Taylor Bridge Fire Nearly Out

A hearty congrats to everyone who worked the fire.

Firefighters have extinguished nearly all of the Taylor Bridge Fire between Cle Elum and Ellensburg, except for a few hotspots, within 40 miles of fire line built around the burn area.

Containment was at 91 percent on Saturday morning, according to a news release issued as command of the firefighting effort was transferred to a smaller, regional incident management team from Southwest Washington. Members of the original incident management team continued to work with the regional team that took command Saturday.

Restrictions were lifted Saturday in areas of Kittitas County previously under level 1 evacuation orders. Hidden Valley Road remains closed at its intersection with Lambert Road, and Lambert Road is closed 1.5 miles east of its intersection with Taylor Road. State Route 10 remains closed at Taylor Bridge for construction.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Let us not forget that Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry gutted his state’s firefighting budget, then went crawling to Obama for $50 million of FEDERAL money when his state was burning up, because Texans had no firefighting resources to save their state.

    That’s what happens when Republican budget-slashers take over a government. If Romney gets in and does this to the federal government, who will he go begging to when he next Katrina hits some hapless American state? Japan? China? Israel?