Super Hangover Wednesday Open Thread

Ron Paul had a disappointing finish in Alaska, placing 3rd behind Romney and Huckabee. I think the most fascinating thing about the Ron Paul Revolution is that if Paul officially drops out now, half his supporters will be deciding whether to support Obama, while the other half will be deciding whether to assassinate him.

I had missed this news from a week or so back, but Gene Johnson from the AP (who is a friend and co-rec soccer teammate of mine) alerted me to this hilarious bit of irony on Seattle’s new strip club:

There’s no word yet on whether neighbor-appreciation night will include black robes and gavels, but Seattle’s first new strip club in 20 years is going in less than a block from the federal courthouse.

And from his chambers on the 14th floor, U.S. District Judge James Robart — who struck down the city’s ban on new cabarets two years ago — has a bird’s-eye view.

“There is some irony there,” said Marty McOmber, a spokesman for Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

Déjà Vu Showgirls is planning to open the club, the city’s fifth, in the basement of Fantasy Unlimited, an erotic boutique and movie theater less than a block from the courthouse.

As long as I live, I will never understand the weird hang-up this city has with strip clubs.

Finally, opium production our attempts to eradicate opium in Afghanistan continue to fuel the Taliban. As always, the AP report fails to mention several relevant points. The first being that the reason that the Taliban can impose a 10 percent tax on the opium production is because our eradication efforts allow them to set up a protection racket. The second being that unless western nations can greatly reduce the demand for the illegal drugs that rely on the opium production, a woman in a burqa will be planting the Afghan flag on the moon before we ever succeed in stopping it.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Rep. Paul has won a grand total of 14 of the 1,109 GOP delegates awarded so far. Some revolution.

  2. 4

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Ron Paul is the kind of candidate who can split the GOP vote in a remote Alaskan village of 20 people.

  3. 5

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What’s “an erotic boutique and movie theater”? Is that the latest euphemism for peep show booths?

  4. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Seattle needs more rabbit porn. But, above all, Seattle needs more cute female feral rabbits! Horny rabbit studs are an underserved population here.

  5. 7

    Richard Pope spews:

    Matt Drudge has posted this apparent Super Tuesday popular vote total:

    Clinton: 50.2% (7,347,971)
    Obama: 49.8% (7,294,851)

    Looks like Obama is holding his own, almost even, with Clinton in the primary states, and really cleaning up in the caucus states.

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    Bagdad Bush spews:

    The very high voter turnout so far in the primaries is MORE bad news for the GOP. When people turn out in high numbers, Dems win in high numbers, which is why the GOP always does everything it can to suppress the vote.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I’ve never understood the Republican insistance on handling the drug problem by fencing our borders. Isn’t this entirely contrary to Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” theory of free markets? If you don’t (or can’t) suppress demand, then stopping drugs at the border only raises the price of drugs, which then makes it more profitable for the smugglers to take more exotic measures to import the goods.

    Putting drug users in jail, and cutting funding of drug-treatment centers, certainly hasn’t been the answer. Of course, it works in one respect – a wealthy debutant/heir can pay for a private drug rehabilitation program/spa/resort and usually avoid prison time. The average guy on the street will sit in jail waiting for an opening in the publically funded program, and probably finish his jail sentence before he gets to the top of the waiting list. Back on the street, he’s still addicted.

    Really, it’s stupid policy, on so many fronts. And I say this being no fan of recreational drugs. I’ve gotten to see the effects from being involved as a volunteer in some jail conselling programs.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Lee, Seattle used to have an adult ‘district’ back in the ’70s along first avenue from Pike Place Market north past Virginia. Once that started ‘gentrifying’ into clubs and boutiques, they sort of had nowhere to go but more family-oriented neighborhoods like along Lake City Way…I think that grated on people who think adult fun belongs downtown. I could be wrong, but that is my impression. Although, I remember the Crest theater used to show adult movies in the 70s as well – my parents used to go when I was a kid. VHS and DVD changed all that for films, but live entertainment is different.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    By the way, great meeting you finally last night. I see you were sensible, sticking to vodka tonics or some such (I hope it was Stoli and not the cheap house shit). I had a pint of Manny’s, and while I see why Goldy likes it, I can also tell, after only one pint, that it would be pretty hangover-making.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    I still think the US should buy all that opium and allow generic makers to sell the codeine in low doses over the counter, like they do in Canada. Since we consider ourselves superior to the Canadians in all things, they could call these analgesic formulations ‘49284s’ (222-squared).

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    Great to meet you too. I had to abstain from drinking for a bit (I was taking medications that couldn’t be mixed with alcohol), but was finally able to drink again last night (and I overdid it a bit, woke up at 3:30 with a headache). I didn’t specify the vodka, so I think they gave me the cheap stuff. :)

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Always drink water too – staying hydrated is half the hangover battle. Stoli is pretty much my poison of choice, but I can’t handle it as well as I could in my 20s and 30s. Did I mention that it sucks getting old?

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    Merideth spews:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you,, then you win” Mahatma Gandhi

    So, when you realize that Ron Paul’s intelligence, message, integrity, and knowledge of our Constitution, his steadfast support and adherence to it is the right thing for the USA, then he will have won your understanding.

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    Puddybud, A Prognosticator... spews:

    Changing the topic, here’s a powerful headline about the NEAs finest:

    “Teacher Who Made Meth at School Also Writing Book About Killing Students”

    Whatever happened to rightequalsstupid? Sounds right up his alley.

  15. 20


    So, when you realize that Ron Paul’s intelligence, message, integrity, and knowledge of our Constitution, his steadfast support and adherence to it is the right thing for the USA, then he will have won your understanding.

    And when you realize that Ron Paul’s views on immigration and abortion expose him as a massive hypocrite to the people who truly understand those ideals, we’ll stop laughing at you.

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    Forest Fox spews:

    Obama did quite well, better than I expected anyway, but it will be interesting to see what will happen if he is ever pressed on the issues. Meanwhile, he seems to have the young and the hopeful spellbound with his glittering generalities.

    The Republicans, on the other hand, are managing to screw up another election by anointing another milquetoast establishment heir-apparent “it’s my turn” candidate — just like Bush-41, Dole and Bush-43. Their Byzantine primary rules don’t help; McCain managed to get more delegates than he deserved by winning most of the winner take all states, like Missouri, where he just barely beat Huckabee, but got all 58 delegates.

    It looks like the Republicans are headed for a train-wreck; even if McCain can somehow squeak out a victory in November, they’ll probably lose the congress for a generation. But that isn’t likely, since McCain inspires only apathy.

    For conservatives who believe in smaller, less-intrusive government, the near future looks (or rather, continues to look) bleak. It might be better for the Republicans to lose this one and spend some time in the wilderness rediscovering their principles.

  17. 22

    I-Burn spews:

    @8 “When people turn out in high numbers, Dems win in high numbers”

    In 2004, Bush received more popular votes than any presidential candidate in history. Perhaps you want to rephrase that assertion?

  18. 23


    That’s because the population of the United States keeps growing. I think if you actually want to make a point here you should probably look at percentages.

  19. 24

    I-Burn spews:

    @10 Not all Republicans want that. Libertarians surely don’t.

    Personally, I’d be fine with legalization and taxation. Prohibition doesn’t work. We know that, so why keep trying? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

    Harsh as it might sound, the fact is that if we legalize, drug addiction won’t be an issue for more than another generation or so.

  20. 27

    Forest Fox spews:

    If it’s McCain & Hillary, expect feminists and pro-military to turn out, but not the young. If it’s Obama, expect the young and others tantalized by glittering generalities.

  21. 28


    Your response still didn’t make sense. The fact that Bush got more popular votes than any Presidential candidate in history is because there are way more Americans now than there were in the past, not because turnout in 2004 was especially high.

  22. 31

    Forest Fox spews:

    Interesting. Paul is doing well among military workers as well. Very interesting. So, let me rephrase, McCain will likely turn out the pro-interventionist jingoists. Does that work for you?

  23. 32

    G Davis spews:

    Forest Fox…can we stop with the Clinton talking points and *glittering generalities*? How about elevating the conversation a tad with what that means?

    Obama gives us enough credit that we will actually read what he writes, look at who he gathers around himself so we can form our own perceptions about his platform. He even gives us a fine resource with very detailed discussions of his beliefs at his *gasp* website.

    Compare that to HillaryHub…complete generalizations with lofty wants that come no where near their actual voting history.

  24. 33


    So, let me rephrase, McCain will likely turn out the pro-interventionist jingoists. Does that work for you?

    You bet.

    Well said.

  25. 34

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Seattle’s faux morality over strip-clubs isn’t just in Seattle. It’s a statewide thing, actually. Pierce County’s communities have gone ballistic over strip clubs just as eagerly. Right after I moved from Port Angeles, they actually zoned an area out by the airport for a strip-club, but I don’t think anyone really wants to put a club out in the middle of a lumberyard. And I remember an article a few years back in the P-I (probably written when the moratorium was struck down) about how there were more such clubs in the Portland metro (>50) than in Seattle. Actually, if my math is right, there are more clubs in Portland than in the entire state of Washington, because I can’t think of any other part of the state that has strip-clubs other than a handful over in Spokane (with one or two right on the Idaho line, IIRC). Perhaps a research assignment for the Popemeister is in the offing…..

    And oddly enough, here in the Reno-Sparks-Carson City area, the legal brothels outnumber strip-clubs 6 to 4.

  26. 36

    Forest Fox spews:

    G Davis @32,

    “Glittering generalities are emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that they carry conviction without supporting information or reason. Such highly valued concepts attract general approval and acclaim. Their appeal is to emotions such as love of country and home, and desire for peace, freedom, glory, and honor. They ask for approval without examination of the reason. They are typically used by politicians and propagandists.” — From the following link. littering_generalities

    (btw. I like the use of the asterisk quotes. :)

    You and I may know what he stands for by looking at his webpage and seeing how he votes, but it is easy for the casual observer to get caught up in the rhetoric and not bother, which is exactly the point. So, I will continue to point it out, regardless of whether Ms. Clinton does as well. (Though, I’ve never heard her use the term.)

  27. 39

    zap spews:

    The only explanation is that there’s a secret Republican cabal controlling Seattle. Because we know it’s the Republicans who are the bluenoses, right?

    Similarly, there obviously is a secret Democrat cabal running Texas and Florida, which are number one & two in number of strip clubs among the fifty states.

  28. 40


    Is there anyone here who will admit to preferring Obama, but is going to vote for Clinton because you think Obama can’t be McCain, but Clinton can?

  29. 41


    puddy….that was a classic moment and one i have been waiting for for YEARS……
    you are right…….it’s about time that smirking hag got hers.

  30. 43

    Leo Henton spews:

    I just signed up to attend a free Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama in Seattle this Friday, February 8th.

    You can RSVP here:

    I thought you might want to come. Here are the details:

    Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama

    Key Arena
    305 Harrison Street
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Friday, February 8
    Doors Open: 11:00 a.m.

  31. 44

    I-Burn spews:

    @38 Nice!!!! I got a good laugh out of that. You want to come on the mans show and act like a snotty elitist, you can damn well expect to get your ass handed to you. She definitely did…