by Will, 01/31/2008, 10:43 AM

And here’s how:

Go to…

…and put your name on the open letter to the KIRO brass. Tell them what you think of their move to replace David Goldstein’s six hours of liberal talk with six hours of… I don’t even know what. Fucking “Meet The Press”? Fucking reruns?

If you give a shit about honest-to-God live and local radio that is unapologetically liberal, sign that letter.

If you think new local talent ought to have a shot in Seattle, sign the letter.

If you’re a conservative and you love telling Goldy how full of shit he is, sign the letter.

Even if KIRO is taking a pass on local liberal talk, let’s show other stations that this is something we want on the air.

Andrew has a diary up on Daily Kos. Recommend it!

130 Responses to “Tell ‘em you want live, local talk. Tell them NOW.”

1. Piper Scott spews:

Oh, goody! Now we’ll find out the REAL names of the all the HA Happy Hooligans!

Wonder how many come with Steilacoom, Monroe or Walla Walla addresses???

A better idea than signing a petition, which won’t be read, is put your money where your collective mouths are. Since the name of the radio game is ad revenue, support those who advertised on Goldy’s show.

And emphasize how Goldy’s program scored high in the key demographics (did it?).

When you get into a pissing match with a business, you have to do it in strictly business terms with strictly business weapons. Petitions from people who’ve already announced they either don’t or won’t listen to KIRO will be ignored.

It’s like the P-I getting a letter that says, “I’ve never read your stupid newspaper, and I’m not going to start now!”

Hey! That’s a thought! Buy an ad in the P-I that touts Godly’s fate and the injusti…wait…that won’t work…nobody but the HA Happy Hooligans reads the P-I…

Never mind!

The Piper

2. correctnotright spews:

Can I write to Tim Eyeman to start an initative to keep Goldy at KIRO?

3. correctnotright spews:

If I ever get fired – I want Piper conducting my defense and Puddy arguing for me.

Of course – having a few laws that protect my job from being outsourced might be useful too and some union rights and some unemployment insurance…..Maybe a little personal economic stimulation package too…Heck – let’s create a budget deficit for my potential job loss and goldy’s current job loss…

4. Piper Scott spews:


No, but I hear he’s hiring petition signature gatherers. Your resume up to date?

The Piper

5. Rick D. spews:

I guess Goldy found out who the real “horses ass” really was…….it was him all along when Kiro 710 showed him the door.

Tim Eyman is laughing heartily today. One less, Squealing, High-pitched, angry liberal on talk radio in the region. Now that, is progress!!

6. Marvin Stamn spews:

Word of advice… Take the link to off the letter. If your bosses follow the link and see how you allow the local liberals spew hate and racism you might never get a job that doesn’t include the phrase, “would you like fries with that.”

7. Rujax! spews:

Crackpiper is the prototypical Dumbass Monson listener.

8. Marvin Stamn spews:

A google search said that a “Mark Gardner” is taking credit for you losing your job. Who is Mark Gardner?

9. grasshoppah!! spews:

re 1: Cutting salaries increases the bottom line. Even with fewer listeners and less ad money the station, in the short term, improves its bottom line. So, Piper, it’s not all about advertising revenue.

As usual, your analysis is shallow. It is worthy, however, of the Wilford Brimley “By Gosh and by Gorey” common-sense award.

10. correctnotright spews:

Mark Gardner is an idiot. He thinks global warming is a dream and he knows nothing about science. A couple of weeks ago he demanded that Goldy be fired for accurately calling a friend of Gardner’s running for Treasurer an embalmer (and the guy actually is licensed to be an enbalmer).

Surrendiptiously, Goldy has now been fired in a business decision by KIRO.

Dory Monson – G-d’s gift to the brainless and delusional is still on KIRO – if you want half-baked ideas and thoughts no deeper than 1 angstrom – go tune in to Dory.

11. grasshoppah!! spews:

re 1: Rush Limbaugh provides his program free of charge to 600 radio stations, who, in turn, keep all the advertising revenue. That being the case, who pays Rush Limbaugh and why?

Piper, please explain to me how this is the free market of ideas in action, and not corporate sponsored propaganda?

12. michael spews:

I signed it. It wont get Goldy back on the air, but it might make the corporate fuckers a bit nervous.

13. michael spews:

@1, 11

Yeah Piper, I want to hear this.

14. My Goldy Itches spews:

Is it true that they canned Carl Jeffers also? Say it ain’t so!! He is one of my favorite. Even though I disagree with much of the time politically, the fact that he is such a gentleman with his callers and has respect for points of view different than his own earns him my respect and I listen to his show.

15. grasshoppah!! spews:

re 14: All opinions are not equal. Some deserve our scorn. Like yours.

16. Noemie Maxwell spews:

“The unconsciousness of the landscape becomes complete” a title of a painting I liked, Salvador Dali maybe, but it fits well here, the unconscious radio landscape, the unconscious media landscape, local programming stripped out, canned crap shoved in. Well, they haven’t killed alternative radio yet….

I signed the open letter and posted a piece on Washblog.

17. Piper Scott spews:

@11…WindshieldGoo a/k/a brainless lucy…

I’ve heard Rush say that his purpose isn’t to propogate a message, but to attract and retain the highest number of listeners possible, which he does.

When you have consistently high ratings in key demographics (read people who have and spend money), then you can charge more for advertising. Rush’s rate is something north of $15K/minute…that’s PER MINUTE OF AIR TIME.

Why does he command such high rates? Read this and learn:

Read also:

“Fairness to both conservatives and liberals exists today in radio broadcasting. Any individual who wishes to become a talk show host must first convince a radio station he has something to say that will draw an audience. Audiences generate advertising. The size of audiences determines advertising rates a radio station can charge. If the individual who begins a talk show program can not obtain and hold listeners, the radio station will not continue the program. We have seen how liberals handle fair and balanced presentations on Fox News. Invariably, they will speak out of turn and attempt to override the conservative presentation.

Liberals have attempted to imitate conservative talk show hosts with little or no success, even those with the charisma of former governor of New York Mario Cuomo.

Conservative talk-show hosts talk to people. Liberals talk at people and therefore cannot maintain an audience. Liberals do not listen well. As an example, Rush Limbaugh is carried on over 600 successful radio stations and Sean Hannity is carried on more than 500. At the peak, the liberals succeeded in maintaining programs on only 15 radio stations.”

You exemplify the liberal sense of entitlement. Somehow, you deserve, it’s your right, to have your opinion listened to and regarded. Rush, on the other hand, went out and made himself both entertaining and informative in order to attract and retain a loyal following. In other words, he competed, and he won.

Where you get the idea that local stations keep all the revenue, I don’t know, nor do you cite a source. I suspect there’s a split that distinguishes local versus national ad revenue. No matter what it is, that Rush can command a near quarter-million dollar contract from his syndication network evidences that he’s generating both listeners and ad revenues.

You look for a conspiracy to explain success you neither understand nor have ever experienced yourself.

My guess is that you were always the last kid picked when choosing up sides for sports teams. Didn’t go to the Senior Ball either, did you? Never were asked to the Girl’s Club Tolo? And the family dog bit your leg and pissed on your bed? Sucks to be you.

The Piper

18. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Correctnotright: Tim will give you the time of day if you spell his name correctly

19. Piper Scott spews:


Opinions are like anal orifices; everyone has one, and many stink. In your case, both do.

The Piper

20. Piper Scott spews:


I think it’s again time for you to assemble and publish a list of all the nom de putzes used by headless/brainless/nutless lucy.

Call it a public service so that whatever “it” (eunuchs are thus) posts can be accorded the disrespect and disavowal it deserves.

The Piper

21. YIKES spews:

I’m afraid Goldy’s chronic “I hate Bush drumbeat” and “all Republicans are evil mantra” was going to have this inevitable demise. So what if KIRO thinks Goldy is a useless prick! By God, Goldy is our useless prick!!
Perhaps Goldy can now focus on more important things….like the Clinton destruction machine. Obama is feeling the sting….as most honest people who get in the way of the Clinton’s victory march.

Here is Bill Clinton in action in the NY Times:
2 for 1!! Hillary and Bill!!
God help us.

22. correctnotright spews:

@17: How ironic – if Tim Eyman took out a petition to keep Goldy….that would be the one Eyman initiative that I would sign…

23. David spews:

Ah well, you were the only reason I tuned in, so KIRO has lost a listener. Do you have a list of the advertisers on your show so I can contact them expressing my regret that I will no longer hear their ads?

24. DarcyBurnerGoldyBigLoser spews:

My, my, my my, my!

Wasn’t it just the other day the darcypimp was BRAGGING about his tenure under those Mormons?

So why hasn’t KIRO fired me? Well, perhaps because I bring them raw talent with a lot of upside, a virtual lock on local liberal talk in this very liberal market, and a proven track record of bringing in quality guests on weekend nights like no other weekend host before me? Perhaps because I’ve slowly but steadily grown my audience over the past year and a half, and my breaks are packed to the gills with paying spots? And maybe — just maybe — because serving the needs of the community and turning a profit appear much further up the list on their mission statement than Gardner’s goal of crushing liberal dissent?

This falls uder the category of POETIC JUSTICE!

Of course the darcypimp has already started using his kid to whine about his mortgage… boo fucking hoo, we all have bills.

Get ready asses, the darcypimp is gonna stick his hand out …again… and this time it won’t be for the darcy!

Word of advice, darcypimp: GROW UP AND GET A FUCKING JOB.

Dear KIRO,

I DO want live local talk… how about Mike Siegal? Or Stefan Sharkansky?

I was sick to death of the same “guests” week after week. I was sick of his blog brothers echo chamber. I was sick of his non-stop darcypimping. It was clear he was unexperienced, although I may give him credit for “improvement over time”.

One who loves poetic justice

The goldypimp: you have a face for radio, a voice for the written word and the personality for a mortuary… and I think morticians earn pretty well these days so you might want to consider it!

Ok I’ve had my fun… and yes, it was delicious.

You’re a clever guy Goldstein. I truly do not believe you were cut out for radio, but I am also sincerely sorry you’ve been disappointed. You have the raw energy to land on your feet and I know you certainly will. Go forth and conquer!

25. Ken spews:

mcjoan has a front page post at Kos on the subject.

26. ArtFart spews:

16 Why do so many people listen to a misogynistic drug addicted child of privelege who pretends to speak for noble virtues and the common man?

I don’t really know. At least not any more than I understand why so many people go church and listen to child molesters tell them what great plans the Almighty has in store for them.

27. Piper Scott spews:


“So what if KIRO thinks Goldy is a useless prick! By God, Goldy is our useless prick!!”

For most of the HA Happy Hooligans, this means they now have two each.

The Piper

28. The Blatantly Obvious spews:

@ 16 Pooper, being a never ending sewer of lies and bull feces, quoted the universally accepted, uncorruptable purveyers of wingnut nonsense: newsmax

liberals succeeded in maintaining programs on only 15 radio stations

Now this quote was surrounding with a ton of bloviation equivalent to the fecal output of most pig farms in Arkansas.

One question, Pooper. Do you actually believe the quote you posted? Do you believe that no liberal radio talk show has ever been maintained by more than 15 stations?

Careful with your answer, Pooper. Remember the verbal diarrhea you surrounded this quote with decomposes with the falsity of the quote.

29. sort of amused...almost spews:

I guess Mormons are too.

30. Piper Scott spews:


Child of privilege? From his early 20′s on, Rush was on his own going from radio station to radio station and getting fired a few times in between, just like Goldy.

And while I’m not a Catholic, I wouldn’t tar 100% of those who stand in a pulpit with the deviant acts of some. To claim the validity of that proposition opens it up to other comparisons, like say, certain radio talk show hosts, to wit one Bernie Ward.

Read his indictment here:

In the case of priests and pastors, don’t confuse the validity of the message with the weaknesses and sins of the messanger.

The Piper

31. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Piper: Really? You want me to waste my time with all the brainless lucy nom de plumes?

I can do better things with my time.

32. grasshoppah!! spews:

re 16: Took you a while to drum up your bogus information. Don’t you see it when I am leading you down the garden path?

In LA, Rush is getting a real drubbing from Air America in the ratings. So, who is paying his bills? Who keeps this drug-addled windbag on the radio?

Not success as a broadcaster.

33. Piper Scott spews:


I love how your initials describe you!

Don’t like what I quoted? Take it up with the author of the article, Ralph Hostettler.

BTW…how is Air America doing these days? And what are the NPR ratings compared to those of conservative talk radio stations?

The Piper

34. Piper Scott spews:


Maybe we could have a contest? Whoever comes up with the most of the fake names it’s used wins a prize?

But it is a good idea every once in a while to remind the blogging audience what a deranged viper brainless lucy is.

Just a thought…

The Piper

35. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Wowo GOldy, you could have had this moron on!

36. Piper Scott spews:


Another of your conspiracy theories? You have yet to actually cite numbers or links to sources. Until you have data, you opinion still ranks with the gaseous emanations from your anal orifice.

The Piper

37. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Yeah, I got you Piper.

He stopped using Col Biff and those extractions.

38. Brigham Goldstein spews:

We actually DO want 6 more hours of fucking Meet the Press. Or split the difference between Russert and the CBS Weekend Round-up, now broadcast at the insomniac hour of 0-Dark-30 on Sunday morning. Both are straight MSM, but they’re straight with fairness and balance, unlike the incumbent, a faith-based flake (“I want to believe!” in Obama’s spamalot Camelot!)

39. YIKES spews:

Why don’t we change the topic to something that appeals to Goldy’s sense of scandal to cheer him up?
I’ve got an idea…..
Let’s discuss Detroit Mayor (DEMOCRAT) Kwame Kilpatrick’s e-mail scandal!

IF Kwame was an R, Goldy would have a field day with him.
I’ll bet his defense will be that if Clinton could get away with an intern blowjob in the White House, sex-riddled text messages to his chief-of-staff ain’t so bad!

40. The Blatantly Obvious spews:

@ 32 Pooper attempts to back away from a quote he used to back up his poop stained lies in his post @ 16

Don’t like what I quoted? Take it up with the author of the article, Ralph Hostettler.

No, pooper. I prefer to take it up with you, the idiot who used the quote (suggesting that he actually believed it, or used the quote knowing it was false in order to give fake support to his further lying).

How is that using erroneous bull crap from newsmax working for you?

Don’t worry about it. You have spun so much wingnut horse dung on this blog that nobody but a Puddy would believe a word you type.

how is Air America doing these days?

several of the shows seem to be doing great, others not so much. Why do you ask? Does it have something to do with the lie you tried to foist on this blog @ 16?

41. Piper Scott spews:


From Arbitron, the foremost radio ratings service, for the periods winter, spring, summer, and fall, 2007″

Rush Limbaugh’s Los Angeles affiliate:

KFI-AM News Talk Information 4.2 4.2 4.5 4.4

Air America’s Los Angeles affiliate:

KTLK-AM Talk/Personality 0.6 1.1 0.8 1.1

BTW…KFI is the new home of our own Bryan Suits, formerly of KVI.

As you can see, the conservative talk station waxes handily the fetidAir unAmerican station by a minimum of four to one, with it going as high as seven to one.

Sucks when you don’t have data, huh?

The Piper

42. YLB spews:

Hey Stupes,

Another broadcaster just lost his job – Montel Williams.

You know why?

Because your heroes Murdoch and Ailes got pissed off when he pwned the silly bloviators on Faux and Friends for going on and on about Heath Ledger while ignoring:

28 Americans lost their lives in Iraq in January.


43. drool spews:

Rick D @5

“Squealing, High-pitched, angry”

Ever listen to Mark Levin? He’s all that and conservative. Makes Goldy sound downright cuddly.

44. The Blatantly Obvious spews:

Pooper @ 40

Sucks when you don’t have data, huh?

You would certainly know, Pooper.

45. seattlejew spews:

1. could someone tells us more about the fincances? KIRO make money? What does it spend dollars on?

I suspect that KIRO is NOT set up to make a profit but is a tax device like a sports team. This sort of gimmick returns tax free cash flow by deducting depreciation while having long term capit gains.

If so. an iniative that lowers KIRO’S capitlal value could be effective.

2. Why not “do an Eynman?” We could have an initiative requiring any entity that uses public, limited resources to offer a miinimum of local content.

I have asked several attotneys about thiis and they say such a thing might be legal.

46. Rujax! spews:


That’s crackpiper santorum dripping from the puddybutt…oh my!

47. YLB spews:

Hey Stupes,

I see a couple haters at 20 and 23. Why don’t you tell them that it’s “not all about them”?

You won’t because they are YOUR crowd.

48. Piper Scott spews:


Sorry, Steve, the First Amendment would slap your “local content” down. KIRO holds a license to broadcast, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to tell them what to broadcast.

The Piper

49. Piper Scott spews:


Where’s your data? Your cites to better sources? Are you saying the Arbitron ratings aren’t what they are?

Like I said, you don’t like the quote, take it up with its author.

To date, you have offered, save for your flatulent fulminations: bupkis!

The Piper

50. Putting the 'rat' in Democrat spews:

38: Maybe Mayor Kwame can do the KIRO weekend swing shift, 19:00 hours thru 22:00. Or tag-team him with the other Democrat perv for the Kwame-Clinton Molester Perjury Program. Will for sure pump Mormon KIRO’s ratings.

51. Putting the 'rat' in Democrat spews:

23: !

52. Roger Rabbit spews:

@1 See if you can guess which one of those names is Roger Rabbit.

53. Troll spews:

If, for example, Bonneville (which mostly owns music stations) told Arquette to cut costs by 20%, no amount of letter writing will do any good, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

54. Roger Rabbit spews:

@4 Since Eyman pays piece-rate, honest people need not apply. Only those willing to forge signatures to initiative petitions because that’s the only way they can make more than $1 an hour.

55. Roger Rabbit spews:

@5 Yeah, that leaves only a few squealing, high-pitched, whackjob wingnuts on local talk radio — and they’re next.

56. Roger Rabbit spews:

@54 For one thing, the audience for wingnut radio is rapidly shrinking as the public abandons the GOP like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

57. correctnotright spews:

@49: I love it – republicans are coming out of the closet in droves, being indicted and convicted for corruption – and what do we hear from the right wingnuts – about one Detroit politician – and somehow that is equivalent to the corrupt Bush adminstration.

I guess anything that isn’t “Clinton did it too” is considered a higher level of discourse by the morally bankrupt party of no ideas.

I also love the “some waterboarding isn’t torture” moral relativism from the party of “moral” values.

Larry Craig, David Vitter and the Republican page scandal….gee, never heard of those….but let’s go off on the Democrats for whatever we can think of….

Corruption – now there is a moral value that republicans can embrace: Abramoff and the K street project (strictly republican influence peddling)

or maybe cronyism? Brownie, Gonzalez and other fine appointments (like Harriet Mieres for the Supreme court).

Yeah, right – Democrats have sure cornered the market on corruption – one example of a Mayor sure makes the big argument here.

There are both democrats and republicans that are corrupt -but republicans have a CULTURE of corruption while pretending to have so-called moral values. Hypocrisy counts for more in my book.

58. correctnotright spews:

@51 – Darn Wabbit – now you have me wanting to guess!

59. Roger Rabbit spews:

@16 Rush Limpdick is the biggest blowhard on the face of the earth. Once, while hopping across the great plains, I listened to him for 90 minutes because there wasn’t another radio station within 500 miles. He was ranting against Bush’s prescription drug program for senior citizens. For 1 1/2 hours, Rush droned on about how Bill Gates would be eligible to get drug discounts under this program. What’s a matter, doesn’t Gates pay enough taxes? Never once did Rush ever mention the millions of less-than-wealthy senior citizens who have to choose between buying drugs or buying food. What a fucking disingenuous intellectually dishonest aft end of a donkey! I finally couldn’t take it anymore and turned him off. I can’t believe more than 13 people and half a dozen jackrabbits actually listen to his spew. I guess there must be a lot of stupid people in this country despite the vast sums we spend on public education. Or maybe Rush’s listeners are all the home-schooled idiots — yeah, that’s gotta be it.

60. acres of clams spews:

Goldy, we love ye!

61. Piper Scott spews:


Look for someone named mud.

The Piper

62. Paul Fraser spews:

I say Hell YES!! We must have talk radio with David Goldstein. Goldy has such a GREAT sense of humor and he understands what it means to speak his mind. Goldy gets us all to rethink our politics!!

63. ArtFart spews:

29 I’m Catholic, and a regular churchgoing one at that. I’m also very much aware that the Catholic church doesn’t exactly have a monopoly on perverts in the pulpit.

I’m appalled by the contrast in my own church and elsewhere between what’s preached and what’s practiced. At least I don’t find myself getting told that if I just “accept Jesus as my personal savior” that I have the right to be comfortable at the expense of the misery and suffering of others.

Oh…in this delightful vein…Remember that company in Utah that got in the middle of a stink for putting out DVD’s of Hollywood movies that had been hacked up in the name of “decency”? Seems it was actually a front for a porn mill, and the guy who ran it’s been busted for bonking 14-year-olds.

64. I (Heart) Roger spews:

55 knocks 54, slam-dunk drop-dead proof that the bunny’s hearing voices in the air and is talking to himself again. Take away his Pabst and check his hoodie for knives.

65. The Blatantly Obvious spews:

@ 48 Pooper

Where’s your data? Your cites to better sources? Are you saying the Arbitron ratings aren’t what they are?

Like I said, you don’t like the quote, take it up with its author.

To date, you have offered, save for your flatulent fulminations: bupkis!

It is truly heartwarming to see the Pooper flapping his arms about and flapping spittle from his mouth over something he has absolutely no defense for.

I never said anything about your precious arbitron ratings, Pooper! So stiffle yourself, your neck vein is gonna pop!

And I hav3e no intention of taking the quote you used to buttress your wingnut argument up with the author. YOU used the quote so I am asking you to defend the USE of that quote. Got it?

To date, you have offered, save for your flatulent fulminations: bupkis!

That is correct, you have not backed up your fallacious claim with anything other than an erroneous quote that you still refuse to acknowledge was a bunch BS.

Admit it finally, Pooper. You are a bag of hot air that gets his “information” from wingnut journals that willfully lie to you daily, and you gobble it up like a pig eating slop from a trough.

Or better yet. Just STFU until you actually have a logical basis for speaking.

66. I (Heart) Roger spews:

58: Maybe the only thing Rush has been ‘right’ about since about 1994. Any pretense that Duh-Bya was a conservative went out the window with his drug plan. It was a feel-good unfunded mandate that (we haters suspect) was rammed thru a supine “conservative” Congress to buy Florida for 2004.

According to the Comtroller General, drugged Medicare is a ticking time bomb that already exceeds the unfunded train-wreck portion of Social Security. The unfunded mandates of both SS and Medicare drugs pale in comparison, tho, to the larger unfunded mandate of Medicare. The Big Bang for Medicare drugs, Medicare, and Social Security is north of $50 Trillion in a c. $16 Trillion economy.

67. I (Heart) Roger spews:

ComPtroller. (signed) The Troller

68. Rick D. spews:

The only distinction between David Goldstein and Rush Limbaugh (other than the gaping disparity in Talent, Delivery,Message and $alary)………

Rush is gainfully employed for the foreseeable future.

69. Throwing Pellets At Swine spews:

Reagan accomplished the counter-intuitive task of restoring faith in government. The big-government enterprise had become so discreditied from the failed presidencies of JFK, LBJ, Nixon, maybe Ford, and the emphatic failure, Carter, that deep thinkers were thinking that the presidency needed to be broken down to manage the break down of America. We were a detentist, declinist has-been empire, too big and twisted for one person to handle.

Reagan, with a little help from Carter carry-over Paul Volcker, showed that the presidency worked and that America worked. With a little help from Carter-era deregulation, even capitalism worked. Reagan vindicated JFK: our rising tide, after 1983, lifted all boats.

Reagan made possible about 25 years of successful government. Aside from the peace-dividend dip of our economy in 1992 and the Clinton recession of 2000-2001, we’ve been on a roll.

Here’s Clinton’s solution to our Reagan-induced success, via a link from the always-reliable Matt Drudge:

Dig it, Roger: You can carry a bucket/ You can carry a grudge/ But you can’t carry on/ ‘Cause here comes The Drudge.

70. Piper Scott spews:


“if I just “accept Jesus as my personal savior” that I have the right to be comfortable at the expense of the misery and suffering of others.”

Actually, in my church those who do accept him as personal savior find that with that comes an enormous responsibility to live up to the sacrifice he made on our behalf and, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, there’s a hitherto unknown and unaccounted for desire to serve humanity in his name. We learn to love fully only because he loved us first and gave himself up for us.

I’ve known lots and lots and lots of Catholics who live their lives this way. Baptists, too. And a few Presbyterians.

Lutherans? Well, when I heard they used lefse and lutefisk and glogg for communion, I was force to wonder!

The Piper

71. Piper Scott spews:


Oh? And to what do you attribute the numbers you didn’t bother to show anyone? Another Rabbit promulgation without proof.

The basis for your assertion about radio is…???

The Piper

72. Now More Than Ever! 4 More Years! spews:

George W. Bush in 2008: He Defended Texas Air-Space Against Incursions from the Evil Empire of Oklahoma! He’ll Defend You against Incursions from the Evil Empire of Obamalot!

73. Piper Scott spews:

@68…Puddy (assuming it’s Puddy)…

So…how many American workers do the Clinton’s want to see fired and tossed onto the unemployement rolls? Besides Goldy, that is?

The Clinton plan for America: Everyone on welfare!

The Piper

74. Piper Scott spews:

@71…Now, etc….

Given the recent comments about Okie Clay Bennett, that might not be such a bad idea after all!

The Piper

75. ArtFart spews:

“KIRO holds a license to broadcast, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to tell them what to broadcast.”

It should, and it once did. Communications law was formulated based on the idea that the electromagnetic spectrum is a finite resource, and that those who are allowed to use it to make money should be charged with an obligation to “serve the public interest, convenience and necessity”. I’m not really talking about the fairness doctrine or any of that–simply the idea that broadcasting was originally supposed to inform people and contribute to public safety.

At one time, this was particularly true of stations like KIRO, whose license allows it to run 50,000 watts in a “clear channel”, with few if any stations on the entire continent sharing that frequency. The intent was for these few stations to provide coverage for rural areas. That seems to be something of an anachronism here in the Puget Sound area, but people all over eastern Washington still listen to KPQ in Wenatchee, and WCCO in Mineappolis gets the ears of farmers throughout the Midwest.

On December 7, 1941, John Daley was able to go into a booth at CBS headquarters in New York, push a button, wait 30 seconds, and tell the entire nation of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. What if it had been company policy that it was more important not to interrupt Jack Benny? In more recent times, communities in “Tornado Alley” have expressed a concern that their “local” stations, now owned by corporate giants like Entrecom and Clear Channel, are “lights-out” operations with no local on-air staff, running automated programming. Nice to know you could have a twister coming down on you while you were blithely listening to KISS-FM or Jack Radio.

Nowadays, spectrum is peddled to the highest bidder, and the only regulation of broadcast content seems to be over display or mention of body parts.

76. Morph the Magic Dragon spews:

@73: How about them smokin’ Sonics? Guess you can’t lose ‘em all.

77. Two Dogs spews:

@74 All true. However today we have many more communications media other than radio. The radio wave remain a finite resource, but maybe they are less relevant than they used to be. Nonetheless KIRO should not have droppped Goldy. We’ll see who lasts longer in the long run, I guess.

78. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

CluelessIdiot@46: “Why don’t you go after them”

Well let’s see? Did they rail on anyone else except Goldy in their response?

Answer: Ummmmmm… NO! Clueless Fool!

And each of them gave Goldy a suggestion to investigate. You on the other hand tried to back-slap us and instead got BITCHSLAPPED.

Waaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa

79. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

More Pellet BULLSHIT:

“@54 For one thing, the audience for wingnut radio is rapidly shrinking as the public abandons the GOP like rats fleeing a sinking ship.”



80. Had Nothing On But the Radio spews:

Very interesting post @74. Have read Senator Wheeler’s account of the early 1930′s drafting or radio regs, and you restate it well.

But it’s a logical leap into Neverland to imply that John Charles Daley in December 1941 expresses or implies a useful regulatory regime for 2008. And while you back away from the fairness-challenged fairness doctrine, let’s guess that your post is a veiled appeal for its reinstatement.

81. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Piper – I only post as Puddy now since Goldy got a carrot up his ASS and blew my alter ego in. But he never does it to headless lucy’s multiple personalities….

82. ArtFart spews:

79 Not necessarily. I’d be just as irritated irritated if KVI dropped Kirby Wilbur and instead ran some syndicated blather from elsewhere that was less relevant to local listeners.

Way too much of broadcast radio is a homogeneous, boring, tasteless waste of kilowatts and bandwidth.

83. YLB spews:

Did they rail on anyone else except Goldy in their response?

So you approve of them being “heartless”?

I get it!

What a silly loser!!! Thanks for playing!!

84. The Blatantly Obvious spews:

@ 68

“You can carry a bucket/ You can carry a grudge/ But you can’t carry on/ ‘Cause here comes The Drudge.”

It is just horrifying the mindlessness behind a person who would even think of typing something like this.

85. You Turn Me On; I'm A Radio spews:

81: Rush begat Wilbur, and Wilbur begat Goldstein. This gets way too complicated, but your point about local programming v. homogenized syndicated canned spam is, again, well made.

86. Bottle in Front of Me & a Frontal Lobotomy spews:

83: Nothing in the HA by-laws states that a mind must be engaged before playing on Goldy’s bandwidth. (Translation: Screw off.)

87. Piper Scott spews:


Telling someone what to broadcast means dictating content, POV, and controlling what is said.

How would you have liked it had directed KIRO to tell Goldy the topics to cover and the opinions he must express? You want government control like that?

Now, the marketplace does correct broadcasters who screw the pooch. Remember the Heidi Bowl?

That was 40-years ago when a network switched from an NFL game to broadcast the movie, Heidi. Oops! Turned out to be about the biggest mistake since Korean movie house decided The Sound of Music was too long and made it shorter (that way he could show it more times per day) by cutting all the…music.

But seriously, when 9/11 occurred, I don’t think there was a broadcast outlet anywhere that didn’t behave responsibly and try as much as possible to act in the public interest.

Even the MSM types who both left and right excoriate, did what they do best: on the spot coverage of breaking news. I sat glued to my TV for days, and I didn’t find anyone trying to jam in commercials.

When it comes to radio networks and syndicated stuff, competition from the Internet and satellite radio is getting to be a bitch! Radio is still a business, and businesses have to make money for the shareholders and creditors, not necessarily in that order.

If you think this is only a problem with private companies, the mess that was (is???) Channel 9 for a long time and, from what I hear since I don’t listen to KUOW, the staff turnover and angst in local public radio has at its root the same thing as in commercial radio: money.

If you have the dough, go one with the show!

The Piper

88. YLB spews:

I wonder if any of HL’s aliases ever circle jerked with one another as MWS and “Reckless” did with SillyPuddy?

89. grasshoppah!! spews:

Liberal talk radio hosts, including the new liberal talk network Air America Radio, are eating up the market share of conservative talkers quicker than Rush Limbaugh eats up Oxycontin.

90. grasshoppah!! spews:

Denial is a river with a 12′ fence around it on the US/Mexico border.

Victimhood is not a pretty sight. I applaud the genuineness of a man who calls himself ‘Puddybud”.

91. Roger Rabbit spews:

@38 At least Democratic politicians have enough sense to have affairs with WOMEN. Can’t say the same for Republicans.

92. Piper Scott spews:


Prove it! Show me the Arbitron ratings! Look at my post @40 where I set forth the LA Arbitron ratings that shoe the station that features Air America getting CREAMED by the station that features Rush Limbaugh and Bryan Suits.

You can’t get away with a bald assertion that is phonier than your ideas and “integrity.” Cite a source rather than merely repeating something you’ve been told to say by your ideological keepers.

The Piper

93. Piper Scott spews:


Did you get that line from Barney Frank?

The Piper

94. Roger Rabbit spews:

@62 It’s been my experience that people who attend church need to.

95. Roger Rabbit spews:

@63 What’s wrong with talking to yourself? You assholes do it all the time. Got a problem with the fact I behave like you?

96. Roger Rabbit spews:

@63 (continued) At least I don’t suck my own dick. Can’t say the same for wingnuts.

97. Roger Rabbit spews:

@65 Sounds like you’re gonna have to get a second job to support me in my old age.


(I used to actually care about tax fairness; but now, I just want to stick it to them.)

98. Radio Active spews:

Good to bring KUOW into this. The alleged pathologies of commercial radio are on full display at ‘listener supported’ (publicly subsidized) proletarian NPR. But it’s got far to go before it reeks like the BBC. The pre-Rupert Wall Street Journal reported a few years ago that the listener-supported BBC is supported this way: black-maria vans cruise the streets of England and snoop for signals from television receivers. Anyone with a TV is forced to support the BBC even if the television’s owner never views BBC programming.

(Rupert update: Faux News Murdoch had fundraisers for Senator Clinton. Faux News Murdoch’s NY Post endorced Senator Obama, today, for president.)

99. I Am A Gay American spews:

Tell it to McGreeeeeevey, 90.

100. The Blatantly Obvious spews:

Pooper said @ 91

Cite a source rather than merely repeating something you’ve been told to say by your ideological keepers.

So, it is sadly ironic that earlier on this post ( @ 16) he cited a lie from his ideological keepers newsmax

liberals succeeded in maintaining programs on only 15 radio stations.

Tsk, tsk, Pooper, you have been upended by your own petard.

101. Because He Can spews:

95: You stole that riff from Clintonista dog dick licker, James Carville. Send him a royalty check or a poodle.

102. stylin' spews:

I hope whoever the reader was that claimed that obscenity was only in the comments section has read this blog entry.

103. # 97 spews:

EndorSed” But you knew that already.

104. Early Valentines To Roger spews:


Starting with my Tet Offensive post @57. No offense intended, of course.

105. Petered Out spews:

“(Y)ou have been upended by your own petard …” Sounds obscene to me, stylin’.

106. Roger Rabbit spews:

@68 “Reagan accomplished the counter-intuitive task of restoring faith in government.”

This is a joke, right? Reagan’s whole shtick was that government was the problem.

“The big-government enterprise had become so discreditied from the failed presidencies of JFK, LBJ, Nixon, maybe Ford, and the emphatic failure, Carter, that deep thinkers were thinking that the presidency needed to be broken down to manage the break down of America.”

Um, yeah — Reagan and Bush43 gave us smaller government by enlarging it.

“We were a detentist”

What’s this, a misspelling of “dentist”?

” … declinist has-been empire, too big and twisted for one person to handle.”

??? I have no fucking idea what you’re (attempting to) talk about.

” … Reagan vindicated JFK: our rising tide, after 1983, lifted all boats.”

Umm, no. Actually, wage earners have made zero economic gains since 1970. Yes, the economy has grown since then — but all, and I do mean all, of the economic gains since 1970 have gone to the rich.

“Reagan made possible about 25 years of successful government.”

You probably should define what you mean by “successful government” before we try to discuss this. For now, it should suffice to say the Reagan presided over the worst economic depression since the 1930s, and all of his successors failed to get the terrorism that started in the 1970s under control. Meanwhile, we’ve seen the decline of American manufacturing, the collapse of private-employment-based health care and retirement, numerous financial and corporate scandals, and the worsening economic security of the middle class.

“the Clinton recession of 2000-2001″

No such thing. The recession of 2001 began in March of that year, when George W. Bush was president.

“Dig it, Roger: You can carry a bucket/ You can carry a grudge/ But you can’t carry on/ ‘Cause here comes The Drudge.”

Drudge? He of the Alexandra Polier lies? Drudge the purveyor of rightwing fictions? What about him?

107. Roger Rabbit spews:

@74 “Communications law was formulated based on the idea that the electromagnetic spectrum is a finite resource, and that those who are allowed to use it to make money should be charged with an obligation to “serve the public interest, convenience and necessity”.”

Not exactly. Communications law was bsed on the fact that the airwaves are owned by the public, and therefore those given exclusive franchises to use the publicly-owned airwaves can be held to fulfill certain obligations for the public good.

108. Roger Rabbit spews:

@83 “It is just horrifying the mindlessness behind a person who would even think of typing something like this.”

Not really. I take wingnut mindlessness for granted.

109. EvergreenRailfan spews:

One of the things I liked about KIRO over the past 15 years was the trend they had to Live and Local, and thought the failed experiment with the Midnight Trucking Radio Network was proof of that. Now it has gone on the Live and Local. Now it seems they have even turned their back on the new media. Sure they have blogs, but now they are dropping local hosts, and even the podcasts are not working. I wonder what will happen next, will Bonneville try out something Clear Channel has done, automating stations where they can get away with it. If that is the case, the FCC should force them to liscense it as a repeater, and publicise it so emergency authorities know that nobody is there. Minot, 2002 is an example of that. North Dakota’s third largest city is impacted by a toxic train derailment, and Clear Channel owned all the stations, including the Station of Record for emergencies, and they continued to play music instead of emergency updates because the programming was not originated locally, or even from Fargo, Grand Forks, or Bismark, but San Antonio.

I like Live and Local, and for many reasons, including the NOAA Pier Fire at South Lake Union. KIRO was doing their job, keeping people advised of emergency updates from the SFD, almost ultra-local, as their studio was nearby. They were even having only essential staff show up for work.

110. Roger Rabbit spews:

@97 “black-maria vans cruise the streets of England and snoop for signals from television receivers”

How, exactly, do TV receivers put out signals?

111. Broadway Joe spews:

KIRO’s eventually gonna wind up like WKRP on that one episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati”, where (in the future) one old guy just sits around the WKRP office and talks to the computer (which doesn’t respond) that actually runs the station.

Waitaminute, isn’t that the Clear Channel SOP already?

Oh, and a big FUCK YOU to Puddy, or as I like to call him, Fred Phelps, Jr.

112. RIPdarcypimp spews:

I guess the darcypimp got a great big old kick in the ass in profit/loss economics…ain’t capitalism GREAT?

113. Piper Scott spews:


In the UK, every TV is licensed – shades of the Colonial-era Stamp Act, which is still law in Britain – and literally revenue agents cruise through neighborhoods with electronic monitoring devices looking for unlicensed televisions.

How’s that for Big Government?

The Piper

114. RIPdarcypimp spews:

The Mormons could have taught the darcypimp a great big lesson had they simply called into his show and told him he had an immediate choice to make: his filthy little blog or his radio show…

I’d have paid money to hear that answer… especially since we all know the darcypimp would have discarded you little asses like yesterdays diaper wipes… and NOT by closing the blog…. oh no, your darcypimp would have been offering it for sale to the highest bidder, begging brotherbloggers to please pay him for it.

Too bad. They clearly didn’t think him worthy enough to make the offer…. might have been great radio too.. if we ever got past the Minnie Mouse whine and stutter.


115. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Roger Rabbit says: “@63 (continued) At least I don’t suck my own dick.”

Lesson in futility – Pelletizer finding his dick. No wonder he can state truths and be free of attack! Is that why you brag so much about fucking animals?

116. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Pelletizer said: “No such thing. The recession of 2001 began in March of that year, when George W. Bush was president.”

You make this so easy Pelletizer. Your BULLSHITTIUM is amazing.

Who’s budget was in place? Clinton’s. October 1 2000 to September 30, 2001. I use facts Pelletizer uses… undetermined at this time…

“After posting record gains in the late 1990s, the US stock market fell dramatically starting in the year 2000. Over a twelve-month period, the benchmark S&P 500 Index lost one-quarter of its value and the NASDAQ Composite Index lost over sixty percent of its value.”

Bombs explode around Pelletizer…

I post facts on this board over and over and the old dumb bunny just forgets them.

Correctnotright and rhp6033, I am holding you two responsible to keep the old critter in check!

117. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Another broom to sweep away the Pelletizer Bullshittium:

“The first basic decline of the 2000- 2002 bear market began on September 1, 2000 and ended on September 21, 2001, lasting 385 days. Lindsay would have begun this decline from the lower top in September 2000 instead of the bull market top in January or March of that year because the market’s action for the first 8 months of 2000 was an extended sideways period ending at what Lindsay calls a “right shoulder”. The right shoulder is the preferred starting point for counting a basic decline.”

It gets so tiresome to repost truths which leftist PINHEADS ignore…

118. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Correctnotright and rhp6033: Do a careful search of Puddybud and you’ll see I’ve been consistent. September 2000 Stock market bubble goes kablammm. The start of the recession is: “A period of general economic decline; specifically, a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters.”

September November December – one quarter
January, February, March – two quarters

Ta da!

Poor poor dumb bunny.

119. SeattleJew spews:

@47 Scott

The First Anednebt guarantees freedm of speach,not freedom to use public property.Nor does the conmsotituion prvide a mechanism for makign apublic space intoprivat property.

More to the point, the Federalgfovern ment,iscloences frequencies with deifnitierestiction on freee speach and the City liscneces the public right of way (telephone poles and tunnels) to Cable companies on the condition tat they provide certain content.

No wonder you ain’t no more a lawter. I spooe tothree practicinmg attorneys, two high level wall street types. Their only concern is that there is a principal that states aqre not suposed to also regulate that whicj=h the Feds do. This is based on the provisions for interstate commerce. Local radio is not interstate and the tenth amedment bans the feds form controlling local commerce.

120. SeattleJew spews:

@86 Piper

Sorry but in our system a business doesnot nee to profit from its perations to make money. All prosports teasm make hugfe $$ yet “lose” money each year.

I do not know this, but I suspect that KIRO’s major asset is its liscence and they may not make a pfennig on their broadcsts. I suspect ther main source of icome is caatl appreciation and depreciation.

121. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

CLueless@87: You morphed names within 8 hours on the same day

122. Rick D spews:

I agree we need live local talk!!……….unfortunately, Goldstein couldn’t carry his weight in this uber-liberal market…with his voice I expected to see a 132 pound, acne scarred, tofu eating vegan with PTSD from his years of receiving swirlies in H.S.restrooms (with that voice)……..and then you see the picture.

Then it hit me…he is the typical Seattle male born with abnormally high levels of estrogen rather than testosterone….it all makes sense now! The good news for Goldy (or not) is little Davey Ross was able to make a niche’ for himself in the market while being neutered so hey….why can’t Goldy do the same?

The difference is, Ross has a man’s voice with a womens physique…….Goldy has the exact opposite. Rough break kid.

123. YLB spews:

silly right wing jerkshimself @ 120

You circle jerk with your alter egos.

124. EvergreenRailfan spews:

The Liberal/Progressive Station that might have the most Live and Local talk is probably KUDO 1080 in Anchorage, owned by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. They have three hosts doing 7 hours of talk radio. I listen to podcasts from them every once in awhile.(Up there, people have a term for their Senior Senator, and it is the same thing that Gov. Shwarzenegger probably calls Senator Kennedy around the family, Uncle Ted).

125. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Clueless@123: Powerful, powerful retort.

I report, you distort, people read you and crack up! Easy to decide.

126. YLB spews:

125 – Shall I demonstrate for everyone your silliness?

127. YLB spews:

Of course I will:

Another TJ says:


Just so everyone’s clear:

Puddybud got caught using a sockpuppet named Mike Webb Sucks, or MWS (not just another alias, but another “character,” who praised Puddybud’s posts, had conversations with himself, etc.). He claims he has never denied it.

Earlier today, he challenged YLB to come up with any comment of his in which he denied being MWS or in which MWS denied being Puddybud.

Well, folks. Judge for yourselves:

Insane right-wing jerkoff!

128. Who ends up paying? spews:

So what amazes me is if your ratings suck, or not enough people really care what you say, so you get canned, why is your first reaction to lash out at your management? Perhaps you are embarrassed because in truth nobody gives a crap about or agrees with you? Usually when that happens you should ask yourself if what you say is really true. Of course I always like how the liberals first and main reaction is educational arrogance. As if they cornered the market on truth because they think they know how to use their brains. What they are totally missing however is Wisdom.
Seriously, the really funny thing is none of this is new. Take a minute to look at publications way back after the founding of our country, people on both sides of the spectrum were spewing this kind of garbage even back then. The topics were obviously different but the tone and attitudes were no different than now.

129. Lynne spews:

I boycotted KIRO once before when suddenly everyone disappeared and only came back for Goldy and for Jeffers. Frank Shires wasn’t my favorite but that stupid show that replaced his was so lame, my first thought was Goldy will be next. I wonder if Ron and Don are pissing their pants waiting for that shoe to fall.
Anyone have any bucks to start our own local radio, I’ll contribute as long as the signal gets south of Olympia

130. THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

Clueless or YLB:

You were asked and ATJ found it. You and ATJ never figgered me out. Goldy gave it to you on a solver platter.

I figgered you were Clueless all by myself – deductive power.

Dismissed cuz you are an idiot.