There’s a bill wending through the legislature that would allow vets who were honorably discharged, their spouses and their dependents to pay in state tuition at Washington State colleges and universities regardless of residency in the state. I’m not sure how many people this will affect: The GI Bill already covers college for vets.* Still, this is probably a good thing for their families, so it makes sense. This is a job that asks people to move around the country, and so it makes sense that if they land here, that we wave that requirement.

Still, a lot of the need for this sort of thing could be avoided if the state hadn’t bumped up tuition so much in the past few years. I suspect the state will be carving out exemptions and hopefully adding more financial aid as the economy improves, and we can pay for it a bit better.

If we’re going to be a high tuition state, then the more exemptions and the more financial aid the better. Sure, you had to move here because your spouse was sent to JBLM, you an go to the UW or Evergreen, or wherever at an in-state rate. Sure, you’re low income, take some financial aid. Sure, we’ll have the DREAM Act apply in state tuition to more people. I would prefer we weren’t a high tuition state, but a piecemeal approach is better than nothing.

* Maybe I’m wrong, someone who knows more, please feel free and encouraged to chime in in the comments.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “I’m not sure how many people this will affect: The GI Bill already covers college for vets.*”

    Yes, but only resident tuition, which is the reason for this bill.

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    That seems like something Congress should probably fix rather than WA and presumably other legislatures. Odd that none of the reports on it that I saw mentioned that.