Suzie you can believe in?


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    YellowPup spews:

    It’s amazing what she is getting away with. By now a Democrat would have been burned at the stake. Very instructive.

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    She says: “You don’t tie yourself to any particular party, but that you support people because you believe in them.”

    What did Susan see in George W. Bush that she could believe in? Has she said?

    What did Susan see in Dave Reichert that she could believe in? Has she said?

    Look at any of these contributions. Has she said, ever, even once, what she believed about these candidates and elected officials that made her want to support them with campaign contributions?

    All this hogwash about non-partisanship aside, I really honestly actually want to know. What did she see in George Bush or Dave Reichert that she believed in?!

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    YellowPup sez:

    By now a Democrat would have been burned at the stake. Very instructive.

    A Democrat in King County wouldn’t do that.

    He or she would be proud to acknowledge having made contributions to fellow Democrats. He or she would proudly trumpet endorsements by local Democratic party organizations, and those organizations would proudly trumpet their endorsement of the candidate.

    Just as Dow Constantine does. And just as the LD Democratic organizations, the King County Democrats, and the Washington State Democrats do.

    If you’re a Republican organization, you so fear attaching the stain of your party label to your “non-partisan” candidate that you pretend that the KC Executive race doesn’t even exist.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Would Hutchinson dare to say that she would be as effective as a King County Executive as Dave Reichart is as a Congressman?

    (That should be a good one – she either has to say she would be considerably MORE effective, trashing Reichart in the process, or admit that she WOULDN’T be any more effective, thereby confessing to her incompetence.)

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    SJ Troll Patrol spews:

    If this holds true, I suggest we all unite behind Suzie as the Reprican Candydate to oppose the lady in tennies!

    Imagine the fun!

    Obama Biden Murry vs Beck Palin Suzie ????????????

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    YellowPup spews:

    N @4: Sure, it’s a generally Democratic area. I was actually thinking back to Goldy’s comparison with Darcy Burner again: how Burner’s academic credentials from one debate were front page news, but Hutchison’s non-partisan credentials seem hardly to raise follow-up questions.

    So I guess I’m amazed (seeing the video) that, outside of HA, Hutchison’s “non-partisanship” isn’t getting the kind of mockery it deserves.

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    Fellner was running for a nonpartisan position (school board) and unlike the other candidates, I couldn’t find any record of her officially affiliating with one party or another, so I left her party affiliation blank.

    But if she is a Democrat, I guess that’s the $50.00 exception that proves the rule.

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    HappyHeathen spews:

    Now if I only lived in King Co. I could vote against her. Talk about your double talker….

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    Lottie spews:

    Goldy @ 9,

    Maybe investigative journalism is so hard that the Seattle Times can’t do it, but you can. Just takes about 2 minutes of work.

    Does this count as official affiliation of party? She was endorsed by 43rd and 46th District Democrats.

    Did you bother to check Fellner’s donations at PDC and FEC? All Democrats, most recently $250 to Obama. You may not agree with all the candidates she’s donated to, but they’re all members of their District Democrats.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 Hmmm, kinda interesting that the King County Republicans website doesn’t endorse anyone, but tells you NOT to vote for Ron Holland and Dow Constantine. They’re not real eager to slap a “Made In GOP” label on candidates they like, are they?

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    mark spews:

    11 Hey this is King County! You and your friends can vote here. Call Dean Logan for instructions.

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    Goldy wants his readers to concentrate on Hutchison so they won’t think about the politicians that Goldy promoted, who are now running the state and county, who are about to lose the 787 to South Carolina.

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    proud leftist spews:

    I know it’s a politically incorrect term, but is there any real question about whether Suzie is an airhead? Fuck me. She doesn’t know the truth from a pine tree up her ass. She appears to be a pathological liar.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @17 You seem to have forgotten the Republican Party spent $2 million on America’s finest lawyers to prove Rossi lost.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @20 Since when do politicians make business decisions? Oh, I know! You think their $3 billion gift of taxpayer money to Boeing wasn’t enough! They should have given the greedy, grasping, skirt-chasing Boeing CEOs more! And Boeing assemblers should work for minimum wage and no health benefits! Hell, why not build ‘em in China or India, they’re eventually gonna anyway. But I won’t fly on them.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    One thing you’ll never see on this blog is a rightwing troll criticizing Boeing management for BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS. They’ve already made several and moving 787 production to SC would be another. Don’t complain to me if the airplanes are delivered 10 years behind schedule and with the wings screwed on backwards!

    Click here for photo of South Carolina auto repair shop:

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    One thing you’ll never see on this blog is wingnut trolls complaining about Boeing management’s BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS. Go ahead, move 787 production to SC, but don’t complain to me if the airplanes are delivered 10 years late and with the wings screwed on backwards.

    Click here for photo of South Carolina auto repair shop:

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    proud leftist spews:

    Rabbit @ 22: “You seem to have forgotten the Republican Party spent $2 million on America’s finest lawyers to prove Rossi lost.”

    I must quibble with you, my furry friend. Republicans don’t much like lawyers, so they don’t tend to know which ones are talented. Rather, they tend to hire those who think like them–you know, inside-the-box, rigid, toe-the-line kind of thinking. That kind of thinking generally doesn’t succeed in litigation. Hey, but at least the Rs threw $2 mil away on bad lawyering. That certainly gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

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    Lottie @12,

    Fellner ran for a nonpartisan office, and by Hutchison’s own standards that would not qualify her as partisan, one way or the other. So I didn’t list her one way or the other.

    You want to pick nits, that’s up to you, but Hutchison claims to have given to Republican and Democratic candidates alike, yet there is no record of her giving to a declared, Democratic candidate.

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    ArtFart spews:

    @2 Why did Hutchison gushingly introduce Jeb Bush as a “great American hero” at a WPC banquet? Well, as I recall that was not long after the whole Terri Schiavo spectacle, so connect the dots. Then think of the county exec’s influence over the Seattle/KingCo Health Department and Harborview.

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    That's what she said... spews:

    This doesn’t point out that there was a lot more evidence of her knowing exactly who Huckabee was–stuff like sitting next to him at a dinner and speaking glowingly about him at some event. At the debates she would repeatedly just flat out lie to the camera whenever she was cornered.