Taking on talk radio

Michael Hood of blatherWatch has an interesting piece today about King County Councilwoman Julia Patterson (D-SeaTac) diving headlong into the lion’s den of right-wing talk radio. She defended KC Elections for an hour yesterday on the John Carlson Show, correctly admonishing John and his fellow travelers for demanding KC prove a negative. She was then mugged in absentia on Kirby Wilbur this morning, who played clips from the Carlson interview, teasing listeners with claims that Patterson had accused President Bush of eating children. (Choked on a pretzel, my ass.)

Michael goes on to “salute Julia Patterson for leaping into the [right-wing] talk radio breach,” where few liberal Seattle politicians dare to tread. He argues that politicians shouldn’t avoid the KVI/KTTH crowd, even if it means occasionally getting the rhetorical snot beaten out of them.

Ignoring talk radio is a political mistake. It has, with the help of blogs, led the debate in the unrest around the gubernatorial election and stoking the rural/exurban rage machine roaring out of control in the 3-county area.

Liberal denial of conservative talk-radio dates back to when it was considered insignificant and peripheral by local media and politicians. It was wishful thinking–I hope by now that myth is exploded–it’s a powerful political tool of the Republican party.

I can’t agree more, and I’d like to add that any politician who can’t hold his own against the likes of John and Kirby and Dori, really has no business running for office.

Personally, while I can’t stand listening to it, I love doing right-wing talk radio, especially when they let me take questions from callers. It’s challenging and fun, kind of like the passionate and informative threads we sometimes get on HA. Contrast that to one of my appearances on Dave Ross during the peak of the Horse’s Ass Initiative hoo-hah, when we couldn’t get a single caller to disagree with me. Booooring!

Besides, it’s kind of a can’t-lose situation. It’s not like a liberal politician or pundit has much of a chance of changing the minds of many KVI listeners… but as long as we’re there refuting the lies, we make it harder for the talking heads to whip the fomentation any foamier. Perhaps my last appearance on John Carlson — where I wonkishly stepped John through the polling place reconciliation process — wasn’t particularly exciting radio. But at least for half an hour, I was controlling the terms of the debate, not him.

In addition to taking on right-wing talk radio, we also need to do a better job of establishing alternative, liberal programming. Us bloggers on both sides of the political spectrum have an over-inflated sense of self-importance — talk radio is still dominating public opinion, not us. As much as I welcome the success of Air America and Ed Schultz on KPTK-1090, they need to start doing some local programming, developing liberal talent a little less sober, and far edgier than Dave Ross.

I volunteer for the 6am to 9am slot.


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    christmasghost spews:

    I agree with you on one point….you should be doing the show instead of Dave Ross who is so boring I would rather watch paint dry………..
    I take it you didn’t listen to the interview on Carlson’s show?

  2. 2

    Goldy spews:

    christmasghost @1,

    I did not listen to Carlson’s show. In truth, the thing I can’t stand most about talk radio are the commercials.

  3. 3

    RDC spews:


    From the little I’ve listened to, lion’s den is not an apt metaphor for right-wing talk radio (I am not implying that left-wing talk radio is far superior…I’ve tuned in a few times to the relatively new one here in town and found it only slightly more tolerable than the ones on the other side). More apt metaphors? I don’t know….maybe snakepit, septic tank, propaganda mill, disinformation office, liar’s lair, miasma milieu….I’m sure the imaginative posters here can do better than I.

  4. 4

    John spews:

    Go Goldy! Volunteer?!? Are you crazy! Get paid!

    Absolutely right. AM1090 needs local talent to go with the Air America hosts.

  5. 5

    christmasghost spews:

    Goldy…too bad you didn’t listen to the show. Julia Patterson made a complete ass out of herself over and over and over again……

  6. 6

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy says–“I volunteer for the 6AM–9AM slot”
    Great choice of time slots Goldy since you like to argue with conservative listeners…..because the only people awake BEFORE 9AM are conservatives!!
    All the LEFTIST WingNuts sleep until noon…that’s why they are such losers!

    I would probably listen to your show occassionally just for the comedy value. I laugh out loud at some of your stuff…it’s so half-baked and corny. Now I actually laugh even harder because I’ve come to understand that you actually believe all the BS you spew!

    No one is going to waste their time listening a Left WingNut talking about everything he is against….however, I’m all for giving you the mike Goldy. Listening to you for a couple shows will undoubtedly convert more people to conservatism than I could ever dream of. You will probably get some kind of Conservative of the Year award.

    PS–I heard Julia Patterson. What a foolish person she is. You give a Left WingNut enough rope and there is no doubt what will happen….enough soundbites for Kirby and John for the next 2 years. I’ll bet she never goes back again!!

  7. 7

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    How about the Julia & Goldy show—Call the show “2 nuts for the price of one”.
    Perhaps you will have to call it the Goldy & Julia Show so you don’t offend her by doing a lady’s first thing…….oops, never mind she ain’t no lady….just a perpetually offended clown.

  8. 8

    Jill spews:

    I just started listening to AM 1090 when I can get the signal in Bellingham. I was overjoyed to finally get some progressive talk radio to listen to while I’m driving around. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time. I detest right wing talk radio, what a f’ing pack of whores and liars. What’s lacking now is local programming. Goldy, you should approach them with a proposal.

  9. 9

    soundcrossing spews:

    As far as I can tell you (Goldy/Julia) are upset because there are people out there with a differing opinion and they -gasp- :-0 talk about it.

    I listened to the interview. Half the time she agreed with Carlson. The other half she couldn’t make a point. I can’t count the number of times she argued herself in a circle and ended up contradicting herself.

    So liberals have:

    TV News (except Fox)

    Public Television

    Public Radio

    Most NewsPrint media

    You are all whining because there is a venue that you don’t currently control AND -another gasp- it’s popular.

    It is absolutely amazing to me to listen to the “party of tolerance”, “free speech”, “rights”, talk about the fact that a form of speech they don’t agree with is BAD and it should change to something more agreeable. How disengenous.

    It’s just a different point of view. Get over it.

    Think about it. If there was no “right wing” radio absolutely none of the problems that occured in the governors race would have ever come to light. Oh wait…… That was the whole point of Julia’s argument yesterday. We should all just ignore it and move on. We’ll “feel” better about each other. Hugs. Kisses.

  10. 10

    Goldy spews:

    soundcrossing @9,

    It is absolutely amazing to me to listen to the “party of tolerance”, “free speech”, “rights”, talk about the fact that a form of speech they don’t agree with is BAD and it should change to something more agreeable. How disengenous.

    Hey, all I’m talking about is providing a little competition to folks like Kirby and John… what’s so intolerant about that? Sounds to me like you’re afraid of some competition. If nobody wants to listen to people like me, the market will decide, right?

  11. 11

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You continue to amaze me…I guess folks like you just don’t see yourself the way others do. Here’s what you have going against you:
    1) You have an irritating, wretched voice. Neighborhoods of dogs howl now when your voice is on the radio for even a minute. If you are on for 3 hours, PETA, PAWS and ASPCA will all be after you for cruelty to animals.

    2) You only occassionally have an original thought. Listening to you blab the LEFTIST talking points for 3 hours would be…well, cruel & unusual punishment for the prisoners in Monroe in solitary confinement who will be forced to listen to your peircing wretched voice and meaningless BS.

    3) On the rare occassion you do have an original thought, it will be interrupted by a commercial. All those years of smoking pot combined with Prozac (medical fact that it leads to early-Alzheimers) will certainly result in you forgetting that original thought.

    4) Who in the hell would sponsor your show?? A horse manure manufacturer?? The only sponsors you would get is someone paying for ads for their competitors to sabotage them!!

    But hey, this is America. You have a right to fail (as you well know).

  12. 12

    soundcrossing spews:

    You are correct the market will decide. Actually it has decided and that is why the market is weighted the way it is now.

  13. 13

    RDC spews:

    Soundcrossing @ 12

    Maybe the market is weighted the way it is now because more people with rightwing inclinations like to listen to talk radio than people with leftwing inclinations, no matter what’s playing. That would seem to be the case, since elections tend to be very close even though rightwing radio thrives and leftwing radio falters. If you are implying that it is the quality of rightwing talk radio that attracts its listeners, that doesn’t say much for its listeners.

  14. 14

    Dave spews:

    Excuse the off-topic comment, but I couldn’t resist this.

    Hey Cynical, here’s a project for you in case you’re bored. You know how you like to call out government employees who post on public forums? Well, go harass JamesB on the SeattlePI’s foreign policy forum. This self-professed soldier who thinks he’s a secret agent spends literally 24/7 monitoring that place. But here’s the part that should tie your panties up in knots: he does it while on the public dime.

    So Mr. Crusader, go do your nasty work! Surely your agenda doesn’t apply only to liberal government employees. Our national defense could be at stake!

  15. 15

    christmasghost spews:

    That’s true about the market deciding. It already has…there is no conspiracy to keep lefties out…just no one wants to listen to them.Besides…you guys have NPR…and that is subsidized by the government…do we have anything like that?
    But I would listen to you Goldy….everyone should listen to both ‘sides’ and decide for themselves……even if they end up mad or convulsed with laughter afterwards…….

  16. 16


    If you want to do a radio show do it as a podcast. If you want some help just ask. It’s not hard and it is a better way to get your message out than tradional radio.

  17. 17

    Goldy spews:

    Vince @16,

    Well, the message might be better, but the audience would be damn smaller. Plus, it would lose the “live” element, and I wouldn’t be able to take callers.

    That said, I’ve considered getting myself a decent microphone and doing a half-hour weekly podcast, if only to build portfolio.

  18. 18

    Don spews:

    Cynical @ 6

    “All the LEFTIST WingNuts sleep until noon…that’s why they are such losers!”

    Why do you hate the poor slobs who work swing and graveyard shifts so much? Do you think shift workers are “evil”?

  19. 19

    Don spews:

    soundcrossing @ 12

    The market, left to its own devices, will dial the tuner to the porn channel. Just ask any motel.

  20. 20

    michael@blatherwatch spews:

    You’re hired Goldy. I heard you last time on Carlson, you’re good on your feet, and he didn’t even try to beat you up.
    Liberals should email 1090am and tell them to hire locals. Lib-talk can and will grow into something competitive with GOP talk.
    Julia was a little timid on Carson, but I think she learned something and won’t be reticent to come back. Democrats just have to stand up to the blabberbullies.

  21. 21

    danw spews:

    I think it would be great to have you on the Radio, perhaps we can get the Locals to get you a guest spot or two, we need to Email Kiro, and ask them to get you on Prell, Ross,Webb or even Erin Hart. As for Cynical and the rest, they don’t listen to anything but KKKVI, KTTH and Country. I bet they were pissed when Air America took over their Country station…..Cynical is that what this is all about? Did your dog leave with your wife on the last train outta town?

    Side note: I tried to post on (u)SP today and it sent back the word “pissed” for censorship reasons. I thought there were dirty words like Evolution and Gun control that you would think they would stop before a word for being drunk in the British Isles would be banned.

  22. 23

    Jpgee spews:

    unsoundcrossing @ 22 well…Don’s comment makes a hell of a lot more sense than any of the drivel you have spewed on this website so far…..maybe you should go to the porn channel…..but be sure you do not make it with a felon……or your precious BIAW might put you on their next ‘famous’ list

  23. 24

    Mr. Cynical spews:


    Ya got me! Country Western has it all over Air America.
    I prefer Gretchen Wilson, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw et al over some little weasel-faced LEFTIST hiding behind a microphone playing pocket-pool while spewing g-a-r-b-a-g-e.
    However, I am also a strong believer in giving LEFTISTS the mike and a bunch of rope…like Julia Patterson. I’m sure the replay and re-replay of her Carlson debacle will convert even more undecideds to the Right side. That’s what is happening.

    Mrs. C is truly a “redneck woman”, she ain’t no high class broad, who prefers beer to wine. When she laces up the chaps, cowboy boys and starts twirling that lasso….damn, she is fine!

  24. 25


    Goldy. You can do a live call in. I am setting up a new site called PodcasterHelp.com It is just a site on how to do things. I’m still getting things up, but by tomorrow I will have how to do a call-in show. I don’t do one, but lots of people do.

  25. 26

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’d love to see a group picture of the audience for those amateur podcasts….probably equivalent to the 10 ugliest, dorkiest felons who illegally voted in the Governor’s Race.
    Waste your time…by all means!

  26. 27

    torridjoe spews:

    cynical @ 26
    get some facts. Podcasts are becoming a big thing across the country, and the Northwest is producing their fair share. They surely said the same thing about blogs 2 years ago…

  27. 28

    Jpgee spews:

    torridjoe Cynicalidiot get some facts? Don’t make me laugh so hard, that is truly an impossibility….cynical idiot = facts NOT

  28. 29

    chardonnay spews:

    Julia is upset over hearing “language of conflict” just as Crissy is. It’s all these talk show radio’s (available at???). How many times did she repeat the same 3-4 phrases? “willful intent” “errors occured” “4000 retired election workers” “when did you stop beating your wife” was that one intended for the felons that voted? How is it this woman can decide the fate of property owners, let alone investigate a fraudulent election in her county?
    Clueless in Seattle is Julia, and during an election year at that. I imagine her and King Ronny are sweating bullets right now knowing the vast right wing conspiracy is hot on their trail of lies and deciet (CAO). These king county democrats are about as “quality candidates” as JFKohn and The Breck Girl Edwards. Who I might add are in a little pissing match right now with who’s fault it was losing the Pres seat. Joe Biden said he gave JFK all kinds of advice and he ignored it. Real winner yourself huh Joe?

    Maybe all of you HA regulars can help out Ronny and Courtney Love Patterson with some sound advice, perhaps recommending they listen to am 1090. Ya, that should do it. Sound off your real commie views. Good Morning Seattle, this is Am 1090….Caution, your about to enter the really bad spin zone. LOL,

    Please, if you guys have any influence on King Ronny, he’s about to kill himself this Nov, please write his speaches. He is worse than algore. He needs a refresher course in “good home training.”

  29. 30

    KS spews:

    Julia oozed psychobabble on Carlson’s show – it was agonizing to listen to her. John gave her a fair interview, actually too fair. Based on her interview and her quotes, I believe that if she had her way, there would be few conservative talk shows remaining. Actually, Dori Monson challenged her more than did John Carlson, but he can get away with more by being on a liberal talk station like KIRO as opposed to Carlson on a hateful conservative talk station like KVI (joking). However, Dave Ross lobbed Julia softballs after Monson took her out of her comfort zone.

    I listen to KIRO for local issues, but KPTK is Y A W N – boring… too much negative spin. They give the progressives a bad name (like regressives) – and Michael Savage is the counterpoint of KPTK.