, self-interest and spits in the faces of the voters they claim to represent, then we again have “taxation without representation” and it is time to do what is needed, no matter the cost. Liberty is a precious commodity and not for the faint of heart. The weak and timid will always fail to keep it–in fact will barter it away for what they perceive to be “security”. They will have neither security nor liberty in the end, but will wear the chains of the tyrant they allowed to posess them, when they should have defanged him and euthenized him. If they do not believe this to be a God-given right and a sacred duty to fight to preserve our freedoms, then let them take heed of the survival of the fittest motif and go off to die with the spineless jellyfish that think as they do, for they are of no use to themselves or any of mankind, but are a waste of skin and a stone about the neck of freedom-loving Americans who are willing to sacrifice to keep their children and grandchildren safe. Remember, we are never more than a generation away from tyranny. The price of freedom IS eternal vigilance. We must DEMAND honesty from those who serve us and remind them they DO serve US. They are not our Kings (or queens)–they are our servants! We must DEmand or REMAND!

    Load up and give them hell! Our war cry: Undo the coup!

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    jpgee spews:

    O’dell @ 2 even though your post is way off topic….you said ‘But that matter of the majority of the people saying she isn’t has not gone away. The matter of all those harping voices screaming REVOTE day and night is a bit disconcerting’ Rather contrarian way of thinking when all polls now show that the public feels she is the ‘legally elected’ governor and that the losers should go on with their lives and prepare to fight the next election. Maybe you have been in a coma for the past few months, if so, welcome back.

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    Dubyasux spews:

    O’Dell @ 2

    Will your position be different if it turns out Gregoire won? Or are you in favor of armed uprising if you don’t get your way?

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    Dubyasux spews:

    O’Dell @ 2 (more thoughts)

    I tell ya, man, you’re wound up tight. Take a Valium, or at least a stiff drink. Don’t give yourself an aneurysm.

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    Steve O'Dell spews:

    I don’t drink or do drugs, Dubya (it makes me sick to defame the name by calling you that), but I would recommend you eat some red meat and stay off the tofu and soy lattes.

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    Steve O'Dell spews:

    More thoughts–You said “if it turns out Gregoire won” –are you having your doubts, too? As to the getting MY way–I am in favor of legitimate elctions, even if MY way is not it. Can you really say it was legit when even your woman says it was too close to call? Why is it any different now that she seems to have the upper hand? Is it less close?

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    Steve O'Dell spews:

    Another note: If legitimate and fair elections cannot be guaranteed, then maybe we DO need an armed uprising to restore order and freedom to have our votes count–unless of course you are in favor of Stalinesque election results.

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    Steve O'Dell spews:

    Let’s see, now—which party was it that was harping over disenfranchised voters? Hmmmm….

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    Steve O'Dell spews:

    You just inspire me to no end–I have a challenge for you: why don’t YOU look up and define for ME what the differences are between a Republic and a Democracy. I would be interested to see iff we can agree on what is PRE-defined for us by the founders who studied it out in depth before they chose our form of government as the safest all around.

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    John spews:

    O’Dell @ 2

    Yawn. Martha Stewart is OUT! Another cut and paste job.

    You can return to Planet Limbaugh through the Faux News wormhole now – or the brother Planet Freeper. Please go back to sleep.

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    Adriel spews:

    I thought he had a valid point even if off topic, not a problem in my mind considering this topic is a sorry excuse…

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    Dubyasux spews:

    Steve @ 6

    At least have a cup of coffee — or is caffeine against your religion too? You should go easy on the red meat and eat more fish or you’ll turn your arteries to plaster — come to think of it, you’d better avoid fish too because of mercury, which we’re about to get more of, thanks to the idol you worship.

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    Dubyasux spews:

    Steve @ 7

    I’m in favor of legitimate elections too — so we agree on something! My friend, at the end of the day after all is said and done, I’m confident that what I presently believe will be established at legally proven fact — Rossi did not win this election. Close, but no cigar.

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    Dubyasux spews:

    Steve @ 9

    The issue of disenfranchised voters is a very serious one for Democrats. Many Democrats believe the 2000 election was stolen by Florida Republican officials intentionally removing tens of thousands of minority voters from registration rolls on the pretense they were felons when they were not. Many Democrats also believe Republicans systematically suppress voter turnout in minority and poor neighborhoods in various states as a tactic to manipulate election outcomes. The distrust is there. So if you start hyperventilating about “legitimate” elections you’re likely to get a response from our side.

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    bf spews:

    Dubyarules @ 16 –

    The list of “felons” in Florida was compiled as a result of the democrats in the Florida legislature. They did this as a result of the Miami election a few years previous, which was wrought with fraud. Granted, I believe the fraud of the Miami election was to the benefit of the Republican candidate.

    But wait, perhaps the Republicans single handedly committed fraud in the Miami Election so that the democrats would pass legislation to create a felons list, so that during a future presidential election that would purposely be able to disenfranchise felon voters. Yes, yes that seems very likely. Those evil, obviously highly brilliant, republicans.

    By the way, why weren’t there any lawsuits by “disenfranchised” voters in the Florida election? Why wasn’t this brought up in the lawsuit by Gore? If I recall correctly, I believe there was one person who was on the list and was told they could not vote.

    Steve @ 2 Brilliant.

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    Dubyasux spews:

    bf @ 18

    You’re overlooking one little detail — the U.S. Civil Rights Commission found that widespread civil rights violations occurred in Florida in 2000.

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    Steven O'Dell--no hiding behind a mask. spews:

    To John @12–I have seen the word YAWN in print before–was that a cut and paste job on YOUR part?

    Goldy, nice side-step–well done! All together now, do the Democratic Side-step.

    To Dubble-sux @ 17–was that a cut and paste also or was it your one original thought? I have an idea you might be interested in–let’s try an experoment in politics. All you socialists go live in Massachusetts and secede from the Union, then we can bring Taiwan in and keep 50 stars on the flag. No fair asking for trade agreements or loans, okay? Take DC with you while you are at it. And maybe put a quarantine dome over Seattle if it can’t be moved.

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    Steven O'Dell--no hiding behind a mask. spews:

    Goldy @ 22–nice side-step! Typical.

    Dubble-sux–nice cut and paste (or just plain laziness) with your YAWN that I have seen in print before. My feelings are soooooo hurt—NOT! @9–then we agree, so what is wrong with a strictly controlled revote to PROVE who won? That is all any of us asked for–the doubt is still there!

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    K spews:

    Steve, there’s another thread on the election. If that’s what you want to discuss, go there. If you think this topic is foolish, leave it.

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    Steven O'Dell--no hiding behind a mask. spews:

    I can actually understand any of you who want to debase yourselves with smut–that is your prerogative. What I CAN’T understand is being accused of doing a simple cut and paste job when I took the time to really think out and personally write as intelligently as I could the comment @2. I would guess that my accusers were actually too lazy or illiterate too read it through and just thought it would be far easier to insult me for my stance than to give thoughtful consideration to the content. This is not entertainment to me. It is real life that we are playing with and has lasting consequences. And to be accused of being too serious…well, I guess someone has to be and if it isn’t you, then who? That would explain a lot about the state of our society.

    Thanks to you, K, for at least being kind enough to point out the direction. I don’t think I will be here after this, as it seems all that is wanted here is preaching to the choir and not a real exchange of ideas. So, have fun in your own little rut. I’m outta here.