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Let’s be honest, my comment threads are generally a sewer, and so it was with some surprise and great appreciation that I read the outpouring of support in the thread on the demise of my show on 710-KIRO. For the most part, even those on the other side expressed empathy, and some even professed to liking the show. I’ve received a number of donations via my PayPal and Amazon Honor System links, plus several emails suggesting I launch an online fundraiser. And I will launch a fundraiser, but not quite yet. Because first I want to ask you to support the work of one of my favorite bloggers, Dave Neiwert of Orcinus.

Dave is perhaps the granddaddy of local bloggers, and has played a critical role nationally in tracking the transmission of right-wing hate speech from the political fringe, through surrogates like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, and into the mainstream media. He has been a role model, mentor and friend to me and other local bloggers, and an invaluable resource to bloggers nationwide.

Bloggers like Dave and I invest an awful lot of time and passion bringing you the kind of news and analysis the corporate media is no longer willing or able to deliver — time and passion that could be spent doing, you know… paying work. We both need your support, but he’s the one with the active fund drive, so if you’re as big a fan of Orcinus as I am, please help him out however you can.


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    michael spews:

    Dave’s great and I’m saddened that those cheap bastards at KIRO gave you the boot. The folks at KIRO are cutting their own throats in the end. Less investment on their part will lead to lower rating and more readership (and lets hope money!) for the likes of HA and Orcinus.

    When are you setting up your internet radio station for you and Dave to broadcast from?

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    michael spews:

    In other news Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside has been cleared of all charges. Lt. Whiteside was a good soldier. Maybe now she can get the help she need to deal with the hell that the army put her through.
    Jan 30, 2008

    After reviewing the Article 32 report of investigation as well as recommendations from the investigating officer and the chain of command at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Army Maj. Gen. Richard J. Rowe Jr., court-martial convening authority and commanding general of the National Capital Region and U.S. Army Military District of Washington, dismissed all charges and specifications today, Jan. 30, in the case of U.S. vs. 1st Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside.

    Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside, a psychiatric outpatient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who was waiting for the Army to decide whether to court-martial her for endangering another soldier and turning a gun on herself last year in Iraq, attempted to kill herself Monday evening. In so doing, the 25-year-old Army reservist joined a record number of soldiers who have committed or tried to commit suicide after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan

    “I’m very disappointed with the Army,” Whiteside wrote in a note before swallowing dozens of antidepressants and other pills. “Hopefully this will help other soldiers.” She was taken to the emergency room early Tuesday. Whiteside, who is now in stable physical condition, learned yesterday that the charges against her had been dismissed.

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    wobbly spews:

    sorry to hear it, goldy. no reason to listen to kiro at the job any longer, i guess.

    have you approached 1090 yet?

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Well, Goldy, it is really a bummer, to say the least. But you are certainly taking the news like a person of great character and decency. I hope something comes up from you soon in the radio field. Maybe KVI could stick you in there somewhere for some good entertainment value :)

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @7 Mike Huckabee — isn’t he the family-values Republican who let a rapist out of prison for having the good sense to rape a Clinton relative, who then murdered two women — and lied about influencing the parole board to release him? Yeah, and I think that’s the same family-values Republican who fired the state police chief for refusing to cooperate with a coverup of Huckabee’s son’s lynching of a dog at Boy Scout camp.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Mexican Apple Workers Sue Cheap-Labor Employer

    “YAKIMA — Nine farmworkers recruited from Mexico last year by a Selah fruit company have filed suit in federal court, claiming the company … lowered their wages below federal minimums.

    ” … [T]he lawsuit [was filed] last week … against Zirkle Fruit Co. … on behalf of workers hired under the federal H-2A program. Under the program, employers must pay a wage determined … by the U.S. Department of Labor. Last year, that rate for Washington was $9.77 an hour, up 76 cents from the 2006 wage of $9.01. To off-set that 76-cent increase in the 2007 wage, the lawsuit claims Zirkle Fruit boosted the productivity requirement.

    For example, in 2006, a worker picking Fuji apples was required to pick enough fruit at the rate of $18 a bin to meet the required wage of $9.01 an hour. That worked out to one bin every 1.99 hours, the lawsuit states. But the next year, Zirkle Fruit required one bin of Fujis every 1.84 hours, a 15-minute speed up.”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete story and/or copyright info see http://seattletimes.nwsource.c.....rs31m.html

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: $9.01 x 1.99 hours works out to $17.9299 per bin; $9.77 x 1.84 hours = $17.9768 per bin. What this sneaky CHEAP LABOR EMPLOYER did was speed up the work so they could get away with paying the 2006 labor rate in 2007. Another exploitation of labor brought to you by greedy capitalists! They lied to the workers, and they lied to the government. What’s needed is firm regulations and tough enforcement — something you’ll never get from cheap-labor Republicans. This is why most Hispanics vote Democratic.

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    Who gets tortured today? spews:

    Bush tortures people and kills civilians including children
    Piper Scott supports Bush
    therefore Piper Scott helps Bush torture and kill civilians including children

    Thou shall not lie
    Thou shall not kill
    Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s oil

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    Who gets tortured today? spews:

    Check out today’s news reports about Attorney general Mucasey’s testimony about the use of torture by our once great country before congress yesterday. And weep for what the Bushies and their supporters have done to our country.

  9. 12

    Who gets tortured today? spews:

    “It should not have been hard for Mr. Mukasey to admit that waterboarding — the odious practice of making prisoners believe they are about to be drowned — is torture. He frankly conceded that if it were done to him it “would feel that way.” But he weaved and dodged questions from senators about whether it is torture when it is done to other people, and whether it is illegal.”

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    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Goldy: Since you made guest appearances on KVI why not apply for a job there? They still do local programming. Maybe you and the Rabbi could have the Jewish Debate Political Three Hours. One Liberal Jew taking on one Conservative Jew. Puddy is smart… Clueless is a fool!

    Call yourself the liberal equalizer on KVI. No Ken Schram is not that, but maybe you could blog were telling. Ken isn’t a NEW Progressive, so you would have a leg up.

    Who knows why you were canned? Maybe Goldy your stances on some issues here on this blog caught up with you? I requested you publicly reject headless lucy. You never did. Just a thought?

    Think about it, you could bring your “loyal” listening audience to KVI.

    Headless Lucy’s racism
    YLB’s idiocy
    Rujax!’s nasty mouth
    Carl Grossman’s LA perspective
    KillATroll’s Stupidity
    Correctnotright’s Reichert Loving
    RHP6033’s Stock Skills
    Pelletizer’s Diarrhea
    GBS’ wit
    Broadway Joe’s Nevada Delusions
    Lee’s Love of Drugs
    Will’s Love of Criminal Football Players
    Geov …Hmmm?
    Darryl’s “Perfessership”
    Then you have the rest of your “fans” in thread 4214.

    Goldy: Did you get burned today?

    Headless Lucy in another attempt to draw attention to himself is spamming your threads. Why do you allow this to happen? See the second paragraph!

  11. 14



    headless lucy isn’t entitled to capital letters. This is a friendly reminder. What hl is entitled to cannot be printed in a family-friendly blog…or even HA!

    I’m convinced it was headless (which necessitates also being brainless) who spoofed me a few days back. Snakes act per their character.

    An aside to Goldy…There’s a kajillion community newspapers around here that ache for local commentary and columnists, so why not go there? Geov has a column in the Beacon Hill News, and I have one in the Kirkland Reporter, so surely your local weekly would welcome your byline.

    Hey! Even Bob Novak had to start somewhere!

    I still say Paul Giamatti to play you in the movies!

    The Piper

  12. 15

    thorn spews:

    “Let’s be honest, my comment threads are generally a sewer…”

    You sure got that one correct! But, you are also correct that the trolls are (unexpectedly) showing a side of themselves that I don’t remember seeing before – – decency.

  13. 16

    Mark1 spews:


    You forgot Roger “where’s the free handouts?” Rodent’s obsessive compulsive disorder.

  14. 20

    correctnotright spews:

    @13: Puddy – I do like “reichert – just not as a congressman :)

    @15: Piper and Puddy are not just trolls – they are regular contributors. They may have different political opinions but they keep us on our toes. They are also real people who actually have good intentions – just differences of opinions.

    On torture: What an embarassment this whole waterboarding episode has become – our own AG can’t admit that waterboarding is torture. The bush WH authorized illegal torture and we now have to endure the torturous explanations of how it wasn’t torture and we can’t talk about it even though we aren’t doing it anymore because we don’t want to give away what we aren’t doing to the terrorists…

    Ahhhhh- where are the Nuremberg trials when you need them? I was just following order, sir!

  15. 22

    Undercover Brother spews:

    sorry to hear about the show….guess i should have listened once or twice.

    too bad that one of the top radio stations on the west coast feel local is too expensive.

    keep your head up….and keep giving them hell

  16. 23

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Goldy: You could write a newspaper byline about the 16%ers on your blog. First entry: “How do the 16%ers classified as the NEW Progressive Democrat Party Think?” Then perform a Sequel search of some of the best comments of yesteryear from:
    The dull knives
    the stuck on stupids
    the dense as spent uranium
    the ones who are confused who forgot the ratification process of the Kyoto Protocols Treaty
    the ones confused by the word “IF”
    the ones confused by Excel spreadsheets.

    Then you could comment about how you were duped into support Heilary and now you saw the error of your ways such as ABC News Good Morning America:

    ROBIN ROBERTS: And that brings us now to the Democrats. It’s their turn tonight. Whatever your political feelings, it’s an historic moment in American history. A woman, an African-American man, one will shatter 200 years of history and win the nomination. The stakes could not be any higher. Dan Harris is here with the story.

    DAN HARRIS: High stakes, high tension, high drama. The showdown with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has become increasingly acidic. And their positions on the issues are essentially identical but their personalities and personal philosophies are very different.

    Harris: In the run-up to tonight’s debate. Barack Obama gave his toughest speech yet using some of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s own slogans against them.

    HARRIS: Hillary Clinton pushed back by playing off the title of his book,”The Audacity of Hope,” telling the AP “that certainly sounds audacious but not hopeful. It’s not hopeful and it’s not what we should be talking about in this campaign.” Make no mistake, this thing has gotten personal.

    Obama: “You were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of Wal-Mart.”

    Clinton: “You were practicing law and representing your contributor Rezko in his slum-landord business in inner-city Chicago.”

    HARRIS: Political watchers say Hillary Clinton feels she’s earned this nomination and resents Barack Obama, a relative newcomer, for standing in her way.

    MATTHEW DOWD: “It’s sort of ‘I’ve worked all my life, I’ve got all this and I’ve done it all and it’s my time,’ versus this sort of new person on the block who’s there, who’s popular, who things have come easy for.

    HARRIS: Political analyst Matthew Dowd says it’s a bit like that movie “Election,” where Reese Witherspoon’s good-girl character is challenged for class president by the popular jock.

    HARRIS: For his part, Obama appears to view Hillary as a thug who will say anything to win. And there are signs, including this alleged snub at the State of the Union the other day that she has gotten under his skin.

    Obama: “You’re likeable enough, Hillary.”

    HARRIS: While this clash may at times be off-putting, it can also be revealing.

    DOWD: It’s those human insights, whether it’s somebody tearing up or somebody raising their voice or getting angry. How they respond really tells the American public what kind of person they’ll be as president.

    HARRIS: Part of what’s been revealed is that these two candidates have very different views on politics and the presidency. Obama sees himself as a visionary and inspirational figure. Clinton by contrast sees herself as an executive, a doer. Obama thinks partisanship can be transcended; Clinton thinks that is dangerously naive and that it will never work against the Republicans.

  17. 24

    Harold spews:

    I agree on Ann Coulter, but to call Michelle Malkin right wing hate speech is disingenuous. Your blog has had much more profanity and vitriol. And most of it from your posts.

    We all waste too much time on this bickering. Look at it this way, now you will be able to move on to something more productive. Hopefully that won’t be local political agitation, because frankly, you are probably more responsible for the left side of the local conflict.

    Hopefully you do well.

  18. 25

    Tlazolteotl spews:


    As others have mentioned, I just can’t believe this is going to help KIRO in any way. Many of us now have absolutely no reason at all to listen to KIRO. I used to listen to KUOW pretty exclusively, but in the last year, especially with the crap that resulted in Ken Vincent quitting, I have been listening to other stations more and more, including 1090 for talk, KBCS for music, and KOMO for local news. Really I have no reason to ever listen to KIRO now, and won’t. I don’t know how that will help them sell advertising.

  19. 27

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    Hey you lefties…
    How does it feel knowing that your language made the comments section a sewer? Kudos, you did what us trolls haven’t yet.

  20. 28

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #20 correctnotright says:

    our own AG can’t admit that waterboarding is torture.

    Why didn’t nancy pelosi call it torture when she saw it demoed a few years back? Has congress declared it torture yet? Why not?

  21. 29

    republican values=torture spews:

    @17 Piper

    People who support torture do not deserve decency. they deserve contempt.

  22. 30

    republican values=torture spews:

    Gee Goldy, will it be so \bad if you have to go out in the real world and earn a living putting up with shit like the rest of us? Yes, it will be!

  23. 31

    republican values=torture spews:

    228 Marvin- you now use the lack of opposition to torture by a spineless Democrat as your guide to what is moral behavior.
    the Republican party is indeed dead and stinking.

  24. 32

    republican values=torture spews:

    Through this country’s use of torture, incarceration of people without access to a court proceeding, bombing civilians and illegally invading and occupying a country that posed no threat to us, we have shown the world that we are no better than the terrorists. Indeed we have killed far more innocent civilians than they have. That a mainstean political party aided by the spinelessness of the other mainstream party and folks like Puddy and Piper and Marvin can support and enable the Bushies use of torture and killing of civilians and undermining of out civil liberties demonstrates further the moral bankruptcy of this country.

    Go out and buy yourselves a new gadget folks. Move along. Do what you are told by your leaders and buy, buy, buy! Whatever you do don’t stop and think for yourself. Don’t ask yourself how it can be possible that these people we are torturing and killing might not appreciate it.

  25. 33

    republican values=torture spews:

    @14 Someone spoofed the Piper the other day? Is this possible? Could it be that someone could capture that unigue blend od windbag expression and ignorance that is the signature of a Piper comment? Surely who ever this spoofer was is a writer of profound skill.

  26. 34

    correctnotright spews:

    Uhhh – Marvin – she did not see it “demoed” – she was told of the tapes and was not told they were destroyed.

    Get your facts straight.

    Waterboarding is torture – period. According to our own military and the geneva convention we signed on to – it is torture and I would not want our own military (and I have relatives in the military) to be subjected to waterboarding.

    Instead we have the administration and the justice department dancing around the illegal activities and the menaing of “waterboarding”.

    It is a bunch of crock – the Bush adminsitration OK’d torture and they should pay for it.

  27. 35

    republican values=torture spews:

    @20 Puddy and Piper are not merely individuals with differing opinions from most folks on this blog. They are individuals who support torture and other war crimes. treat them with respect if you will. But why don’t you go over to some wingnut blogs and express your un-wingnut opinions and see how you are treated.

    Hint: Puddy and Piper are here because they are treated better here than they are by their own wingnut peers.

    Puddy and Piper deserve great contempt. They support and anable war crimes. they are not fit to associate with decent people.

  28. 36

    republican values=torture spews:

    @34 The AC is afraid to call waterboarding torture because if he did so he would then be required to prosecute the brave American torturers who have conducted the torture.

  29. 37

    republican values=torture spews:

    It is not a coincidence that torture is being used wholesale under our most religious president ever. Bush is an American version of the Taliban. He and Bin Laden compete in the evil sweepstakes and so far Bush’s body count is way ahead of the pack.

  30. 38

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    Again, votes are being stolen and someone was caught. Unfortunately the article forgot to include the political party. Wanna make a guess?
    Yup, he’s a democrat. It’s downright amazing how many times the party affiliation is omitted when the criminal is a democrat.

  31. 39

    republican values=torture spews:


    When one engages in behavior that one is afraid to accurately label doesn’t that indicate a problem with that behavior?

  32. 40

    republican values=torture spews:

    Mukasey’s radical worldview is now the norm

    Yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, featuring day-long testimony from Attorney General Michael Mukasey, was extraordinary for only one reason: for our country, what happened in the hearing is now completely ordinary. While Mukasey may be marginally more straightforward than Alberto Gonzales was — more willing to conform to the procedural formalities of independence — he is, ideologically, a clone of John Yoo and David Addington and is as much of a loyal adherent to the Bush/Cheney extremist worldview as Gonzales ever was.

    Mukasey explicitly embraces the most extreme theories of presidential omnipotence and lawlessness and displays as much Cheney-ite contempt for the notion of Congressional oversight as the Vice President himself. He repeatedly endorsed patently illegal behavior — including torture — and refused even to pretend that he cared what the Senate thought about any of it. He even told Republican Senators that they have no right to pass a whistleblower law allowing federal employees who learn of lawbreaking to inform Congress about it, because such a law would infringe on the President’s constitutional powers. In Mukasey’s worldview, the President has unlimited power and Congress has none.

    Read more:

  33. 41

    republican values=torture spews:

    In his upcoming memoir, titled Against the Tide: How a Compliant Congress Empowered a Reckless President, former Rhode Island senator Lincoln Chafee (R) “excoriates [President] Bush and his GOP allies” for exploiting “wedge issues,” but also “saves some of his harshest words for Democrats who paved the way for Mr. Bush to use the U.S. military to invade Iraq”:

    chafeeee.jpg Chafee was the only Republican senator to vote against prosecuting the war. “The top Democrats were at their weakest when trying to show how tough they were,” writes Chafee. “They were afraid that Republicans would label them soft in the post-September 11 world, and when they acted in political self-interest, they helped the president send thousands of Americans and uncounted innocent Iraqis to their doom.

    “Instead of talking tough or meekly raising one’s hand to support the tough talk, it is far more muscular, I think, to find out what is really happening in the world and have a debate about what we really need to accomplish,” writes Chafee. “That is the hard work of governing, but it was swept aside once the fear, the war rhetoric and the political conniving took over.”

  34. 42

    rhp6033 spews:


    Now that you have a little bit more time, perhaps you should work on monetizing your site better? It has great information and/or entertainment value, but I don’t think it’s bringing in as much money as it should. I was chatting with a lady from the Silicon Valley the other day, and she was making 10K+ a month off of two web sites, one which dealt with home-schooling, and the other which was simply about her community.

  35. 43

    republican values=torture spews:

    Homeless Vets to protest Piper’s hero compassionate conservative Bill OReilly

    Homeless vets to protest O’Reilly.

    Earlier this month, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly claimed that there aren’t “many” homeless veterans, challenging John Edwards for saying that there are 200,000 such vets. The Huffington Post reports that in response, homeless veterans are planning to protest O’Reilly today:

    Now, a group from Fitzgerald House, an “organization representing homeless veterans,” plans to bring their fight for recognition to Fox’s doorstep. They plan on visiting the Fox News Channel Studios today at 3:00 pm, and will come carrying a petition signed by 17,000 people demanding an apology from O’Reilly for his ignorance and abuse. In a press release, Brave New Films and Fitzgerald House say thay “have found that it is very easy to locate homeless veterans and are willing to help O’Reilly find them if his desire to help homeless vets is sincere.”

  36. 44

    republican values=torture spews:

    @43 But how can this be? Bush and the Republicans and their propaganda TV broadcaster Fox News support the troops. it’s the awful anti-war folks who keep demanding that the troops be brought ho,w who don’t support the troops. RIGHT????

  37. 45

    correctnotright spews:

    @41: Chaffee didn’t stand up enough – Whiteside is a lot tougher than Chaffee ever was.

  38. 46

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #34 correctnotright says:

    Uhhh – Marvin – she did not see it “demoed” – she was told of the tapes and was not told they were destroyed.
    Get your facts straight.

    Tapes destroyed? Pelosi went there in person.
    In 2002 Nancy Pelosi could have made a big fussy stink about waterboarding and the other torture techniques she was briefed on. I’m not sure what would have happened to her then, but I bet the Thug attack machine would have chewed her up. Remember it was classified, and the country was in quite a lather. So she held her silence, and she became owned.
    In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included future-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make prisoners talk.
    Among the techniques, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised.

    Pelosi declined to comment directly on her reaction to the classified briefings. But a congressional source familiar with Pelosi’s position on the matter said she did recall discussions about enhanced interrogation. The source said Pelosi recalls that techniques described by the CIA were still in the planning stage – they had been designed and cleared with agency lawyers but not yet put in practice – and acknowledged that Pelosi did not raise objections at the time.;sc=183
    But what about those congressional leaders who were briefed on the torture program as early as 2002? That includes Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, who has specialized in heartfelt speeches condemning torturers in faraway places like China.
    Pelosi press aide Brendan Daly told me that The Washington Post report on her CIA briefing was “overblown” because Pelosi, then the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, thought the techniques described, which the CIA insists included waterboarding, were merely planned and not yet in use.
    “In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody,” the Post wrote. “For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.”

  39. 47

    Another TJ spews:

    Re #13,

    Man, I kick Lambchop’s ass six ways from Sunday, and I don’t even get a mention. I am depressed.

  40. 48

    My Goldy Itches spews:

    At least Goldy never committed insurance fraud or put his life in danger by consorting with drug addicted homosexual lovers with murderous tendencies. Sorry to hear about your demise Goldy. You fought the good fight. Karl Marx would be proud!

  41. 50

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    The moron named republican values=torture:

    Wen you talk to Nancy Pelosi, come back and visit the Puddyman!

  42. 52

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Marvin, it’s all the time the donkey party is “forgotten” in voter fraud.

  43. 53

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    rhp6033: Liberals are cheep bastards. They only spend other peeps money not their own. Do you really think Clueless or Rujax! would pay to keep making an idiot of themselves on this blog wen they are so used to doing such a great job while it’s free?

  44. 55

    YIKES spews:

    Goldy’s Blog is made up of over 50% posts from headlice loosey, Roger Rabbit and their many other identities.
    I think their constant vitrolic posts contributed to a credibility issue for Goldy. And when you read Goldy’s threads….he waay too often goes over the top with foul language.
    Looks like it came back and bit him in the backside.
    Frankly, Goldy would be lucky if he converted 1 person to his Leftist/Marxist Agenda.
    But I like Goldy because he probably made plenty of Independents CONSERVATIVE!

    At least Goldy is out there trying to make a difference.
    Chin up little fella. I sense your “dauber” is draggin’.
    Didn’t Lincoln lose 10 elections before winning?

  45. 56

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Dull Knife spotted @ post #54.

    The doctor looked into his eyes and say neon stereo Vacancy signs.

  46. 57

    Tet spews:

    Catcher Rabbit (his bottom is on the bottom: is usually predictable, boring, and predictably boring because he pumps his distempers through the Wiki pipeline. Wiki prints it — so it must be true! — and Roger repeats it.

    Before posting a post about Kathleen Willey, who was molested by Bill Clinton, I checked Wiki to get an instant preview of Roger’s response. Somebody (probably Sid Vicious Blumenthal … the typical response from Clinton liberals to bimbo eruptions was to kneecap the bimbos) wiki’d that Willey had once upon a time said something that may not have been true. Sure enough, Roger recycled the bromide that Willey was a liar.

    So Roger’s not just a partisan hack, he’s usually a tiresome partisan hack. But on rare occasions when he posts what he really knows, he’s awesome.

    Both Rabbits, the dumb bunny and the genius, are displayed here: There’s Roger’s potted Wiki history of Vietnam, a straight steal from what Horowitz and Sheer were writing at Ramparts in 1965. There’s the potted Wiki version of the 1960 election, a straight steal from what partisan left-wing hack Russell Baker was writing during Watergate. There’s Roger refighting the Wiki version of our Civil War and refighting the Zinn version of what was maybe the Vietnam civil war.

    And then there’s Roger about our Vietnam POWs, MIAs, and KIAs, a display of thinking and writing that’s so good it deserves a better venue than ridiculous faith-based Goldy’s ridiculous blog. (If Roger’s usually a sock puppet for Wiki, Goldy is always a sock puppet for Kos. Kos pulls a string and Goldy, a knee-jerk jerk posing as a policy wonkette, starts to jerk his left knee.)

    Anyway: On occasional occasions when Roger’s good, he’s beyond very very good. Almost makes me want to Drink Liberally so I can sit at his furry little feet and gaze up at him in mute adoration.

    But first, this: “Unlike most Republicans, I do not hesitate to criticize Democrats where criticism is deserved.” Genius Roger wrote that on his good day, and it’s a vicious libel of Puddy, Piper, Redneck, and HA’s hateful name-morphing troll, whoever she is. In fact it’s a vicious libel of every Republican, not one of whom hesitates to criticize Democrats where criticism is deserved, which is about almost everything. Post your retraction of this baseless smear, and your apology, immediately.

  47. 58

    seth spews:

    New job for Goldy


    “AM 930 Progressive Talk — Radio Free Bellingham, KBAI” will feature Joe Teehan, current host of “The Liberal Outpost” on KGMI, as well as nationally syndicated left-leaning talk shows by radio hosts such as Thom Hartman, Rachel Maddow and Alan Colmes, according to a Cascade Radio Group press release.

    Teehan’s show will be simulcast on KGMI and AM930 before being moved completely to the new station this spring. AM930 replaces “KBAI-930AM Good Time Oldies.”

  48. 59

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Hey, PudFuck, you wanna call me delusional? Who’s the one making lies about Pride parades with the most fake-ass photoshops imaginable? Who thinks that they actually are right when they endorse the most vile, corrupt and ultimately evil president in American history?

    You want delusional? Look in the mirror, Uncle Tom.

  49. 60

    Broadway Joe spews:

    I actually did something to free America from the chains of the Tyrant, PudFuck. You’d rather keep your chains on, I see. You are irrelevant, soon to be extinct. Why don’t you just get it over with and break out the cammies and try to blow up R Place? That way you can get the help you so desperately need.

    At the end of a noose.

  50. 61

    Roger's #1 Fan spews:

    In the long run, when we’re all dead, we may have a final solution to the puzzle of Vietnam. From here the leftist critique of American SE Asia policy from 1945 – 1975 looks pretty solid, because the conflict indeed looks like a post-colonial civil war that needed no enhancement from us. The post-war period, in which some dominos fell and in which the Khmer Rouge domino was put straight by VN post-communists, seems to present proof for the idiocy of our intervention.

    But that more-or-less benign outcome may be an artifact of the times, in which communism was coming apart from its internal contradictions. The communist split began almost immediately after Stalin’s death, but Nixon as part of his secret plan drove a wedge through the dark heart of international communism that made almost innocuous the subsequent loss of Vietnam.

    It wasn’t like losing Korea, in which WWIII was poised for years after on the blade of a knife: decades after Panmunjom a resumption of devastating regional war or worse were hanging in the balance. In Vietnam we were able to walk away or run away and not look back until Vietnam became a neo-capitalist market.

    Korea’s also relevant as the reason we couldn’t let Vietnam settle its own issues after Dien Bien Phu. The long-run view is that everybody would have been better off if we’d let Vietnam’s red George Washington with bad teeth, Ho, have their way. In the post-Korea context of the mid-1950s, that was politically impossible.

    Eisenhower, to his credit, kept the lid on. Kennedy, to his discredit, did not. And, if memory serves, we were not signatories at Geneva when elections were mandated. (Sort of like Kyoto in which our bipartisan Senate killed a bad idea.) If fighting happened as a consequence of no elections, it was situation normal: fighting, as you and Wiki show, was what Vietnam did best from at least the time of the Jap occupation.

    There were two portentious assassinations in November 1963. The first, of Diem, is what radically changed our relationship to Vietnam’s steady-state low-tech civil war. By wiping an ally off the board, we married the blowback: Big Miny, Ky, Thieu … the whole indigenous pathology became our pathology.

    And, no. Diem was not nice to the “Buddists” — as you and Wiki call them. But isn’t it a tenet of liberal faith that we have no right to manipulate sovereign nations, to kill their leaders? Isn’t that, after all these years, the standard liberal knock on the 1950s, that we intervened like neo-colonialists in the business of Iran and Guatemala?

    Iran and Guatemala got decades of pretty good government from the CIA coups of 1953 and 1954. Or let’s say ‘pretty good government’ when compared to what came after or what might have resulted from red beach-heads.

    Vietnam got big trouble from the Kennedy coup of 1963. (Note: to repeat, there’s more than an 18-minute gap in the paper trail of early November 1963. Ergo no smoking gun, but a drop-dead smell of cordite where a smoking gun would have been. Did JFK order Diem’s killing? Or did his rogue administration get carried away? To help history, E. Howard Hunt during Watergate helpfully forged a memo to make Kennedy complicit in Diem’s killing. But, as you wrote about Mapes and Rather, it’s no big deal to forge memos that probably reiterate the truth.)

  51. 62

    More, Dammit spews:

    “Big Minh” “have HIS way” …

    There’s no percentage in dumping on dead Kennedys, but I proceed. Or, better, put Wiki aside and pick up Seymour Hersh’s Camelot book. Or the book by Richard Reeves. Or Thomas Reeves. Or Gus Russo (mostly about Cuba). Or Ronald Steel(e) … ditto.

    And you apparently are confused about the missile-gap controversy because I apparently was incoherent.

  52. 63

    YLB spews:

    Hateful Name Morphing Troll:

    How much are you paid to attack Roger Rabbit?

    It must be good. I can’t imagine anyone (sane) putting out this kind of drivel for fun.

  53. 65

    Honk If You Hate YLB spews:

    Actually, I paid him a non-drug-induced high of a compliment: I’d gladly sit at his fuzzy feet and soak up his wit and wisdom.

    Speaking of, let him speak on KIRO. Weekend eves. Without fail I’d tune in and turn on. (And that’s no snarkasm.)

  54. 66

    Honk If You Hate YLB spews:

    Goldstein has two (2) redeeming social values: He has a relative who shoots guns and he likes P.J. O’Rourke. Beyond that, alas, there’s no there there.

    We in the Roger Fan Club want Mormon KIRO to succeed, and success with Goldstein is a non-starter. So let them start Rabbit. He’s often wrong, sometimes ridiculous, but smart enough to stop being boring.

    Who could ask for anything more, unless it’s All Dori All The Damn Time.

  55. 67

    Honk If You Hate YLB spews:

    “How much are you paid to attack Roger Rabbit?”

    Do it for free, thanks, as a public service.

    (Did you really read my Tet Offensive @57? I’m high on Rabbit. Truly.)

  56. 68

    Morph the Magic Dragon spews:

    From 57, above: But first, this: “Unlike most Republicans, I do not hesitate to criticize Democrats where criticism is deserved.” Genius Roger wrote that on his good day, and it’s a vicious libel of Puddy, Piper, Redneck, and HA’s hateful name-morphing troll, whoever she is. In fact it’s a vicious libel of every Republican, not one of whom hesitates to criticize Democrats where criticism is deserved, which is about almost everything. Post your retraction of this baseless smear, and your apology, immediately.

  57. 69

    Morph & Mindy spews:

    YLB: Picking up the thread, I typed that Kosovo wasn’t genocide and strongly implied that Ortega’s war on the Moskitos was. Both opinions rest on the shaky definition of genocide, so the discussion is not about numbers. Too bad it’s not that simple. Even if we had good numbers, the discussion would not be simple.

  58. 70

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:


    Don’t hold your breath. Pelletizer is a dumb bunny on just about everything except light rail and the law. Too bad he ventures off those two cross-streets.

  59. 71

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Ahhhh Delusional Joe:

    Top of the afternoon to ya.

    Let’s see, the Gay Pride pictures, did you know some of them came from gay pride sites? Oh no? Well you better do your homework a little better. Go to the source, just don’t drink like Clueless.

    You know there are more conservative blacks in Seattle than you think Delusional Joe.

    Someday when we walk into the Ale House, some self-righteous whack-job lib will be on his cell phone calling 911 worried about some pseudo-crime about to happen. Then many of these ‘Wipes will learn a thing or two.

  60. 72

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Delusional Joe: I do something every week to help free someone from poverty. It’s call a good deed.

    $$$ come from my pocket to help the needy. You on the other hand are part of the greedy. Big diff Delusional Joe.

    Your mind is a clusta fuck! Even the last mitochondrion wants to leave

    Peace out sucka!

  61. 73

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    65: I’d honk but in reality I don’t hate Clueless. He’s just a poor person with really bad mental issues. He can’t help the fact he was born with an idiot gene. It affects his creation of Excel Spreadsheets. If I knew who he was I’d purchase an Excel for Dummies Yellow Book. I really would. Now with a little blood sample we could determine which chromosome has the idiot gene.

    The idiot gene is strong in that one Obi-Wan.

  62. 74

    Puddy 4 President spews:

    Excel For Dummies? Sounds like a goldmine waiting to be mined, expecially around here. (Doubt that our horses’ asses know the difference between a spreadsheet and a rubber sheet.)

    YLB calls me a hater. Think he got that from the Compliments For Dummies yellow book.

  63. 75

    Puddy 4 President spews:

    The downside, of course, is that unreconstructed HA Democrats may also not know the difference between spreadsheets and the white sheets that Robert Byrd used to wear. Strange fruit, indeed.

  64. 77

    correctnotright spews:

    @49: Read that article – sources – unnamed official (yeah right).

    Harmon wrote a letter to stop the practice and objected to sdestroying the tapes and Pelosi signed on it.

    they destroyed the tapes anyways with a wink and not from the bush administration – these articles are attempts to cover up….

    Waterboarding is wrong – period. It is torture – period.
    anything else is moral equivocating.

  65. 78

    correctnotright spews:

    @61: Just plain drivel

    I just love revisionist history. Gee Vietnam was justified because of Korea.

    Vietnam has a different history, a strong nationalist sentiment and they defeated a European power (France).

    In vietnam we allied with what stable, progressive democratic movement? NONE

    We tried to crearte our own reality of support and got a veneer of corrupt governmnet that didn’t have the support of the peeople – that is why S. Vietnam never could stand on its own.

    We would have been much better off leaving it alone – but we lied to our own people about the great progress we were making and the number of viet cong we were killing.

    Hmmm – sound like the surge in Iraq to me….. McCain says it is working great….but the terrorists have jsut moved up to Mosul and the taliban is back in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    It ain’t working in Iraq (long term) and now we have screwed up Afghanistan and Pakistan by not pushing hard enough there (because of Iraq). A huge strategic blunder that has cost us lives, money and respect in the world.

    Hubris was the fatal error in Greek history – but Bush/Cheney/Addington/Rumsfeld make Greeks look like a bunch of pikers in comparison to these guys (as far as hubris).

  66. 80

    Does your neighbor torture cats? spews:

    What if you learned that your affable neighbor who you enjoyed drinking beer with was snatching cats off the street and torturing them? Would you continue to associate with the guy? Would your respect for him be increased or diminished?

    On this blog there are regular posters Puddy and Piper. Someone argued in a different thread that although Puddy and Piper don’t share the opinions of most folks on this thread they should be still be treated with respect.

    But Puddy and Piper helped enable Bush to illegally invade and occupy a country and kill hundreds of thousands of it’s citizens. And Puddy and Piper continue to support Bush’s use of torture and killing of civilians including children.

    Who is the worst human being? The torturer of cats? Or Puddy and Piper the enablers and supporters of mass killing and the use of torture?

    Treat these two with respect if you will. But I would argue that enablers and supporters of war crimes are not worthy of respec

  67. 81

    horsesasshole spews:

    Wow, both Richard Pope and Goldy are out of a job…more time to continue their torrid “bromance” online in full view of the rubberneckers who can bear to watch it.

  68. 82

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot spews:

    78: Did I stutter? Did I assert or imply that Vietnam was “justified” because of Korea? Answers, in order: No and No.

    Having lost China in the late 1940s and having lost TO China in Korea, it was politically impossible to simply step aside from what appeared in 1954 to be another proxy-imperialist push by China, this time in Indochina.

    The Eisenhower administration was under furious pressure to take up the full fight that the French flubbed at Dien Bien Phu. Only one consequential official in America suggested that we’d be wading into the wrong civil war at the wrong place at the wrong time. That official was DOD’s Engine Charlie Wilson, a harbinger of Cassius Clay and his timeless aphorism that we had no quarrel with those Viet Congs. Or their mid-’50s equivalent.

    Vietnam, in other words, was not not Charlie Wilson’s war. Nor was it Eisenhower’s, who went in deeper than Wilson wanted to go but who stepped far short of another no-win war in Asia.

    Kennedy and his whiz kids, the best & brightest, stomped in where even General Eisenhower and General MacArthur refused to tread.

    (The losing-China trope drove or twisted our foreign policy for about two decades. It was a useful question, although China wasn’t really our to lose.)

  69. 83

    Franco spews:

    godammmit goldy complain about KIRO!! those assholes..ruined the station.. as ex nyer i will say whats on my mind..they shafted you and that dickhead dori stays as the pompius mr perfect life that he is.
    he stepped in shit with that job and claims we all can get anything with hard work..bullshit. im glad i can usually pick up KGO at night.dont go kissing their asses saying you understand..bullshit!! i rather and have burned bridges to keep my dignity. they will find out soon when the ratings go in the toilet..ive been listening to KIRO since john hintenberger days and rick miller, who also was railroaded out to spokane.i grew up in the 60s and we didnt UNDERSTAND the bullshit of draft and war and took stands. i was at the pentagon ARMIES OF THE NIGHT!! we gotta stick together..ahh i feel better!! good luck